Hey guys I can’t believe that the summer is almost here the weather has been kind of crappy here in Toronto lately but it’s getting better and I’m hoping for a hot hot summer.
Speaking of hot hot summer there’s so much good hot sexy stuff going on that I wanted to let you know about an update with a blog post.
I’m so happy to say that even though things still are pretty tough for me right now healthwise and family wise I’m back on cam ! I couldn’t be happier to spend time with you guys I’ve been having so much fun with you guys on my FREE PERSONAL EXCLUSIVE LIVE WEBCAM.

In case most of you didn’t know I’m live every day from 12pm-12am EST ( sometimes later ) but that is my regular schedule. Use my FREE LINK WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM to join me live and have some boobie bouncing fun !! For the entire month of JUNE I am doing hourly giveaways from my store SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM so make sure you get in on the fun and get tons of free Taylor goodies !!

I wanted to keep you all updated to all the places you can find me so check out The pic below and you can find me at all those places but Mainly you can find me live on my #FREE cam WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM and right now you can all text me sext me and you will get exclusive personal pictures TEXTTAY.COM And I will text you personally you get my phone number and we can exchange sexy selfie’s now for those of you asking about my Snapchat you can purchase my Snapchat just email me For inquiries [email protected]



As you all know I don’t usually but I am offering custom videos for a short period of time as well as Skype sessions email me for rates and availability there’s not many slots left so email me while you can still get your hands on one [email protected]

I’ve been doing a lot of shooting for you guys because just wait on it I have some big surprises in store in the next six months so I would love to hear what you guys think and would love to see for photo sets and videos as I’ve been shooting like crazy !!
For all booking inquiries email me professional inquiries only serious inquiries only !!

I’m going to be starting them video blogs soon for you guys so I would love to answer your questions please feel free to comment with questions and to email me with your questions.

In the meantime guys I was off for a really long time and it’s great to be back and you know exactly where you can find me every single day to have tons of fun on my free cam WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM ! I’m happy to be back and bouncy again !!! i’ve uploaded tons of exclusive pics and vids.

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I’m going to do a bit of a Q&A here for you guys since I’ve been away so long. You know that that I don’t hold back so it could be a question or comment a rude comment but I want to let you guys into my life that you see that I get all kinds of good stuff in my inbox.

1. What kind of things annoy you ?

Well I would have to say that would be a really really long list lol .I feel that ignorance is annoying and people who don’t listen. People who cut people off when they are talking . I find it really annoying when people are judgmental for no reason. I have like OCD So I like my stuff super organized so it’s hard for me to see messy things. This list could go on and on lol

2. Bruno Mars or Drake ?

Well I’m pretty sure anybody that knows me knows that it’s definitely drake !!! I’m Canadian and I love my hip pop and I love drake we have a thing LOL. I love anything I can move to 🙂

3. I haven’t seen you in any conventions lately I miss seeing your pretty face in person are you going to be attending any of the EXXXOTICA events soon ?

I’m so glad you asked I was actually supposed to attend the EXXXOTICA in Colorado and Chicago this year however right now I’m dealing with some really serious health and family issues so it’s very hard for me to travel however I am aiming for the November New Jersey EXXXOTICA all of you that know me know I love to be there for my fans and meet you guys in person so I’m looking forward to hopefully being there and again you can always email me [email protected] To see about coming to your city if I’ll be in your area etc.

4. TAY ! I’m sooo glad your back on cam now will you be taking time off soon or are you back for a while ?

Oh I’m DEF BACK !!! Everyone make sure they use THIS FREE LINK WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM to join me live ever single day I was only off due to some serious health and family issues which are still not resolved but I’m back to being live daily having bouncy fun and doing hourly giveaways !! I’m not going anywhere ❤️❤️

5. What is the best way to fix a broken heart ?

Sigh you are definitely asking the wrong person being that I’m still single and I’ve had my fair share a broken heart I would have to say I’m single still for a reason but a heart can be broken for many reasons and the only thing I can suggest is that time will heal all wounds. Be strong don’t get mad that your heart everything is an experience to learn from.

6. How is there no one special in your life ? Do I have a shot ?

Truth is I have many special people in my life I am just not dating at the time I have great friends and I’m focused on my family my health and my career I’m super busy I don’t really have time for relationships I don’t even know you so I wouldn’t know whether you had a shot or not but for now I would say no because I’m just not dating

7. Use five words to describe you.

Driven intelligent guarded ambitious and most of all loving

8. I want to get into porn what advice do you have for me ?


9. I liked you way before when you were heavier you need to go back to being fat again.

Ahh Internet ignorance is bliss isn’t it …. well everyone is entitled to their opinion everyone has different tastes likes and dislikes I was a very confident and happy BBW that I was unhealthy I was prediabetic and needed to get my health in order. I don’t focus on being fat or skinny I focus on being healthy. So no I don’t need to go back to being unhealthy again. I’m blessed that I have the most amazing fans in the world that have stuck with me through thick and thin. (Literally)

10. Do you believe in horoscopes ?

Yes I find that they are surprisingly accurate when it comes to me but I guess we all can look at something and take a piece of it and pertain to our lives but I like to and enjoy reading my horoscope. Sometimes things are scarily accurate

Thanks for the Q&A guys I’m going to start doing them on video as well as a bunch of other really cool things coming i’m doing a shit ton of photo shoots for you guys all coming here to TAYSTEVENS.COM. Things are really tough right now but I’m still going to push through like always and provide you with amazing content new announcement coming soon !! I’m super excited !!

I’m going to be live every single day from 11 AM Eastern until 12 AM Eastern maybe later so make sure you use my FREE LINK WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM to join me for some fun. I’m doing hourly giveaways and tons of cool shit for the summer !!

For those of you asking to spoil me here is my wish list WWW.SPOILTAY.COM you know I do spoil back. For those of you asking for my Snapchat it’s available for sale at SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM Or you can email me for direct payment. And don’t forget that I’m available for texting sexting exclusive one on one pics and phone calls at TEXTTAY.COM

Here is a ton of new pictures for you more to come see you I’ll see you then don’t forget get it on the fun with my FREE link WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM