Happy Sunday Sexy Boys !! This week the guy at the post office I think had a super crush on me lol everytime there was a lineup he had a little section set aside just for me and all my mailing gear ready lol. Thats because of all you kick ass guys who joined the free fanclub ! For every member till the very end of march that joins my free fanclub you get a FULL ON ty package :). Yaaay !! Those of you that joined this week should be getting your stuff this week just make sure you sign up free directly here then email me via the get in touch button HERE with your screenname :).

For those of you that purchased a gift for me off my wishlist 🙂 thank you sooo much.  Those of you that do that get a free custom video made just FOR YOU 🙂 woot. So go to www.spoiltay.com i spoil back hard but you guys know that lol.

Speaking of custom videos I offer them you can email me for more information they start at half hour increments and go up :). I love doing stuff thats personal to YOU :).

My schedule has been a bit up and down latley due to my health. The third round of chemo has been really hard. Trying to push through as usual. I will however, be online all week long from around 4pm-onward. I really need to get my energy from you guys. When im online with you its like im not sick and nothing else in the world matters. I love you guys very much.

I hated that I had to miss this Adultcon but I will def be at the other events.
I will be in LA at the end of the month cause @sophiedee and I are going to see @NickiMinaj in concert woot woot ! I already saw her once and met her and she was so shocked by my boobies LOL. But im going to see her again because I love that girl her words are inspiration to me. Can’t wait to see kelly divine and sophie dee too I miss LA. Its funny cause when I first went to LA I hated it I loved shooting there and everything but I just hated it and now I miss it to death lol. For those of you that want to book me while im in LA please email me at [email protected]

Im holding a contest for all you free fanclub members this week. You get free time with me in pvt all by our naughty selves lol. I have been super frisky latley lol. I went to see Marey Carey yesterday at a strip club in Toronto I love supporting the girls in the industry. It was fun 🙂 She came out to welcome to the jungle in a jungle outfit and thats awesome you know I love my rock :).

I want you all to stay on your toes cause there is a lot coming and I mean a LOT. most importantly get your asses in my free fanclub and ON #webcam with me cause I may have cancer but cancer doesnt have me. I am still gonna kick some serious ass :).

I love you all so much for your unconditional,undying, amazing love and support. Most importantly that you share your stories with me and that you open your hearts to me. Thats what ive done since I started webcamming 9 years ago I opened my hearts and myself to you and you’ve all filled my life with amazing things. Ty so much.

I know you all loved the 100 facts about me and I got a request for a few more formspring questions so Ill do a quick few since it is Sunday (#rebeccablack) helped me realize what day it was and there is basketball on lol :). Anyways here are a few questions and I will see you all ONLINE in my free fanclub. Get in on it 🙂

Remember guys my facebook account got deleted so this is the actual fan page HERE so like me lol 🙂

Question time…

1. If you could live in any house you wanted to, what would it look like?

Honestly, it would have to be huge. I love my space I love to be organized. Now remember this was a dream house kinda question so I would have to say HUGE gorgeous kitchen. A room for my shoes. A room built into a closet for all my clothes. A kick ass boys room type basement rec room with a jersey from every football team and all kinds of sports memorabilia. A poker table section oh it would just be every man’s man cave dream but for me lol. A huge back yard for bbqs and a pool for naked sunbathing lol. Oh and a kick ass jacuzzi bathroom :). hehe. Ahhh to dream lol.

2. What is the first thing you look at in a man or woman? What attracts you ?

Smile, Eyes, honestly I am really about whats on the inside being what counts.  I will stare at a womans gorgeous face and features or a mans smile and eyes before I will stare at anything else. Eyes are the window to the soul and a beautiful smile means so much. So for me the rest comes after if at all. Im super down to earth im not vain so I just want a good guy with a good heart that takes care of himself.

