Heyyyy guys… well if it wasnt official before it sure is now lol. Thank you all so much I won best internet webcam babe ! Ty all for your hard work on voting and for making me wanna just be better at being the best webcam babe out there. I was so honoured to have won this and it meant the most to me. I had some seriously stiff competition with some amazing girls. I have put my heart and soul into webcamming and being there for my fans day in and day out and you guys came back and were there for me !

I have to congratulate the most amazing Sophie Dee for winning Miss Freeones she so deserves it ! I love that girl. We had a great time in Vegas when the winners were announced and we celebrated sooo much ! I felt so special you guys got me balloons roses it was such an honour. I was loving being in vegas with Pornstartweet steaming live for free fanclub members at the AEE convention. I got to meet so many of you. I didnt find out till sunday night when I got a phone call from Sophie Dee saying “babe we did it ” im like whaaaaaaaaaaat I was freaking out. I had no idea that I had won and I had to double check !

This was an awesome way to start 2011, everybit of this will go back to all of you guys. More conventions, more content, more love more big ass hugs lol cause I got a lot of those and gave a lot of those. You guys really were there for me I want to thank all of you who knew about my health that came by to give their love and support. I really needed to be in vegas at the AEE and be close to you guys. Because you guys matter the most to me and you put smiles on my face day in and day out. I won the best webcam babe battle and now with your help again I will try to win this one with my health. I love you guys !

As promised I will be doing a FREE oil video for my fans so make sure you get your free screenname and join me LIVE this week I have some special oily thank you’s to give out lol :). If you wanna know why im the Internets Number one webcam babe make sure you get in on the action at the free fanclub grab a free screename and join me !! Thank you all so much. I love this opportunity to continue to make you proud. Dont think ill let my health get me down, it will only make me stronger and better. Woot ! I look forward to winning more awards and to giving you all I can give.

I will be LIVE all week long and dont forget to get your free thank you video when you register here for free !

Love you all so so Much

Your NUMBER ONE cam girl 🙂 muaaaaaaaah

Here are some fun pics the full uncensored set will be in the free fanclub 🙂

Love ya tons !



and me with a girl im so so happy and lucky to call a friend Sophie Dee celebrating at the club… we had our own little song “we win, we win, we win” Sophie is a bundle of energy and a girl with a great heart. Love you girlie ! Check our her site