Hey guys ! Its almost here the end of 2010 and what a year its been. There’s been a lot of ups and downs and I can’t wait to start the new year. This year may have ended with some unfortunate news but next year will be full of good news god willing. I meet with the oncologist on tuesday so I should know more information then.

I had the most amazing year @ conventions meeting my fans and making the most amazing friends. I’m so thankful for the people that came into my life this year and for the ones who have been stamding by me thoughout each year.

There are big things to come in 2011 for me and most defiitely for you. I will be bringing u the best me you have ever seen. Starting with showing up to the AVN and AEE and being close to my fans. Then a lot more struggles may come but ill persevere ! Im staying in tonight not feeling too hot having some friends over to just relax and I hope you girlies are getting all dolled up and you boys are getting all sexay and hope you all come give me a big kiss at midnight online 🙂 MUAH.

So, we all know that New Years Eve is resolution time so what are yours ? I’d love to hear them :).
Here are a couple of mine …

1. Live like your dying, and cherish everyone around you.
2. Be a better person to myself and to others

3. Never see another nicholas cage movie again ! He just annoys me . He was good in some movies but ugh now I cant stand his voice.

4. See more of Europe. Or any of it for that matter. I havent been there

5. Each month spend at least 3 days at one of my favourite charities and help them out

Dont forget they extended the miss freeones contest till January second and I really need you all to bring home a win for me !! www.vote4tay.com vote your asses off till then !! I need you guys 🙂

Also I will be live all week before I go to vegas. So join the free fanclub get your free screenname and lets have some fun. Ill be uploading a full naughty new years and naughty xmas set to the free fanclub 🙂

Lets ring in the new year right ! Everyone be safe !xoxoxo



Hey guys! First I have to say a few things…The outpouring of support I have recieved from you guys is unbelievable. When times are tough… its unreal to see whos really there for you. Your support, love, words of encouragment, sharing your personal experiences has been so amazing. I feel truly blessed and loved I have never experienced something like this and the way you guys reached out to me is unbelievable. Ty all for your support.

Its been really hard to digest and its been really tough to think about the future. But I have no choice but to beat this thing. Im too tough to let this get the better of me. Ive been through way too much in my life. I dont see the oncologist and start treatment till the second week of January so I am happy to say that I am going to attend the AVNS and AEE this year. I am not close  to 100% but I want to be there for my fans and I want to just feel like myself again and be bouncy and happy. Iwill be there every day for a few hours at least with pornstartweet. I will also be streaming live to free fanclub members.

I have to take it easy, and Im in a lot of pain but I will do my best to be there and enjoy the moment. I love the Avns I havent missed one since I started going and I wont let this bring me down. If you are going to be in Vegas please come by the booth Id love to see you all :). Im 90% sure I will be there depends on drs approval and my pain threshold. But I know me and If I want to do something you cant stop me lol.

Also, the miss freeones party is January 9th and I want to thank you all for your votes www.vote4tay.com. I still have till the 1st to try and win this thing so I am asking for all of you to give me  your votes in the categories Im nominated in. If you register at freeones your votes are worth much more so make sure your logged in if you do.

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Now, on to the real deal… Its Titty Tuesday.. and I am the Queen of Titties lol 🙂 So I wanted to post this and give you something to cheer about lol. I love you guys soo so much :). I am not gonna be brought down by anything ! I wont let anything take me away from me :).

I hope you all had a wonderful xmas.. Im looking forward to ending this year. And starting the new one with all the new and amazing friends ive made. I cant even begin to say that even though its been a tough tough year I got to meet and become very close with some amazing people. Im so lucky.

I will see you all online soon ! Keep your votes going Id love to take home a win ! VOTE ! www.vote4tay.com 🙂


Hi everyone..I hope you all have a very merry xmas and santa brings you everything you want this year. I know the smell of turkey and pies and yumminess is going around the places for all of you. I hope you enjoy it. And for those of you who arent doing anything super special take the day to yourself and enjoy it. Thats what I do.