3. What are you notoriously known for?

Well for being the offical number ONE webcam girl for 9 years running but I get the omg its Taylor Stevens the bouncy busty always happy girl next door with the huge boobs and the glasses lol. My glasses have become iconic to who I am. For me I used to wear contacts all the time and I just got tired of the fake blue eyes and all that bullshit. I wanted to be real so here I am glasses and all. I wont lie i wear CLEAR contacts here and there but I love my glasses they are a part of me and I think they are cute lol 🙂

4. What Item on your wish list do u want most right now ?

Well its a wish list lol so its hard..but on my WISHLIST there is a lot of stuff i love to death but im very practical too I like gifts that I can use for important stuff like travelling to conventions etc… gift cards to airlines like delta or westjet…ummm shoes I LOVE lol for outfits and photoshoots but anything really. And I think anyone that does buy me anything deserves to get soemthing back from me. Thank you for asking but yes gift certificates and anything camera related cause I can make kick ass hd professional vids 🙂

5. I think you should be a fleshlight girl :).

Awww thank you well hey you guys you know what to do if you want me to be somewhere or be on a product or have a tshirt etc. Just contact those people and let them know. Contact fleshlight contact Twointheshirt tell them you want to see me on a shirt. The more that do the better it is :). WOOOT 🙂

Ok thats all for now but I have to say whats sooo funny this week out of all the thank you packages im sending out more then HALF the names started with a J isnt that so funny lol im like wow. And I had double names lol 🙂 Theres a lot of people with names that start with the letter J lol.

Anyways get your free screennames guys and get your fun asses on cam and lets get this week started right. I love you always



Me and Nicki Minaj she was shocked by my boobies lol 🙂

me and Mary Carey she was really sweet and I thought she put on an amazing show.

and just little old me for you guys..a full naughty set of course being uploaded to the free fanclub 🙂 wooot woot !


Hey guys !! Well as you know yesterday I started with the trending topic #100factsaboutme that was on MY TWITTER but I only posted 51 so that you could take the time to absorb them as well as the sexy pics I uploaded to the free fanclub. Make sure you get your free screenname tonight cause I will be LIVE bouncing these boobies for all free fanclub members 🙂

So lets continue with the remaining facts :)… Its so funny cause there is so much about a person but once asked to put it down on paper or think about all the facts about you you run a blank sometimes lol.

52. Vegas is my favourite place on earth I have been there over 20 times

53. I have always been the one to take care of my boyfriends and spoil them Its not the other way around (bad relationships) for those of you who asked you can SPOIL ME here.

54. I TWEET everything

55. I own a 1998 volkswagen cabriolet convertible that I sold years ago and then last year bought one and it turns out it was the same one I sold ! It was meant to be.

56. I was in Minnesota when the Metrodome Collapsed

56. My favourite flowers are white orchids and PINK and BLUE roses.

57. I love Candles, I collect them and make amazing creations out of them as they melt.

58. Im a nerd. BIG TIME 🙂

59. Im a gamer I love my Xbox Gamer Tag: TAYSTEVENS

60. I love baths and the store LUSH its like a bakery for baths.. but here is the interesting part I always have to have a shower afterwards lol

61. Im Bi-Sexual

62. Ive had sex at a foam party in Cancun Mexico in front of many people, albeit I was covered in foam..me her and him 🙂

63. I cant watch things on TV I have to wait till the whole season is over then wait for it to come out on DVD.

64. I have a piggy bank where I collect change and 5 and 10 dollar bills and I purposely make change so I can bring it home to save it in the piggy bank lol.

65. Im not close with my family… I guess thats why I always kinda treat people like they are my family.

66. I made the switch from blackberry to Iphone thanks to an awesome fan who sent me the Iphone. I do miss my bbm though they are both great phones

67. I have gone naked in public and flash on a regular

68. I love going into bra stores and asking them to fit me even though they know I wont fit into any of their bras and I most likely end up breaking them lol

69. I love rough sex… my hair pulled, my ass spanked yumm

70. I am addicted to the food network thank god they have it on demand

71. Speaking of the food network I want to go to Savannah JUST to hopefully meet Paula Deen and go eat at her restaurant

72. I speak french, english, and arabic

73. I hate liars

74. I love hip hop and r & B  and im a classic rock and rocker inside too. I believe there is a song for every mood

75. My footsies are a size 7

76. I weigh 127lbs, Im 5’nothing lol no im 5’4

77. I once held onto the dice at a craps table for over an hour what a roll that was I guess it helped to rub the dice against my boobies

78. I have the ESPN mobile and March Madness APP on my phone

79. People say I look like  Trish Stratus, Lady Gaga, some girl from one tree hill, Sometimes Sara Jessica Parker and a white Nicki Minaj 🙂 lol

80. I LOVE tshirts with sayings on them because I figure most people are looking at my chest anyways so why not let them read it lol.

