Firstly, for all of you St. Louis residents that listen to 590 KFNS Β Im their babe of the day for march 30th !! woot ! Also make sure you check out http://www.blog.vickyathome.com ill be with vicky and sara and shandafey at adult con woot !! Gonna be a blast get ure tickets and come give me a hug !

I love hump day woot !! Ive been having so much fun with you guys last night was the wettest I have gotten in a while believe me in every way lol haha. Ill be online at my freefanclub all day long. I gave away over 20 articles of clothing to brand new freefanclub members as well as random other surprises including 1 on1 sexy time ! You guys gave me a wet and wild workout and it was awesome.

So its the middle of the week, we have a long week coming up. Im gonna help you get through your wed with fun.. its gonna be wicked wed today and im gonng get super naughty and crazy !! So make sure you join here for free and Ill see you all online. Remember brand new free fanclub members get extra special prizes. Ill be doing hourly giveaways to all of you in vid so Β see you all there im feeling extra bouncy for a wed. Ill be online all night long and cant wait to play.

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WOW If summer means more splashy water fun then It cant come soon enough ! Ive been online all day having a blast at my freefanclub lol I have been soaked all day like im in a pool haha in more ways then one :). You guys are awesome.

The next 10 people that join my freefanclub get a pair of genuinely soaked panties lol I literally left the house to buy more today !! haha Theyve been going like crazy! and a free vid from me to you πŸ™‚ Im super excited and having soo much fun Ill be on cam all night long and can’t wait to play more.

Im soo getting ready to get wild in LA with vicky Vette Sara Jay Shanda Fey wooot check out vicky’s blog @ blog.vickyathome.com

So guys wet tshirt shows all night when you join here for free πŸ™‚ muah

Big wet boobies and big wet kisses



Heyy guys ive been having sooo much fun at my free fanclub with you guys Β @ playwithtay.com.

Its tuesday and so I figured tuesday doesnt really have a special event for it its not like hump day or friday so Β Im making today wet t-shirt tuesday. I will be doing shows for my free fanclub members that include wet t-shirts and hot one on one time with me because the weathers getting nicer and Im getting hotter woot !

The next 10 people that join here for free get free access to all my archives and vids yaaay !! Also ill be doing random giveaways to free fanclub members thoughout the night so make sure you join up ! Its free. !!

Ill be uploading a ton of stuff to the fanclub Im soo excited I leave for la on the 8th-12th for my appearance with the none other sexy vickyvette and sarah jay and shandafey im super excited to be doing naughty things with my hotties :). So purchase your ticket from the link on the side and you get a free 5 dollar poker chip that allows you to spend it on some of my stuff like dvds,mags, pictures, topless pictures. Β Its gonna be a wild crazy time. So if your in La I expect to see you there !!

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Baylor got Duked the other night so I know you are all waiting for the rest to finish now who do i root for lol. See you all soon im live on cam right now !! xoxox


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HEYYY GUYS… well its offical I will be live at adultcon in Los angeles @ the LA convention centre πŸ™‚ I will be at a booth with the lovely vicky vette and Sara Jay and we are gonna have a blast !! I hope all of you come out and see me there I love love love meeting my fans its gonna be soo much fun !!

Make sure you buy your tickets from the link on the side and get your free 5dollar chip which can be used for merchandise like mags,dvds, etc of mine πŸ™‚

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Ill be uploading a shitload of pics to the freefanclub and tons of pics for you guys so join playwithtay for free. Β Here are a bunch of pics from the adultcon in November but this time its gonna be wayyy more fun cause im with some amazing hotties.

Check out vickys blog @ blog.vickyathome.com we are gonna get wild and crazy your asses better be there πŸ™‚ love you tons.

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Monday blues guys ?? Not anymore Im gonna take all that away. Today at my free #one fanclub at Playwithtay.com. Ive been having sooo much fun with you guys online I can’t wait to do more im super excited. So yesterday I did a bit of spring cleaning and found a ton of bras old and new and super tight ones that i am busting out of !! So i am totally doing a BRA SHOW today all day anyone that wants to see me try on and bust out of and maybe break a few bras lol join here for free and come say hey in vid the funs just begun. So spring is here and a new week is here and im giving away more stuff I love this cause I am the number one rated free fanclub and you guys deserve some stuff lol. So the next ten people that join my fanclub get a free phone call from me andddddd a pair of freshly worn panties sent to them or a free 8X10 and a video your choice πŸ™‚ woooot .

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Hey guys I want to thank you all for keeping me the number one fanclub and number on host online. You guys are amazing. I love my fans sooo much and thats why I love doing these free giveaways. Β I want you all to come join me @ my freefanclub and say hey to me in live vid you get free stuff plus Β its always a really rocking fun time. Im feeling super playful and super bouncy lol πŸ™‚ I wanted to post a few reviews that fans like you have left me after my live shows :).. This is why I love you guys. Im soo glad I can put smiles on your faces. If your smiling im smiling and I love it and apparently you love it too. You guys are amazing MUAH So this is why a new contest is up !!Β for everyone that joins here for free πŸ™‚ its open to everyone now !! woot Here are a few reviews from you guys.. this is what puts a smile on my face so when you join me @ my freefanclub in vid make sure u say something πŸ™‚ cause I decided im gonna reward your charm and your amazing comments best review of the week wins a special surprise from me to you πŸ™‚ muah. REVIEWS: Duuuuudeeeeeeeeeeeeee Taylor bloody rocks! Aye, such a great gal, fantastic personality, mmmmmm get her energized a oh my goodness, sexyness to the extreme. Taylor proves that when you put your mind in sync with your body, only loveliness can result. Rockin show Taylor, you’re such a sweet gal too, so nice talkin with a beautiful girl with personality – Hiker223

