Hey guys !! I have been having sooo much fun with you guys @ my free fanclub I havent had a chance to do blog updates. So im catching up while im not in free pvt sessions with you guys. Make sure you get your free screename so you can join in on the funnn.

Now lets talk about my Chicago adventures … SOOOOO much fun. I fucking LOVE chicago 🙂 I was at EXXXOTICA and it was soo fun meeting my fans and friends and seeing sooo many familair faces from last year and of course being next to the gorgeous Kelly Divine and hanging out with all my friends. I went to six flags with Sarajayxxx shes awesome it was the first time I have been to an amusmement park in forever our boobies were bouncing everywhere. It was nice to have some fun and forget about the negative stuff for a while.

The Chicago convention was amazing.. everyone was so friendly. I ate at some amazing restaurants in downtown chi town. I went to carmines, gibsons mmmm i love it. I went to millenium park and I loved it. I was just upset that the day after I left they revealed this huge marilyn monroe statue which i would have LOVED to see and there was a ribfest i missed lol. But hey thats ok. Ill be back I have good friends in chicago it was amazing. I even met my twin lol kinda i put my glasses on her cause people said she looked like me.  I had so much fun with my fans 🙂 They were all so fun we just have a big party !  Here are some pics from the convention I loved that all the women that came with their husbands were so fkn cool with me. People said such amazing things and their support was unreal. One of my fans was wearing a kick ass johnny cash shirt i love if anyone knows where to get it please get it for me in xtra small 🙂 i fkn love it 🙂 !!

I did some awesome shooting while I was in chicago too 🙂 There is lots to come so make sure you get your butts in live chat with me just grab a free screenname make it clever lol and cum see some boobie bouncing funn !!  I will be uploading alll my pics to the free fanclub so see all the uncensored fun you dont get to see.



I love you chicago 🙂

Heres the pics 🙂 fun times

I loved this guys shirt 🙂 I love johnny cash

me having fun in my booth 🙂

me doing the red carpet pose 🙂

Blurry but me and @kellydivine having a blast we are right in the middle of action (arent we always)

me and @sarajayxxx what a hottie 🙂 love her !

me and my supposed twin lol i lent her my glasses 🙂 she was super sweet

boobie time they were falling out what else is new lol

Big booty fun 🙂


Welll guys…. as you know I won Cam girl of the year for 2011 and ive been going 10 Years strong ! Yaaaaaay. I did a post and and video interview before but yaaaaaay the other week I finally got my trophy ! Yaay it feels soo good to know that my fans love me and support me through everything. I love being a fan favourite. I have totally dedicated myself to what I do cause I love it !  All of you who see me at my free fanclub KNOW that i am bouncy happy and love  being there with you guys.

Going through what ive been going through the last year has been sooo hard but being on my live webcam with you guys is where I feel at home and this award was sooo important to me because I know i earned it. I started as a bigger girl, I worked hard and made it to the top and I love it here. I couldnt have done it without all of you who always supported me and made me smile day in and day out :). 

I plan on bringing you sooo much more of me.. theres BIG BIG BIG things coming yes bigger then these boobies 🙂 hehehe. Ty to everyone at freeones for voting and giving me the official title 🙂 woot woot ! So make sure you all grab your free screenname and come and see why Im the number one internet babe :). Often imitated never duplicated 🙂

Here are a few reviews that members have written from my shows. It makes me so happy when i can make you smile. Laughter is the best medicine and smiling is contagious. Ive had years of fun bouncy time, bloopers and crazy fun times hehehe and theres many more to cum. It only gets better 🙂 .