81. I am NOT a morning person

82. I dont smoke, but I love Hookah

83. I love movies Ill see them 3 times a week if I can

84. I work out every day

85. *Sigh* I hate chemo

86. I cry at movies, and im an emotional girl

87. I absolultey yell and argue with phone companies or cable companies till they give me what I want.. They can be so incompetent sometimes

88. Im super loyal to my hair,makeup and esteticians I will follow them everywhere.

89. Im trying to get hard rock T-shirts from all around the world for my collection so far I have Toronto,Cancun,Chicago,New York and Las Vegas.

90. A “set” of pics to me isnt just 50 its like over 100 which is great for you and all free fanclub members 🙂

91. I hate the cold, I am cold almost always and I hate it

92. I have a dom side and will be taking applications for slaves

93. I love to sing karaoke (even though i cant sing)

94. I am a 36hh bra size and bras can be bought for me in a UK size 36G from www.bravissimo.com 🙂

95. I am the only member of my family born in Canada

96. I love average guys although I do have a crush on Bradley Cooper but I love Seth Rogan type guys. I love just down to earth, funny guys.

97. I am very sarcastic but have a kick ass sense of humour… the way to my heart is through laughter.

98. Everything ive accomplished ive done on my own.I dont have an agent I dont have anyone its just me doing me 🙂 . Im often imitated but never duplicated 🙂 Theres only one me 🙂

99. I have in the past suffered from an eating disorder

100. You can see me live on webcam daily bouncing all the time esp tonight at the free fanclub so get your free screenname NOW !

101. Ill add one more for good measure.. yes I am the SAME off cam as I am on cam, im full of energy im bouncy and im genuinely happy in my element. Thanks to all of you 🙂


Hey guys if you have a twitter account thats awesome then you know all about trending topics and such and if you dont well get one cause im on there hahah. I always post about my free giveaways and everything thats going on with me so make sure you get on there MY TWITTER

I also have to make an announcement.. I will NOT be able to attend ADULTCON this coming weekend because my chemo is scheduled for that day and I wont be able to. I will however be in Miami for Exxxotica as well as the upcoming conventions and next ADULTCON. I hope you can understand its more of a scheduling thing then anything. I cannot delay treatment and if it wasnt on that day I would be going

So one of the trending topics is #Rebecca Black who is causing quite a stir with her annoying “its friday video” I feel a bit bad for the girl my heart kidna goes out to her but where are her parents allowing her to be part of this atrocity to music. Shes a sensation now and I guess she might make something of herself. Shes only 13 after all. My friend thought she was funny playing it over and over last night and only to find she went into my phone and changed the ringtone to that so I get a phone call early in the morning and I wake up to that LOL ! I am sooo getting her back you guys have to help me with ideas.

I also wanna say before I get to the next topic that I have sent out over 30 thank you packages today for all of you who got your free screename so please make sure you hit the get in touch button after your done and email me your free screenname so you can get your TY from me. Im a very giving person and its march madness and im giving away tons of stuff in my free fanclub :).

Speaking of march madness my bracket took a killing the other day but I still love it. Im really hoping that the NFL doesnt stay locked out. I need my football I miss it already. !

The next trending topic was #100factsaboutme and since I didnt want to tweet 100 tweets in a row and annoy the shit out of peopleI decided to do a blog about it instead. Ill do 51 in one blog and 49 in another so your not bombarded lol. The trending topics are awesome im glad that Charlie Sheen and Tiger Blood have moved lower down the list.

