Hey guys ! Well even though im sick and things arent looking to hot right now.. I know what makes me happy and makes me feel normal and thats being with you guys at my free fanclub. You guys bring out the spirit and the fun in me and make me forget that im sick. I love having fun bouncing on cam and doing me the way I know how. Best webcam girl for a reason right ?!

As you know till the end of march im giving away free dvds and free signed 8 x10’s to anyone new to the free fanclub so get your free screenname send it to me and ill be sending you goodies. Plus right now you get some extra special pvt one on one time with moi 🙂 woot ! Boobies and bounciness yaaaaay ! lol. 

I also wanted you to all know that as a free fanclub member you get access to my phone number and you can call me anytime of the day or night whether your feeling naughty or nice and just wanna talk 🙂 wooot ! so make sure you get in on the free fanclub for that. I wanna be there for you 24/7. CALL ME 🙂

Also, I wanted you guys to know I answer EVERY email MYSELF it may take a day or two or a week but I always do respond I get 1000’s of emails a day and I do get back one by one. You all mean so much to me I want to make sure its personal and that you know its coming from me. Thats why i took these cute pics for you guys and the full naughty set is in the free fanclub. Some days I dedicate just to emails I am naked with my laptop just laying on the bed or desk. I love to be naked 🙂 Sometimes im yelling at a cable company or something lol thats annoying me hahah so I thought id give you a look into that. Sometimes im so busy with paper work i tell the guy on the phone to hold on and put the phone between my boobies haha if only he knew where he was hahaha.

Now to the buisness of schedule so that you guys dont always have to wonder when im around. For the most part I will be online daily at the free fanclub and esp if your a free fanclub member If there is a time you need me to be around you let me know and I will give you a special code where you and I can spend alone time :).

But aside from chemo and the days where I feel really sick. I will be online sun-mon-wed-thurs @ the very least from 4pm-2am 🙂 but I know me and I know the fun i have with you guys so you can find me daily earlier or later but I wanted you guys to know that those are the days I will be around. So get in on the free fanclub. And if you get your free screenname today you get a special vid that noone has ever seen before 🙂 hehe.

Im gonna answer a few more formspring questions for you guys.

1.If you had a time machine, what date would you travel to?

The day before my father passed.. I would say and do everything I could to stop it or let him now that even though I was 6 i loved him so much. Just one more day.

2. You need to tell jordan carver and wendy four to pull their titties out! Its just not right for them to tease us like that.

Wendy and Jordan are amazing good people and good friends. Im not their manager they make decisions for themselves. Whats good for the goose is not always good for the gander. I love and have no problem doing what I do. But they are beautiful, intelligent women also. They know what they are doing. If you want to tell them how you feel you should. But Its ultimatley their decision.

3. Best friends in this industry ? Isnt that a little far fetched… girls will step all over you because your too nice and they wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire.

Ummmm ok… first of all. You know nothing about my friendships or my instincts. Am I faulty of being too nice sometimes yes but I learn very quick who is and isnt really in my corner. Theres a lot of bitches and girls in this industry that are out to get you but theres a lot of people like that in life. I have a great support system, ive been hurt before so im very guarded and cautious. Im proud to say with friends like brianna Jordan, Kelly Divine, Sophie dee, those girls do anything for me and I would do the same for them.

Im not on fire so we dont have to worry about anyone pissing on me k ?

4. Your Favourite Fashion designers ?

Oh well wow you know I love shoes and I love clothes sooo much. As far as designers go and im definitely leaving some out lol. Id have to say…

Valentino, Versace, Besty Johnson, Alexander Mcqueen, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo (shoes mmm). Lamb by gwen stefani.. omg i gotta stop im such a fashion whore lol.

5. What do you personally think is your best feature ?

My smile… I love making people smile and people have told me when I smile they smile and that is my best feature. You guys make me so happy it just comes out esp on webcam cause its live one on one and I cant hide my feelings.  

