Hey guys !  Did you miss me ? 🙂 I missed you… things have been a bit crazy since I got back from Miami and Vegas. But it was amazing to see all my fans and friends :). The best part is coming home to you guys 🙂 I am so happy to be back and live online at the free fanclub with you guys. I love giving everyone that gets a free screenname a free ty pkg andddddddddd some kick ass play time :). Im feeling super playful lately and love bouncing on cam with you guys ! I will be online daily and we are gonna get crazy… I have a lot in store for you sexy boys !

Since its been a while, I have welllll over 10000 questions in my formspring box so I will answer some more for you guys :)…Then once you grab your free screenname you can join me LIVE on my webcam @ the free fanclub where all kinds of things are known to go down lol 😉 preferably you hahah. 🙂

Ok here we go 🙂

1. What word or phrase do you use too often ?

I say “are you fucking kidding me” quite often lol…. thats cause im just shocked at the ignorance and cluelessness of so many people sometimes lol. Or “you can stop staring now” lol cause everyone loves to stare.

2. What do you do when you feel like your life is spinning upside down like you’re losing your mind and you feel like you’ve lost your direction ?

Everyone has moments like that and its hard when it comes and you feel overwhelemed or that you just want to give up. I know personally ive been there and especially having cancer but what you have to do is take a moment to yourself and think about how far you have come, the amazing people around you and handle things one at a time instead of thinking about it all at once. It will come to you. We all have our moments. Direction will come…You make your own road.

3. Ever Masturbate ?

LOL seriously who asked this… lmao YUP every day and on my naughty webcam LIVE at my free fanclub 🙂 woot ! Yes I love to masturbate im a very very sexual being.

4. Its been kinda known your a foodie girl whats your favourite show on the food network right now ?

OMG ! I am a total foodie after all I used to be 300lbs I loved and still love to eat. I watch the food network almost religiously ! Right now im addicted to Diners,Drive ins and Dives and I have the app on my phone too. I love travelling to the places he features. I did that in Miami and Vegas and every where I go I plan on going to flavourtown baby lol. I also love Eat Street and Outrageous foods I love the idea of food trucks soooo much. We only have a couple great ones here in Toronto that serve the best poutine Evaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! LOL ok I gotta stop talking about food im getting hungry.

5. Which care bear are you most like ?

Thats really tough cause I think right off the top id tell you im like friend bear..but I know for certain im a mix of all bears.  Specifically, cheer bear, funshine, love a lot and of course grumpy lol… I guess im a different bear depending on the moment… haha but for years since ive started camming if you look Ive always had carebears in my background or on my bed because I love them so much and they were one of my favourite cartoons, and they are so damn cute.

6. Marry me princess.

LOL well its hard when you type an anonymous message to accept your hand in marriage lmao. I appreciate the compliment but im not really interested in marriage at the moment. I do love weddings though. But im single and the idea of marriage is sooo far down the line for me lol.

7. What is sexiest on a woman or a man ?


8. Have you ever given someone the ultimatum of either being friends with you, or being friends with someone you don’t get along with?

Absolutley not. What happens between me and one person is between me and that person. I would never take away a friendship that brought something to someones life. If I dont like you I wont hang out with you. If my friend wants to be friends with someone I dont like then they can have their time together. Everyone has to make decisions for themselves. I find that people show their true colours no matter what eventually. Im not petty like that. Plus im super easy to get along with if people werent so judgmental so I try to be friends and equal to everyone.

9. Whats your favourite way to spend a rainy day ?

Inside cuddled with my doggies starting at the rain fall on my balcony. That is if having sex and kissing in the pouring rain is not available. 🙂 hahaha  And of course on cam with you guys to keep me warm

10. Id love to bend you over pull your hair and spank you.

LOL well awesome cause thats my perfect way to have sex 🙂 However, I dont know you so its not likely that it would be you doing that lol but yes you would absolutlely love it 🙂 hehe. Come see me on my live webcam at the free fanclub and ill show you all about spanking and bending over 🙂 wooot !

Ok boys thats it for now but I will def have tons more for you 🙂 Now its time to drop your pants pull out your…..lol and get naughty with me.