1. I love my friends I would die for them.

2. I am down to earth

3. I’ll try almost anything once

4. I love getting naughty on my free webcam www.playwithtay.com its in my blood

5. I PVR everything lol esp reality tv

6. I Play Poker I love it and Im pretty damn good at it

7. I have three doggies two shih tzus and a yorkie. I share custody of my two shih tzus with my ex

8. Im single by choice been hurt a lot but slowly am starting to open my heart

9. Huge UFC fan met almost all the fighters friends with them its a great sport.

10. NFL football in my opinion is the greatest sport on earth and I love it more then any other sport (yes including hockey even though im canadian) Please dont let there be a lockout

11. I was born in Canada but I am Middle eastern,palestinian I love my culture, food, traditions etc

12. I am OFFICIALLY yes OFFICIALLY the number ONE webcam girl on the internet 🙂 9 years running

13. I dont drink coffee at all

14. My favourite position is doggy style

15.  I LOVE giving head

16. I hate seeing anyone hurt for any reason

17. I collect perfume

18. I was in a bad/abusive relationship but did not lay charges and did leave eventually

19. My father passed away when I was 6 and I remember that day as if it were yesterday. There are things about today I dont remember and that day and the dream I had the night before I can remember so vividly.

20. I know my sports and love to sports bet…i take bets too 🙂

21. I used to weigh 300lbs yes I really did weigh 300lbs and lost 170lbs in 13 months. My weightloss started March 16th 2006 🙂

22. I used to work at mcdonalds and was manager in a heartbeat lol woot me :). Everyone wanted a Mc Taylor 🙂 haha

23. Ive been on my own since I was 15 years old.

24. I have Cancer, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and have been battling that daily

25. I am a perfectionist and absolutley meticulous I have a calander with everything written on it, however, sometimes for me to be neat and organized I have to make a huge mess first.

26. I am a Virgo, I was born Sept 20th 1983 at 4:22 am

27. I love shoes and will have a room just for them I have over 100 pairs and can rock them all 🙂

28. My favourite alcoholic beverage is Bacardi and diet coke and back when I used to drink coolers I loved those captain morgancream soda drinks that they discontinued 🙁 boooo

29. My favourite dessert is white chocolate

30. I absolutley love quotes

31. I have three tattoos one on my back says “destined,driven,determined” and one on my arm that says “i am not afraid I was born ready” and one tribal across my tummy.

32. I used to have a nipple ring but these babies need to remain untouched 🙂

33. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and am a bit maybe sometimes more then a bit  jaded when it comes to love

34. I dont sleep, im a bit of an insomniac.

35. My glasses are real I need them to see, and love that they are part of my look.

36. My favourite colour is PINK

37. I dont like Christmas

38. Im super hard on myself… very critical of myself

39. I reach for the stars always.. I work hard for everything I have

40. Im very independant

41. I respond to each and every email even if it takes days myself. I love my fans and make sure I get back to all of them

42. I love to read.

43. I HATE HATE FAKE friends

44. Ive gotten kicked out of a poker room for telling a guy off but he got kicked out too it was worth it everyone was cheering for me.

45. I have absolutley NO regrets

46. I have spent the night in jail

47. I have not done any hardcore porn

48. Amongst my closest friends and girls I would die for are Brianna Jordan, Kelly Divine, Sophie Dee. In a industry full of backstabbers I can count on them any day.

49. I have had and currently have stalkers two have been arressted.

50. Ive never done drugs in my life

51. I have a big temper (i blame it on the middle eastern in me)  

Dont forget to join the free fanclub and get your free screenname for this FULL SET and vid 🙂 …..its hawwwwwwt


Hey guys !! Well I have so many awesome pics to share with you guys that I decided to make this into two posts. You know I love my crazy shirts lol so this “rub me for luck” shirt caused quite a stir in the poker room LOL ! I love St. Pattys day even if your not Irish its how they celebrate and the fun they have. It puts me in SUCH a giving mood. My boobies make great beer holders. So TODAY if you join my free fanclub  you get BOTH my dvds and two signed 8X10’s, I wanna give you the luck of the irish lol hahah.

I just have to say that you guys have done nothing but make me smile and make me so happy and I love giving back to you guys. I have been really sick the last weeks since my second round of chemo and ive been trying to cope and being LIVE ON CAM with you guys was amazing. I didnt feel sick for a second !

I hope you guys get your green beer out and come celebrate with me tonight. Make up a clever free screenname and get in on the fun and even take me one on one lol hahaha that rhymes. 🙂 I figure i will answer some more formspring questions cause umm theres over 2000 in my box lol so lets get to it shall we 🙂


1. Have you cried during a movie ?

Of course lol… I love movies I think theres always a part that hits home with you. I wear my emotions on my sleeve so for sure I cry at movies… The notebook, Beaches, Armageddon, omg there are just too many to mention.

