Hiiiiiiiiiii guys !! I  have been having an amaaaaaazing couple weeks on cam with you guys !! sooo much fun ! I love having some time where im not travel to be online for you all the time!!. I know we are all having fun getting ready for the xmas Holidays 🙂 lol im a procrastinator and have got NOTHING done lol. I will be in Toronto for Xmas and then back to vegas for New years but before thaaaaaaaat I will be in boston 🙂 for the patriots game and I will be LIVE on 98.5 the sports hub on the friday before the game :). Super excited I love Boston even in the cold lol.

Now the reason for this post !! I am sooooooo honoured to be nominated by Xbiz and AVN ! This is my first avn nomination and my second xbiz nomination im super excited about it. I was nominated by Xbiz for best webstarlet of the year and by AVN for best solo girl site of the year !! Woooot its just such an honour to be recognized for the hard work that you do and Im stoked. Its really not about winning its about something ive built with my bare hands all by my little self 🙂 hehe and having someone take notice. Im just so thrown back right now.

Thank you all for your responses to the video and thank you all for being soooooooo amazing !! I wouldnt be where I am today without you. My fans my friends you are all so so important to me. So thank you for believing in me, supporting me, picking me up when i was down and of course bouncing with me LIVE on cam hehehe.

To thank you this week anyone who gets their free screenname using this special link HERE will get some goodies sent to them 🙂

Im in an amazing mood nothing can ruin it and I wanna have fun fun fun !! So get your free screenname and see your xbiz and avn starlet LIVE on cam !