Sure most people would think physical in terms of tits and ass but I love my smile and definitely my eyes they are the window to my very deep soul. It seems people love the little tounge smile I do its involuntary it just sort of happens lol. 🙂 Id also say my personality… I can lose my hair gain weight lose weight but nothing or anyone will change my personality and I think thats what has made me the number one webcam girl out there 🙂 !

and one more

6. Tay, honestly,there are a lot of good guys like myself out there your still single why ? Open up your heart.

I know that sweetie, I know there are a lot of great guys out there unfortunatley the bad ones did a number on me. That doesnt mean I wont give love a chance. Im just really taking time to myself right now I have a cancer battle to fight and I dont want to have to put this on anyone else. I also want to really truly know if someone wants me for who I am inside or for the whole industry im in. Its tough to find love this way. Im just cautious. Dont worry boys I will definitely open my heart to the right person im just not going on a safari hunt for him right now.. he will come to me. And if not, NOT :). When im ready, there ill be. 🙂

Get your asses a free screenname  now make it clever lol and ill see you all online 🙂 bouncy bouncy ! woot




Well Its been said 1000 times pinupfiles is one of my favourite companies to work for. I cant even call them a company cause they are like pure family to me. They just released another vid of me from my shoot and its in this awesome peach bra :). I know you love my vids !!  You have to check out their kick ass website. I love doing vids for them they are so comfortable and easy to work with !  They are my LA family :).

Sooo definitely go check out the new vid and dont forget it will be available in my free fanclub so get your free screenname and get in on it as well as all the screenshots and behind the scenes pics that you never get to see :). Its march madness month so Im giving away free dvds and signed pics to anyone that  gets their free screenname from now till the end of march :). Just tell me what your screenname is after you sign up for free 🙂

Ill be on LIVE WEBCAM bouncing around for you guys tonight and all week long. Its been hard being sick but I love being where I call home and thats online with you guys. Or at the conventions where I will be health allowing !

I decided to answer some more formspring questions for you guys :)…. 10 more now 🙂

1.Would you say you are a good or great friend?

Honestly, I would say im a Phenomenal friend…Sadly, sometimes that gets me walked all over and hurt but I would do the same thing over and over. I give my heart and everything I can for my friends. I would drop anything for them and I never ever let a guy get between us. Im very proud of the friend I am and Im lucky to have a few great friends too.

2. What is your driving force ?

My will to live. Im going through another battle but im a survivor. Like my tattoo says “destined, driven and determined” I am one of the most driven people I know.I will fight for what I want and I have extreme will. My father passed when I was 6  years old and My family and I are not close. I am very close with my dad and I remember those 6 years as if they were yesterday. I just love to set goals and achieve the best I can for myself. Make my father proud and make myself proud.

3.You look fantastic!!! I don’t have any real questions lol

Aww well thank you very much 🙂 hehehe. I appreciate that. Your a sweetie 🙂 I dont feel pretty latley for some reason but you guys sure know how to make a girl feel better.

4.Do you have a tumblr and/or a blog?

Yes I have a tumblr its and my blog is and of course play with me at

5. Starbucks or some other coffeehouse?

I dont really drink coffee so im not a big fan of coffehouses. I dont drink all that sugary crap lol. But if im gonna have a tea being a canadian I love tim hortons. But I make the best tea at home :). In the summer I will treat myself to my favourite strawberry bannana smoothie from starbucks though. I just think coffee should be coffee and tea should be tea. Its all too fancy for me lol

6.Do you remember a specific moment, or time when you remember losing your innocence and the truth of the world came flooding in? if so, what did you think?

I lost my innocence at 6 years old when I lost my father… I remember my cousin came up to me and said “its up to you to take care of your mom now”. Im like woah. I had to grow up fast. It all didnt hit me till I was 16 and started to rebel. I was to young to know what to think then. I dont have any regrets about the way Ive lived my life because im happy and love where I am at right now. Everything happens for a reason. I grew up fast but I learned a lot in my life.. Im book and street smart and Its made me who I am

7. Jeans or Slacks ?

Tight sexy Jeans. I love them they show off my ass-ets lol my ass. Jeans can be made to look casual or dressed up. I have this favourite pair of jeans I will never get rid of lol 🙂

8. Where is your favourite place for a guy to blow his cum ?

Ummmm anywhere lol… Defintely my tits esp if its a big load since I have a lot of room there hahaha.. I love my face too and dripping down to my tits. And when im doing it doggy style I love a guy to just cum all over my ass. Its cum its like lotion i like it everywhere. 🙂

9. Whats the one piece of advice you would give to a guy not just looking to get laid but to meet the right woman ?

SOooooo simple. Be yourself. Be honest, dont be fake dont play games and dont pull stupid dickhead moves. If you lie shes gonna find out and then you could lose out on someone really special and besides if she doesnt love you for you then shes not worth it and her loss, but it will be someone elses prize. Im still single, ive been through a lot of assholes and a few nice ones. Be yourself cause thats the best thing you can give to someone. Dont ever change who you are for anyone

10. What on your wishlist right now do you want most ?

Yaaay, I like this question lol hahah Shoes, an Iphone, anything reallly. I love gift certificates. You guys have been great to me. I havent really gone out shopping too much cause Ive been really sick and exhausted but definitely hating my blackberry right now and need to make the switch to the iphone. That would be super awesome 🙂 Plus i love shoes and the pink line from victorias secret so I just shop online. My wish list is

Ok guys.. see you all online on free webcam tonight get your free screenname NOW !

