Hi boys ! You all know I cant visit Nj and not head in to NYC while im there. Theres something amazing about NYC that just hits you and you love it soo much. I love the food the atmosphere I had so much fun. Sara Jay met me at Dave and Busters to watch some football and I just had a great time in NYC and with the NYC cops :). It was fun times, the night before was Sara Jay’s bday party in NYC and it was an amazing time. I would post the pics here but Im saving that for a blog post on its own :). But free fanclub members will get acess to that right now !! So get your free screen name and get to see the fun times from that night. Sara hosted an amazing party as usual and she had a great birthday :). Check out her AVN nominated site here.

Join the free fanclub for all the fun candid pics of me out and aboot lol in NYC 🙂 it was such great times it wasnt even that cold out I was just dressed for comfort but I loved times square and loved being there. Me and drake got a picture together in NYC lol at least its my version of being together. I even waved cause I was on the big forever21 screen that was so funny Lol. Nothing like NYC. The best italian restaurant La bella Vita i love it. I went there years ago when I was in NYC and went there again this past time it was awesome 🙂 small nice atmosphere and great wine and food!!

Here are a few more pics.. make sure you join the free fanlcub for much more fun stuff exclusive for members only ! And keep voting guys I need your support for miss freeones at keep voting !! I wanna win and I need my fans support !




Hey guys.. just a quick post to remind you of the video I mentioned of me and Sara Jay popping balloons with our boobies and booty lol. It was so much fun. The full uncensored video is available in my free fanclub. Make sure you check out her site its nominated for best pornstar website.

We had a great time and it took a while for our boobies to pop those balloons but we did it and I have a bunch  more balloon popping vids that will be coming to the free fanclub.. so get in on it :). And please guys vote for me everyday in all my categories at 

if you register there your votes are worth more. Go to and keep voting every day !!

Love you tons





Hey guys.. well it seems my appearance on the dean blundell show created quite a stir 🙂 I had a blast and it was soo much fun. Ill be back on the show monday around 8:15 am for an interview. The vids are up on you tube and for those of you who dont know the Dean Blundell show is a kick ass show on 102.1 the edge which is a HUGE radio station in Toronto. When I was on last I was hypnotized by this amazing hypnotist that does his own show here in Toronto. He was great and totally professional and fun.. I believed to think my boobs were shrinking, that todd was george st. pierre, that adrian (who is this very popular awesome dude) was justin beiber lol it was soo much fun. I actually was hypnotized and thought how am I gonna motorboat with my boobs thinking i woke up saying thankfully they are still huge and growing !! LOL

The staff was awesome the show is kick ass. Here is a picture of the crew and of course part of the vid from that day. So everyone tune in on monday and all the extra vid and pics will be uploaded to my free fanclub so get your free screenname and get a piece of the action.

Guys keep voting for your favourite girly ME 🙂 at I really want to win the best adult model and best cam girl category. I know Miss freeones is tough because there are soo many stellar girls in this and pornstars, so best adult model is a category for girls that have not yet done hardcore and well best cam girl is for camgirls being me !! So please VOTE every day from EVERY computer

Heres a pic of us all from that day


Everyone remember to VOTE4TAY ! Its football sunday so im gonna be cuddled on the couch till later where ill see you all online we have a lot of catching up to do.


Hey guys !! The last update I updated you with was NJ part one.. well a LOT has happend since then but I had an amazing time that Saturday meeting all of you in NJ. The best part was being able to bounce around and have some super fun with my girlies Sara Jay and Kelly Divine.

I met soo many good people. Day 2 was super busy and thats when I met the best of New Jersey 🙂 You guys rocked my world :). I will be uploading all the uncensored pics and vid yes vid lol of that crazy day to my free fanclub so join up guys its free ! I loved hanging with Kelly Divine, Sara Jay we had so much fun, there was yoga going on and all kinds of fun stuff lol. Day two was fun I had caution pasties on lol it was hilarious I was knocking everyone out with my boobies lol.

Its honestly such a good time, this really was one of my favourite conventions to date.  It was awesome being with Rachel Havana too shes so sweet and full of positve energy. It was a motorboating sob kinda day lol. hahaha. I was having soo much fun all the booty surrounding me you have no idea lol. You need to follow these beauties on twitter we were having fun trying to pop balloons between our boobies and booty. Sara Jay even got a bruise but i kissed it better lol :).Follow @MsMarshaeXXX and @Caramel_Dreams

Here are some awesome pics from day 2 and there is a balloon popping video coming to the free fanclub so get in on it lol :). Also I want to thank you all again for your support and love through all the tough times Im going through right now. You mean the world to me.

