Hey guys ! Well even though im sick and things arent looking to hot right now.. I know what makes me happy and makes me feel normal and thats being with you guys at my free fanclub. You guys bring out the spirit and the fun in me and make me forget that im sick. I love having fun bouncing on cam and doing me the way I know how. Best webcam girl for a reason right ?!

As you know till the end of march im giving away free dvds and free signed 8 x10′s to anyone new to the free fanclub so get your free screenname send it to me and ill be sending you goodies. Plus right now you get some extra special pvt one on one time with moi :) woot ! Boobies and bounciness yaaaaay ! lol. 

I also wanted you to all know that as a free fanclub member you get access to my phone number and you can call me anytime of the day or night whether your feeling naughty or nice and just wanna talk :) wooot ! so make sure you get in on the free fanclub for that. I wanna be there for you 24/7. CALL ME :)

Also, I wanted you guys to know I answer EVERY email MYSELF it may take a day or two or a week but I always do respond I get 1000′s of emails a day and I do get back one by one. You all mean so much to me I want to make sure its personal and that you know its coming from me. Thats why i took these cute pics for you guys and the full naughty set is in the free fanclub. Some days I dedicate just to emails I am naked with my laptop just laying on the bed or desk. I love to be naked :) Sometimes im yelling at a cable company or something lol thats annoying me hahah so I thought id give you a look into that. Sometimes im so busy with paper work i tell the guy on the phone to hold on and put the phone between my boobies haha if only he knew where he was hahaha.

Now to the buisness of schedule so that you guys dont always have to wonder when im around. For the most part I will be online daily at the free fanclub and esp if your a free fanclub member If there is a time you need me to be around you let me know and I will give you a special code where you and I can spend alone time :) .

But aside from chemo and the days where I feel really sick. I will be online sun-mon-wed-thurs @ the very least from 4pm-2am :) but I know me and I know the fun i have with you guys so you can find me daily earlier or later but I wanted you guys to know that those are the days I will be around. So get in on the free fanclub. And if you get your free screenname today you get a special vid that noone has ever seen before :) hehe.

Im gonna answer a few more formspring questions for you guys.

1.If you had a time machine, what date would you travel to?

The day before my father passed.. I would say and do everything I could to stop it or let him now that even though I was 6 i loved him so much. Just one more day.

2. You need to tell jordan carver and wendy four to pull their titties out! Its just not right for them to tease us like that.

Wendy and Jordan are amazing good people and good friends. Im not their manager they make decisions for themselves. Whats good for the goose is not always good for the gander. I love and have no problem doing what I do. But they are beautiful, intelligent women also. They know what they are doing. If you want to tell them how you feel you should. But Its ultimatley their decision.

3. Best friends in this industry ? Isnt that a little far fetched… girls will step all over you because your too nice and they wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire.

Ummmm ok… first of all. You know nothing about my friendships or my instincts. Am I faulty of being too nice sometimes yes but I learn very quick who is and isnt really in my corner. Theres a lot of bitches and girls in this industry that are out to get you but theres a lot of people like that in life. I have a great support system, ive been hurt before so im very guarded and cautious. Im proud to say with friends like brianna Jordan, Kelly Divine, Sophie dee, those girls do anything for me and I would do the same for them.

Im not on fire so we dont have to worry about anyone pissing on me k ?

4. Your Favourite Fashion designers ?

Oh well wow you know I love shoes and I love clothes sooo much. As far as designers go and im definitely leaving some out lol. Id have to say…

Valentino, Versace, Besty Johnson, Alexander Mcqueen, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo (shoes mmm). Lamb by gwen stefani.. omg i gotta stop im such a fashion whore lol.

5. What do you personally think is your best feature ?

My smile… I love making people smile and people have told me when I smile they smile and that is my best feature. You guys make me so happy it just comes out esp on webcam cause its live one on one and I cant hide my feelings.  

Sure most people would think physical in terms of tits and ass but I love my smile and definitely my eyes they are the window to my very deep soul. It seems people love the little tounge smile I do its involuntary it just sort of happens lol. :) Id also say my personality… I can lose my hair gain weight lose weight but nothing or anyone will change my personality and I think thats what has made me the number one webcam girl out there :) !

and one more

6. Tay, honestly,there are a lot of good guys like myself out there your still single why ? Open up your heart.

I know that sweetie, I know there are a lot of great guys out there unfortunatley the bad ones did a number on me. That doesnt mean I wont give love a chance. Im just really taking time to myself right now I have a cancer battle to fight and I dont want to have to put this on anyone else. I also want to really truly know if someone wants me for who I am inside or for the whole industry im in. Its tough to find love this way. Im just cautious. Dont worry boys I will definitely open my heart to the right person im just not going on a safari hunt for him right now.. he will come to me. And if not, NOT :) . When im ready, there ill be. :)

Get your asses a free screenname  now make it clever lol and ill see you all online :) bouncy bouncy ! woot




  1. Hey Taylor.
    I saw ur before shots of u when u were bigger. And for what uve done with yourself now. All I can say is WOW! U did a great job transforming ur body. U look gorgeous ! U should be proud ! Take care and keep that body rockin !
    Steve’s Fitness

  2. I just wanted to say you’re right : you have a wonderful body but what makes you so special is your personality who makes you so unique! That’s why the right man will love you for! Stay as you are and keep fighting against Cancer!

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