Hi guys I told you id be updating more often πŸ™‚

Ty all for having a great time with me LIVE on cam and for being so fun. And for always making me smile.

Remember when I put out a shirt with and I told you there was more to come well they did it they put the one the only the legend Tera Patrick on her shirt and she looks sexy as usual. Tera is one of the most amazing people I know inside and out getting to know her in this industry was one of the best parts of it. She is a smart business woman an amazing friend and mother. She is not known as a legend for nothing.

One thing I know about her is that she doesn’t have a filter which i LOVE. She tells it like it is and if she doesn’t believe in you or your product she wont support it. She was groundbreaking for this industry and Im proud to call her my friend.

Now with all those attributes she put out an AMAZING shirt… For those of you who dont know the shirt is from and there are ONLY 169 that will ever be sold and printed and each come with your specific favourite number maybe your number is 69 LOL and maybe its 12 (for tom brady, lol ok had to throw that in there) and with all the Tera fanatics out there they are gonna go fast. The shirt if you know the song “marble floors” you know the lyrics are exactly suited for Tera.

Tera and I will be doing some upcoming shoots and events so stay tuned for all that but for now guys go BUY her shirt you would be doing something amazing to support my amazing friend and you would look hot doing it. For those who have already bought the shirt and picked their specific number they are getting tons of inquiries. So just go to and grab YOUR number and YOUR shirt and when you do let both me and Tera know you might get something extra special along with it ( ok when i say might i mean you will) πŸ™‚ Β Also we have both picked two special numbers from 1 to 169 and who ever hits the t-shirt jackpot and picks these numbers gets something amazing. I LOVE surprises. These are collectors items so if you have mine you def wanna get hers too and theres more to come ;).

Dont forget to tweet @tera1patrick and @taystevens when you’ve bought the shirt and there is a link on the site to show the love.


Here are some fun pics of me and Tera at some of our events… There will be many many more to come including a behind the scenes look at Teras exclusive photoshoot…so grab your shirt and wear it for her im sure she will sign it at many of her events :).

Click this link to go directly to Tera’s shirt …

Here are some fun pics of me and tera πŸ™‚ and of course you can see tons of her pics and vids at



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Hey guys !! I know its been a while huh. Lets just say life has been really hectic lately. Been super busy with travelling but also been very sick. I had a health scare in vegas and Im was in Toronto waiting on my biopsy results. Going through this is all too familiar for my liking. But im one tough cookie and ive done it before and if anything is happening again then I am ready for that too. I want to thank you all so much for always being by my side, ive said it once and ill say it again and again. I have the best fans in the world.

Speaking of the best fans in the world. TY ALL for voting for me for THE FANNYS at the exxxotica convention. I was in the hospital and was unable to attend πŸ™ I really wished I could and my heart really wanted to. But i was told the first thing I needed to do was get back home and see my oncologist. But you guys did me so so proud ! I WON !! I won i won I won best cam girl the first ever fanny awards. I needed a win and you guys gave it to me I cant thank you enough. Your relentless voting was amazing. Now im done with the vote for me stuff and its time to get back to being bouncy fun and back on cam with you guys. Im gonna be live all week so make sure you get your free screenname here and join the free fanclub. Ill be live all week with more blog posts for you but for now I wanted to leave with a few pics and say im doing a super welcome back special for 10 straight days those of you who get your free screennameΒ and join me ( make it clever) get extra special taylor goodies sent RIGHT to them. Im mailing out several ty packages to all those who were so sweet and kind while i was in the hospital. TY for being amazing fans.

NOW i know you all missed me and I sure as hec missed you so get your butts to playwithtay and come have some fun with your fan voted award winning number one chathost πŸ™‚ MUAH !

Here are some answers to your questions. I couldnt leave you without a few questions πŸ™‚ heheh

1.What is the most played song in your music library?

I play sooo many songs in my music library lol but right now I have Stay by Rhianna on replay quite a bit as well as future and kelly rowland Neva end

2.Have you ever thought about doing porn in the future?

Well I consider what I do now solo porn but if your referring to hardcore porn its always something that crosses my path in interviews and by fans but for me its just not something im interested in doing. I love what I do my fans love what I do so Im gonna go with what is best for me πŸ™‚

3.Would you let me Suck your nipple ? (this was an actual question)

No since we arent dating lol but you can definitely watch me do it at

4.Β Do you think the leafs will make the playoffs what odds would you give ?

Its clear I havent checked my account too much. LOL I had hopes they would make the playoffs they broke my heart but I was very very proud of their efforts. The leafs did way better then I think anyone had expected and took boston to a game 7 which was very close. Im proud of them and I think they are at the very least on the right track.Its a start.

5. You recently won the fannys as best webstarlet do you prefer one award over another ?

A win is a win. Its amazing to be noticed and recognized for your efforts. Its amazing to know that all the time and effort you put in matters. I LOVE what I do its my passion I have no desire to change. The awards that mean the most to me are the ones voted by my fans who clearly put in diligent efforts and work hard voting day in and day out to give me the best the absolute best of them and they deserve nothing less in return. So Β yes the trophy and recognition are amazing but to know I have fans friends that would go that extra mile for me thats the best reward I could ever get. πŸ™‚

Ok guys gotta get these boobies ready to bounce πŸ™‚ MUAH

xoxo Tay