I know a Lot of you are waiting for an update from me about my biopsy. Sadly this morning I found out I do have Cancer. I have lymphoma and will have to try and treat it through chemo and radiation. Its never something I thought I would have to face and def not something I was prepared for. Im really scared and I know I have a long battle to face and I thank you all for all your well wishes support and love during this time. I will fight this. I will win. I am a fighter… you tell me I cant do something and I will show you I can. I wont lie and say that now im in a moment of extreme weakness and feeling like the world just fell from under me and to find out on xmas eve is not really ideal. But then again what is anymore right ?  Hey at least now I can try on some kick ass wigs and have fun with my look ( trying a positive here).  I just wanted to let you all know whats going on. I havent really had time to digest this all so im just going to try and spend the night with my doggie and pretend like today didnt happen. Even for a day.

I wish you all the bestest christmas ever you all deserve it. Dont let this news affect you in a negative way.. I came to win and I will.  Thank you for taking the time to say a prayer, send a card, send a wish. Ty all for everything. I will be online this week dont think this will stop me. So get your free screename and come visit. Ill show you my talent for licking candy canes ;). I gotta keep my chin up but I will take some time to sulk.

Dont forget to vote your assess off www.vote4tay.com every day till January 1st then ill get off your asses lol.

Love you all so so much. Merry Christmas and get Santas fat bum down your chimney save me some cookies.




Hey guys..I didnt want to have to post this blog, because its christmas and I wasnt sure if posting was right or not. I have always been an open book to my friends and fans, I have always let you see good bad and ugly. I debated over this because it is a very personal issue and a very trying time for me but I decided that Im not changing who I am because something is too personal. You guys have supported me loved me and been there through all my ups downs good times bad times. So I write this because I am staying true to me and to you. A lot of you know ive been dealing with a lot of health issues latley sprining back from november after glamourcon. I have given some details but I havent really told everyone whats going on and a lot of you have been concerned. A few friends close to me told me not to mention the truth about whats going on because it will bring back a lot of negative from people who have ill will, are jealous, mean spirited and so on. I know that there are a few that will be happy and relish in the fact that something bad is happening to me because it brings in a positive for them. (believe it or not there are some mean ass people out there).

I am writing this with tears in my eyes because im scared, im scared and im frustrated and angry. You all know me as the bubbly loveable taylor, that i am. But we all have a side we hate to bring out but it comes out from time to time. I try hard to give you all the best of me all the time, but every superman has their kryptonite. This blog post is only for those who want to know whats going on and care. I could use your prayers and your love right now.

Back in Long beach at glamourcon, I was feeling a lot of pain after the flight there and went through a lot of pain, at first I thought it was muscle pain and tried the icy hot patches and massages, but the day of glamourcon I all of a sudden got very cold and sick and felt this stabbing pain in my chest, back and side. I went to the emergency room where they did a ton of tests on me and then proceeded to tell me I needed a biopsy because there was a mass a large mass in my chest between my heart and lungs. Thinking I was going back to Canada soon I thought I could deal with the pain and then face the doctors when I got back home, so I discharged myself from St. Mary’s in longbeach and went back to the hotel. I still managed to do a photoshoot that day but then that night the pain got worse and worse and I had to go to emergency where they kept me overnight and performed a biopsy to see if this tumor was begnin. After a few days I found out that the tumour was begnin but it had to be removed as soon as possible because its already very large and growing and if its not removed soon it would become malignant.

After arriving home I had a doctors appt right away, and had all the information from the hospital, including CT scan and what not. The pain still is as it was unbearable. The doctor here wanted me to have another biopsy right away because the hospital in Long beach did not get enough tissue to test. The other day I went for the lung biopsy and it was one of the most painful things I ever had to experience. It wasnt supposed to hurt but my lung collaspsed during the biopsy and the pain is practically unbearable even with pain killers.

