Hi guys !! Hope you all rang in the new year well 🙂 I Have been having an amazing time with you all live on CAM all of you who have used my FREE link CAMWITHTAY.COM to join me may have already won of my hourly giveaways that I am going to continue to do every day till the 17th. Those of you who have NOT gotten in on this fun use my FREE personal link WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM and join me for not ONLY hourly giveaways but for 3 grand prize draws given out on the 18th !! I am still in the holiday spirit still feeling super giving 🙂 so get in on the fun Im online DAILY for you guys being super bouncy and having a shit ton of fun you guys are the best you have made my start to the new year more then amazing. You can also buy raffle tickets to the grand prize draw from my stor WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM

Now, its been a while since we have done a Q&A so lets have some fun from your questions from my ask.fm/taystevens account. i get over 1000 a day so let me just start with 20 lol 🙂 These are you questions word for word and my real true answers word for word 🙂 As you all know i get the craziest and most ridiculous questions some extremely rude some are comments, some people ask for advice but I love to share with you guys so here goes 🙂

1. If you love someone, but yall both stubborn and wont say anything, what do you do ?

Well, if it was me in this situation. I would set my stubbornness aside. I do have bouts of stubbornness believe me. Coming from my perspective now, life is too short to allow those things to get in the way of what you really want. I would force myself to say something and be ok regardless of the outcome ! Expectation to me is the root of all heartache. Just go in there and say how you feel and see the reaction. Thats what i would do. No holds barred. Its love you feel imagine if that gets to be nurtured and brought to fruition. !!

2. Are you a leafs or a kings fan ?

I am a HOCKEY fan I am a SPORTS fan. I sportsbet. I love all sports ! Now to clarify why your asking, I understand i have been affiliated with the LA kings. This is because I love them !! I think they play amazing hockey and half or more of their rouster is canadian. Now as always, I am a born and raised leaf fan I bleed blue. But when the leafs have not been in I root for the other teams. Of course Id rather see my home team win, sadly thats not the case. But ill always root for good hockey, first the leafs then the kings I have always said that and stood by that. Ill miss you peter deboer we had good memories lol 🙂 Go kings go !!

3. How often do you come home to canada sexy ?

Canada is my home. As you all know i have lived in vegas for over two years as well back and forth. But Since last November when my uncle fell ill I moved back to Toronto for at least a year. Sadly he passed away in early 2014 but I am here for a while and back and forth to Vegas on a regular basis. So i would say Toronto right now is my current “home”.

4. If you were going to do your first ever girl/girl scene with a hardcore star who would it be ?

That one is super hard cause there are soo many sexy girls that I love as friends and as performers. When you say hardcore i assume you mean girls that have been with men on film. So my FIRST answer is @nikkibenz she is canadian she is fucking gorgeous she is down to earth and real as fuck :). Then there are so many others on my list @sarajayxxx cause we always have fun together and she is the epitome of fun… its too hard to pick but you said FIRST g/g i would say def @nikkibenz 🙂 LUV LUV LUV HER


5. Hey you ugly troll I pretty much summed up your life for you.

I know I used to be an obese whale and after I did a few BBW pornos, I got lipo and a huge boob job that just looks like rocks in a sock. I work at ifriends and think bc of my cam host of the year awards and cheap fans that I run the world. It’s ok and I would like to thank all of my fans that I complained about this post to that came on here to defend me bc let’s face it, no hot girl comes w stretch marks, tummy tattoos, glasses, or a nose like mine. I’m sorry to the hot girl I took that NHL seat from. Even after being that thirsty, not 1 player wanted my number bc of my face being there too. Xo P.s. stop telling ppl you wore that wig cause you had cancer. If you were fighting chemo, you would be ALOT SKINNIER PIG. No you’re just too cheap to do your own hair. To bad you don’t have it bc then we would be rid of your old pathetic ass already. Step down and let the new girls run shit fat ass.