Here is a sample clip of the vid…



Hey guys 🙂 So I dont know if you all remember a couple weeks back I decided to try skating again. I havent skated since I was a little kid so I was nervous to say the least and there were skaters right behind me doing double axles lol. But we have a great place to skate called Nathan Phillips Square and I thought ok.. while i still have my energy lets give this a shot.

So I dressed up like a warm snow bunny.. got my Tim Hortons tea (i know i know us canadians) and decided Im gonna put the skates on lol. So I went and I must say I didnt fall although finding the balance was hard a bit and then I skated pretty good. Every boy there was offering to help me lol.. I wonder why haha. So all in all I had fun.

Heres a couple pics from that day and the rest will be uploaded to the free fanclub. Ill be online on my free webcam tonight live so get your free screenname cause I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Remember its march madness soooooooo Anyone that gets a free screenname gets a free pic and dvd and gets to play with me on xbox if they have one :).

Love you guys tons




Hey boys 🙂 Its Titty Tuesday one of my favourite days of the week although since it starts with the letter T i could just call it Taylor tuesday but hey its Taylor day every day ! Woot woot ! LOL…  I know its #TittyTuesday but I added some booty too. Im realizing a lot of you love my booty (Playboyman) LOL

So… I hope you guys are doing well. I have my second round of chemo on Thursday so that sucks. Im going through a super hard time latley but trying to push through as usual. But whats keeping me going is having so so much fun with you guys. Im keeping busy and I WILL be attending all the conventions this year if my health allows me to.

I want to be around my fans and I want to have fun with you like we have been having live on my free webcam. I wont let cancer take my soul or my spirit.  I saw a quote from the movie 127 hours that says “There is no force more powerful in this life, then the will to live” and that I HAVE :).

Anyways, Its titty tuesday and its also march madness (I started early) which means from now till the end of march. Anyone who joins my free fanclub and gets a free screenname gets a signed dvd and picture of their choice. Yup 🙂 im in a giving mood. Remember you guys that join the free fanclub get full access to everything including my phone number which means you can call me anytime you like :)… I really need to get an Iphone lol.

Theres no better way then to celebrate #tittytuesday then being online on my free webcam with you guys. So i will see you all later tonight 🙂 Be there or be square.

Remember, I know there are a lot lot of social networking sites up there but a lot of you are on a lot of different ones so…. here is where you can find ME ! Not all the fakes that are out there

oh and of course my wishlist which you guys are sooo awesome for sending me stuff 🙂

ok guys see you tonight lets get naughty at


Hey guys .. well as you all know I was lucky enough to have one of you sweetie pies send me to the leaf game platinum seats against atlanta and we kicked their ass lol i wound up on  ESPN right behind the goalie it was great ! I kinda gave up on hockey well the Toronto Maple Leafs anyways but I represented Loud and Proud in my leafs jersey and my boobies against the glass lol.. I got a LOT of stares but didnt get kicked out.. Of course on the big screen a few times lol. I must say I think the security guards got a kick out of it. I would definitely love to take credit for all the goals scored lol…well ok at least one LOL ! It was great to go to a game and relax its been so long and I rememberd why I loved hockey. I just wish the leafs were better.

Anyways boys.. Here are a few pics from the Hockey game and the ones that the NHL and ESPN got of the players but im right behind them lol. Also Im doing some kick ass sets that im uploading to the free fanclub and ive decided that from now on any free fanclub member that joins  from now till the end of march gets a free signed pic and dvd ! Soo as long as your giving me your free screennames I will send you a free signed 8X10 and you get free time with me woot !

I need you guys and I want to be there for you guys we need to have fun let loose and bounce some boobies well mine lol.. Ill be on webcam all week long so get in on it !! NOW ! hahah.