Firstly, ive won the awards for “best breasts”, “friendliest”, “best personality” and the list goes on 🙂 hhehe

Here are YOUR reviews of me and our shows on my live webcam:

* Taylor rocked my world!!! She is, by far, the BEST chat host available here. She made me feel like no one has in a LONG, LONG time. Taylor is amazing and her boobs are OUTRAGEOUS!!!! *


*Duuuuudeeeeeeeeeeeeee Taylor bloody rocks! Aye, such a great gal, fantastic personality, mmmmmm get her energized a oh my goodness, sexyness to the extreme. Taylor proves that when you put your mind in sync with your body, only loveliness can result. Rockin show Taylor, you’re such a sweet gal too, so nice talkin with a beautiful girl with personality*

*She was absolutely the best, great personality, beautiful, and fun to chat with. I could not ask for anyone better, no wonder she is number 1! Thanks for the great chat sexy!*

*Taylor has a great personality. If she doesn’t get you going with her sexy physique and hot looks, she will definately get you going with her bouncy, fun, outgoing personality. I can’t wait to come back for more Taylor… ;)*

*Im standing in a completely empty football stadium, and i have never felt more claustrophobic. Its been 4 days since i have seen Taylors smile and that is what i felt like the entire 4 days. But right now, having just seen that smile, I feel like im floating in space while simultaneously winning an Oscar and curing cancer….she’s just that awesome. So if ur suffering from Taylor withdrawal, do yourself a favor and watch her smile. =)*

*Taylor is one of those people who can make any situation better. There is just something about her, something in her smile that fixes anything. She has the ability to make you understand things you didnt think you could and feel things you didnt know existed. So if you have had a bad day, week, month, or year, instead of anti-depressants, just see Tay, I promise u will gain a whole new perspective on things.*

These are just some of your amazing words so definitely join my free fanlcub and check it out for yourself. I love making you happy and I will continue to do what I do best till the death of me ;). I am also giving away free ty pkgs to all those who join the free fanclub because I wanna give back to you all 🙂

To all of you who have been asking to spoil me I def spoil back you can find all my goodies HERE.

Love you all here is my winning photoshoot. TY !! Big bouncy boobie hugs ! I was digging confetti out of my boobies forever ! lol


Hey guys by now you’ve probably had your bbqs yummmmm and are relaxing and enjoying your holiday in the sun with a nice cold drink 🙂 Its gorgeous out here today and theres a little wind and my dress keeps floating lol the guys love it !! Ive also been having soo much fun on my live webcam and giving away goodies to all those who get their free screenname here. ! Yup giveaways. I know your going to have some amazing fireworks tonight so make sure you enjoy them ! I am gonna cause some more fireworks for you tonight at the free fanclub lol.

Since I did two Canada day posts I thought it only fair to do two Fourth of July posts so here it is 🙂 And for all of you. ill be answering some more formspring questions since you guys have been dying for some of those 🙂

1. What is your favourite kind of  Cake ?

MMMM I love cake… I would have to say anything with white chocolate in it really but i also love this double fudge chocolate cake mmmm…I LOVE FOOD !

2.If there were one dream you’ve had that you could have come true, which would that be?

I would have my father back from heaven in a heartbeat.

3.Of all the talents you’ve developed over the years, which is most valuable to you?

I have to say My ability to continually be genuine even in the face of disengenuous people. I know how to read people very well and stay true to myself.

4. Condoms use them or screw them ?

I use Condoms when necessary but I prefer sex without them when im in a loving commited relationship. Its always better to be safe then sorry.

5.Over the summer what is the one thing you are going to work to improve?

Im gonna try and beat this Cancer and come back healthy and strong ! Kick it right in the ass

6. What are your major pet peeves ?

Ignorance, Judgmental People, Bad drivers, Poor Hygeine, and Pretentious People.

7. Dane cook..funny or not.

NOT I used to like him but his stuff is so repetitive theres nothing great about him I love Daniel Tosh he is amazingly funny 🙂

8. What is your favourite way to make a room smell fresh ?

Walk in it.. lol my perfume always leaves a pretty scent 😉

9. Do you have a favourite board game ?

Yes Risk…you always have to be taking risks in life. I also loved Pay Day and Scrabble

10. What if your kid watched your porn movie !!!

Lol thanks for the exclamation points. First and foremost I have not yet decided on children. Secondly, I have not done a PORN movie. Thirdly, there would be no secrets between me and my child. I am very proud of who I am what I do and I would be open about it. You cannot shield a child from everything. Its better if it comes from you first. But im not having any kids any time soon anyways 🙂

