Hey guys ! Well as you all know I made a surprise visit to MIAMI for the EXXXOTICA expo to see my awesome friends who all thought i wasnt gonna make it. Hec.. I didnt think i was gonna make it i had everything cancelled and then I got a time slot where i was lucky and I know I am pushing it but I also know how important it was to be surrounded by people that love you and I went and had an amazing time connecting with everyone and just being able to relax a little bit. I have a long way to go still and I had some bad days health wise there but im kinda stubborn so I always push through lol. I have missed you guys sooo much. Have u missed me ? Cause you are gonna be seeing soooo much more of me online. I have this fresh amazing outlook and I treasure every moment in my life. It was so great to feel normal on the days I didnt feel sick and just enjoy life. I will of course continue to bring you the best of big bouncy boobies lol… cause thats what I do baby ! He he :).

I spent some time with the awesome Kelly Divine, Sophie Dee, Sarajay, Vickyvette, Shyla Stylez and then some it was just so fulfilling sometimes I dont think they realize how much they mean to me. I tried to surprise everyone but Sophie spotted me right away lol… but it was ok I still surprised soo many people. This was awesome for me plus I love the heat in Miami i hate being cold and I got to lay on the beach and look at the sky and just relax. I knew I had chemo soon after I got back so I just enjoyed every moment; including PLAYOFF HEAT VS BULLS TICKETS wow I have some awesome pics and vid of that that you will all see once you get your free screenname it will all be in my free number ONE fanclub.

I got to go to DASH Miami cause of course you know I love the Kardashians lol and I am addicted to the show on the food network diners,drive ins and dives so I got to go to the 11th street diner that was on the show and it was sooo yummy !

You guys are all kick ass and mean sooo much to me and the more I am around you the more I feel better and healthy and I know thats super important for me. So I will be ONLINE on my webcam for you guys and we are gonna get naughty and silly and laugh our asses off ! So just grab your free screenname and lets PLAY ! woot woot ! Your number ONE webcam girl is ready for you hahah 🙂

Here are a few candid pics for you from the trip 🙂 it was so awesome. Of course I got to wear cool wigs and have funnn The rest of them and tons of vid bouncy crazy vid will be uploaded to my free fanclub so get your free screenname now..and of course you still get a TY package full of goodies sent to you 🙂 I caused such chaos at the heat game lol I was on TV !! hahaha

Love you tons

me and the gorgeous kelly divine yummy !


Hey guys !! This interview has been long long overdue but as you all know I have been dealing with a lot on my plate. For those of you who dont know WOOT WOOT I AM your OFFICIAL webcam babe of the year ! Ty  FREEONES.COM !! As you know in January I won the title at the AVN’s and Freeones asked me to do an interview and I have done so many written interviews I decided I wanted to do a video interview :).

First I wanna say yaaay ! I won woot ! Ty to each and every one of you who voted day in and day out to show your support and vote me your number one webcam girl. I have held the number one spot for about 9 years but this year was the first year that FREEONES had an official webcam category which I of course was extremely excited about.. .and to actually have one the very first title they ever gave makes me soooo happy !

I love what I do I always have and you guys know that and Im pretty sure thats why you voted for me :). It takes a lot more then big boobs to be the number one webcam girl. You fans are what I live for I love being me on cam being bouncy fun silly me and you guys are what give me the spirit and allow me to do that. So really its OUR award cause hey … this just means more time with me on cam more giveaways more conventions. Im so super exctied to continue to live up to this title 🙂

I dont want to make this a super long post since youll have all the answers to the questions in the video but for me its not about just getting on cam its about making connections with some of the most amazing people in my life. At a time when I really need it most you are all there for me you have been loyal and loving through everything. Im super proud to be the number one webcam babe out there..ty.


As a giveaway and a thank you im giving away free thank you packages to anyone who gets their free screenname here. Make it fun and clever I always have fun with that hehe. I will be online later so lets celebrate and have some fun. I love you guys ….its time to party !!

See you all LIVE ON MY FREE WEBCAM TONIGHT ! LETS PLAY and let me show you what makes me the number one webcam girl out there !! Noone can take that from me 🙂

Here is the video…. love you guys




Hey guys just a quick post… I had Chemo yesterday and its the 5th round and they informed me that depending on the next ct scan I may have to have 2 more. Im really feeling sick right now but wanted to say hey and wanted to tell you I will be online doing pvt shows later so make sure you get your free screenname and join me and get your package sent out to you this weekend.

I know its Friday the 13th and thats Jasons day but In my version of Freddy Vs Jason Freddy has huge tits so he wins lol 🙂

I love you guys…

Enjoy these and im also adding tons of new pics and NEW vids to the free fanclub so you dont want to miss it and those who do get their free screenname get a never before seen DVD 🙂 yup new goodies for my sexy boys.

I love you all tons !

Ty for your support.


Hey guys…boy have I missed you.

I hope you all had a great easter and have been doing well. I hate that I havent been around latley but this 4th round of chemo has been the hardest on me and I have hardly been able to function. I miss you all so much though and it feels good to even be back with enough energy to do a blog post.

I do feel good enough to be on cam with you guys tonight though so make sure you get your free screenname and come play with me cause I need you guys. I gotta lift my spirits. Being on cam with you guys makes my night… and im feeling like my boobies need playing with what do you think ? LOL.

