Hey guys Β As you all may or may not know I made a guest appearance on again. It was my second appearance on their show and they are super awesome and it was super fun. Poor Matt got his ass handed to him with pies, chocolate, smirnoff, and whipped cream what sounds like a bad night for him sounds like a good one for me lol. Im running around like crazyyy today trying to get ready for the long drive to Chicago. Im looking forward to glamourcon tomorrow I cant wait to see you all there.

If you didnt catch my show on Reallybadradio im gonna put the link to the vid here now. Make sure you join my free fanclub for exclusives and for live broadcasts from chicago !! Im even gonna try and do some car vids for you guys so get your free screenname here.

You guys were so fun last night on RBR I love a good audience. And I love answering questions… new things to come make sure you join the free fanclub and find out :).

Every so often I come across an amazing girl and an amazing site as youve seen from Sarajay etc. Well today I want to point out a beautiful girl Kelly Divine and Divine she is. I had the pleasure of being across from her @ Exxxtacy in Chicago and stare at her wonderful ASS-ets. She is a beauty from inside and out and you can join her site HERE.

Here is the replay of the radio show guys πŸ™‚ See u all in Chicago in like 10 Hours lol.

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Heeeey guys happy titty tuesday and BOY have they been out in full force lol. I have been having so much fun being back LIVE on cam @ my free fanclub with you guys. I have been bouncing sooo much my boobies got quite the workout lol hahah, but of course i love it.

Ive been tweeting like crazy lol its been so fun. Im getting all geared up for glamourcon this weekend and im super excited to go back to Chicago. Im actually driving in this time. I cant wait.

You guys have been amazing this week I will be online all week and streaming live for free fanclub members from the convention. There are BIG things coming πŸ™‚ Bigger then my boobies ok ok equivalently so lol.

Come see me live on cam at the free fanclub right now ! I am loving all the new follwers and I am soo happy to be back !!


This is so frikin killer awesome I love you guys being able to ask what you want to ask me and stuff its so cool to get to know you how we do on cam at my free fanclub. Its there where all the good stuff happens and I get to know you all on a deeper level and well of course bounce these huge boobies in your faces lol. Its like a Q & A but T & A lol πŸ™‚ tits and answers lmfao.

I have been recovering from Chicago but gearing up to go back on Friday for glamourcon with Maggie Green. I wish I had more time there but I know ill be back for sure. Make sure all of you who didnt make it out to see me the first time come to Glamourcon at the Crown plaza O’hare and say hi and take some pics !!

I had a great time with you live on cam earlier today and I cant wait for sum more. I dont know whats got into me latley ive been super horny and extra bouncy lol. Ill be back in L.A in sept for Adultcon and I cant waitttttt to see you all there you know I love L.A.

So yes… join the free fanclub NOW and get free one on one time and access to all my pics and vids including a very behind the scenes whitecastle video lol. Ill be uploading more chi-town pics and some sexy vids this week. See you all live !!

On to more questions…..

1. Do you smoke ? (asked by radiomanhead)

No I am a non-smoker I do sometimes have a cigarette but its like this weird craving that comes out of no where.

2. Whats more important success or money ?

Why cant you have both ? We each define our own success. I know if im happy the amount of dollars in my bank account doesnt make a difference. Im a success when i set out to do something and I do it. If what i LOVE makes me happy then im successful. I say money comes and goes with it. I wouldnt do something I hated for the money but if money comes with something I love then great. I mean these basketball players, football players, musicians everyones getting to do what they were born to do what they LOVE to do and its paying off in one way or another. Id rather be poor and successful on all over levels then rich and a failure at being a human being.

3. Ever taken a dick that was bigger then a foot ? If so how was it.

No…and couldnt tell you

4. You are one of the girls I have watched transform over the years, your one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out and you have rocked it at any weight. Your intelligence shines through, your confidence and your love for your fans and yourself is amazing. I respect the woman that you are and the life youve created for yourself. Im so proud to say Ive had the pleasure of speaking with you. do I find a woman like you ?

Firstly, WOW… thats a fantastic compliment and I am a bit speechless. I love hearing the compliments on my looks and beauty its so nice but to hear a compliment about who I am on the inside or my buisness sense or my intelligence means a lot to me. Thank you so so much, you made my day. Its times when Im down ill think to re read this and be reminded just how far Ive come. On finding a woman like me.. there are tons of great women out there wait for the one that realizes how great YOU are. Don’t go looking for someone with a checklist. Wait for a spark a connection that youve never felt before. Know what you want..make sure you get it.

5. What do you like better..deepthroating or anal ?

Well…why not both lol. I try and deepthroat although im not sure that im quite as good as the pro’s when it comes to that.. but I love anal too anything in my ass tongue,cock,fingers yummmm. (woah the slutty taylor just came out for a bit) lol.

