Hi hi guys !! I have missed you all so so much. I was off to vegas in early january and then when i got back there was so many meetings, opportunities and family matters to attend to and now its fkn almost MAY !! Crazy. But I have been busy shooting new content for some really great things to come. I have missed being live on cam with you guys so much.

I have recieved top honors in the adult webcam awards and been nominated. I need your support. Everyone please go to vote4tay.com and vote for me! Every vote counts and it means so much.

Since instagram decided to be assholes my old instagram got deleted and I have a new instagram www.instagram.com/taystevens2 so please follow me there. I have always been super careful about what i post but they changed their rules and picked on me lol but its ok everytime i get knocked down i get back up even harder 🙂 and better ! Lets see i have so much to fill you in on well the nba playoffs are on and of course im rooting for GSW but as you all know i sportsbet so im more concerned about my odds and my ticket lol. Im saddened that nor the toronto maple leafs or the la kings are in the stanley cup playoffs but hockey is hockey and I love to watch it and bet it regardless. 🙂

I have been so busy packing the last few months i moved into a new house in toronto and although moving is a pain in the ass and so much fucking work.. its all worth it :). Maybe i should have called upon a few of you to help me move lol.

I recently announced briefly that im so sick of my friends setting me up on blind dates because i have been single by choice for so so long and im good that way but I thought maybe ill THINK about MAYBE opening my heart a bit. There was a bit of a twitter earthquake when i mentioned that lol but hey theres nothing wrong with dating im not looking for anything too serious and im married to my career right now. It takes a really strong person to be with me.

Ok..now back to me doing what I do best 🙂 being live on cam with you guys !! Make sure you all use my FREE link WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COMand join me live all week long. I am moving out of this place in a couple of months but in the meantime im going to be enjoying every moment with you live and bouncy on cam. Since summer is approaching ill be of course doing bikini shows, oil shows, and well any show LMAO since we always have fun anytime of year.

I know its tough when my schedule gets a little irregular and i have been getting all your notifications dont worry :). But i will be online non-stop the next couple of months and am looking forward to enjoying every minute of it with you. In fact im going to get you all sprung with my spring special. Everyone use this free link and join me WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM im going to be doing hourly giveaways and offering FREE private sessions every hour !! I missed you guys soo much.

Clearly, while ive been away you guys have filled up my ask me questions mailbox lol 🙂 so its time for another q & a with tay. And when you use this FREE link to join me @ CAMWITHTAY.COM you will have access to tons of uncensored videos and pics of me. Ive done some special new vids for members and of course I offer custom videos as well just email me HERE. Im so looking forward to summer !! I have so many concerts (drake) (nicki) to attend to. I also just saw the NFL schedule and i am so ready for the Patriots to fkn kick ass and defend their title as superbowl champs.

Time for some REAL answers to REAL questions as stupid, sweet, offensive, or nice as they can be 🙂 Im always me, like me love me hate me this is who i am this is why you love me and I will never change. Its tough sometimes to forget about the evil, disgusting mean spirited people in this world that attack you or try to hurt you, but i just have to constantly remind myself that they have issues within themselves. They dont affect my life they dont matter to me period. What matters to me is YOU and my happiness. You are the most amazing fans in the world you have made me what I am today and I love you dearly for it.

I want you all to know how much you mean to me. Your constant support, your company your love it means more to me than any of you can ever know. I love you guys and thats why im going to be giving away hourly giveaways from my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM and ill be online DAILY !! Its time to get sprung and have some fun LIVE on my FREE webcam.

Now some q&a…….

1. What are 5 things you cant live without ?

1. My dogs

2. My best friend @brianna_jordan

3. Quest Bars..and Protein chips @richelleryan lol

4. Porn

5. Football and Sportsbetting (thats 2 but they go hand in hand)

2. How can you speak arabic? say a word in arabic please

Well, first off I can speak arabic because I am arabic lol. I was born in Canada but I am Palestinian. I speak four languages arabic, english, french and macedonian. I can tell you a word I love in arabic Habibi which means sweetheart. Its a term of endearment.

3. Whats the key to your heart ?

LOL, well I don’t think there is one… Look Im always honest. Ive been through a lot in my life. Ive been in a lot of bad relationships…since my ex I never really bothered to entertain the idea of a relationship, and i am too career focused for many men. I will always put my family my dogs and my career first its non negotiable. The key to my heart though is honesty, loyalty, and laughter. Laughter is the best medicine and if you cant make me laugh there is no way you are getting into my heart. I am always going to be myself I will never compromise who I am to appease anyone. So there is def no key to my heart but there is a path that might get you close. I ask that you just be yourself and dont be fake cause I can smell it a mile away.

4. What song would you pick to be your wedding song if you met your perfect match ?

Jeez ya’ll want me married or something lol. Well I know this for sure Ed Sheeran thinking out loud is one of my FAVOURITE romantic songs. If I ever feel that way about someone then I just might think they are the one. But again ive never been for marriage lol but you never know life is short and things come for a reason.

5. Do you go to church on Sundays ?

Sometimes. Im not a every sunday kinda girl. Maybe before football but def not during. It depends how I feel. God is always there when I need him.

6. Have you ever had sex with anyone whos dick was smaller than your designer #fuckmeheels taylor ? (these are actual word for word questions)

No. I havent my heels and my standards are high. Im not interested in a man that doesnt know how to please a woman.

7. Do pedicures tickle your feet ?

Ha ! At first they did now im used to it lol. I love my pedicures. Im very very ticklish usually lol

8. Would you do porn ?

Ummmmm…I do do porn its called solo porn. Everyone can have an opinion about this but I like the solo porn I do. Its not a need or want to do “porn” per say. Im happy exactly where im at. Im successful where I am and I wouldnt change a thing. You never know what the future might hold but Im not interested in any hardcore porn other than watching the people i love to see on film and the people I call friends do it. Im super involved in the industry and support everyone who decides its the path for them.

9. What do you like pussy or anal ?


10. What do you often think about ?

I think too much… about everything.. Im a virgo thats what I do lol

and one more for good measure

11. How does your family feel about what you do ?

They are good. Its not easy to say to a parent that you are a nude model on the internet but we are all good. Im happy and so fkn proud of who I am and what I do and they are totally accepting of that. Frankly, I really dont need anyones approval I love who I am I love what I do and I really dont care what people think. Its judgemental assholes who think that they have an affect on my life and they dont. They dont know what ive been through my story and my struggle. I chose this path in life and I love it and If i could go back there is NOTHING i would change. My father may he rest in peace would be super proud. I know this. Things are good, just because something puts you out of your comfort zone that doesnt mean that its wrong. Im so happy in my place in life where i am the people I am surrounded by and theres really nothing that can change that 🙂


So….. guys now that we have done that… lets get to the real shit. Ill be live on cam every day use my FREE link HERE and join me every day. Its time to get back and bouncy with you again. !! I have missed you all soo much. Here are a few pics from my FREE fanclub to hold you over till you see me live 🙂