In all honesty, this has hit me really hard and I dont know where I would be without you guys. You have made things so amazing. The out pouring of support and love is unreal. I feel so blessed I do. Lets hope I will be cancer free soon. I miss you guys a lot and am ready to play.. and am stillt he same me 🙂 so lets get on cam and have some fun…get your free screenname now.

Also, I will be answering some formspring questions since its been so long and my formspring box is overloading itself lol. I also wanted to let you all know how much it means to me all the gifts the love and the support you guys have given me. I cant thank you enough, because I have a bit of neuropathy the massages help so much. You guys spoil me so much and I dont care what you say im spoiling back… so for all of you that purchase anything off my wish list I will spoil you back got it !!! good.

I woke up today with a few things I wanted to say to cancer…

Dear Cancer, I dont think we’ve met im Taylor Fucking Stevens you cant beat me.

Sincerely, Taylor Fucking Stevens

Dear Cancer, I wont let you take my heart and soul and what I love away from me…just letting ya know.

Sincerely, Taylor

Dear Cancer, You might knock me down but I think you forget that I keep getting back up.

Sincerely, Taylor

Dear Cancer, I will not let you beat me.

Love ya, Tay

Ok… a little venting done. I must say im so fucking greatful for all the great people close to me this has truly truly showed me a different outlook on life and its showed me whos really there for you and who isnt and who just pretended to be your friend, and who hoped they could benefit from this. My eyes are wide open and my heart is so thankful to the TRUE friends i have TY TY TY i love you all.

So for those who were hoping id crawl into a shell and hide from the world… you must have forgotten who I was just for kicks ill remind you lol OFFICIAL  internet babe of the year 🙂 and the last 9 years running tyvm 🙂 … 🙂 IM back and I may have some bad days but im gonna have some great ones too :). I will be on cam daily and of course rocking your world and I cant wait 🙂

Because im so fucking greatful to all of you 🙂 Im doing a sampler dvd that NOONE has seen before and NEW FREE FANCLUB MEMBERS from now till may 17th will get it…Yup you didnt think I wasnt doing vids and pics for you guys did you ???? come on now and in the free fanclub are brand new pics and vids being uploaded just for you sexy folks 🙂 woooot !!

Ok….formspring time….

1. Will you or did you watch the Royal Wedding ?

Ok…look I know that this was like the superbowl for some people but No i didnt watch it I dont care. I had much better and more productive things to do. I also knew that the very next day the tv would be full of reports on it and my ears would have to suffer hearing about it.

2. Whats the best and worst thing you have found under the sofa ?

Hahaha, I like this question.. the absolute worst was one of my dogs dirty stinky chew sticks from like months prior… I usually clean enuf that I dont let things get dirty but it was one of those off months. The best thing I found was I was like searching for this earring for a couple weeks and I was so mad cause it was one of my favourite pairs but I looked under the couch too and didnt see it but it had attatched itself to the couch and fell when i moved it so that was pretty kick ass woot !.

3. Jaccuzi or Sauna ?

While I love the idea of a hot tub cause its so nice and soooo good on my back I prefer steam rooms I love to sweat and my body get moist and fucking in a steam room theres just nothing like it…your slippery your soaked LOVE IT ! …im getting wet just thinking about it lol haha

4. Do you have a motto in which you live by ?

Oh yes, I have many but right now its the lyrics to the NICKI MINAJ song FLY esp the chorus.

“I came to win, to fight, to conquer,to thrive…. I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise.. to fly…to fly”

but I do believe in “live each day like its your last” we never know when we are gonna leave this world. Make sure that every single moment counts.

5. You and I wake up in a psychiatric ward together what would u say to me ?

LOL,…Im changing it to seven words ill do a funny answer and a serious one. First one… “what kind of jello do you think they have ?’ LOL and second.. “its gonna be ok”

6.  If you could go back in time and tell your younger self something what would it be ?

Ahhh if only we could go back in time… Theres a lot Id say but ill keep it short, I would tell myself.. follow your heart no matter what, love all, trust few, do wrong to noone.. shakespear said it and I agree

7. What do you think is your best and worst personality traits ?

Well, im definitely a perfectionist, so I do get a little anal about stuff and I also have a bit of a temper I blame that on the middle eastern in me lol.

On the good side, im AMAZINGLY loyal, I am genuine, and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I will always be there for the people I love. Always.

8. What do u need to have a 100% perfect life ?

Nothing.. I dont want a “perfect life” its great the way it is… I want my life it was given to me for a reason and I know that everything happens for a reason and I will take things as they come. Happiness comes from within. Perfection is a myth.

9. What was your favourite subject in school ?

I loved school so I would have to say Law and Psychology.

10.  How do you deal with a spouse or boyfriend that is too clingy someone that has to be updated on you every single hour upon hour ?

I dont.

Ok boys thats enough for now it was a long post but granted it has been a long while lol… GET YOUR FREE NEW sampler dvd and TY package by getting your free screenname I wanna know the screenname so send it to me via the get in touch button and your packages as the other ones have gone out will go out next week !  I will be on cam every day so make sure your asses are visiting me for some free pvt time !