I had to do another post today because..FIRST there is finally a TORONTO convention. Imodelexpo here in toronto is this Saturday and yes I will be there meeting all my local fans. So definitely come by my booth and ill have all kinds of dvds magazines 8X10’s 🙂 its gonna be a blast. Its about time this city had one of these.

Secondly,there is this amazingly caring sweet beautiful girl i met recently first on twitter at My kick ass twitter page :)… but even better in person at the most recent adult con. I had so much fun with all the girls there but I got the privlidge of having a booth beside Sophie Dee… that girl has eyes as big as her heart.. her eyes are gorgeous..and shes the sweetest girl. AND she looks good in EVERY hair colour.So Sophie im soo glad we met and can’t wait to hang out with you again. There was of course Jelena Jensen and miss Kelly Divine (whos my secret crush,ok not so secret have u seen her ? wow) lol.  And Liz tayler who I love 🙂 shes sooo sweet.

Im uploading a bunch of never before seen pics to the free fanclub so get your asses there or ill take out my action girls big guns and kick ure asses lol.

So this was just a quick post to show you some more fun pics from adultcon. I will see you all ONLINE live get your free pass and join me on cam 🙂

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Me and Sophie at Adultcon

Me and Kelly Divine shes so fine…look i can rap i told you lol

Me and Jelena Jensen not only is she beautiful in front of the camera but a genius behind it !

Liz Tayler … beauty absolute beauty


These girls are my girls !!!!!!!! lol I love them so much. I found some awesome pics of me and maggie green after glamourcon unwinding and having some fun. She is so amazing, its amazing the good quality people ive met and i never would have if I didnt make choices from my heart. Im so so glad and lucky to met the people that I have met.

Ive had a hard time finding REAL friends, or people that are after another thing or pretending they are not. Its sad actually. Often imitated never duplicated i say :). Right now I just want to thank you all for being soo soo amazing. You are the best fans ever and I cant wait to meet you all at all the conventions. You all need to get your free screenname and come see me live on webcam. Ill be bouncing around like crazy as usual lol.

Yaaaay brett killed it yesterday… finally a Vikings win we needed that we have a tough schedule ahead of us. I have some fun stuff coming in that regard you guys will love it. I decided I havent answered some of your questions latley so I will be answering some formspring ones on here now. But you can ask me anything every monday night on my tell all night live @ the free fanclub. But lets start with these questions…..

1.You’ve said countless times you’re a girl who likes to eat – So say make a trip to Toronto, Where’s some of the best places to grab a bite?

MMM… love food.. depends what kind of food your looking for…

Real Sports Bar for sure because their food is great and if your looking to watch sports that is defintiely the place.

Harbour 60 omg yummm and its right by yup the hockey hall of fame.. definitely check that out.

Jack Astors, The keg.. these are all more reasonable priced and fun places with great food.

2. We have bellied up to a bar, what kind of drink can i get you ?

“Dark liquor, nothing soothes the heart quicker” 🙂 actually a bacardi and diet coke make it a double woot !

3. Would you give up sex + masturbation for one year in exchange for $50,000?

No amount of money could make me give up sex and masturbation im too horny lol 🙂

4.What’s your ideal dream home?

One that has lots and lots of closets in fact one where an entire room is a walk in closet.

5. Whats the most recent shoot you did ?

Well ill tell you ONE of the many that I did was for actiongirls

In fact here is another pic from that kick ass fun with guns shoot !

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Here are some fun behind the scenes shots of me and maggie 🙂 My boobies make a good drink holder and she can handle a bottle thats for sure. We had a friendly girl kiss 🙂 Love my mags. Get my free newsletter for updates !


Goood evening BOYS !! Happy Saturday.

I have some big news !! Guess who is offically an ACTION GIRL. Yup Yup thats me 🙂 I told you big things were coming and this is Just the beginning. I hope you like it. He is amazing and his work is fantastic :). Not to mention I just had a blast. It was one big fun party. I got to do all the things I love and in a photoset none the less guns, videogames cum push my buttons on cam 🙂 @the free fanclub , woot. I look good holding a gun hahaha.  This was one of the best times ever !  Expect much more to come. Make sure you sign up to my free newsletter 🙂 for upcoming news and join the free fanclub now cause im doing a ton of free giveaways !

I had an amazing time last night hearing unique talent at the manifesto festival here in toronto. There was some great music and some amazing times had. 🙂 I had a blast. Our friend Mr.Mecc was performing you def have to check out his music on youtube hes great.

So come check out the full set of much to come from your #1 BUSTY BOUNCY ACTION GIRL NEXT DOOR 🙂 @ the free fanclub and of course see me play with my big guns live one on one on webcam.




Hey guys I decided to do another blog post for TITTY TUESDAY for all of you that bought awesome things for me off my wishlist 🙂 thank you soo much and to all my fans who have been extremely supportive and loving :). Im super excited this year is gonna be a great one !

Good things are coming, football season is here… Im loving it. Wooot ! Free fanclub members are in for a treat so make sure you join here ! Also stay up to date with my free newsletter ! I have so much going on it will knock your socks off 🙂 woot 🙂 I had a blast in LA with all the beautiful ladies. Here are a few pics from the after party fun we all had. Make sure you check out Sara Jay  and Kelly Divine  here because these girls are so amazing. 🙂 Dont forget to check out Jessica Bangkok too she is a bundle of fun like really.

