HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS !! :) Get your butts into my FREE FANCLUB cause there is a friday night party going on !! Its only the beginning :) woot woot :) Im busting out everywhere !! grab ure FREE SCREENNAME and join me

ok guys… so most people write about the bad things about cancer and since we pretty much all know them I decided lets make a list of postive things. Im having a great time @ my free fanclub with you all and tonight since its the weekend :) Im gonna shed some fun silly positivity to this horrendous disease :) . Its meant to be light hearted and fun :)

Lets turn this bitch upside down lol

1. I dont have to shave like ever ! I have skin as soft as a babys bottom lol. My showers are way shorter because I dont have to wash my hair. In and out woot !

2. Its brought me close to so many people I would have never met or learned about in my life. Its made me more open and allowed me to share stuff with people I never thought I would.

3. Its taught me the value of life.. made me realize who my friends were and really realized who was important in my life and who I needed to get rid of. Cancer is a jerk detector.

4. My grocery bills are way lower since I cant really eat. Protien shakes never tasted so good :)

5. I am legally allowed to posses the medicinal marijuana LOL…

6. I get to drop off my wig to be styled and go do other things instead of sitting in the salon for an hour getting my hair done !! yaaay time saver :) I love my hair dresser she just picks up my wig and drops it back off :)

7. Music means soo much more to me now.. it saves me some days. Every lyric everything touches home to me.  Can really pick you up from the worst moments ever.

8. Everyone brings u chocolates and sends you flowers :) Ive never seen my condo so pretty :) The love of everyone is just surrounding me.

9. If you so choose, noone is going to yell at you about sleeping in all DAY ! I never do sleep but if I wanted to i could get away with it lol.

10. Figuring out I was way stronger then I thought I was and I was pretty damn strong :) woot

11. I got to get in contact with Raven ALexis who is amazing btw

Ok guys thats enough for now lets get back to bra busting k :) its wayy fun !! LOL so join me @ the free fanclub and get a goodie bag full of taylor goods :) woot woot

Some pics for you ;) the full uncensored versions in my free fanclub :)

In honour of hockey season :) woot #nhl


2 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUN !! BRA BUSTING FUN !!

  1. Your spirit and optimism is so inspiring. I hope you can come to the Exxxotica show in NJ in November. :)

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