YUP… THIS HAPPEND i debated for a while to post it lol but i thought i would let you know the shit i deal with everyday.This is such misinformation lol but people behind a computer with such a low self esteem do this. I love my body, my nose (Daddys nose, sorry not sorry dont care love it) , my scars, everything is a reminder of what ive been through. In he words of  Big sean and e40-” I got a million trillion things I’d rather fuckin’ do
Than to be fuckin’ with you”   success breeds jealousy lol but grow up already. But it doesnt phase me cause these words they cant hurt me cause I know who I am lol but hey you seem to hate that im still around. Wish someone dead ? LOLOLOL  I know the truth. Everyone went thru my cancer battle with me. The video is right here on my blog lol.  Let me just remind everyone i was 98lbs while going thru chemo and almost died. My friends saw me in Miami and everyone in the industry saw me still trying to act normal even though i was so so sick. The REAL people in my life thats all i care about. I laugh at the complete idiocy of people in the world. This is so funny to me now lol. Came from this ip though im sure its not the real one. there was a name attatched to it but it obviously wasnt that person.

and um yeah super duper way too thin here when i was sick

moving along 🙂

6. When is the next @exxxotica you will be at ?

Well im really happy after a tough year I was able to attend @exxxotica New Jersey which you see in my previous blog post. I LOVE being able to see my fans and which i could always but I think the next @exxxotica I will be at depends on my schedule but will be Atlantic City !! Cant wait

7. Will you fuck  me and my 7 inch cock ?

That would be a NO

8. You speak 4 languages ? How are they related to you ?

I love learning new languages i think its just amazing to learn. However, in my case I was born and raised in Toronto Canada and my ethnicity is palestinian. So i speak English of course and in Canada the second language is French. My mom put me in french immersion when I was a kid so half my classes up until university were in french. So i also speak French. I speak arabic because that is my culture. I speak macedonian because I have a lot of macedonian friends and part of my family is macedonian and I just picked it up learning by being around them. My next language to learn is Spanish. Such an important language to learn :).

9. Do you prefer to have a date basted off  your preferences or a spontaneous one with surprises ?

I have a love hate relationship with surprises. Im a virgo so im very OCD and i always like things organized and well planned out. However, then everything would be sooooooooo boring and im soooo not the person to want boring !! I would rather have something spontaneous with a ton of surprises hands down. I cant be in control of everything. Well even if i could who would want to be all the time. We need to let loose and have fun sometimes :). Plus it would be super telling about the person who planned it and a great way to get to know them.

10.  I notice you sportsbet.. and love sports I think thats so fkn awesome how did you get into that ?

Well, I am the youngest and only girl. I have THREE older brothers lol. SO there is a LOT of testosterone running around in that house growing up and they loved sports and then I got into it and I loved it. Im a tom boy in a girls body lol. As far as the sportsbetting and gambling aspect, i love poker as well i like games of skill. My dad used to take me to the race tracks when i was younger before he passed away when i was 6 and i guess its just in my blood to love betting :). I play poker, sportsbet and dabble in roulette ( although i know the odds are against me in roulette). When it comes to poker, i love playing the player not the cards 🙂

11. I noticed your bestie @brianna_jordan has started to take on liking football…was that your inspiration ?

Ha ! You will have to ask her but i will DEF DEF DEF like to take credit for it hahah and def like to think it was. Shes a packer fan im a patriots fan 🙂 we’ll see what happens. A possible superbowl match up who knows ? Boobies for Boobies you all win lol 🙂

12. What is your worst habit ?

Never taking time for myself. Everyone and their brother tell me to relax take time find time for yourself to meditate or breathe but I never do lol. When I do im always thinking about the 100 other things i have to do lol. So that is definitely one of my worst habits 🙂 Being a perfectionist.. it really is not a fun habit to have !

13. I am a virgin please be my first I want to fuck you so hard and fast.

LOL, i def think it would be fast lmao. Unfortunatley im not selling virgin takings. I think you should find a nice girl who you fall in love with and try that. OR find someone where you can just bang it out and get it over with either way thats not me 🙂

14. Current song you play the most right now ?

Well Im playing almost every song from @nickiminaj album. I love every single song hard to choose. Loving the Truffle butter tho 🙂 This whole album is fire and I love to dance to it when im LIVE on cam with you guys gets my hips moving 🙂

15. Tay, im trying to lose weight what advice can you give me. ?

Hiya, i can only speak from personal opinion. Everyone has to choose a “lifestyle” not diet that suits them. For me it was something I knew i could commit to stick to and for me it was a low carb high protein died and I did three hours of exercise a day i bought an eliptical and did one hour of cardio in the morning and then an hour at night before bed and i did an hour with a personal trainer and maybe more then an hour every day lifting etc.

