Hey guys…. This blog post is bitter sweet … Its hard to type it comes from the heart so bear with me..

Its with a heavy heart that i am delivering this message… Earlier this week one of the most devastating things happened to me. I knew it was coming but I didn’t want to accept it or I just didn’t think they would do it like this… I woke up after a great night of camming with you always and i went to log into cam to play with you guys and I got a notice that ifriends has closed their doors. I was and still am shaken to the core. With no notice they shut their doors.. they knew it was coming but us chat hosts did not. I have been loyal and exclusive to ifriends for 14 years… They were my family they were my home they were my heart. I really still cant express how it feels like a death like a loss of a loved one.. imagine your home or someone in your life for 14 years disappears without a trace. I can understand why they didn’t tell us from a business perspective but … i feel that we all the chathosts were at least owed an explanation… I’m strong im resilient it is a tough blow since that is my business and my income and my life. I never only had ifriends but i gave almost the most of my dedication to them. Luckily as the days came with net neutrality issues etc.. i opened my doors to many new things. The transition is tough but will only make me stronger.

I want to thank so so so many of you for all your support during this time my gosh… @Sam38g on twitter is one of the most amazing friends you could ask for always standing up for women always standing up for this industry always supporting without any hate or negativity. Empowered women empower women we get along very well. Ive had so many of you reach out and express your love and support and it means so so much to me. Its funny sometimes in this industry we don’t talk to each other cause we are supposed to be “competition” or enemies … thats not the case.. you get what you give.. we are all on the same side here. Pretty sure all of us who lost our homes on ifriends could use each other right now.

On to many many more things to discuss. Again it will all be in the video but wanted to put it out for you you know i like to ramble.

For starters …. One of the biggest changes going on in the coming year and one of the most important being that I have decided after 14 years of camming on one site exclusively that I am now taking my talents to streammate. I am so excited to be on a new webcam platform and hey have been so amazing they have welcomed me with such excitement and open arms. I cant explain how amazing it feels to be appreciated for your talent intelligence and skill. They have been amazing to me and I absolutely cannot wait to start camming there with you next week. Make sure you use my FREE LINK WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM” to join me there live all week same hours just different channel !

Every transition is gonna have its bumps and such and it will take some getting used to but.. I am my best with my back against the wall and i embrace change and love love to learn. I cannot wait to get back to some boobie bouncing fun with you guys there ! I will be offering the same one on one time we always had just on a different platform.
Im so excited to get back to having fun all tay all the time !!

Next up… wooot woot I will be heading to @exxxotica new jersey november 2-4 Its been a minute due to health and family issues and even though that is still going on i promised myself and my fans that i would come out for them. I will be @exxxotica with the most amazing gorgeous talented Alexis Texas and the @teamtexass collective. Its gonna be so much fun and im so excited to see all my new fans and all my old fans that I have not seen in a long time. I will be taking picks selling all my content that you love and having some bouncy fun. I cannot wait to see all of you ! I am also looking forward to seeing my amazing group of friends I have not seen in so long like TERA PATRICK, SARA JAY and so many more. Its gonna be a good time and its about time !!

Furthermore,I am so excited to announce that FINALLY after years of collaboration I have partnered with @2inthshirt TITSBRAND.NET for an exclusive collaboration that has t-shirts,sweatshirts, smartphone cases and much more. I will have shirts available for you @exxxotica. You need to have tay all over you … You cant have a tits brand without the queen of tits ( me) lol hahah. Self proclaimed of course…well by myself and many fans of mine.. 🙂 regardless its about times to have my titties on a shirt instead of just in one.

Next… this part makes me so happy! in all this turmoil i have met so many amazing people and I am excited to announce that i have partnered with some amazing people (webmasters,models,developers) to revamp TAYSTEVENS.COM into something that you all have always wanted an amazing members site with full access to all my vids pics exclusive content and behind the scenes content. Im excited this also has been a long time coming and its time to give all of me to you in every way !!

As you all know im in the largest sportsbetting handicapping contest in the world THE SUPERCONTEST im not doing to well this year after a terrible week last week but gotta keep pushing. Its good to be a woman in the sports world i grew up with three older brothers im the youngest and only girl so sports is in my blood (even though they were packers fans) I am a Patriot fan ( dont hate). My dad used to take me to the race tracks when i was little before he passed away so that is where the betting part came in. Follow me on TWITTER @TAYSTEVENS on football sundays but be weary i have a big potty mouth on those days lol well every day but still.

In the mean time as I make this transition Your support is indeed wanted and appreciated. With my current state of affairs and the state of shaggys health and those of my family members..and myself… Your support means everything to me right now. I am accepting donations of support at PAYPAL.ME/TAYSTEVENS But most importantly I want your support in helping me bring you more of the content you deserve.

I am now offering SKYPE sessions and custom videos for a limited time email [email protected] for details
For bookings email [email protected] SERIOUS inquiries only

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Below… is a video for all of you who dont want to read this long winded post…

Come see what all the fuss is about!