I got to see the tumour and its sitting on my heart between my lungs and heart and is in a very dangerous spot. The doctors diagnosis was that it was originally diagnosed as a Thymoma however the new biopsy was to test for Lymphoma. I wont find out the results of that biopsy till Xmas eve morning.  (merry xmas to me). My surgeon wanted to schedule a surgery asap regardless of the outcome so today I had my preop which included a bunch of tests, nurses telling me how much pain im going to be in and that I will have to be in the hospital 5 days minimum including new years eve. My surgery date is scheduled for december 30th, the doctor was on vacation during that time and is coming in specifically to do my surgery due to the severity of it. On Xmas eve.. when santa is delivering his presents I will find out if it is cancer or not. Either way its a double edged sword. If the tumor is begnin the surgery will go as scheduled on December 30th which includes severe pain, scars, and high risk of something going wrong because of the size of the tumour (its huge) and location, If its cancer then the chemotherapy begins and with that comes side effects. 

Im still trying to digest the thought that I may have cancer and that this is happening to me. Im being brutally honest here with everyone because the emotion I feel right now is intense and there are not many people in my life that I have to share this news with. My first thought was what scars ? no way im not doing it. How unreal is that ? Im faced with life and death and my first thought was cosmetic. Its hard to even say out loud. Right now im in the hurry up and wait till friday moment. Im in a lot of pain and im trying to be strong and carry on like normal but its a struggle. Im just really sad and angry at a lot of things right now. But im really lucky when I think about who I have in my corner and that I have a lot of people who love and care about me and genuinely see me as person and not just some model or just big tits etc. I wanted to open up about this sooner but I was hesitant for many reasons. But If i wasnt true to you guys I wouldnt be true to myself.

I want to thank all of you who are still voting every day at www.vote4tay.com and for those of you who ask me every day how my hospital visit went etc, for the emails, the flowers, the cards the gifts and mainly the kind words. You are all amazing. I know there are those of you who are reading this ( you know who you are) that are hoping for the worst for me, and thats fine but I will pull through this. I will stay strong. I have been through hell and back in my life and I wont let a little cancer stop me. I just wanted you all to know that I havent not been around because I didnt want to be. This is what ive been dealing with every day. Driving to the hospital has become a regular thing. Bloodwork, chest x rays, etc have been plentiful.

Im sad to say I wont be at the AVN’s this year because I will be spending new years in the hospital and have to stay a minimum of 5 days if there are no complications. Im really upset to be missing the AVN’s and seeing my fans and bouncing around for you guys. I will be online though at the free fanclub from now till surgery and as soon as the doctor gives me the okay after that. Im sorry to be the downer during this time of year, I just had to let this out and let you all know whats really going on. Please wish me luck , your prayers and your well wishes and thoughts mean everything to me. Friday is judgment day.

I wish you all an amazing xmas and a great new year ( we all need a great new start to the year). I will still be around till then and after (crosses fingers) I just wanted to be an open book or open heart so all of you knew where I was coming from and why I wouldnt be at the AVN’s this year. And I want you all to be with me thru this.

Im angry and I ask god or whomever why this is happening to me. I spend my life being healthy doing everything right and why is this happening to me ? But things happen for a reason and I believe I just need to over come this. For those who think this is gonna stop me from doing me.. think again. Ill still be bouncing around kicking ass and taking names. I think its ironic I did a shoot for breast cancer just recently and im now faced with the possibility of lymphoma. Im going through so many emotions right now its hard to define. Im just lucky to have all of you in my life. Your not just numbers to me you never were.  I know so many of you have faced similar or tough struggles in your life and Im gonna take that energy and be strong. This is one of the toughest times of my life right now and I cant thank you all enough for everything. Theres a song right now that I listen to over and over all day because it keeps me postive. I would love for all of you listen to it its by Nicki Minaj (of course lol). Its called fly…Here are the lyrics:

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly
To fly

[Nicki Minaj]
I wish today it will rain all day
Maybe that will kinda make the pain go away
Trying to forgive you for abandoning me
Praying but I think I’m still an angel away
Angel away, yeah strange in a way
Maybe that is why I chase strangers away
They got their guns out aiming at me
But I become near when they aiming at me
Me, me, me against them
Me against enemies, me against friends
Somehow they both seem to become one
A sea full of sharks and they all see blood
They start coming and I start rising
Must be surprising, I’m just summising
Win, thrive, soar, higher, higher, higher
More fire

[Rihanna – Chorus]
I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly
To fly

[Nicki Minaj – Verse 2]
Everybody wanna try to box me in
Suffocating everytime it locks me in
Paint they own pictures than they crop me in
But I will remain where the top begins

Cause I am not a word, I am not a line
I am not a girl that can every be defined
I am not fly, I am levitation
I represent an entire generation
I hear the criticism loud and clear
That is how I know that the time is near
So we become alive in a time of fear
And I aint got no muthaf-cking time to spare
Cry my eyes out for days upon days
Such a heavy burden placed upon me
But when you go hard your nay’s become yay’s
Yankee Stadium with Jay’s and Kanye’s

[Rihanna – Chorus]
I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly
To fly

[Nicki Minaj – Bridge]
Get ready for it
Get ready for it
Get ready for it
I came to win
Get ready for it
Get ready for it
I came to win

[Rihanna – Chorus]
I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly
To fly

I wont let this kill my spirit, this will make me stronger. I love you guys. I really do . No matter what happens I will always be me and I will always be there for you guys as you are for me. I will continue to smile and bounce back I promise ! I wish you all and your families and amazing xmas and a happy new year. We are gonna rock 2011 right ? ! of course we are.

Oh and if you thought that because this post is a not so happy post I wasnt going to post some hot ass sexy pics of me think again. I wont let anything or anyone change me. SO below are some hot ass pictures ! Join the free fanclub by getting your free screenname  for the full set and then some 🙂



Hi guys !! Well for some of you the best part of christmas is hanging ornaments and getting your xmas tree all prettied up. I dont really celebrate xmas too too much but I have a small pink tree and I love it. I love everything pink.

So as I was hanging my christmas decorations I thought Id see how sturdy my nipples were lol and you can hang ornaments on them for sure. Just imagine me topless at the door with a merry christmas sign hanging from my nipples to welcome you all in for xmas lol. It was so fun. I also hung these cute bells on my boobies and I jingle jangled forever. LOL.. Thers more xmas pics to come but I had to post this post to get you all in the spirit. This is a tough xmas for me but just knowing I have your support and love is making it a lot easier.

Dont forget to vote for me at www.vote4tay.com every day. The contest ends January 1st and we wont find out who wins till the party january 9th which I may not be able to attend due to health reasons but I hope my fans can come through for me and get me a win in best adult model best camgirl or best OCSM. Your votes and your support mean so so much to me. Thank you all for everything.

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Hey guys ! I love answering your questions its so awesome being interviewd by the people I love the most my fans !! You guys rock ! Whether its good comments, great questions or bad comments and idiocy I still love to answer it. Ive been so open with my fans from the very beginning. I love knocking your socks off while you get your rocks off ! 🙂 heheh. Its so cool to get to know you on a deeper level. 🙂 And of course ive always been an open book with my fans and I love letting you get to know me more and more.

So here are some more formspring questions for you guys ! Make sure you join the free fanclub this week cause I have a ton of surprises in store for you guys ! Its a free screenname away and you get to see me play 🙂

And guys I NEED YOU BAD !! I need you to VOTE for me in this third round for best adult model, best cam girl and best ocsm. I have to win one category so I need you all. If you register @freeones your vote is worth 4 times more so register @ freeones and hit up www.vote4tay.com and check my boxes !

1. Whats the strangest compliment you’ve ever recieved from someone ?

I get soo many compliments and they range from “i love your glasses’ to your tits are huge and so on but I thing not strange but different was ” you have amazing teeth” im like thanks ! I love that because a smile means so much to so many people. And the weirdest one was like ” your so hot you look so much like my sister” i was like ummm k bye lol.