Ok guys thats enough for now now get your free screenname right now for the full naughty set and vid and get LIVE with me and ill shoot fireworks from my boobies LOL 🙂 xoxox



Hi guys… you didnt think i forgot about you now did you !! You know I love the U.S just as much as Canada. I think I was meant to be born in Vegas. I hope your all having amazing bbq’s and apple pie… and enjoying all kinds of kick ass fireworks. Speaking of fireworks Ive been having an amazing time with you all on my live free webcam ! We are making our own fireworks lol 🙂

I am giving away a TON of thank you packages and mailing them out Tuesday so Make sure you get your free screenname and join me at the free fanclub for some boobie bouncing FUN FUN FUN !! I have been having such a great time on webcam with you guys you are invigorating.

Im celebrating here with RIBFEST… I love my ribs pulled pork chicken mmmmm its great 🙂 heheh. Im pretty saucy lmao. I always end up with sauce on my boobies lol…and crumbs lol. I wore my I love big racks shirt hahah I love turning heads its tooo funny.

So I listed 10 things I love about being Canadian but now im gonna list ten awesome things about America 🙂

1. APPLE PIE– yummm as american as apple pie 🙂 warm apple pie like my cooter hahah I called it a cooter 🙂 again food is first on my list.

2. FORD MUSTANG– what a great car 🙂 all american !

3. LAS VEGAS– I had to give it its own category cause I love it sooo much.

4. MARK TWAIN– The original american bad ass 🙂

5. THE NATIONAL ANTHEM– It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it !

6. FOOTBALL – The friken superbowl HELLO !! Nothing more american then that… God i miss football.

7. THE TIFFANY BOX– The only thing more powerful then its contents.. Every girl wants that blue box 🙂

8. BENDY STRAWS-Invented by a Cleveland entrepreneur—and perhaps Ohio’s most significant contribution, though we tip our hats to the Wright Brothers and its 8 U.S. Presidents

9. BASEBALL- Nothing better then watching some good American Baseball 🙂 and loving the NY/BOSTON rivalry 🙂

10. ROCK AND ROLL – Real rock and roll baby 🙂

and ill add another one cause we have tooo

11. CHARLIE BROWN – Who doesnt love Charlie Brown

Theres so many more I might have to make this two posts wink wink 😉

So get your asses on my live cam right now.. im shooting fireworks out of my boobies !! Get your free screenname right now and get in on the action….I just might mess up my boobies with some all american apple pie…wanna lick it off me :).

Im giving away free ty packages and Free pvt time so Get your name HERE !




Hey guys…just a quick post for you. Last night I really needed to get out and have some fun so my best friend and I decided to go out to a bar that was doing a theme night teacher student. She really wanted to be a school girl so I decided to be a teacher it was funnnn as hec. I snapped some really cool shots everyone loved it. Ill be uploading the pics to the free fanclub so make sure you get your free screenname asap !

I was walking around balancing and apple in my boobies and I was using a ruler to spank everyone that was being bad lol. Too funny ! Needless to say we rocked it in there. We always do silly crazy poses. So here are a few candid shots of us having fun ! I just recently saw the movie bad teacher lol and I totally played the part…it was such a funny movie so I was def in bad teacher mode 🙂 Come to my naughty webcam classroom and im gonna make you stay after class for detention ;). I can think of a few ways you can earn extra credit heheh 🙂

Get in on the fun and join the free fanclub for free ty packages and free pvt 1 on 1 time 🙂 with me and my bouncy boobies :). Get your free screenname here !




Since you all loved the Canada day pics and the fact that im giving away free thank you packages to all those who get a free screenname I decided to give you guys some more goodies !