Please keep voting for me at for every category im nominated in. Remember you can vote once a day from any and every computer !! 🙂 Please do I really need your support.

Im behind on updates so Ill be posting a lot this week stay tuned at the free fanclub and ill be online @ the free fanclub all week long :). I miss bouncing with you guys !! Love you tons



Here are a few pics for now …


Hey guys I never thought I would say it feels so good to be home but it really does.. even though I was coming from vegas. As most of you know I have had a hell of a past two weeks. I was in LA for glamourcon but got extremely sick and couldnt even make it to finish glamourcon the second day because i was hospitalized. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldnt miss a chance to meet my fans at the convention for the world and im sorry to all the fans that were hoping to see me on day two. It was really freezing in there as well and it didnt help at all to the pain I was in. I @ first thought it was just muscle pain from the plane ride to long beach because I was really sick on the plane and cold but it turns out that after a few days of trying to feel better in the hot tub, using icyhot for muscle pain that nothing was working. The saturday night am I had an extreme attack and had to go to the hospital. I was really scared because I have never been to a U.S hospital and im a Canadian citizen but I was in so much pain that I had to go. I was so pleased with the staff at St. Mary’s in long beach. They took me in right away and I had every test imaginable done and they were very sweet and caring.

I hate hospitals, but was treated really good. After a lot of testing and pain which im still in and several extra unplanned days in long beach and a biopsy later, I found out i have a mass in my chest and fluid between my lungs and my heart. The mass is really big and it was tested for cancer. Luckily, the results showed that the mass is begnin, however, if i dont have surgery to have it removed soon it could become cancerous again. So im back on canadian soil and in extreme pain but doing my best to get through it and make it manageable with the meds till I can have the surgery. This is the worst pain ive ever been in but im a fighter and will fight through it. Thank you all for being concerned and for caring so so much. It means the world to me all the love the cards the flowers and the outpouring of support. Its been a really scary point in my life and to have all of your support throughout it all means so much.  I had some great people take care of me and be there for me through all of this and Im very very lucky and blessed to have you all in my life. Its not Canadian thanksgiving but I wish you all a great thanks giving and thank you all so so much for being in my life. Im thankful for every true friend I have. I went to Vegas after long beach Brianna Jordan took amazing care of me and I was really happy to be in great hands. In long beach Shyla Stylez, Kelly Divine, they were all right by my side. Ty girls for everything !

This was just an update to let you all know how Ive been since ive been in a lot of pain and havent had time to post. Tomorrow as  you all know is the day my father passed away when I was 6 and I just want to spend it reflecting on how precious this life is. Here is just a quick pic from the convention. I will be updating you guys like crazy in the next few days so make sure you are all free fanclub members.

I also want to say thank you to all of you who are helping me in the missfreeones competition. I really  need your votes so please register @ freeones and vote for me for every category im nominated in. I really want to win best adult model and best cam girl. I feel that I love what I do and you love what I do and I want to just continue to do that. It would mean the absolute world to me. Its still an honour being nominated and in the same category as such wonderful people.

I will be updating later, this medication has me  sleepy but I am so behind in my updates for you guys. Please go HERE and vote for your favourite girl ME :). You guys all kept me laughing and smiling even overnight at the hospital. You guys rock. Viggo you are the bestest. !

Love you tons



Here is a pic of me on the first day of glamourcon i was in a lot of pain but hope you couldnt tell

and some more freeones pics for you guys ! please keep voting I really want to win this ! vote HERE daily from every computer


Hi guys… I have some fantastic news and IM sooooo excited ! the most kick ass site with tons of content is having their annual contest only this time there is a BEST CAM GIRL category !! I have been waiting for this :). I have been the number one webcam girl thanks to all of you for 9 years and I really want to win this contest and really want your vote !.

I have held the number one free fanclub and number one webcam spot for 9 years. I am the bounciest busty girl next door you’ll find and as you all know im genuine inside and out. I give you the best of me day after day month after month and show after show :). I love being naughty bouncy and crazy for you guys on cam and off cam :).

I always give you guys HD videos, pics, behind the scenes fun and definitely a deeper look as to who I am. I know im in the category with a lot of other girls and its an honour just to be amongst them :). Im nominated as some of the other girls are in more then one category but BEST CAM GIRL means the most to me. You guys have seen me on cam when i was 300lbs, when i lost the weight, and throughout all the ups and downs. I love giving you all naughty boobie fun day in and day out at my free fanclub. And of course my blog running for years and years now.