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Hi guys !! Thank you all soooo much for all the birthday wishes, gifts, cards you guys are phenomenal amazing people. I have been having way too much fun and i cant wait to have even more fun tonight bouncing around at my free fanclub. You have to come party with me… you never know what will happen 🙂 thats how it is day to day for me too 🙂

I just wanted to post this quick post there are many more to come but I wanted you to know i will be online all week long. I have a busy schedule with a lot of stuff going on but I will be online daily ! Bouncing and playing on cam so make sure you join the free fanclub for all the exclusive hot pics coming and stay tuned here for loads of news !

I have blog posts coming like crazy.. just like you will be after a cam session with me lol 🙂 Be sure to get my free newsletter where you will get all the details :). Grab your free screenname i always love it when you guys put taylor or i luv tay in the screen name 🙂

Heres a few pics from my shoots to thank you all for such amazing presents and love 🙂 See you online in a bit 🙂 and get the full UNCENSORED set in my free fanclub





Hiii guys im baaaaaaaack from LA what a busy busy trip. Its good to be home though I have so much going on. I was busy with photoshoot after photoshoot lol so make sure to stay tuned @ my free fanclub and sign up to my free newsletter for all the details. There are some KICK ASS things coming your way especially for free fanclub members !!

I will be uploading a TON of pics for you guys this week in the free fanclub so grab your free screename it only takes a minute. I will be online all weekend and all week long. My birthday is on Monday the 20th and I want to thank you all for all the nice gifts, gift cards and cards ive recieved so far its so so sweet of you. For those of you who have asked to spoil me here are my wishlists both amazon and boxed up 🙂 thank you so so much and i do spoil back 😉

Adultcon was soo much fun not only did I get to meet all the amaaazing fans and have a bouncy time with all of you. I got to hang with the baddest chicks EVER ! We were the big titty committee !I had MISS Brianna Jordan beside me (I never thought i would meet a girl as crazy and fun as me lol) and the curvy and sexy Maggie Green and of course the one and only Jelena Jensen. We rocked the show and had a blast bouncing our boobies everywhere. I love you GUYS !! F bombs everywhere… Brianna is so spunky i swear lol. Oh and I cant forget Sophie Dee who is soo sweet.

I also got to party and hang with good friends Kelly Divine, Sara Jay, and Jessica Bangkok who is just super sweet. I met the lovely Liz Tayler who was shaking when she met me did she forget shes super beautiful herself ? These girls are the best and they make me love what I do more and more.

I have a shit load of pics coming to the free fanclub so stay tuned ! Here are just a few pics from the convention. Im giving away free NEW dvd’s to the next 2o members who join the free fanclub.

Its my birthday on monday join me all for a special bday bash fanclub members get to eat cupcake of my boobies lol 🙂



Here are just a few of the HUNDREDS yes HUNDREDS taken 🙂 so free fanclub members hold on to your seats !!


Wow what a busy crazy week getting ready for LA. It took me forever to pack since I have so much going on down there its nuts !!. Im super excited though its been rainy and crazy down here, I think we got pieces of hurricane earl. Im super excited to see all of you guys @ Adultcon its gonna be soo much fun.

Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter cause lots of big news is coming ! There arent enough hours in the day latley its been sooo hectic. The end of summer is here so that sucks 🙁 but my birthday is coming up and thats always some kind of party with crazy stories attatched lol :).

Ive learned soo soo much this year and Im so glad I learned whos really got your back, who your true friends are and of course I continued to be so thankful for the loyalty and love from all my fans and friends. Its super awesome. 🙂

Ive been loving lovinggggggg the new camera I bought and of course goodies for me means goodies for you 🙂 I will be uploading a ton of new pics to the free fanclub tonight so make sure you get your free screenname and get ready for hot HD unbelievable stuff guys 🙂 !

So another little thing lol, I was at karaoke night the other night and you all know I go a little crazy with my karaoke and yup I sang Rick Ross and I rocked it woot !! When i got out of the bar there was this spider man stuffed doll on some guys bike on the rack lol so I decided he deserved to be in a photo shoot with me lol ! Its hilarious and ill be posting the pics to my free fanclub :). 

 Now, some more lovely formspring questions 🙂 woot.

1. If you were on big brother what would you do most of the time ?

Flirt lol for sure.. but also people watch and learn everything I could about people so I know how to play my best game against them. Thats why I make a great poker player I study people. 🙂

2. Which do you like most getting your boobs rubbed,squeezed, or sucked ?

Ummmm.. all three at once lol or on their own, but I cant choose. Thats like pizza or wings its such a hard decision.

3.  Hi, you said your parents are palestinian does that mean you are muslim?

No, I am catholic and so is my family.

4. Do you prefer handjobs or blowjobs ?

If you mean what do I prefer to give… well I prefer whatever makes the guy im with at the time the happiest but I love giving blow jobs thats MY favourite. 🙂

5. If you could be in any directors movie what director would you choose ?

Thats tough but id love to be in a Quentin Tarantino film or a Rob Zombie film for sure 🙂

Ok guys.. thats all for now get your free screen name right now !! Cause  I will be broadcasting LIVE from La and Adult con so make sure your there to see all the fun bouncy action. And I will be online all weekend before I leave on tuesday sooooo cumm see me im feeling frisky.



Me and my photoshoot partner spiderman

and a hot pic from one of my new sets 🙂 this was on my balcony untouched and un edited 🙂