6. Im putting this one together because I get this question a zillion times… do you like jewish guys, do you like black guys ?

GUYS… I like all kinds of guys your ethnicity doesnt matter to me, its about EVERYTHING else. People think im jewish but im middle eastern so lol maybe thats why that was asked but yes ill create peace in the middle east with a unified love for boobies.. yes i like jewish guys and black guys and spanish guys and white guys etc……….

7. See me please

What ? I dont understand.. is this a question ? This formspring shit is hilarious

8. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Lol Β seriously my formspring box would make a great comedy show

9. You have a big nose

Cool, I have big tits too good observation.. I could so use you to help me find waldo. Β I love my nose it adds character.

10. Whens the last time you had a fight ?

I try to be nice all the time and avoid confrontation but stupid is stupid sometimes and we argue. I fought with my some random stranger well more so argued about whether or not this profession is a respectable profession. You cant win that argument if your up against me. The women and this industry deserve the utmost respect. Its not for everyone but its for me.

Thanks for the questions guys join the free fanclub for your free 8X10 and ill see you all live online tonight



Hey guys well here are a few more answers to the questions you have all been asking me πŸ™‚ Its so nice to be here to be able to relax from my trip and answer some of your questions so i’ll answer a bunch today. I will be uploading all the naughty and sexy pics from Exxxctacy to the free fanclub so what are u waiting for join up sexy folks πŸ™‚ !! I am super excited im gonna be on cam all week long and live at the convention in Chicago exclusively for free fanclub members only ! You get to see me bouncy and in action !! woot

Ok…so questions,rants,compliments,bitchfests i get everything on formspring and you know I can dish it out and I can take it. Btw free fanclub members get exclusive access to ALL the questions and tons of exclusive content πŸ™‚

1. Now, that you have started to take a spot behind the booths @ conventions, do you favour going to them as a fan or as an exhibitor ?

Excellent question !! I go as both, i love being an exhibitor cause fans know exactly where to find me can come hang out with me take pics with me and do all kinds of fun stuff. But im def a fan too of all the beautiful ladies I get to be next to. I love being an exhibitor cause i get to have my booth and walk around too and say hello to all the girls i love πŸ™‚

2. Β I think you look suspiciously like the girl from my dreams, was that you ? ( viggo)

Lol, how did you know it was me.. I always love your personality Viggo and your sense of humour. Yes that was me you were dreaming about except im real !!

3. What is one of your weaknessess. Explan (Asked by Kaosbreaker1701)

Well, I have many weaknesses but the one Id say that effects me the most is that im very trusting and I wear my heart on my sleeve, its in my nature to just assume everyone is being genuine with me and thats a big I guess the weakness is being unable to put my guard up all the time. *thanks for asking questions like this*

4. You should so make a video with Shyla Stylez.

Shyla and I are friends and you never know what could happen in the future *wink wink* she is a hottie and I love her ALL of her

5. Β Whats your favourite thing to have on your titties ?

Cum.. done and done.

6. Whats one of your favourite quotes from a movie ? (Asked by Oakland)

I have soo many movie quotes i love but here i’ll give you two that are my faves

“Running a casino is like robbing a bank with no cops around. For guys like me, Las Vegas washes away your sins. It’s like a morality car wash.” (CASINO)

“This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time”.. (FIGHTCLUB)

7. I am absolutly in love with you. If Aphrodite saw you, she’d be jealous. I think if you took me as your boy toy, I’d be the happies S.O.B. alive. Like Michael Jackson once sang ‘I just cant stop loving you’. that is soo sweet you wrote me anonymously so I cant thank you personally for a compliment like that. I love it your so sweet and I love that song !

8. I think your ugly and too skinny you looked way better when you were fat and maybe thats why your single because my boyfriend loves a real woman.

Well,hello there miss anonymous… I think your entitled to your opinion although it could have been handled with more tact and class. I also think you sound insecure just a touch. If your boyfriend loves you the way you are then be happy with it. Im not single because im not fat anymore im single by choice. Im glad you found love and I LOVE curvy women. Theres no reason to be insulting but i suppose everyone has a way of handling themselves, you chose the wrong one.

9. I am getting married in August. What is something I should do before tying the knot? (Asked by judgmentknight)

Wow, first off congrats thats amazing ! Well I think when you decide to marry someone doesnt mean your giving up on your own dreams it just means your creating new ones together. So its not like your days are numbered. If your in a monogamous relationship then dont jeopardize what you have now for anything you chose to marry this girl for a reason. Go out with the boys get wild and crazy go see some strippers or do something youve been wanting to do WITH her.