2. What sport were you involved in in high school ?

Well I was very active basketball, volleyball and cheerleading but I had to choose 1 sport so I chose volleyball and I rocked it my boobies were bouncing every where. I may be short but I was power and my spike could kill you lol 🙂 Besides I think the whole basketball team and boys loved to stay and see me play after school for practice. We were really good ! I may be short but boy can I jump

3. Shame on you !

Lol… umm k.. noo shame on YOU ! What exactly should I be ashamed of ? I love my life I love what I do and I love my fans. I put myself out there and I am 100% happy with my decisions and stand by them. You on the other hand post an anonymous comment with no name and no explanation I just looked down and I think I have more balls then you. Pussy.  (i just hate trolls like that)

4.  Do you know Jimmy Choo ?

Lol… i know him and his shoes. If i knew him personally I would have a house dedicated to shoes alone lol. But yes I love Choo. 🙂

5. Have you or do you ever want to do something with Tori Black ?

Tori and I had an encounter in Miami by the pool she is amazing and extremely sexual and beautiful. So yes I have and Yes I would !

6. Song of the moment ?

Right now absolutley Nicki MInaj Fly… thats my song those are my lyrics esp now with everything im dealing with. Not to mention her voice is fkn beautiful.

7. Dream gift right now ?

Superbowl tickets and Nicki Minaj concert tickets… but you can all check out my wishlist for those that asked to purchase somethings for me. I do send a gift back 🙂

8. Would you either be rich and miserable or dead broke and happy ?

This is an easy answer for me. Money cant buy hapiness. It buys you comfort, luxery and temporary hapiness but its not real. Id rather be really truly happy from the inside out then rich and unhappy. I would hate to end up like those wives who have the rich husband who nevr pays attention to her and she just goes and spends his money. What kind of life is that ? I dunno not one for me . Im not saying I would want to be broke either but I would def not want to be miserable.

9. Tay, I know you love sports and are great with sportsbetting whats the line on the Saints game.. I know your vikings lost but help us that dont know much about sportsbetting..

Woot I love sportsbetting and Im damn good at it lol. I had a 14 pic parlay the other week and who screwed me .. green bay by losing to the lions lol. Todays line on the saints is +2 for the spread and the money line is +115 the ravens are favoured here but I have a good feeling about the saints. As for the vikings it sucks this year that they fucked up so bad. Theres a lot of talent on that team. I got to see them live though at the 50 yard line 1st row !

10. Im sorry to hear about everything your going through. Just know We love and care about you very much.

Thank you so much, now is a very trying time for me. But i know im a fighter inside and its amazing to know I have the support of my fans. Thank you all so so much.

I will be online at the freefanclub later so make sure you get your free screenname and come see all the NEW vids and pics im uploading !



Hi Hi guys… I want to thank you all for all your support and love and concern. Its been a tough couple months and its gonna get a bit tougher but I will always be strong and bounce back :). Nothing stops me im too driven and too supported by such awesome people to ever give up. 🙂 Its good to have some real good people in your corner. Its always funny cause when times get tough thats when you see whos really there for you.

Anyways, Ive been having such a great time on cam getting to know all of you and meeting all of you theres tons of great things that have happend this year and people that I have met that are just kick ass ! I dont know what it is lately but ive been super horny. Im single and just havent had too much time to date and been so preoccupied that my horny time took a back seat lol. But latley all i’ve wanted to do is rub one out lol (hahah im like a girl in a boys locker room). Little things have been making me sooo horny. LOL so im gonna be a little naughty here ! Its almost xmas so why not its ok if im naughty. The other day I was driving in my car and the revving of the engine was actually making my pussy wet. Im thinking wow Tay its time to get laid lol hahah. So here are a few things that make me hot and bothered in the bedroom.

