Da na na na na na Da na na na nana Da na na na na whoo you gunna calll ???? Ghost busters !! Hahah I fkn love those movies ! Sooooo I decided to be part of the ghostbuster crew for halloween. Woot !!

Sooo anyone need me to get their ghosts out ??? Call me lol.. no really you can call me cause free fanclub members get my personal phone number and can call me anytime of the day or night !! Yup even to get those naughty ghosts out of your way !! I love halloween you can be anything u want to be and not give a shit ! I will be online bouncing for you @ the free fanclub.

Dont forget that Im giving away free hourly prizes to free fanclub members anddddddddddd the member with the best costume pic gets a SUPER treat from me personallly. So get your free screen name email me and lets do this .

Im so glad you liked the little miss muffet outfit I hope I win tonight for best costume 🙂 I have three so i might change hahah. This year im giving you all three costumes !! So sit back and enjoy the costumes and all the naughty uncensored pics and VIDS yup naughty vids..that are available for free fanclub members ONLY !!  Trust me boys… u dont wanna miss out. I have a lot of tricks but tons of treats !

See you all online soon have a safe and super scary halloween guys ! Love the comments keep em coming 🙂




Little miss muffet (taylor) sat  on her tuffet eating her curds and whey…along came a spider and sat down beside her…and him and miss muffet decided to play 🙂 lol..thats my version

HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS !!  Hey guys I know halloween isnt until sunday but no reason not to start the Halloween Party early :). Im gonna be online at the free fanclub all weekend long and im doing trick or treat giveaways for you guys who grab your free screenname 🙂 and you dont wanna miss out on my treats !

This year i have a few costumes but this is my first 🙂 I hope you like my little miss muffet outfit lol 🙂 The spider in the scene got to have a great time with my boobies I was sooo scared lol. I love halloween its a time of year when you get to be goofy silly and be someething completley different. So for my first costume for you guys its Little miss muffet and of course its pink so 🙂 that takes the cake lol. And yes I had to look up what curds and whey meant lol and its cottage cheese…wtf lol. I hate spiders but this one got extra special treatment.

Join the free fanclub for HOURLY giveaways and if you have a costume and I get to see it get your free screenname and you could win instant pvt time right then and there !

This is just the first of my tirade of halloween costumes for you boys 🙂 You know I love you and I love to give you extra special treatment. The next one is coming sooon.

 Im leaving for NJ in two days and I get to meet all of you at Exxxotica. Im also doing some shoots while im there and one is in Atlantic City which ive never been to but my Dad used to go to a lot. Ill be live every day from the convention and you wont want to miss that action so get your free screename and be able to see me live and interactive with all of you.

Sooo Happy Halloween lets get all those ghouls and goblins out and lets play ! Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter 🙂




Hey everyone.. You see it everywhere the pink ribbon, you see the football players wearing pink because its such an important month. I wanted to do a post about a cause that is very dear and near to me. This month is Breast Cancer awareness month and as you all know I love my boobies and everyone else’s. I have lost a few people to this number one killer and have many people close to me lose loved ones.

So, im doing a tribute to all those who are and or have or know somoeone who has been hit with breast cancer, as well as those who just support the cause. I love pink so it made it even more amazing to support the search for a cure. So get your dukes up and fight for a cure !

Here are some breast cancer facts :

An estimated 182,800 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2000.

Approximately 42,200 deaths will occur in women from breast cancer in 2000.

One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.

Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.

Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.

Seventy-seven percent of women with breast cancer are over 50.

Approximately 1400 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in men in 2000 and 400 of those men will die.

More than 1.7 million women who have had breast cancer are still alive in the United States.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.

To help the cause  every member that joins the free fanclub from now till the end of the month will recieve two pics from this set free signed and delivered and i will donate 5 dollars for every free fanclub member that joins to the breast cancer society of canada and post a reciept at the end of the month. This is their site http://www.bcsc.ca/ I encourage everyone to donate to help find a cure.

Save Tatas as the campagin had it be… Lets cheer for boobies.

Sign up for the free fanclub here and lets donate and help fight this !