Here are a few pics from the leaf game. Whats so funny is that as my friend was taking pictures other people just wanted a picture of me or with me. I had a few fans there lol it was funny this big boobied blonde next to the buisness men lol. Im like hey theres a  game going on lol !

Love you more then you could know

Love always



I KNOW im so behind lol 🙂 But this years AEE and AVN was soo much fun. It felt so amazing to be there and to win !! I have so many pics to show you guys !! Make sure you join the free fanclub for EXCLUSIVE access to all the pics and vids. 🙂 I was signing with pornstar tweet and it was sooo much fun. They are so down to earth, so goofy and loveable, it was the perfect fit. Me and Pete and Alyss had some fun molesting the tweetie stuffed bird lol.

I got to hang out with the beauty caramel dreams. I hate to say that she wasnt feeling that great because she was listening to some people comment on her being a bbw and it was getting her down. Coming from being a BBW I was really annoyed that people are so shallow. Shes a beauty inside and out and I got her attitude changed right quick. Love you girlie !   

Also got to hang with the gorgeous Jelena Jensen. Among all her talents shes still down to earth, pretty as fuck and shes the one who took the most gorgeous pictures of me for PinupFiles. 🙂 Then I went to my most favourite Arabic restaurant in Vegas Ali baba and the singer sang to me. Such a great trip !

I got to meet so many of you I sold out of all my pictures and dvds that I brought. You know me I love having a goofy fun silly time and nothing in the world will ever change that.

Im uploading tons of stuff to the free fanclub that NOONE has ever seen before and since you guys were sooo amazing to me on V-day im extending my valentines day promo to last ALL week. So everyone that gets their free screenname and tells me what it is will get any pic of my blog signed and a free dvd. So now is the time. I will be live and naughty on cam with all of you so get online for free pvt time.. yup this week there is free pvt time to anyone who gets a free screenname here ! woot woot !

For all of you who have spoiled me (omg vday you guys killed me i love you so much) and for those of you who asked about my wishlist its here :). Thank you all for everything and of course you all get thank you gifts back 🙂 MUAH 

Ive been playing poker like crazy latley seems im good at reading people lol… except ex boyfriends lol actually thats why they are exes right ? LOL. Im having a great time getting ready for WSOP !  

I found out some cool shit im so happy that the ROCK made an appearance on WWE I think hes super talented ! Im looking forward to NFL combine. I am seriously like on the NFL network 24/7. Watching the top superbowls, soundfx everything. Its nuts. It just ended and I cant wait for it to start again lol.

Anyways baby cakes get your free screenname and come join me cause im in a bouncy fucking mood and when im in a bouncy fucking mood we all benefit lol 🙂

Love ya TONS and umm TONS




Hey guys ! I hope your all enjoying this love fest personally I cant wait for steak and blow job day 🙂 thats what we have here in Canada to make up for Valentines day lol 🙂 Yaaay make sure you mark that one down on your calenders. Its kind of a holiday for the boys and girls like me lol :).

So I went out into the windy weather today to find smoochy couples all over lol blah… its ok I think its great when you find the right person but then I ran into the ex… and it seemed eerily convenient that he ran into me almost like he was waiting. He was the LAST person I wanted to see today.. He happend to have flowers ?? ummmm how do u Happen to do that.. anyways long story short… Its hard when you are faced with seeing your past but you break my heart and I want nothing to do with you. So it kinda went like “umm hi” and “umm no please find somene elses life to ruin” lol ugh happy valentienes day to me.

Anyways, I know you all are aware Im going through a lot medically. Im trying to survive this cancer and its hard every day has been tough. There are good moments in each day and bad moments more bad then good right now. But im still me im not defined by my cancer. Im still horny, happy, playful and ready to have fun with you guys online at my free fanclub. I am not gonna let this break my spirit. I have cancer yes but I also still enjoy living life and even more so now. So lets have fun and the happier and more positive i remain and the more support I have the more I will kick the shit out of this things ass !

Sooo you  naughty boys, im still your hornball, and I still love to snap one off in the shower or anywhere really and of course on my live free webcam lol. I am the internets best webcam girl offically cummmm find out why 🙂 for free !

I love you all tons…Im gonna have way more then one valentine. I love spreading my love 🙂

Ok formspring time … lets start with 5… Ill see if i can find vday related ones for today. I have a lot of updates coming to the free fanclub and here so make sure your there for it. Oh and the full naughty naked dirty set is in my free fanclub 🙂 woooot !

