Hey everyone I just wanted to write a quick note wishing you all a Happy and SAFE 4th of july weekend. Even though I am born and raised in Canada living in the us has made me part American :). I hope everyone enjoys their bbq and family and fun this weekend and stays safe. Lets not forget the real reason for the 4th of july and honour the men and women who fought and continue to fight for freedom and independence.

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Heres a video just for all my military boys 🙂





Hiya guys !! Happy Canada day to all my canadian fans out there 🙂 woot. This is a super quick fun post to let you know that I am going to be live all month long doing super giveaways ! Use my FREE personal linkWWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM and join me Live every single day all day for some boobie bouncing fun. Its been so hard not being back but im so glad to be back.

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Now a funny little tid bit about canadians lol….


We are not Americans.

Not everyone lives in an igloo.

We do not bathe in maple syrup, but if we could we would.

Its not winter 12 months a year. We have a goose named after us.

Its ok to say “EH”! Not everyone has a pet polar bear.

We think the mounties’ uniform is stylish.

The beaver is a cherished animal.

The best country in the world since 1867.

We love our Tim Hortons

We love our Free Healthcare

Oh and we are fucking awesome LOL 🙂

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Tay !


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