HI guys !!! Happy Halloween weekend 🙂 I know its been super long since I posted !! Its been a really hectic crazy time but ill be updating more often now.. been busy with a LOT including working on this site for you :). But you all know I would never ever miss halloween.

So this year 🙂 im your Queen of hearts and lets see what tricks up my sleeve or in my boobies 🙂 heheh ! Im doing a halloween week special so get your FREE screenname HERE its a special link for everyone this week :). See this full set inside my fanclub at www.playwithtay.com 🙂 the full naughty uncensored set :). Lets have a shit ton of bouncy boobie fun !! Im so happy to be back on cam with you guys !!!!!

Here are a few teaser pics hope you like and Happy Halloween come get your treats 😉 I got big ones for you. Use this special FREE signup Link and get in on the fun 🙂