But first lets do this…


You stand in “line-ups” or “queues” (in Victoria, BC) at the movie, not lines.
You’re not offended by the term, “Homo Milk”.
You understand the sentence, “Could you please pass me a serviette, I just spilled my bowl of poutine” !
You eat chocolate bars instead of candy bars.
You drink pop, not soda.
You had a Prime Minister who wasn’t fluent in either of the official languages (English & French).
You know what it means to be ‘on the pogey’.
You know that a mickey and 2-4’s mean “Party at thecamp, eh?!”
You can drink legally while still a teen in some provinces.
You talk about the weather with strangers and friends alike.
You don’t know or care about the fuss with Cuba, it’s just a cheap place to travel with very good cigars.
When there is a social problem, you turn to your government to fix it, instead of telling them to stay out of it.
You’re not sure if the leader of your nation has EVER had sex and you don’t WANT to know if he has!
You get milk in bags as well as cartons and plastic jugs.
Pike is a type of fish, not some part of a highway.
You drive on a highway, not a freeway.
You know what a Robertson screwdriver is.
You have Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers.
You know that Mounties “don’t always look like that.”
You dismiss all beers under 6% as “for children and the elderly.”

Those are only a few and they are hilarious lol 🙂 I will see you all on my free webcam lets have funnnnn there are fireworks going on outside lets make tons go on inside on my webcam !

Another thing i love love love about Canada …Canadian Bacon and speaking of Canadian bacon here is a nice ass shot for you lol hahha 🙂 lots of bacon on this one 🙂

Ill see you all LIVE now !! im a little tipsy on my molson canadian and im ready to party ! lets play EH 🙂 see I said eh 🙂 hahahaha.




Hey guys !! Its been a while ! Happy Friday ! Its Canada day here on my side of town woot !  Theres lots of amazing things about Canada 🙂 the chicks are hot for one lol 🙂 hahahah something in the water. 🙂 But because its a celebration weekend and now that the postal strike is over im celebrating life and this trek to kick cancers butt and am giving away new ty packages to everyone who gets their free screenname here and bet your asses you’ll be joining me on cam later cause I am doing a sticky icky CANADIAN maple syrup webcam show 🙂 mmm sticky yummy boobies ! Want a lick ?  Make sure you get to the free fanclub and see me live by getting your free screenname !!

You all know I love Vegas and North America but I love being a Bouncy Busty Canadian Blondie :). There are some awesome thing about Canada. Here are the things I love the most !

1. POUTINE 🙂 hahah of course I put food first LOL hahahah you know me I love to eat !

2. THE USE OF THE WORD EH ? 🙂 Im Canadian and I always say eh and people know im Canadian right away when i say that lol its so funny when I go visit a different country

3. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE – This for obvious reasons is one thing I love about Canada. Especially considering my condition I totally need it. Im very lucky to be in this Country right now

4. HOCKEY– ok sooo I know our hockey team sucks but I am Canadian and we love our even though they constantly dissapoint…. Go leafs go !

5.REDROSE TEA– Its only in Canada and I love it soooo much. Its the best tea ever !

6. TIM HORTONS– I know its branched out into the Us market a bit but its HUGE here people are addicted to the coffee.. I dont drink coffee but its like fun to hang out there lol 🙂

7. MOLSON CANADIAN– As Homer would say “MMMM BEER” Yumsies 🙂 hahah. We love our beer and a nice cold Canadian on a patio on a hot day is heaven.

8.BEAVER– Get your dirty minds out of the gutter Im talking about the animal LOL… Dont you just love a good beaver 😉 Wanna see mine ? Join me on Cam later but get your free screenname first and come in and have free time with me 🙂

9. DRAKE– You all knew I was gonna put this one on here ! I love my Drake so woooot…….Now playing Drake “Im on one”

10. MAPLE SYRUP– Which I will be pouring all over my huge breasts later on my free webcam ! Im celebrating so all of you new free fanclub members get free time with me yup ! Free 🙂

Ok guys so of course Canada day wouldnt be right without Canada day pics right lol right ! So voila lol 🙂 The free full set is in my fanclub and a naughty vid…Where I get totally Canadian on your asses lol. Im one crazy bouncy Canuck 🙂 and you get to see all that live on my webcam !! Lets make our own fireworks 🙂

Get your free screenname and if your Canadian I wanna see something canadian in there 🙂 hehe