Well Its been said 1000 times pinupfiles is one of my favourite companies to work for. I cant even call them a company cause they are like pure family to me. They just released another vid of me from my shoot and its in this awesome peach bra :) . I know you love my vids !!  You have to check out their kick ass website. I love doing vids for them they are so comfortable and easy to work with !  They are my LA family :) .

Sooo definitely go check out the new vid and dont forget it will be available in my free fanclub so get your free screenname and get in on it as well as all the screenshots and behind the scenes pics that you never get to see :) . Its march madness month so Im giving away free dvds and signed pics to anyone that  gets their free screenname from now till the end of march :) . Just tell me what your screenname is after you sign up for free :)

Ill be on LIVE WEBCAM bouncing around for you guys tonight and all week long. Its been hard being sick but I love being where I call home and thats online with you guys. Or at the conventions where I will be health allowing !

I decided to answer some more formspring questions for you guys :) …. 10 more now :)

1.Would you say you are a good or great friend?

Honestly, I would say im a Phenomenal friend…Sadly, sometimes that gets me walked all over and hurt but I would do the same thing over and over. I give my heart and everything I can for my friends. I would drop anything for them and I never ever let a guy get between us. Im very proud of the friend I am and Im lucky to have a few great friends too.

2. What is your driving force ?

My will to live. Im going through another battle but im a survivor. Like my tattoo says “destined, driven and determined” I am one of the most driven people I know.I will fight for what I want and I have extreme will. My father passed when I was 6  years old and My family and I are not close. I am very close with my dad and I remember those 6 years as if they were yesterday. I just love to set goals and achieve the best I can for myself. Make my father proud and make myself proud.

3.You look fantastic!!! I don’t have any real questions lol

Aww well thank you very much :) hehehe. I appreciate that. Your a sweetie :) I dont feel pretty latley for some reason but you guys sure know how to make a girl feel better.

4.Do you have a tumblr and/or a blog?

Yes I have a tumblr its and my blog is and of course play with me at

5. Starbucks or some other coffeehouse?

I dont really drink coffee so im not a big fan of coffehouses. I dont drink all that sugary crap lol. But if im gonna have a tea being a canadian I love tim hortons. But I make the best tea at home :) . In the summer I will treat myself to my favourite strawberry bannana smoothie from starbucks though. I just think coffee should be coffee and tea should be tea. Its all too fancy for me lol

6.Do you remember a specific moment, or time when you remember losing your innocence and the truth of the world came flooding in? if so, what did you think?

I lost my innocence at 6 years old when I lost my father… I remember my cousin came up to me and said “its up to you to take care of your mom now”. Im like woah. I had to grow up fast. It all didnt hit me till I was 16 and started to rebel. I was to young to know what to think then. I dont have any regrets about the way Ive lived my life because im happy and love where I am at right now. Everything happens for a reason. I grew up fast but I learned a lot in my life.. Im book and street smart and Its made me who I am

7. Jeans or Slacks ?

Tight sexy Jeans. I love them they show off my ass-ets lol my ass. Jeans can be made to look casual or dressed up. I have this favourite pair of jeans I will never get rid of lol :)

8. Where is your favourite place for a guy to blow his cum ?

Ummmm anywhere lol… Defintely my tits esp if its a big load since I have a lot of room there hahaha.. I love my face too and dripping down to my tits. And when im doing it doggy style I love a guy to just cum all over my ass. Its cum its like lotion i like it everywhere. :)

9. Whats the one piece of advice you would give to a guy not just looking to get laid but to meet the right woman ?

SOooooo simple. Be yourself. Be honest, dont be fake dont play games and dont pull stupid dickhead moves. If you lie shes gonna find out and then you could lose out on someone really special and besides if she doesnt love you for you then shes not worth it and her loss, but it will be someone elses prize. Im still single, ive been through a lot of assholes and a few nice ones. Be yourself cause thats the best thing you can give to someone. Dont ever change who you are for anyone

10. What on your wishlist right now do you want most ?

Yaaay, I like this question lol hahah Shoes, an Iphone, anything reallly. I love gift certificates. You guys have been great to me. I havent really gone out shopping too much cause Ive been really sick and exhausted but definitely hating my blackberry right now and need to make the switch to the iphone. That would be super awesome :) Plus i love shoes and the pink line from victorias secret so I just shop online. My wish list is

Ok guys.. see you all online on free webcam tonight get your free screenname NOW !

Here is a sample clip of the vid…



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