Hiii guys !! Its wed omg already.. happy hump day.. I had soo much fun with you guys @ my free fanclub last night.  I sure did. I had tons of boobie squeezing, bouncy fun lol. I wonder if there is a record for hours of straight bouncing cause I would certainly win on that one lol.

I had a bit of a rough week with Shaggy still being sick but  thanks to all your support and love ive been getting through it. I had a kick ass shoot today and tons of pics and vids will be added to the free fanclub that noone has ever seen before so make sure you get your free screenname and get in on the fun.

Exxxotica is just a week away and I havent been to Jersey before so im excited to go. I cant wait to meet all of you guys !! I love love meeting all of you in person its so much fun ! So if your in the area pop over to my booth, ill be there with the sexy bootylicious Sara Jay and Rachel Havana 🙂 so make your way over. Ill also be streaming LIVE for all FREE FANCLUB members.

Im soo happy that Brock lost on Saturday that was an amazing fight. Its time for a new heavyweight champ :). Yaaay hope you all loved my UFC pics lol.

Halloween is coming up what are you all doing ? Whats your costume this year do tell. Im gonna run a contest for best costume for all free fanclub members… sooo send me your best Halloween pic all dressed up and you will win some goodies and free private time with me woot ! Get your free screenname and be a part of that.

Here are a few formspring questions for you 🙂

1. I was just looking at a picture i took at a jets-bills game and youre in the background haah

Omg.. yes I remember that game I was on the big screen they kept wanting me to be on TV lol. That was a good game. I wanna see the pic !! Send it my way ! This kid got in the way and they kept asking him to move so they could get me 🙂

2. At this moment in time, what would you like to be know for??

Being true to myself and to you guys. Being the bouncy fun genuine person you love me to be and know me to be :). For being the number one webcam host for 9 years 🙂 And for being loyal loving and true to the ones that I care about.

3. Why is it that people say they “slept like a baby” when babies wake up like every two hours?

LOL you ask the best questions.. I love them… I wonder why they do say that. I guess for those two hours the baby is having the best two hours ever. I for one dont sleep much so if I could get two hours of good sleep id love it 🙂

4.What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

You will soon find out 🙂 christopher 🙂 heheh

5. What would make your day better right now ?

My doggy to be not sick anymore and for him to be back to being happy. They get such enjoyment out of the smallest things. I miss my crazy dog hes so sad now.

So guys.. here are some more sexy pics for you but much much more and sexy naughty vid at the free fanclub and get in on my newsletter so you know everything thats about to happen 🙂




HERE WE GO AGAIN BOYS AND GIRLS. !! UFC baby ! You know I love it Im super excited for tonights fight ! So I figured a few hot ufc pics were in order :). Woot ! Its Brock night and all of you know I dont like Brock Lesnar but I do think this is gonna be a good fight. I will be taking  bets so if Brock loses Ill take my clothes off if he wins Ill take my clothes off…actually im online at my free fanclub taking my clothes off anyway lol 🙂

Ive had an excellent week with you guys bouncing on my live webcam at the free fanclub and a busy busy week of shooting :). But ive done soo many giveaways and outfit requests im having a blast. I literally have a pile of broken bras and buttons and shirts in front of me. I had no idea what these babies can do.. lol world peace .. ill aim for that.

So boys !! Its been a long long day of shooting but lets let loose and have some fun at my free fanclub ! Tomorrow is football day and I cant wait I fkn love sundays. I have another long day of shooting tomorrow But I have ESPN mobile and Ill have tv’s with the games on its a prerequisite lol. Then ill be live boucning on cam at Playwithtay.com so cum join me !!

Love you tons


But now for tonights fight….. GO VELASQUEZ !! You dont want to miss this set and video so get your free screenname right now and dont forget at the end of october 10 free fanclub members get goodies from me 🙂

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Lookout weekend cause here I come, because weekends were made for fun !! And thats just what we are gonna do we are gonna have some super fun at the free fanclub like we have been doing all week long.

Its so great to be back on cam 🙂 bouncing around. I think my boobs are growing lol. I bursted a zipper the other day on a brand new jacket trying to squeeze my boobies in LOL. I ended up having to wear it with the zipper around the collar and the rest open lol. My boobies destroy clothes but i love it !! LOL good thing my mom is good at repairing buttons and zippers. To see more of the button bursting shirt popping pics join the free fanclub.