2. When you were a child, did you ever imagine you would be where you are today?

Kinda I knew I would be doing something I love..but I didnt know what.. I always loved attention Im very passionate and driven so anything I set my mind to really. I wanted to be in Criminology which is why I studied it in university, but this was my calling. I love showing off and being naughty on webcam. This is what I was meant to do.. I always say its in my blood 🙂 taylor blood not tiger blood lol.

3. I feel weird if I don’t have a least a sheet on when I sleep, not matter what the temperature. Do you?

I used to be like that no matter what the temp its like i needed to be covered but I dont know what happend and I absolutley love sleeping completley naked. I love silky sheets and the way they feel against my skin :). If i get cold hopefully theres someone to cuddle up to.

4. Other than sex, what sorts of hobbies do you have?

Hahah well sex isnt a hobby really lol as much as I love it. But I love movies, travelling, UFC, playing poker and reading I am reading a lot of books lately and well of course I love being on my webcam with my boys 🙂

5. We should fuck baby.

LOL oh really ? we should ya ok sure ill be right there. LMAO people are funny.

Anyways thats all for now boys.. ill see you all live on webcam so get your free screenname make it clever and join me and get your free ty package 🙂 Also the FULL UNCENSORED set and vid will be available at the free fanclub.

Happy St.Patty’s Day boys.. I hope your at a firken pub somewhere lol I love our firkin pubs here :). They should make a Taylor and the firkin lol.


OKK…so todays gonna be filled with green beer partying and getting lucky lol. Your asses better be getting lucky with me on webcam..make sure you get your free screennname so that you can get this pot of gold at the end of my rainbow wink wink.

I love St.Pattys day its awesome… I love the Irish lol even though I’m not Irish you can all still kiss me lol I love kisses :). I got the fighting Irish spirit in me and I can always use a little more lol hahah im getting frisky this week. I hope you all have a kick ass safe St. Patty’s day party. I wish I was in vegas at o’sheas right now cause they are gonna be going nuts they have a countdown clock for this day lol. The Irish know how to party! 

But Im having this kick ass party on my webcam so get your asses in there. Remember its free to get your screenname and im gonna be doing some naughty things for you boys !  And of course you get thank you packages for joining ! LOL what else is new. 

Cum see how good these boobies can hold a mug of green beer lol :). I have a couple things you can rub for luck lol 🙂 Theyre huge so it might take a while not that you’d mind lol.

SO ummm yeah, beer, boobies, getting lucky with me what are you waiting for join the free fanclub get your free registration and get in on the bouncing green Irish fun !

Here are some kick ass St.Pattys day facts…

1.The very first St. Patrick’s Day parade was not in Ireland. It was in Boston in 1737.

2. In Chicago, on St. Patrick’s Day, the rivers are dyed green.

3. Nine of the people who signed our Declaration Of Independence were of Irish origin, and nineteen Presidents of the United States proudly claim Irish heritage — including our first President, George Washington.

4. In Seattle, there is a ceremony where a green stripe is painted down the roads.

5. Most people attend mass in the morning and then attend the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

6. Shamrocks are worn on the lapel.

7.Young boys and girls wear shamrocks and harp badges.

8. The phrase, “Drowning The Shamrock” is from the custom of floating the shamrock on the top of whiskey before drinking it. The Irish believe that if you keep the custom, then you will have a prosperous year.

9. Many young people dye their hair green for the special day.


Hey guys well you know im a fan of two things lol and they both contain meat lol hahah I love me some steak and I love giving head you all know that. (Yes im being naughty) But today is a day for all men the valentines day for me n lets just say… well for me too cause well I love this day lol hahah.

Its the official steak and blow job day today !! If you havent heard of it you gotta get on that train. Its a tradition here in toronto and in a lot of places. So we have that icky luvy holiday for chicks valentines day and we have this awesome ass holiday for guys. So get your girls to cook you a steak and finish it off with a nice long  blow job lol. 🙂 Their site is right here for you all to see http://www.officialsteakandblowjobday.com/

I relish this day lol its soo much fun so make sure you join my free fanclub and get your free screenname  for the full naughty vid and pic set UNCENSORED dedicated just to this day !!  Forget cupid we are channelling our inner naughtiness today. Besides I felt like cooking a kick ass steak today !  I cook great steak. Nothing like a big boobie blonde serving you a steak and finishing it off with a nice long wet cum filled bj….now thats dessert lol…yea i get naughty on days like today well you all know im a boys girl 🙂 I like to get my face messy with sauce haha.  muah. !

