Hey guys !! Ive missed you so much, sorry I havent been blogging much this week im getting ready for Adultcon its gonna be soo much fun and such a busy busy week in La I can’t wait !! I also have been soo busy shooting like crazy ! I got rid of my old camera and got an AMAZING camera and i did a shoot today took a ton of amazzzzzing pics.. so join my free fanclub for alll the hot sexy pics. I love being naughty on cam with you guys and I will be on ALL week long bouncing for you guys.. so make sure you join its free !!

Sooo.. theres so much in store for you guys.. free fanclub members get all the exclusives ! I did an amazing interview with Luke is Back..they are so awesome Make sure you check it out here :) . Its about before and after my weight loss.

I’ve been getting question overload on formspring so its def time to answer lol. I cant wait to see you all at Adultcon and I have so many suprises up my sleeve in La. Make sure you join the free fanclub for live streaming video only available to fanclub members. Ill be in La soon enough woot :) ! Make sure you join me for free and get naughty with me live on cam. Ill be online all week.

Okk.. formspring time its always so fun lol …. some people are insane.

1. I think I am actually in Love with you

Awww.. lol.. while I think that is so endearing. I dont know who you are lol. We havent met yet..how do u know you love me mister ? lol

2. If you saw someone getting mugged in an alley by four very large men who were armed but didnt see you yet what would you do ?

Ummmmm, run. lol  I would distract them with my huge boobies and save the day !!! LOL super hero taylor comes to save the world with her bouncy boobies lol.  I know calling 911 is like wayyy easier, but im Canadian and i know kick boxing lol so id def rather put my life at risk (insert sarcasm here) lol. Its a cool question though lmfao, I would say hey flash my boobies then run like hell lol.

3. When was the last time someone rubbed oil on your boobs ?

Yesterday..it was me for a photoshoot :) oily fun coming up free fanclub members. :)

4. If you were sucking my cock and I came in your mouth would you swallow it ?

Lol. k well.. I dont know you lol so ummmm.. if  the question is do I spit or swallow .. the answer is swallow. I mean its already in your mouth youve already tasted it whats the point of spitting it out ? LOL

5. What part of you do you like the most ?

My heart. Hands down. Its hard cause its open to being broken all the time but I have a big big heart and I wouldnt ever want to change. People try to change you all the time sometimes with their words, or their actions but my heart still stays open. So thats the part of me I like the most.

If we are talking physical features.. I like my smile and I love making people smile and when I see you smile I smile lol. Thats a lot of smiling going on haha. So def my smile :)  I think smiling is contagious if we all smiled a bit more the world would be a better place.

and one more for fun

6. Are you more like your mom or more like your dad ?

Definitely both, you all know i lost my dad when I was young but I know I have a lot of his traits, my eyes are my dads, my dad loved vegas,sports,and blackjack so I def got that from him. I have his heart for sure.  My mom I got her smile and her stubbornness. I also got her strength, she raised us all by herself so I learned how to toughen up. And i have her spontaneity. They are both a huge part of who I am.

Ok thats all for Saturday :) I will see you all LIVE this weekend woot !

Here is a pic of me mourning the loss of my old camera lol…. with my new one and a few pics from my photoshoot today.. tons more to come get your free screenname now

and here are some of the pics from my shoot today :)

6 thoughts on “HAPPY SATURDAY BOYS …

  1. i can’t wait for the rest of these pics. they look great.
    i finally found out how to comment on your new blog. yeay!

  2. you thin now I like you when you chubby….

    ou Have a pic of you.. when you chubby.. Give Me Please…

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