My advice would be to find a plan that suits you, believe in yourself, and never give up. A thousand mile journey begins with just one step. Trust me you can do anything you set your mind to.  Just set a goal and never lose track of it. I mean i lost 180lbs in 13 months went down to 120 from 300 but my weight fluctuates up and down sometimes im 115 sometimes im 130 but i like my weight where i am right now i love my curves i never want to be super thin !

16. If you could go anywhere in the world all expenses paid where would you go and what would you do ? 

That is a tough question for me cause I would love to go EVERYWHERE i love to travel soo much there is soo much of this world left to see so much beauty I havent experienced yet.

I would say Bora Bora, Thailand, and a tour of Europe every single part of it. I have been to Europe but there are soo many more parts I would love to visit. I definitely want to go visit croatia as well pretty much anywhere lol !! 

17. Do you sell used panties ? and socks ? 

Hi there !! Yes thanks to my NEW store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM i sell everything from dvds, panties, skype sessions, photosets !! All kinds of goodies check it out. You can also check out my wishlist WWW.SPOILTAY.COM because when you make a purchase for me I spoil back and give you something from my wishlist as well 🙂

18. If you could go back in time where would you go what would you do different ?

I live my life with no regrets. Every moment, everything i have been through was for a reason. It has brought me to be the person that I am today and I love who I am and am happy. Life is about being happy.  I would go back to when i was 6 years old and my father passed away.. i wish there was a way I could save him. But I would 100% go back to when he was alive. I am my fathers daughter I visit him weekly at the cemetery its where I am at most peace. He is a huge part of me. I would go back to that time, when I was little and nothing was really important.

19. Whats your bra size ?

34HH but it varies based on american and european I like all my bras from bravissimo.com or Fredericks and i love trying to squeeze into anything from victorias secret lol but these boobies werent meant for tiny bras.

20. What types of shows do you do on your cam and what are your favourite ones to do ? 

Well, all my cam shows are different depending on each person and what not. I always love to get to know my fans and members so that I can provide you guys with the most fun and sexy experience. I love my chats & absolutely love to do my boobie bouncing shows, button bursting, breast expansion. I love squeezing into tight tops for you guys I love having my buttons burst right on cam for you guys heheh. Ive broken many bras in my day. I love most getting to know you and bringing you the utmost pleasure and the biggest smile on your face.  Use my FREE link and join me WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM Thats what makes me happy, thats why I love what I do 🙂

One more for good measure ( no pun intended)

21. Tay, I love your nose what is the issue with asshole people and your nose ?

LOL. Its big. I have a big nose BIIIIIIIIIIG DEAL. I love it. Im middle eastern and its part of my unique exotic face and it adds character. Its my dads nose and he passed away when i was 6 years old. I WILL NOT CHANGE IT, I LOVE IT. Ty for loving it too. Listen, heres a story my mom also has a bigger nose, she offered to pay for a nose job for me when i was younger before I even really started in this career. I declined. I love every part of me, of course I have flaws. But really guys, when i was overweight they said i was too fat when i lost weight they said i was too thin, they say im ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder everyone loves different things. Noone is forcing you to love me or my face if you dont like it grow up move on find something that suits your needs. BBN  big beautiful palestinian nose and You can say all you want about it its mine im keeping it not changing it THE END.

Well guys, thats all the questions for now I do get about 1000 a day lol so I kinda did my best to get thru them lol. You guys are amazing and I love you tons. Here are some NEW pics for you.


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Ty all soo much for trying to make a hard year better for me. It means so so much to know you care and I want you to know I care too. I cant wait to start the 2015 new year off with a boobie bouncing bang !!

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  1. When Taylor Stevens wears the American flag, my associate “down under” always salutes: Ten-hut!!!

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