Ill be online all weekend long and I cant wait to play with you guys !! Here are some more formspring questions for you :).

1.What is your biggest fear?

I try not to be afraid like my tattoo says but we all have some fears, I fear failure and losing the few people I love the most.

2.What do u think about the whole favre allegations ?

I think im gonna stay focused on football and its none of my buisness. Play the game, win the game. The end.

3. Why wont you just give love a chance ?

Ive given it several chances im single its gonna take a lot to change that. My heart cant take hurt much more.

4. You dont even take cock on camera I wont respect you till I see a cock in your mouth.

Firstly, I respect the women in the industry that do but you dont have to take cock on camera to be respected. Secondly you can keep your respect and shove it up your ass 🙂 hugs and big kisses

5. I joined your free fanclub and its fkn awesome ! You are great Taylor.

Thank you so much 🙂 I love giving my fans the best of me 🙂 Everyone join here for free :).

Ok guys lets kick this weekend off right 🙂 woot 🙂

Cum see me live right now get your free screenname and dont forget to sign up for my free newsletter !




Hey guys ! I love thursdays the only thing better about the fact that tomorrow the weekends here is when there is football on. Its not Thursday night football night butttttttt it is play with tay night. Im having a blast with you guys this week at the free fanclub. I sent all your goodies in the mail. I also sent special thank you gifts to all those who spoiled me here.

Ive been so busy shooting and trying to get ready for New York and New Jersey its been soo hectic. But being on my webcam is where I get to let loose dance be goofy and have tons of fun. Last night was wicked awesome and I want to thank Mike from baaaaaaaasten lol for driving me nuts lol but in a good way.

SO guys get your free screenname here because in 10 days 10 members who get their free screenname are going to get a super special surprise and I will list the names here on the blog. So make sure you email me the free screenname you get here.

Ill be bouncing online ALL night long and I can’t wait to see you all. I have been going through bras like crazy. I will be online from three different cities in November 🙂 from New Jersey/NYC , La and then woot VEgas 🙂 So, if your in town for these conventions make sure you come bounce with me. Ill be @ Exxxotica with Sarajay and Rachel Havana wooot boobies and booty yes yes :).

Ive been in kinda a funk the last couple days cause of my dog and other personal stuff but you guys have totally been making me smile and laugh online

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See you all soon cutie pies xoxox



Hey guys… Yesterday was really tough for me.. Shaggy got through his surgery hes just so sad right now…hes recovering they dont know how hes gonna recover but hopefully well, hes had the stupid cone around his head forever now and I just want him to go back to being a normal dog. They say he has to wear it for two weeks.But hes a tough cookie and hes gonna be great.

Im online now and will be online all week long at the free fanclub. Last week was so fucking kick ass I had a great time. Im feeling naughty and am calling tonight wicked wednesday… because we are all gonna get very very wicked in the spirit of halloween. So im doing hourly giveaways… all you need is your free screen name  and we can party !!

Im glad you have all been loving the pics make sure you join the free fanclub for many many more :). You guys are kick ass.  Get my free newsletter cause your gonna be in store for big big things…well you already have those big things on my chest but even bigger !!

As you all know lots has been going on, been doing lots of shooting and stuff and I hope all my New Yorkers and My New Jersey fans are gonna come out and party with me @ Exxxotica. I will be with the Lovely Sara Jay. We are gonna have booty and boobies all over the place  bouncing :). Make sure you come see us.

Here are a few more formspring questions for you guys 🙂 Make sure you join the free fanclub cause at the end of this month 10 free fanclub members are gonna get an awesome prize. I wont tell you what it is I will tell you that you will love it.

Thank you to all those that spoil me …for all of you I have thank you gifts coming 🙂

Formspring time 3 questions today….

1.Why put a towel in the dirty clothes basket if when you get out of the shower you are clean?

Loool.. this is an awesome question… I guess its just habit…that does make you think. I usually use a towel a few times before i put it in the wash..lol ,maybe we miss a few spots.