If your a fan of mine  I would absolutley love love your vote !!  I think being the best cam girl means giving 100% of you to your fans all the time. Thats why I go to conventions to meet all my fans in person and let u know that im not just a girl behind a camera. I think it means putting effort into all your cam shows, pics, and giving back to the fans that give back to you. You all know I love leaving you with a smile and it doesnt matter why, either we had great conversation, a great load all over my chest, great bouncing and bra busting, or all of the above i aim to please :).

I would love your vote 🙂 Voting starts NOVEMBER 15TH at midnight. I really want to win !! You can vote for me every single day from different computers :). Im super active on my twitter/facebook/myspace/youtube and of course right here !! The more votes I get the more free stuff you guys get !!

It is also FREEONES 12.5 year anniversary! Visit the site and sign up for chances for YOU to win great prizes starting September 27th. Here is the contest thread. They are one of the awesomest sites around and I love to interact with you on there :). Lets do this vote vote vote !!

Remember to vote for me each and every day so I can continue to give you the best bounciest boobie filled experience each and every day ! Its about time theres a best cam girl award lol. 🙂 Im also up for other awards but BEST CAM GIRL is my baby 🙂

Ill be online daily and can’t wait to bounce around for you 🙂 lets have some fun. Get your free screenname and lets Par-TAY !

Here are some hot pics to get you started the rest can be found at my number one free fanclub 🙂 naughty and uncensored 🙂



Heyyy guys… wow I had such an amazing time in New Jersey this was by far my most favourite convention. There was sooo many amazing fans that came just to see me 🙂 ! You guys rock. There are soo many pics and soo many things to tell you.

It was one big party and you were all a part of it. I will be uploading never before seen pictures and videos to the free fanclub :). You guys are gonna love this shit lol :). I got to be beside the divine kelly Divine and the fun Sara Jay. We were knocking people’s socks off with our booties and boobies ! There was sooo much bounciness lol.. our row was the busiest you couldnt even move to get through it. It was soo fun !! The women of Jersey were awesome too they loved feeling my boobies lol !

The first day was set up day and get used to everything but we hoppped right into it having fun and signing pics it was a great time had by all. We had the music going and boobies were popping out everywhere !

The fans in New Jersey are so amazing thank you for your hospitality. I absolutley love meeting my fans from here, online and my free fanclub and twitter. You guys make me laugh. I heard so many wonderful compliments, you are such sincere people. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.  Dont worry this is the first post.. theres more to tell 🙂 Youll see hahah. Join the free fanclub right now for pics 🙂 and vids.

Im typing this at the airport before I am about to board my plane back to LA long beach for Glamourcon. Im a busy bee these days. Ill be live on cam as I was in New Jersey at the free fanclub. 🙂 So get your free screenname and get in on the fun. Ill also be streaming live to free fanclub members.

Here are some pics from day 1….theres always more that noone gets to see 🙂 all uploaded to the fanclub so get your free registration today !! You dont wanna miss out !  




A quick note I will be live on 102.1 the edge in Toronto on the Dean blundell show tomorrow 🙂 tune in to his show and hear me 🙂

HEY BOYS !! I landed safe and sound in JERSEY this past  week….”im going to jersey shore bitch”lol… well I havent seen any snookies around but ive been too busy. I had awesome shoots and Im super excited and you will all find out soon 🙂 ! I was  just getting used to the city and stuff and had to leave but I loved it there ! The hotel is  nice the people are great !! No wonder I was a bit of a Devils fan a while ago :).

The Exxxotica convention was awesome and im super excited to have met and continue to meet all of you boys from NJ and NYC and anyone else that flew or drove in to see me :). I love being with the lovely Sara Jay and Rachel Havana and very nearby is the sexyyyyyy Kelly Divine mmmmm ! So im just doing a quick blog post cause I have a ton of updates to do.

I will be online @ my free fanclub later tonight to share my stories of the day and remember everyone who gets their free screenname is able to see footage from convention !! Ill be streaming live for all free fanclub members so make sure your a part of it with me !

Here are some formspring questions quick for you guys.

1.If girls with large breasts work at Hooters, then do girls with one leg work at IHOP?

Loool…truth be told I used to work at Hooters and a lot of the girls dont have large breasts sadly. But I love your questions they always put a smile on my face.