1.  I love when a guy talks dirty to me.. in the bedroom its the biggest turn on ever. In the bedroom I’m very spontaneous and open minded

2. Dirty Morning Sex.. its yummy, its dirty, its raw. I love that I can just wake up in the morning turn over and get fucked !

3. I love my hair pulled and my ass spanked. Its great… doing it doggy with my hair pulled its the ultimate turn on !

4. Oily fun !!.. Bring it on .. I love slipping and slidng in the bedroom bodies oiled up boobies sliding every where.. that gives the ultimate titty fuck !

5. Last but certainly not least… BLOW JOBS.. I love to recieve (what girl doesnt) But moreso I love to give head ! I love looking up in a guys eyes when I know hes about to explode alll over my face tits and mouth. CUM I LOVE IT !

I dont know why im being so naughty but I know you boys love love love it. So come join me at my free fanclub and lets get naughty !! I will be uploading some extremely naughty never before seen pics and vids so get your free screenname and get in on it right now !!

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See you all soon




Hey guys !! Well its getting around that time again. The snow has fallen lol esp in Minnesota so has the roof lol… Im actually on the airplane right now on my way to detroit to see the vikings play in the lions stadium since the metrodome collapsed when starting to write this blog bug the last couple days in detroit i havent been able to use the internet to finish it so im finishing it on this lovely tuesday !. But the snow just reminded me that its Xmas time and I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and enjoying the fun stuff to do in the snow. I cant believe how crazy this trip was the snow was unreal ! But it was beautiful its so pretty when it falls and with my fuzzy boots I just feel like a snow bunny lol. So i say let it snow let it snow let it snow. Im from Toronto Canada so I know all about snow and crazy snow storms but to see the metrodome roof collapse like that wow.

So I came to Minny in the middle of a snow storm and then left to see the game in detroit. Hopefully this plane lands safe (it did)  and hopefully I make it to the game (i did) and you see me bouncing around on Tv for the vikings ( i was lol). Me and Allen exchanged a few looks and me and favre waved and henderson had a crush on me i think. Now you know im driven lol ! Im a true vikings fan to endure everything I just endured lol.

Now, I know santa has me on his naughty list but him and I have an agreement lol. Ive been very naughty but he likes it. I love sitting on his lap lol that dirty old man lol. Have you all been naughty or nice ? Whats the naughtiest thing youve done this year and the nicest ? Id love to hear that lol. Ive been very naughty so I’ll pick one of the naughty things ive done for instance, masturbating on a plane under the blanket and having one of the best mile high orgasms ever !  As for being nice, I feel like I do something nice every day. I just wanna put smiles on peoples faces. I pay it forward and I do everything I can for family,friends, strangers. I just want to make everyone happy sometimes I try super hard I know I cant save the world in a day but I sure can try right ? Boobies for world peace lol.

I hope you all have an amazing xmas but this is just one post before xmas..when they called me in for the job of santas little helper I had no idea what was in store for me lol I was santas big busted helper. I had a great time doing these pics and remember free fanclub members get acess to alllll my pics and vids and im uploading this very very naughty set to the free fanclub so grab ure free screenname and lets spread (literally) the holiday cheer ! You will love this stuff. I sure know how to hold a big ..ummm.. candy cane lol. 🙂 Hope you like more to come.

Also, dont stop voting for me in the freeones competition please I really want to win best adult model and best cam girl so VOTE HERE this means a lot to me and I thank you all that take the time to vote every day, it doesnt go unnoticed and def not unrewareded because if I win its a free boobie and oil show for everyone its time to get messy !

For those of you who love to spoil me and who asked for my wishlist its HERE… theres a lot of shoes on there because I love them and I love showing off in my sexy heels. I also am sending out xmas gifts to anyone who sends me something from my wish list because you def all deserve a huge big boobied thank you !  I will be online all week long so get your free screenname and bounce with me ! I will also be live streaming from the game for free fanclub members so grab your screenname and get in on the fun !!