So get your meat out boys lol !! Join me online live on webcam and lets have a steak and blow job party ! 🙂

Dont forget … all members who get their free screenname and email me via the get in touch tab with their free screenname get a goodie package sent to them. Trust me tonight is a night you dont wanna miss on my webcam 🙂 MUAH ! GET YOUR MEAT OUT !!




Hey guys… well as im trying to organize my computer because I have tons of new stuff coming for you guys… I find all these pics that I always say im gonna remember to do a blog post about and then forget about lol. I love random pics that bring back fun memories. So as I am organizing this place I found a TON and I mean a TON (fuck i take a lot of pics) lol of pictures that I will be uploading to the free fanclub for all of you to see. So get your free screenname here.

I know a lot of you love to see candid random moments and you know I love to share those moments with you so for free fanclub members expect over 150 pics coming tonight. Also catch never before seen footage of moi lol 🙂

I have had sooo much fun online bouncing on my webcam with you guys. As you know the last few days have been really rough, but forget tiger blood you guys rejuvenate me. When im on cam with you guys its like im not sick at all Im smiling im laughing and im loving every second of it. Thats beacause its in my Taylor Blood lol to make you happy which in turn makes me happy. I will be online all week long and I cant wait to play with you guys!

I have sent out over 30 thank you packages this week so get your free screenname and get goodies from me. Also, to all of you who have been sending me the amazing flowers, gifts etc from my wish list  and your hearts through this rough time thank you so so much. I have sent you also extra special ty packages. I love to give as much as I recieve if not more so for those of you who want to spoil me just clicky here.

I havent talked much about whats been going on the last while health wise and I will be doing a post about it but I wanted to do this one first. I love you guys so so much and being back on cam with you guys made me realize exactly where I needed to be. 🙂 Sooo guys esp from now till the end of March get your free screenname and get in on some really naughty free fun…im uploading vids that noone has seen. woot !

So happy Friday and here are a few formspring questions for you guys enjoy the pics and the naughty naked unscensored pics are of course in my free fanclub.


1. Hello taylor would you come to my school and come pick me up in front of all my friends and make there mouths drop ?

Awww, If I could do this for everyone I  absolutley would. That is so cute. I wish I could be everywhere doing that for you. I love seeing the reactions of people esp those jerk boys who treat people bad get their asses handed to them by me lol. If i could I would. But remember you dont need me to make their mouths drop just be you :).

2.  God, i just wanna pull my dick out and cum all over your tits!

Lol well what are you waiting for im online every night on my webcam so get in there and lets have some fun.

3. Ever been with someone you and other know was bad for you? and why

Sigh, yes…sometimes you are already so involved in a relationship that you dont even realize how bad or negative they are for you or your life till after the fact. Sometimes you can work it out sometimes you cant but ultimatley it comes down to more then just love. It comes down to the same goals values etc.. Ive been in love doesnt mean they were all the right person for me. Sometimes when you care for someone your heart just doesnt wanna let go, either guilt,fear etc of being without them. Eventually though, everyone realizes where they should be. Its whether they do something about it  that holds their fate.

4.  Wheres your next vacation ?

Well, for me conventions are awesome and fun cause I get to hang with my friends meet my fans and enjoy. But my next NON-CONVENTION vacation is going to be somewhere tropical beautiful relaxing where I can just lay on the beach stand in the ocean and relax. Esp after these health issues thats exactly what I want. That  would be the best gift ever. Any recommendations ?

5. When you are down,what do you do to keep yourself going and strong?

I remember a few wise words from people and I remember what I have been through in my life and over come. I remember my losses I remember how I did everything on my own and worked super hard to get where I am. I also remember to appreciate that im human. Im allowed to make mistakes. I have my dads fighting spirit in me and I will fight till the death of me.

and me standing out in the freezing cold @ ford field with some vikings fans I just met waiting for the game to start when it was rerouted to detroit. There was not just diet coke in that cup lol