Hi guys !! Its been a LONG LONG time since I wrote. There has just been so so much going on and you know the saying “life is what happens when you are busy making plans”. Christmas is approaching and I hope those of you that look forward to the holidays are having a wonderful time and I wish you all the best this year and in the new year. Im looking forward to bringing you the best of me in 2018.

This year sadly has been one of the worst years of my life including the year that I got diagnosed with cancer and I really cannot wait for it to be over. As you my wonderful fans know I am usually very public about the things that go on in my life because you have all been such an important part of my journey and such an important part of who I am and the success I have had thus far. I love you guys so so much.

I am currently dealing with a lot of health issues and I am doing my best to stay strong and stay positive through it all. I have been through cancer and survived it and I have the drive and the survivor mentality and trust me I WILL get through it for myself, for my family and for all of you. I appreciate all the love prayers and unending support you have all given me during this time. It really means more than you can know. I love that I am able to open up and share private parts of myself with all my fans. I am real, i am honest to a fault and open to a fault sometimes. I still would not take it back. If i can reach one person or if one person can reach me than that makes me very happy. We all need somebody to lean on

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option”

My life has never been simple or easy, but I worked hard and did everything necessary to make a better life for myself. From losing my father at age 6 to facing obesity and losing 180lbs in 13 months, to getting diagnosed with cancer on xmas eve going through chemo and losing all my hair and the list goes on and on. Its not how many times we fall its how many times we get up. I know I know im being super quotey lol. But to be honest quotes help me get through. The holidays are a tough time for me.

This year there was substantial issues with my family very hard times, being a caregiver is never ever easy and watching someone you love get worse and worse by the day is tougher than anything I can imagine. It really has taken over my life 100% and I wouldnt change it. Family is Family its not always your blood its who you make it. These diseases are so close to my heart and its been overwhelming, exhausting, in every way possible. I am emotionally exhausted and drained and have sadly neglected putting me first and as a result am suffering through these health issues right now. In all honesty though I wouldnt trade it for the world, I know I have given love support happiness and joy to someone who deserves it.  Some of you  may not know I almost lost my mom to a brain anyeursym and that was so scary as she is my only living parent.

This year put me through hell, it put me through reflection it put me in the worst situations you can imagine but it TAUGHT me so much. I lost friends i found out who was real who wasnt. I lost loved ones, my shaggy the love of my life sadly has congestive heart failure and has an enlarged heart and is sadly not going to be around much longer. Shaggy is my first ever dog and has been with me through every single thing and hardship imaginable. I really dont want to even think about what I am going to do without him. Its too much to even bear right now.

I am moving forward and trying to keep my head up and move into a new space and a new frame of mind and hoping and praying things get better. I am moving into a new place and cannot wait to refresh and get back on cam with you guys and get back to all the projects that I had started prior to all of this. This is not over its going to be a battle but I promise to stay strong and keep focused and thankfully I have all of you with me !

So, those of you who are so kind as to ask to help and to those who want to help. I am accepting donations by paypal just paypal me [email protected]

this will help with Shaggys veterinary costs, moving costs and just help me catch up since I havent been able to work full time. Right now that is what would help me the most ! Those asking to spoil me from my wishlist its WWW.SPOILTAY.COM

A lot of you have asked what you can do to help support. A lot of you have. Donations are priority. But supporting me and my work is equally as important. Below are all my websites follow me, visit me, in the new year cam with me, text me shop at my store etc. Right now I am doing an end of year special for skype sessions and custom video sessions. Email me [email protected]

for rates its the last chance as I only do them 2-3 times a year. If you want to also purchase my exclusive snapchat email me for rates [email protected]









Now, lets talk about some other stuff. How bout my patriots ? woot woot. Really hope we are superbowl bound this year. Football is such a great distraction for me and as you all know i love my sports and my football sundays and im known to swear a little bit lol ok a lot. My many many swear jars are full lol. Lets go pats !! Im not doing to well in the supercontest this year as my head just hasnt been in the right space but its always fun to be in and always important to get better and better. ! I cant wait to be back living in vegas again ! 

Heres a little look ahead. I am revamping TAYSTEVENS.COM this will be an all access pass for you to all my videos, pics, blogs and so much more. I will be back to attending conventions so that I can meet you in person. If you are interested in bookings please email me [email protected]

. I have tons of shit planned in the new year can we just hurry up and get there already !!

So I will be back to a regular camming schedule mon-sat 1pm est-12am est use my FREE LINK WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM and lets have some serious kick ass bouncy sexy fun !!

Love you guys so much. Here are some pics to keep you going till the new year 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone !!