Hey guys omg its been hectic since I got back from europe but I am still trying to recover 3 weeks later. Its gonna take me at least a month but I am LIVE every day on cam with you which is where I feel awesome and full of energry. Now to my post… No one is perfect I know I am not lol, i just wanted to make a lighthearted post since everyone always says why is she single? or how is this girl single ? In all honesty these are not the reasons that I am single. I’m single by choice, I travel far too much and I’m just focusing on myself right now and my career. When i’m ready i’ll leave it to fate :). In the meantime Ill be LIVE all week so make sure you get in on the bouncy fun with THIS FREE LINK. I just wanted to make a fun post about things that I notice i do and wonder if anyone else does the same thing. Things that can be considered annoying. So here goes…

1. Whenever I’m watching television or a movie and I recognize the face of someone familiar but not their name I always have to find out who it is regardless if it is in the middle of the movie or not I am always saying OUT LOUD: ” I have seen that girl or guy somewhere before” and I will ask the person with me who is trying to enjoy the show or movie if they know who it is lol. Its so bad cause I interrupt the show and then when I finally figure it out and I say something like “remember the guy from that show or movie we watched ?” & then when THEY dont remember I get super annoyed. LOL I am a virgo and it just eats at me when i cant remember something I have to find the answer right away.

2. I am the type of person who always thinks I have packing mastered lol and I usually do but I have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes and I’m so indecisive when packing you never know what your gonna need. So, even though I TRY for my suitcases to not be overweight they usually end up being that way lol. If i’m travelling with a guy who has to lug the suitcases he hates that lol. But usually ill be like ok this one is good and this one is good and then i say fuck it i’ll just pay the overweight fee. I know they charge up the ass but sometimes its more worth it for me to just pay the overweight fee and have all my shit where I want it lol. Although i have to admit i do sometimes keep a bit of my suitcase off the scale if they are not looking ;).

3. Speaking of packing… when I get to or from a place that I’m travelling to I absolutely have to unpack everything and put it in its proper place before I do anything else. I have to set up my makeup station put all the toiletries in the hotel shower and hang up all my clothes before I can actually do anything.That way everything’s ready when I start getting ready.

4. I’m also one of those annoying people who leaves the empty containers of my shampoo conditioner or body wash in the shower for far too long then one day when they finally become annoying I throw them all out in the recycling lol.

5. I have to have a window seat or I freak out. If I’m not sitting beside the person i am travelling with due to some error or lack of availability of seats i will ask someone if they don’t mind moving. Usually i get the seats together but when I don’t i get pissed and make it happen.

6. When i get angry I clean I am always cleaning when I’m in an argument with someone

7. I am an animal on football days… I dont want to be bothered I am all about the game there is nothing more important to me on football sundays so If your a guy or a friend thats not into football or sports then you might get annoyed, however it is likely you are annoying me more then i am annoying you.

8. Im very clear when i go to a restaurant and order my meals. I live a low carb lifestyle so when I go to a restaurant and I order “no croutons” and the salad comes back with croutons its annoying. Or if i order fajitas with lettuce cups instead dont forget the lettuce cups !! lol Also, I know bacardi its all I drink bacardi white superior and diet coke so please do NOT try to pass off another liquor like lambs or captain morgan,bacardi gold and in many cases something that is not even rum. I really hate when I get my drink and its the wrong drink. I always say to my date or friend “taste this does this taste like bacardi to you” it could get annoying as well lol

9. I always try to figure out the storyline of a tv show or a movie like in the very beginning I guess its the criminal justice and criminology major in me. But I always have to do that and if i’m right i’m always saying “see i was right, I knew it”.

10. Im only going to do ten today because there are many many more flaws lol i’d be here all day. If you were to live with me sometimes I take my shoes clothes jeans and underwear off a one time and leave it all in one spot. Im normally very organized and hate that but it depends on the night lol. My best friend used to call me a “trail maker” because I would always leave a trail where I go. ok one more

11. I leave the cap off the toothpaste So you see, this is just a start. I’m not perfect lol.

We all have our flaws but the most important thing is if we love who we are and are happy. I am very happy with who I am flawas and all. BUT I am most happy on CAM with you guys. This week is going to be extra special so make sure you use THIS FREE LINK to join me and have some boobie bouncing fun. I am giving away a ton of goodies for you !!

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Hi Hi everyone, although this is only a quick update I will have a longer more detailed post about my recent trip to Europe in particular Macedonia again where I had an amazing time with amazing people. I am palestinian born in Canada but have macedonian roots and ties as well. I hated to leave but I am extremely happy to be back and see my doggies who were big furballs lol. Their hair grew soo much I got them groomed the next day. I am still jetlagged and trying to get back to normal not feeling super great but Its gonna take a while I was gone 5 weeks afterall. My whole system has to adapt back to Toronto.

Most of all I missed all of you !!!!!!!!!!! Its my birthday month woot woot !! My birthday is september 20th guys and for those of you asking to spoil me and what I like here is my wishlist and you can also go to spoiltay.com. I love love love goodies and love to spoil back.

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Now, on to the #alsicebucketchallenge. Als is actually a cause close to my heart a very close friend of mine lost his father to Als and im glad to see more awareness and donations being made. While i was in europe I was challenged to do an ice bucket challenge by a fan and friend of mine adrian. I was however in a part of the country where ice was very scarce so I waited till just now when I got home to do it so I have it for you. I have nominated @sarajayxxx @brianna_jordan @Nikkibenz and @amyanderssen πŸ™‚ Enjoy lol πŸ™‚


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If you dont know what ALS is or want to donate please go to alsa.org and learn more about this disease that affects so many people.

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