She was absolutely the best, great personality, beautiful, and fun to chat with. I could not ask for anyone better, no wonder she is number 1! Thanks for the great chat sexy! Im standing in a completely empty football stadium, and i have never felt more claustrophobic. Its been 4 days since i have seen Taylors smile and that is what i felt like the entire 4 days. But right now, having just seen that smile, I feel like im floating in space while simultaneously winning an Oscar and curing cancer….she’s just that awesome. So if ur suffering from Taylor withdrawal, do yourself a favor and watch her smile. =)

Taylor has a great personality. If she doesn’t get you going with her sexy physique and hot looks, she will definately get you going with her bouncy, fun, outgoing personality. I can’t wait to come back for more Taylor… πŸ˜‰

Uh…how could it be anything other than a 10? It’s F*CKING TAYLOR!!! Love her.

Ya know, i heard somewhere that in the Masai tribes in Africa, there are 35 different words for beautiful. If that is true, you would need 36 to describe Taylor. A true one-of-a-kind beauty, unmatched anywhere. She also has this really awesome ability to find joy and happiness in even the darkest places. If the rest of the world were even half as driven, destined, and determined as Taylor is, the world would be a much brighter place. Thanks for just being you Tay

Taylor is one of those people who can make any situation better. There is just something about her, something in her smile that fixes anything. She has the ability to make you understand things you didnt think you could and feel things you didnt know existed. So if you have had a bad day, week, month, or year, instead of anti-depressants, just see Tay, I promise u will gain a whole new perspective on things. there are no words to describe her.

i’ve seen a lot of girls over the years; but none that delivers the entire package. taylor is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside — and that’s saying something — cause she’s #1 in both. Have a bad day? spend 2 minutes with this woman, she’ll have you laughing your ass off, with a raging hard on. It’s almost confusing… πŸ˜‰

You are the best, Tay… omg! what a bubbly personality! gorgeous body, great tan, cute as a button face…i mean, how can it get any better?? i would bring her home to my parents too. i love this girl to death, and have been a fan of hers’ for years. what ever man gets to spend every night next to her should thank his lucky stars…


Wow im sooo happy gsp won but sooo sad that Frank Mir lost grrrr. I hate brock lesnar I hope he loses. GRRRR

Im online live now i couldnt sleep. Just wanted to you know I gave away the free 30min live session to the fanclub member who won the contest congrats sweetie !! But im putting up a new contest starting today ending next sunday πŸ™‚ in my free fanclub The winner wins another hot pvt 30min session with me πŸ™‚

Im online now and will be all day long.. Go baylor btw πŸ™‚ hehehe. Also dont forget to vote for me here for the march madness contest the more votes the better. I like to be on top

So join my freefanclub now for free panties and free giveaways to all new members πŸ™‚

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HEYY GUYS !! Im getting sooo pumped up for the fights I cant wait to see GSP whoop some ass.. but i forgot to mention that the contest for new freefanclub members ends at midnight and you get to win a hot and steamy 30min session with me in pvt !! Theres only 3 questions cutie pies πŸ™‚ so make sure you join here for free πŸ™‚

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Im super excited I hope you will all be bouncy with me tonight πŸ™‚ xoxox


Heyy boys well you all know my love for UFC and tonight is as huge as my boobies for me wooot !! GSP is fighting and ive hung out with him hes an amazing fighter and one of the most humble people ive ever met. ALSOOOOO MIRRR !! LOVE HIM hes funny and cool to c hill with wish them luck !!. Im super excited I can’t wait to see some ground and pound. Its funny that I used to do jujitsu and all the boys would want to partner up with me and sprawl with me lol… it got a bit much so had to move on to pole dancing classes instead lol..but i learned a lot so you guys better come join me online so i can give you a rear naked choke πŸ˜‰ hahah it sound so sexy doesnt lol but its not lmfao.

Anyways guys ive had an amazing week with you all. Thank you soo much for all the cards thoughts and well wishes through my surgery everythings ok im ok im online bouncing around and happy just a little sore but otherwise good. Dont forget my freefanclub giveaways k…the first contest closes tonight but the next 6 people that join my freefanlcub win free one on one hot pvt time and free panties woot :).

And hey guys please dont forget to vote for me here for the march madness contest you can now vote twice a day from diff ips and diff computers πŸ™‚ so help me get on top you know i love it on top πŸ™‚

So join for free here and come play with tay I have some surprises in store today since im sooo pumped about the fights wooot !

Love you lots




TGIF ! Thank you all for the well wishes guys.. I had a long day yesterday but im back online and feeling much better. It was so awesome to have all your support it means a lot to me :). Ill be online all night today and night saturday till the fights make sure you come say hey :).

Im still doing my march madness promo Join the free fanclub @ http://bit.ly/dAJBx3 and come say hey in vid and type secret word baylor in my vid and the next 6 ppl get two full length vids and free1on1 timew/me since youve all been so great. Β I got out of surgery just fine and im doing ok.
love always
also please please keep voting once a day from all ips possible for the march madness competition
in the side bar click on the taylorstevens button

see you all soon cant wait and good luck join me www.playwithtay.com