1.Whats your ideal Valentines wish for today ?

To be happy, healthy, naughty, and be able to taste white chocolate. And to be with all my sexy valentines online at my free fanclub. I wanna make the best out of the day. Being single isnt a death wish lol.. it is what it is this means i get to have fun with all of you! So today its Poker and webcam fun !

2. Best way to wake up in the morning ?

Naked,hair messy, knowing you had the best orgasm the night before anddddddd some dirty morning sex

3. What is the perfect Valentines Movie ?

Ohhh this is tough… if we are talking older for sure THE NOTEBOOK or WALK THE LINE and honestly i just saw JUST GO WITH IT and its sooo hilarious. Love, if its real,genuine,true is unstoppable.

4. Finish this sentence.. I love my….

Life, every moment im alive is a blessing. I love my friends my doggies and my spirit. There’s nothing in this world that will take that away.

5. Ever Killed a man ? 

Lmao this is a good valentines day question lol, not yet lol.. but dont cross me hahaha. That was an odd question. Maybe ive killed him with teasing or kindess but I havent pulled out my knife just yet but it did get close with the ex lmao. Teasing !!!

Here are a couple pics.. btw like my shirt ? So many valentines so little time lol !

Dont forget to add all my pages guys.. stay up to date with me everywhere


Hey boys…well as you know its not my favourite holiday especially when your single lol. But im single by choice so its ok. But the truth is I am a romantic and I am a luvy duvy girly girl who loves flowers,girly things and romance. My idea of romance isnt always roses on a bed its a night at a football game wearing rival jerseys or A night playing poker where I bad beat your ass lol. Truth is im the one who kinda blocked my heart off and if the right guy does come along who knows. I was really hurt and jaded by my last relationship and I shut people out for a while. But right now I have a new outlook on things. So im single but im not hating it as opposed to being single and jaded lol.

I am going to totally enjoy today. It was odd at the couples tournament yesterday lol. I got there and everyone asked me if I would be their partner lol. So I agreed with this one guy but he was a terrible poker player so I had to make up for his losses lol I didnt win but I placed 3rd no thanks to him lol. Which was still great. I realize im better alone then in a pair fitting for valentines day. Guys in a relationship do NOT by your gf/wife a vacum k lol my ex tried that and umm hes an EX lol.

But for all of you who love this day. Enjoy it. Share it with the ones you love. For all the single ladies its ok 🙂 its just one day. I am really feeling loved today… Roses, teddy bears so thank you all soooo much. 🙂 YOU ROCK ! I think I might begin to like this day lol… there are some real sweeties out there. I just dont think you need one day to tell someone you love them you can tell them every day.

Speaking of LOVE… you guys are gonna love this new kick ass set I am adding to the FREE FANCLUB.. get your free valentines day screenname and come join me LIVE bouncing on cam. First ten people get a Valentines surprise. So which one of you will be my Valentine ? For this whole week starting today I am giving away gifts to free fanclub members every day @ 8pm.. so get your screenname let me know what it is and ill put it in the draw. Im feeling super giving thank you all so much for your support through this all.

See you online !!


Tay 🙂


Hey guys ! I know its a little late and I havent updated in a while but… Im back 🙂 And I know you all didnt miss this amazing set with my favourite girls Wendy Four, Jordan Carver and myself. We had sooo much fun @ Hermosa beach partying and playing in the sand. Everyone was staring we were goofing off in the water and on the beach it was soo much fun. I love these girls. Jordan has this kick ass amazing personality and Wendy is someone you just always wanna be around. So easy to have fun with these girls. It was boob central and boy did we use them to our advantage. People were trying to get in on the action. We first had a nice lunch but as soon as we walked up the stairs to our table mouths dropped lol it was too funny. Our boobs were hitting the least we caught all the crumbs. It was a gorgeous day and after the stuff I had dealt with that weekend It was so nice to just lay back and have fun with my girls.

This set is amazing.. so make sure you all get your free screenname at the free fanclub and see all my exclusive pics. We had way too much fun and all free fanclub members get to see it all :). Also, I will be online alll week long and I cant wait to have fun with you guys. I know things have been a bit quiet latley due to everything thats going on but I am in need of my cutie pies and I cant wait to bounce around online with you guys.  Soooo…. Boys and girls … join the free fanclub and I will see you live !

More updates to come this is the first of many 🙂 See you all soon.