Hey guys.. well as you all know its been a hectic couple of weeks for me lol. I was in La for a party and a generous fan bought me tickets to the LA kings game 4 and from that day forward it was all history LOL. La was so much fun. I couldnt believe everything that transpired. It was all from going to a hockey game.

So for those of you that might be under a rock lol I was behind the new jersey devils bench in game 4 and it turns out Peter deboer (amongst other players lol) gave me a bit of a look. Or so they say well they said and they got it on video lol. Here it is …


My boobies made headlines 🙂 But Peter was a really great sport about it and said some really funny things which you can see in the articles lol like buying me a ticket to the nj game since my efforts at distracting them didnt work for that game. I thought its all just been super fun.

From that point forward it was nuts !! I didnt realize that I was trending on twitter or that anything had happend till I got out of the Staples centre because I didnt have wifi. But apparently I was the talk of the town from bloggers, worldwide news, tmz, i went from getting ready to see the kings win the cup to interviews and appearances lol and it was just crazy. It was world wide news i was in the home paper and my mom called to say hey your in the toronto sun lol. Despite some negative attention it was all super positive and i have been having so much fun with it. People were suprised to know I know my shit when it comes to sports. I was lucky enough to have that same fan get me the seats to game 6 where the Kings took the cup. Being a part of that moment and that history was amazing.

I had to laugh at myself and the situation people actually thought I was a plant for the LA kings. Lets give those boys a bit more credit guys lol. I decided to do a fun video for funny or die just to have fun with the whole situation. It was a lot of work but it was great. Here is the video i uploaded to you tube and the link to the actual funny or die vid.

Theres tons of links and tons of articles so If i keep writing I could write forever lol. But I figure ill put up some of the stuff for you all to read. Even Ocho Cinco wrote a blog lol.

Tmz managed to find me at the Vitamin water event in LA lol the link

Me in one of the local papers 🙂



more fun behind the bench game 6



boobs were definitely behind deboer


The trending #boobsbehinddeboer that night inspired me to do something great with all this newfound publicity. I decided to start bidding the outfits i wore. So i have the domain of which i have already sold the infamous shirt I wore to game 4 and still 2 days left for the remainging shirt from game 6. Proceeds from both shirts are going to 2 organizations very close to my heart. One is and the other I have battled obesity and am currently battling Cancer with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I wanted to do something to make this feel worth it. If your intrested go bid :).

Special thanks to @crs_one for all his help 🙂 You guys are amazing now lets get have even more fun with this. 🙂 Get your #free screenname and lets play at 🙂 

Im still doing tons of interviews and apperances but always put you guys first 🙂 Love you !!



Hey guys !! Its been a while, things have been really hectic with doctors, moving and all kinds of great things but its been a while since I posted and Its time to catch up 🙂 Im gonna leave this post simple since its one of many today :). I have been doing tons of shooting and you guys are gonna LOVE the new stuff coming :). Im doing a special fan club show later for all those who grab their free screenname and join me live on cam :). You guys have been amazing and I miss you tons. Lets see what questions and comments you had recently 🙂

1. Tay what is your favourite pastime when you have free time I know your a busy girl ?

I am very busy I am a virgo so I’m always wanting to be productive and go go go. I do need to find some balance and relax a bit cause its better for my health. But I love spending time with the family and to me my family is my close friends and my doggies. I love playing poker watching sports and I love to workout 🙂

2. Your still single what does it take for someone to have a chance with you ?

Look I’m an average girl, its not that I am picky its that I am enjoying being single right now. I also have so much to focus on health wise and career wise that I just don’t feel its fair to bring someone into my life while I’m going through such an enormous battle with cancer. I still date but Im not looking for anything serious right now. I need to focus on me.  But I’m single by choice and its ok cause when that day comes that I decide to go serious I think that the right person will eventually come along and if not thats ok too.

3. I think you have a big nose and your ugly.

Aww ty so much lol…I wish you could come up with something a bit better then that. I love my nose because its my fathers nose. My father passed away when I was 6 and I will never change it. I think it adds character. As far as you thinking I’m ugly thats ok, I’m not everyones cup of tea and everyone is entitled to their opinion i just don’t think that spitting out hateful rude comments really gets you anywhere. Stay positive and maybe take a look at yourself first ? YES I HAVE A BIG NOSE wow super news flash I have big tits a big heart and a big brain too fyi 🙂 I like to keep things proportioned 🙂

4. If you could be in a time machine where would you go and why ?

Id go back to 6 years old before my dad past away and hug him one last time. Id make sure we spent that whole day at the race track because we always used to go and watch the horses. I miss him if I could change time I would. I was happiest then.

5. What 3 songs are you listening to right now ? I know music is a big part of your life.

Oh music is so important to me. Its gotten me through some of the toughest moments of my life. Everyone knows I love hip hop but for me its about the lyrics. I have been listening to a lot right now but here are the top 3

1. Ambition – Wale ft Meek Mill

2. No lie- 2 chaiz ft drake

3. Hurt- Johnny Cash 🙂

Heres a few teaser pics for you 🙂 because the rest will be uploaded to my free fanclub so get your free screenname and join me LIVE @ for a bouncy time.