Hey guys .. well as you all know I was lucky enough to have one of you sweetie pies send me to the leaf game platinum seats against atlanta and we kicked their ass lol i wound up on  ESPN right behind the goalie it was great ! I kinda gave up on hockey well the Toronto Maple Leafs anyways but I represented Loud and Proud in my leafs jersey and my boobies against the glass lol.. I got a LOT of stares but didnt get kicked out.. Of course on the big screen a few times lol. I must say I think the security guards got a kick out of it. I would definitely love to take credit for all the goals scored lol…well ok at least one LOL ! It was great to go to a game and relax its been so long and I rememberd why I loved hockey. I just wish the leafs were better.

Anyways boys.. Here are a few pics from the Hockey game and the ones that the NHL and ESPN got of the players but im right behind them lol. Also Im doing some kick ass sets that im uploading to the free fanclub and ive decided that from now on any free fanclub member that joins  from now till the end of march gets a free signed pic and dvd ! Soo as long as your giving me your free screennames I will send you a free signed 8X10 and you get free time with me woot !

I need you guys and I want to be there for you guys we need to have fun let loose and bounce some boobies well mine lol.. Ill be on webcam all week long so get in on it !! NOW ! hahah.

Here are a few pics from the leaf game. Whats so funny is that as my friend was taking pictures other people just wanted a picture of me or with me. I had a few fans there lol it was funny this big boobied blonde next to the buisness men lol. Im like hey theres a  game going on lol !

Love you more then you could know

Love always



  1. Dear Tay,

    I met you at the Chicago Glamourcon last August and was immediately enchanted by your sweetness and your sense of fun, along with your knee-weakening looks, of course. I especially liked that you wear glasses; somehow I just found that really cool.

    I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know until today about what you’ve been going through since Christmastime. But having read up on it, I just want to say that I love you more than before for your courage and strength in bearing up under this trouble. You’re in my prayers, I want you to know that.

    Your fans in Chicago are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s GC; meanwhile, I wish you love and the best of health.




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