10. What keeps playing in your ipod over and over ?

Right now its Gyptian ft Nicki Minaj hold yuh and up all night Drake ft Nicki Minaj ( yes i love Nicki) lol shes the bestest

Here are a few more pics for you guys one with the ever talented evan seinfield the other in the outfit I wore on sunday which u guys loved cause i looked like a teacher i even put an apple between my boobies LOL πŸ™‚ it was great fun. My pink shoes killed the outfit lol i fought with some girl on rodeo drive for those shoes last pair of 7’s lol.

Remember join here for free right now for fulll sets !! muah


No wonder you guys are called the windy city… I had the most amazing fun time in Chicago I wish wish wish the convention centre was not so far from downtown so i would get to see more of Chi town but I am coming back July 31st and August 1st for glamourcon with Maggie green that is gonna be fun thats like next weekend boys. So for those of you I didnt get a chance to meet I hope to see you there and for those of you that I did meet I hope to see you again. I cant even count how many topless fun pics we took lol !

I did manage to go to carmines on Rush st one night and I loved it what a beautiful atmosphere and I also managed to make it to The underground where I finally found a club playing drake lol. It was fun times a little too fun lol there was hot wax involved, Sarah Jay was there we were dancing up a storm. I want to thank the amazing fan that bought me the bottle of Bacardi that night. It did me well…well kinda lol I got in at 5 am missed my flight but I still caught the next one lol and it was worth the experience. I met this most amazingg couple (A&A) Β at the convention who was so hospitable and showed me and my friends around Chicago.. so big shout out to them.

The convention was sooo much fun I met soo many great people me and the stunningly gorgeous Kelly divine were across from each other..I had the beautiful Sunny Leone across from me and I met the sexiest lexxxi lockheart. I had a great time seeing Sunny Lane who is a certified sweetheart and of course the curvy beauty we love to call sarajay. Gosh i met soo many people I cant get it all down in one post.

I actually got on stage at the convention motorboated a fan lol and gave away some free merchandise lol. I was giving spankings on the main stage and had the microphone in between my boobs and it stayed there solid lol. Speaking of free stuff if you join the free fanclub right now you will get a free signed 8X10 and free one on one time with me πŸ™‚ woot

This will be my first update for Chicago since there is way way too much to put all in one shot lol. I did manage to have white castle for the first time in my life it was soooo good for those 30 seconds then i rememberd why I dont eat that crap lol.

So, i have pics galore and I will be uploading them to the free fanclub right now !! So join up get your free screen name and I will see you live and in action tonight bouncing LIVE on cam !

Chicago I still did not get to eat your deep dish pizza but I will this time for sure ! Free Fanclub members have no idea whats in store for you πŸ˜‰ see u there for free pvt time.

Love ya lots



Here are a few pics to get you going ….


Hey guys.. hope your all having a good weekend. Its reallly hot out and Im loving this weather…Popsicles are sooo much fun ! LOL and Im enjoying making everyone go a little nuts when they watch me lick one lol. And you can too because im uploading pics and vid to the free fanclub so make sure you join up :). Its been sooo crazy the last few weeks and you guys have been awesome and fun. Im LIVE on cam right now and am having a blast.

Im not sure if you guys know of the site formspring but ive been getting a LOT of questions on there and I figured instead of tweeting every single one I would answer some of them on here every other day. I get a lot of ridiculous questions and obviously some ones that are just comments and such so I figure it will be fun to post the good, the bad and the ugly and in the mean time have you get to know me a lot better. Some of these are crazy its been a while since I checked.

I will be online and I cant wait to see you all there πŸ™‚ Leaving for Chicago Exxxtacy on Thursday morning so make sure to catch me online before then and get your free screenname. I will also be broadcasting live to all fanclub members from the convention in Chicago sooooo make sure u are all free fanclub members.

So… here are some of the things asked to me, told to me, barked at me lol…If its your question and it wasnt anonymous ill make sure to put your name there.

1. How often do you play with those big boobies of yours ? (asked by Playboyman)

As often as possible lol, sometimes i find myself just touching them like and my friend is like hey Tay your feeling yourself up in public lol.. and meanwhile im cluless…then there are times ill purposely spill something on myself to get the guys in the bars going LOL. funnnn.

2. Do you like it when a guy comes on your face or tits better ?

I love it everywhere…facials are awesome but If you can get it on both at the same time ill take that :). I love the sight of white cum on my tanned boobies and esp if that cum is dripping from my red lips ( horny yet?) lol hahaha

3.Β  I would love it if you sucked my cock

Lol join the lineup, I would love it if I was Queen for a day but thats unlikely to happen. LOL

4. How many tattoos do you have and where ?

I love tats. I have three right now. I have one on my lower back that says Destined, Driven, Determined… I have a nice tribal one across my waist and I have one on my arm that says “I am not afraid, I was born ready” thats my latest one.

