Hey guys ! I hope your all enjoying this love fest personally I cant wait for steak and blow job day :) thats what we have here in Canada to make up for Valentines day lol :) Yaaay make sure you mark that one down on your calenders. Its kind of a holiday for the boys and girls like me lol :) .

So I went out into the windy weather today to find smoochy couples all over lol blah… its ok I think its great when you find the right person but then I ran into the ex… and it seemed eerily convenient that he ran into me almost like he was waiting. He was the LAST person I wanted to see today.. He happend to have flowers ?? ummmm how do u Happen to do that.. anyways long story short… Its hard when you are faced with seeing your past but you break my heart and I want nothing to do with you. So it kinda went like “umm hi” and “umm no please find somene elses life to ruin” lol ugh happy valentienes day to me.

Anyways, I know you all are aware Im going through a lot medically. Im trying to survive this cancer and its hard every day has been tough. There are good moments in each day and bad moments more bad then good right now. But im still me im not defined by my cancer. Im still horny, happy, playful and ready to have fun with you guys online at my free fanclub. I am not gonna let this break my spirit. I have cancer yes but I also still enjoy living life and even more so now. So lets have fun and the happier and more positive i remain and the more support I have the more I will kick the shit out of this things ass !

Sooo you  naughty boys, im still your hornball, and I still love to snap one off in the shower or anywhere really and of course on my live free webcam lol. I am the internets best webcam girl offically cummmm find out why :) for free !

I love you all tons…Im gonna have way more then one valentine. I love spreading my love :)

Ok formspring time … lets start with 5… Ill see if i can find vday related ones for today. I have a lot of updates coming to the free fanclub and here so make sure your there for it. Oh and the full naughty naked dirty set is in my free fanclub :) woooot !

1.Whats your ideal Valentines wish for today ?

To be happy, healthy, naughty, and be able to taste white chocolate. And to be with all my sexy valentines online at my free fanclub. I wanna make the best out of the day. Being single isnt a death wish lol.. it is what it is this means i get to have fun with all of you! So today its Poker and webcam fun !

2. Best way to wake up in the morning ?

Naked,hair messy, knowing you had the best orgasm the night before anddddddd some dirty morning sex

3. What is the perfect Valentines Movie ?

Ohhh this is tough… if we are talking older for sure THE NOTEBOOK or WALK THE LINE and honestly i just saw JUST GO WITH IT and its sooo hilarious. Love, if its real,genuine,true is unstoppable.

4. Finish this sentence.. I love my….

Life, every moment im alive is a blessing. I love my friends my doggies and my spirit. There’s nothing in this world that will take that away.

5. Ever Killed a man ? 

Lmao this is a good valentines day question lol, not yet lol.. but dont cross me hahaha. That was an odd question. Maybe ive killed him with teasing or kindess but I havent pulled out my knife just yet but it did get close with the ex lmao. Teasing !!!

Here are a couple pics.. btw like my shirt ? So many valentines so little time lol !

Dont forget to add all my pages guys.. stay up to date with me everywhere


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