Love you tons,


Tay aka santas little (big boobied) helper


Hey guys…well this is the first time im heading somewhere COLDER then Toronto lol. I havent been feeling great lately and have a lot going on but got these tickets a while ago and am super excited to go to the game on Sunday. I will be sure to try to catch the cameramens eyes like I did at the buffallo game I went to. I will be first row at the 50 yard line section 109 ! Keep your eyes out for me ! Maybe I can distract Brett lol 🙂

I have never been to Minny and actually am really looking forward to seeing the city itself.. of course the mall of america but I know minny has beautiful things 🙂 to see and do ! Im excited. I know that its going to be covered in snow but I have my fuzzy warm boots and tight fitting sweaters and I am ready !!

Please keep voting for me HERE in all categories there are 6 more days to advance to the third round and I have to be in top 25 for miss freeones and the top 15 in all other categories. SO please please www.vote4tay.com I need you guys !!

Make sure you all get your free screename cause I have a few suprises this weekend @ the free fanclub ! Who says I cant wear a bikini to the game ? LOL 🙂 Keep posted guys and I will be online this weekend as well. SO make sure you keep your eyes posted on the tv then on me on your computers.

Love you lots




Hey guys… Ive been dealing with so much latley that its been so hard to keep my blog posts updated but i think Ive just about caught up. Its about time I answered some formspring questions since its been so so long. Im dealing with a lot of health issues right now and its a fight right now but again thank you to everyone thats standing by me :).

Thank you for all the support and love 🙂 with all you guys by my side how can a girl go wrong 🙂 ! I wanted to thank you all for your freeones votes please register and vote for me at www.vote4tay.com every day from every computer. I really think with your help I might win, im honoured that im even on that list but I encourage you all to vote all you can and a free boobie oil video awaits if i win lol :).

As you know I will be in Minny this weekend. Im super excited wooot maybe I can hold a “brett makes me wet” sign lol.. that will never get on air hahah !

I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season its getting increasingly cold here. Very NIPPLY like you boys like it. Anyways lol, join my free fanclub right now for some goodies and full sets and videos. Its a free screenname away so join today ! hahaha 🙂  For those of you who want to spoil me this christmas thank you so much I do send thank you’s back to you 🙂 so here is my wishlist.

Now, time for the formspring questions.. I just checked my inbox and have over 2700 questions lol I should get the dust of that thing from time to time lol.

1.Something you will never forget …

Falling in love for the first time. Although single now. I wont forget falling in Love its a feeling that doesnt come around often. I also wont forget My first ever fan meeting in person where someone recognized me and asked for my autograph.

2. Are you happy to be considered a slut/whore ?

LOL this one is funny to me. First and foremost I dont consider myself a slut or a whore. If you consider me that that is your problem. I love who I am what I do I carry myself with class and enjoy my fans. Are you happy to be considered some troll on the internet hiding behind his words ? Just wondering ???

3. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

Still kicking ass, taking names doing what I do best. If i find a love of my life who knows what will happen. As for now…I am an entrepreneur and im doing what I need to do. I want to be enjoying life as I am now and continuing to bring the best of me to you 🙂

4. Favourite time to fuck ?

Mornings. Dirty Morning Sex is so fkn hot. The thought of it makes me wanna cream my pants lol. Its like that raw energy in the morning when you wake up beside someone and just feel their warm body beside you and get to fucking lol.  (im soo naughty) LOL 🙂 That question got me wet lol ! Make sure to come see me live on cam tonight and all week long at my free fanclub.

5. If you could have a threesome between you and two celbrities who would they be ?

Well if we are talking female scarlett johannson would definitely be on that list as well as kim kardashian and or angelina jolie I think they are just gorgeous. Curvy and gorgeous !

Ok boys thats all for today but no worries I got 2695 more to go through lol 🙂 hahah Here is one of the never before seen pics that I was selling at glamourcon it seems to be a favourite so make sure you join the free fanclub beacause im updating it with lots of never before seen footage !

Loove tons xoxox


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