Hi boys !!

My name is Taylor Stevens.. Im first and foremost the most kick ass webcam girl there is lol and to add to my repetoire 🙂 im a professional entertainer, actress both movies and internet  and of course one of the internets leading models. Voted best internet babe ten years running :).

Im a 24 year old canadian cutie with all natural 36HH breasts. Ive appeared in score mag and voluptuous . Im a bit of a nerd but hey who doesnt love a nerd right !!. Im just your average girl next door with HUGE all natural breasts that I LOVE to show off (especially to the neighbors), play with bounce etc LOL. I definitely love to play and meet new people thats why i started my own live video chatroom. If your the type of guy that loves tight tshirts, bra busting button bouncing boobies then you’ve most certainly come to the right place. I have broken many bras in my day lol. Im a total girly girl and yet I am a huge UFC fan and i workout and take kickboxing classes so watch out lol. I also play poker and have a great poker face or maybe its cause everyones not staring at my face LOLOLOL. Im outgoing, down to earth and fun and im not shy about showing you all of me so make sure you join my fanclub for all the info about me and all the thousands and thousands of pics and vids. I cannot wait to see you all LIVE AND ON CAM. Im online daily. LETS PLAY BOYS !! bouncy bouncy

P.S please feel free to leave your comments i sooo look forward to interacting with you.


love Tay

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  1. hello Tay,
    u remember me??? i’m italian guy, we has chat on ifriend, i went offline because i had to take the plane for Rome.
    i ask u if was possibility see u in italy, can u tell me this on my e-mail??
    ty and see u soon on chat 😀

  2. Hello Tay. i am happy to see Your website. i hope You keep up the good work and i like to read about Your life and events. take care.

  3. Hi Tay !

    I was linked to your website by someone explaining your “transformation”. My girlfriend looks almost exactly like you when you were BBW, she has H-cup natural tits and she is trying to get slim while preserving her tits.
    Do you happen to have advices for her ? I think you could become the perfect model for her !

    Thank you in advance,

    A french fan

  4. I’m just glad you’ve got your health and that you’re happy. You commented in one of your videos when you were getting your hair shaved off and it’s true…..you are beautiful inside and out.

  5. PS. As a fellow Canadian, you are proving that the most beautiful women come from the Great White North!!

  6. I saw you on tv your boobs were amazing i want to squash them together like ripe pumpkins and make love to your anus.

  7. hi Taylor i have been trying to get in touch with you i have a couple of business propositions for you if you are interested.

  8. Hey Tay,
    been trying to catch you on ifriends since we chatted around your birthday..guess I kept missing you


  9. Hi Taylor!

    Im Mark im from New Hampshire, 45 minutes north of Boston (in case you were wondering). So I just wanted to say that you are a beautiful young woman (Im 23 btw), and that you look great and its amazing all the weight you have loss. so if your ever in the New England area, and you wanna chat, id be more than happy to meet you!


  10. Tay!!!!!!! Im your n°1 fan from this side of the world, Im from SouthAmerica (Chile), I´m 25 years old…
    I follow you from years ago!! LUV you! You´re the most pretty girl ever!! Seriously, all of you are 10/10! body, sweet face, etc…
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee, it would be a dream come true to me, if you could send me an email back! will you?? haha
    Let´s come to this side of the world babe!!
    My dream´s to meet you personally!! I really want to!! so please, write me back honey!
    BIG KISssssssssss

  11. Hey sexy Taylor, I love your huge boobs and I want to stick my face between them. I would do nasty things to you. And dont even get me started on your ass!

  12. Hi Tay, you’re incredibly sexy, you wrote your fan from Russia, I am writing to you through an interpreter, as bad know English, so sorry for the grammar. You’re incredibly cool girl, your glasses are very emphasize your sexuality and to be honest I really envy those who have seen you live. I myself on Education paramedic working on the ambulance and kachaestve hobbies do rap music, I would be very pleased if you watch this video and give your assessment:


    I wish you success in all your endeavors, remain as beautiful and sexy … )))

  13. Taylor you are my hero for overcoming every obstacle in your life I love you for never giving up and I hope to meet You someday so I can say that I have been in the presence of a perfect woman

  14. you are my worlds fav tay i love you a lot . to be frank i love your bi boobs a lot much iiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllovvvvvve uuuuuuuuuuuu

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