Twitter has suspended my account for some unknown reason they believe it was a hacking issue. I am currently working with them daily to get this problem fixed. My birthday is right around the corner on September 20th. I love gift cards and You can even get me something from my Wishlist. You can still visit me live on cam.

For now guys its fucking football season woot !! I was just in Boston for the Patriots home opener I had a blast !! I was also there for the Jays Red sox game some of you may have seen me on tv I was first row behind home plate sadly we lost but what a game !! For now i will be tweeting from the account www.twitter.com/chiksnpiks and www.twitter.com/thesonnyvega so @chiksnpiks and @thesonnyvega who is my best friend. I ask that everyone follow me on @chiksnpiks for now. I really appreciate your guys support till I get this sorted out but remember to use my #FREE link WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM and join me live all week ill be back online.

And you can also shop at my store www.spoiltay.com :) and of course treat me for my birthday at www.spoiltay.com I will spoil back :)

Times like this suck when things like this happen but i just have to trust and have faith that things will work out :) Love you guys nothing will get me down :) Muah

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