2. Lyrics of the day for you …..

Today the lyrics of the day are from Nicki Minaj song : Right Through Me

You see right through me
how do you do that sh-t
how do you do that sh-t
how do you do that sh-t
how do you, how do yo, how do yo, how do yo

You let me win, you let me ride
you let me rock, you let me slide
and when they looking you let me hide
defend my honour, protect my pride
the good advice I always hated
but looking back it made me greater
you always told me forget the haters
just get my money, just get my weight up
know when I’m lying, know when Im crying
it’s like you got it down to a science
why am I trying, no you aint lying
I tried to fight it, back with defiance
you make me laugh, you make hoarse from yelling at you
at gettin’ at you, pickin’ up dishes and throwing them at you
why are you speaking when no-one asks you

3. Whats the best and Worst feeling in the world ?


Ok boys ill see you all online LIVE now.. get your free screen name im doing some wet tshirt shows today 🙂 woot !




Hey everyone, just a quick post. My Shaggy is going in for surgery tomorrow to have his tail amputated :(.  He attacked his tail and the vets couldnt figure out why if it was a tumor, a neurological issue, or an allergic issue. They ruled out the allergies but he bit it so hard and it got infected. :(. So they have to amputate it because he keeps trying to get at it.

My dogs are my life. I love them so much. Everything is just ok when you look in their eyes you know. Its so nice that just the smallest things excite them. Shaggy and Pixie mean the world to me but Shaggy was always the crazy one and he was my first puppy. They are both Shih Tzu’s.

Thank you all for the warm words, just keep him in your thoughts. His surgery is @ 9 am. Im gonna stay and just hang with him tonight. Ill see you all online tomorrow @ the free fanclub love you guys.

Here are some pics of my little trouble maker.


Hiii guys !! I had a great weekend with you guys it was soo much fun partying online at my free fanclub, this was such a great weekend full of football, baseball, hockey…and I got time to enjoy myself.. played some warcraft and finally got to play some madden !! Im a big nerd lol and I love it. I love all my nerds out there too 🙂 lol.

I know you guys love to know all kinds of useless but fun information about me and you know we all have our nerdy little quirks lol. So i thought I would let you know more about me no holds barred… stuff I just do thats very random lol. I love you guys and I love getting to know you all and so I of course love to share with you too its only fair right ? lol

Ive been celebrating so much, my 9 years bouncing on webcam with you guys.. the fact that I broke 4 yes 4 tight button up shirts in like an hour lol and of course my good football day. Ill be online all week long so get your free screenname and make your way over to the number one free fanclub around :). Im doing hourly giveaways and I wanna see if I can break a bra busting shirt busting record.  I just got back from the post office sending out all the stuff I gave away to playwithtay members soo make sure you get your free registration so I can send you goodies too !

Ok…so lets pick 10 random things I do that most people dont know about embarassing or not lol maybe i have ocd 

1. I reorganize my coffee table and make all the remotes symettrical in the middle of watching tv just because I like things to look straight lol (nerd)

2. I have to wash my dishes right after I use them I dont even use my dishwasher I just want everything clean and put away

3. I sing in the shower

4. I clean the condo naked

5. I pace back and forth when watching football on sundays im barely sitting on the couch I stand and wave my hips back and forth lol

6. I have ESPN moblile and am always on it

7. I watch porn in the mornings and masturbate (im usually horniest in the mornings dont always need porn but its fun )

8. I take off my shoes and pants at the same time and usually leave them in a pile till i have to pick them up lol

9. I collect poker chips from every casino, and I collect hard rock tshirts from every hard rock i visit buy the tshirt and have it framed. So far I have new york, chicago,cancun,and vegas

10. I tend to move my lips when I type or text

and one more for fun

11. I cut the top of my toothpaste tube when its getting low to make sure I get everything in there lool

So, as you can tell im a normal girl maybe not so normal lol.. im a nerdy girl but Im me and im genuine and thats what matters the most. I love you guys tons and I cant wait to see you all online at my free club. Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter for tons of new stuff coming.

Heres some pics to show how much I love my Geeks out there 🙂 Its bouncy time get in on it im online  now. Theres some more football tonight so lets get rowdy and have some fun get your free screenname here.



Heres the pics for all my nerdies 🙂 love you guys !