5. People say you look like…..

Trish stratus, Lady Gaga (at times), Tori Spelling, Sara Jessica Parker and some chick I dont know from one tree hill lol

Ok those are the five for today boys πŸ™‚ Its great to be back ONLINE live and I will see you all soon.

Enjoy the pic more to cum….




Finally I Picked a good one lol maybe it had something to do with me wearing a really low cut red tight top lol…or maybe thats just what I’ll take credit for lol πŸ™‚ I finally picked a winner wooot !!. I was saying on twitter that If I was an octopus I would always know who was gonna win lol.. thats crazy that that thing predicted a win over and over I mean wow.

Whoooo else is super excited BIG BROTHER is back I love that fkn show lol..Id have a blast on reality tv lol. Anyways, back to the top and the bar lol I turned a lot of heads bouncing up and down in this top lol a few guys spilt there beer lol. I spill my drink on my boobs sometimes on purpose lol so I can A. have a wet t-shirt and drive the boys crazy or B. so I can feel my boobs in public with a valid reason AND drive the boys crazy lol.

I will be uploading the full set and vid to the free fanclub so join up right now !! Dont forget that next Fri,Sat, Sun I will be live in CHICAGO woot at exxxtacy2010 im super excited and can’t wait to be there with all of you bouncing away !!

Ill be online late tonight so make sure you get your free screenname so you can see these babies in action…more to cum πŸ˜‰

Love you tons



These are a few of my favourite things *sings* lol… well you know me boys I dont go out without causing a stir lol… so as you know we celebrated Canada day July 1st and I did have a topless bbq it was sooo much fun lol. The neighbors had no idea what to do with themselves lol.. and the guys on the golf course got a great view thats for sure…I think their handicaps went up LOL.

Soooo I thought ok… if I can cause this much of a stir on my balcony lol imagine what I can do at ribfest… sooooo yes I was at ribfest in my white falling off Canada day bikini and yes i got rib sauce all over it so yes lol i took it off…. there was a lot of meat out thats for sure lol. Ive uploaded the pics to my free fanclub so make sure you join up and get them as well as the full video.

I hope you are all having a great bbq filled weekend and relaxing and enjoying the sun. I will see you all online… and dont forget i’ll be in Chicago for Exxxtacy 2010 and I can’t wait to meet you all πŸ™‚

Here’s a preview vid for you boys join for free right now πŸ™‚ !





Heyyy guys πŸ™‚ Well since Canada didnt make a world cup team Ive been picking teams all along and truth be told I hope argentina wins the whole thing but for today…. I really hope brazil wins πŸ™‚ I want this to be a really good world cup. SO …. i figured i look good in yellow lol why not take some pics hahaha. Besides i think the soccer balls under my shirt are way bouncier then the ones on the field and if the brazillian team played with my soccer balls (which id gladly let them lol) they mite have some good luck…so i’ll rub mine for good luck hahaha.

Im having an amazing time with you guys….free fanclub members know they are getting some kick ass shit πŸ™‚ which im happpppppppppy to make you happy. Join here for free and email me your screen name for tons of goodies. I will be in chicago for exxxtacy 2010 and I think you all should make your asses over there and say hi to your favourite Canadian girl πŸ™‚ Nikki benz will be there of course and then me lol πŸ™‚ hahaha and the OFFICAL “fuck a fan girl” Sara Jayyyyyyyyy !! You guys its gonna be fun ! Find me a karaoke bar and good night clubs in chi town I need to party lol.

Soo, i did a ton of pics this morning and vids some in my almost non existant bikini from yesterdays bbq which btw didnt stay on long lol. woot ! So join the free fanclub right now for tons of pics, vids and bouncy me πŸ™‚

See you all live TGIF wooooot ~!



Hey boys !! Happy Canada Day to all my Canadians out there :). I Know for my American cuties that July 4th is your red white and blue day but today is our red and white day πŸ™‚ heheh. I am throwing a Bbq today and there are three requirements 1. red and white gear must be worn 2. Its topless and 3. jello shots red and white woot ! LOL … So im just getting ready for that and I will be uploading a ton of pics to the free fanclub today as I did yesterday !! So join up for free then email me your screenname cause there mite just be some vid of todays events lol ;).

Its kinda cloudy but looking like its gonna get sunny out later so there will be lots of topless sunbathing going on lol. I hope you all have a great day and remember free pvt time for new members of the free fanclub πŸ™‚ so join up for lots of goodies.

Here are a few pics in red and white for all my Canadian cuties πŸ™‚ HAPPY CANADA DAY πŸ™‚ !!