Hey guys :) hope you are all doing fantastic. The weekend is finally here its about time lol. What a week… I hope you are all joining the free fanclub for all the goodies :) .
Ill be online all night long and cannot wait to play with you guys. Ive been having an amazing time on cam !! As you know I did a few photoshoots when I was in Chicago thats why I hardly had time for anyyyyything busy bee me lol. But I absolutley had to show this one pic from the Photographer he is amazing, his work speaks for itself but he was great caring, paid great attention to detail. You can always tell when someone loves what they do. LIKE ME :)  and he absolutley does and I cant wait to shoot with him again. His information is on the picture i will post :)
Im gonna answer some more of your formspring questions :)  And ill be holding a Q&A period tonight on webcam woot :) so join the free fanclub for that :) and lets have some fun..hehehe
Ok formspring time….
1. If you were in a dessert eating contest which dessert would you select ?
Ohhh I have such a sweet tooth so thats sooo hard to decide but ill narrow it down to two. ONE for sure being white chocolate macadamiea cookie dessert it comes with carmel, berries, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and a big warm white chocolate cookie. And second would be carrot cake i fkn love carrot cake.
2. Whats the biggest misconceptions people have about you ?
They have so many. Most people think that because of my boobs or looks I dont have a brain but im quite smart :) , have two degrees, was valedictorian and know three languages.
A lot of guys are scared to talk to me cause they think like some other girls i guess that im bitchy or wont talk to them, but they soon realize that im very down to earth and they can open up to me and im a real cool girl to hang with
Another misconception is that I have a boyfriend, lol most people think how is she not taken. Well im single, I was in a relationship and do date but ive sworn off love for a while. I travel a lot too so its hard on a relationship.
3. I just came to looking at you.
Woot job well done babes :)
4. I know you said your middle eastern but where abouts im persian ?
I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. But my family and my background is palestinian. I speak the language fluently. Persian guys are cool my ex was persian. I love the food. Yum

5. Do you ever come to Minnesota ?
I have not come yet but If Brett comes back this year Im coming there for a game !!
ok boys I will see you all soon :) Now get your free screenname here and come bounce with me im live right now !!

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