2. I think when you lost the weight you became a discrace to all BBW’s.

Okie dokie, hey to each their own. Id rather be healthy and thinner then overweight and close to developing diabetes. I never lost the weight to get skinny and have that coked out model look. I lost weight for my health. I also am much happier healthier now and I am not a size 0. I love my curves that i STILL have and my figure. When i was overweight people said i was too fat when i was think people said i was too thin. I tried to please everyone but I had to please myself. I was very well respected and still am in the BBW community. I posed for several magazines when I was bigger it takes confidence and balls to do that.

Disgrace is a big word.. and in fact i recieved a lot of emails from the BBW’s who actually are wanting or trying to lose weight asking me for help advice and a shoulder to lean on. So YOU may think that, but dont speak for everyone in that wonderful community. It takes guts, drive and strength to do what I did the natural way and theres no way I would let anyone take that from me.

I think women are beautiful any shape any size. If your ugly inside though it shows and sadly I can see right through you.

3. Your pictures latley are fantastic. What you do for us is awesome You are non stop full of energy. Congrats on being you ! Your the best model around and you’ve delivered day in and day out. I wank off to you at least  twice a day !!

Awww ty sooo much. I love giving my 100% to you. You will always get the best of me. You deserve it 🙂 As for my pics latley I have a great cam and an amazing photographer and I just love what I do and I guess it resonates in the pics :). Twice a day woot woot ! Keep it up !~

Thanks guys gotta go shoot now 🙂 Join the free fanclub for full naughty uncensored set and videos 🙂 Ill be online live later !



WOOOT ! Heyyy guys its Friday and ill be heading over to EXXXOTICA shortly I cant wait to see you all there. For those of you that can’t be there live make sure you get your free screenname cause ill be streaming live from there so you can see all the action. Free fanclub members get special treats. !

If your a free fanclub member of mine and coming to the show make sure you tell me your screen name so you can get an extra special treat. I love it here in NJ and will be making it to Manhattan for a shoot before I leave..Ahhhhh Manhattan !! I love it there. My shoot yesterday went fantastic and im soo happy right now !

Im getting all dolled up and sexy 🙂 lol soooo make sure you see me live bouncing away !! Ill be online all day and later tonight for pvt time with free fanclub members 🙂 I love being out and about with my girlfriends making  all the boys go crazy lol. Here are some pics of me and my girls out and about at a club in Toronto. The cameras always seem to follow me for some reason It felt like paparazzi. Its really hard to go out to clubs in Toronto without being bombarded but I make time for my girlies. Anyone know any good clubs in Jersey ? Let me know tonight live on my free webcam

Miss you all SEE YOU ALL SOON !




Hey boys.. we all love my big huge tits dont we hahahah LOL. As much as I love to talk about my tits im talking about TWO IN THE SHIRT..this kick ass site. I have to do this blog because I absolutley LOVE this site. Because you all know me I love t-shirts with sayings on them and I love that they work their ass off to promote an amazing brand of shirts that are great quality and have kick ass sayings on them. They recently did a blog post about me HERE check it out and let them know youd rock my shirt !

I have met them several times and we are working on some cool stuff together. I love this site soo much I buy tons of tshirts from there. They totally rock !! I did a photoshoot for them in their awesome wifey shirt among the many many they have. You must check them out they have great guys and girls shirts.

I love the wifey shirts cause they have the girl vacuming in her bikini with a 40 oz in her hand lol. Thats def me lol haha. I am also the definition of Sunday wifey with the football gear lol dont bother me on football sunday now lol. IM wifey material… that song is playing in my head now “would u be my wifey, yes ill be your wifey” LOL

This was one of my favourite and most amazing photoshoots ! And you get free acess to it when you join the free fanclub. So if I were you and u wanna make me your wifey id get your free screename and get in on the action. Cause I am giving away a free signed 8X10 of me in any of the poses that you like from the ones I upload to the free fanlcub.

If you wanna see me on a t-shirt you let the boys at know 🙂 by emailing them here !

They work super hard to provide awesome stuff, theres tons of celebs wearing their gear and they never let it get to their heads. They have always been amazing to me. One of my favourite sites EVER ! If you want to spoil me here is my wishlist and i would love more of their cool shirts too, if you spoil me as u well know i spoil back 🙂

So hurry u dont want to miss this full set and video being uploaded to the free fanclub….. ill be waiting T.I.T.S out !!