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Hey guys !! Wow has it ever been a long time…  I have missed you all so so much :) I cannot wait to be back LIVE on cam with you guys !!  SO much has transpired since we last spoke so make sure you use my FREE LINK and join me LIVE to catch up.

Last time I posted was in August, when you all helped me win Miss Ifriends 2017 ty soo much that award means so much to me you guys mean so so much to me ! I love you guys and really have missed you all so much. I have been dealing with a LOT of family and health issues that have prevented me from being on cam as much as I would have liked. You all know that my family has to come first and my health especially being a cancer survivor. My health is not great right now but I want to feel normal again with you on CAM !

I am happy to announce though that I will be back to my regular schedule of camming which is tues-sat 2pm-12am :) and of course if you guys want to purchase private sessions you can do so here at my STORE :) .

I hope you all have been doing well. I was nominated for AVN again :) Most spectacular boobs it was such a pleasure to be nominated :) .

Oh and THE PATRIOTS WON THE SUPERBOWL !! I am soooo happy :) As some of you may or may not know I am a huge sportsbetting girl :) and i was in the largest sportsbetting contest in the world this NFL seas and finished 242 of almost 2000 people :) thats not bad not bad at all heheh :) .  I also have been doing many interviews and such you should all check my latest interview HERE with @thesonnyvega and his sports podcast called the walnut sports show !! Its super fun and I had a blast doing it check it out HERE at WWW.SONNYVEGA.COM

Now guys :) this blog post could be a thousand pages long lol because I have so much to say but since you guys all love my candid pics i will just leave it here for where to find me and let you look at tons of good pics.

The main reason for this post is to let you all know IM BACK !! I have so much missed camming with you guys so make sure you use my FREE Link WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM & join me live on cam a lot of you have been trying to pre book but right now its super busy so there are not many bookings avail get in while you can.

Speaking of bookings …. if you have any booking inquiries email me I only do custom videos very limited times of the year so if you would like a custom video email me about it and or go to my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM

Here is where to find me guys…. there is a LOT more to come soon but for now I just wanted to touch base










I will be doing another blog post soon to do some Q& A as you all love to do :)

Here are some pics for you guys never before seen the full uncensored set will be uploaded to my FANCLUB at CAMWITHTAY.COM ..they were in my thicker days but hey i was a cutie with a bootie lol and boobies lmao




Hey guys omg its been a hectic few months months I have missed you all so so much.

First and foremost I would like to thank eveyrone who voted & bought votes to help me become the first ever Miss ifriends. This win was so important to me as you all know Ifriends has been my EXCLUSIVE home from the beginning and it means so much to be the first ever Miss Ifriends you know what they say you always remember your first. I got my trophy and im so proud of it !! ty guys 

As some of you may know its been a very tough few months, I almost lost my mother… she was very ill and it was literally a matter of moments that they were able to save her. Its been a devastating few months for me as she is not 100% well but she is alive and is getting back to normal which is a blessing. Most of you know I lost my father at the age of 6 and although we never want to lose loved ones my mother has always been so healthy and so modern and young this came out of nowhere I don’t know what I would have done if I lost her. So needless to say I have not been on cam as I have been spending days and nights in the hospital and at home with her. Now that she is better I will be back on cam regularly. I taught my mom some snapchat fun lol

Im so thankful I had some time before I was rushed back home to visit with my amazing best friend @brianna_jordan i literally think we are twin sisters.. Its so rare to come across a beautiful soul, truly someone who knows you inside out who is always caring always there for you no matter what I love my bestie and always will. We should be so lucky if we find ONE person like her in our lifetime. She always knows what to say what to do and how to make me laugh thats what friends are for. And my awesome friend Brandy.. whos always been by my side.. these girls are life !

I just celebrated my birthday and had so much fun even though it was during a time that things were really tough you all managed to make it amazingly special. I went to the Adele concert, the drake concert, the jays game where I caught a ball yes i caught the ball what a moment, and will be heading to the patriots game soon. As you all know moments are so important to me and to those special people who bought me those tickets thank you again youa ll mean so much to me and Thanks to everyone for my lovely birthday gifts from my wishlist.

At the Jays game #gojaysgo

Getting ready for the Adele concert

My birthday night  with my amazing shisha hooka or what real arabs call Argeeleh cake it was so wonderful :)

Oh and just an FYI i did get a HUGE shoutout from drake at his concert which was amazing as usual LOL

Football season is here and Brady is back bitches !!. I love the NFL season soooo much my Patriots are kicking some but. Some of you might not know but im also in a HUGE contest in Las Vegas the supercontest where you have to pick 5 picks each week against the spread and the top 50 win. Its reall NOT easy to handicap games lol but as you all know I love to sportsbet and so I was in it last year and im trying to hold my own this year you never know.. any given Sunday. And if you follow me on twitter then you know you are subject to my constant F bombs and constant dirty football talk lol.

Follow @footballcontest on twitter to keep up with my progress :)


Some amazing news my pinky yorkie had 3 wonderful baby boys.Its so crazy how fast they grow. Im definitely keeping one and the other two are going to my wonderful neighbors !! So we can all stay in the family !!  Of course i have primed and prepped them for football season :)  

Nomination season is upon us and nominations and votes are coming up for AVN awards and XBIZ so make sure you guys are ready to help and vote and help me win you all come through for me. Please everyone tweet and email to xbiz to nominate this site for best solo girl site and me for best webstarlet and of course I will provide the avn nomination links when they come out you helped me get an amazing trophy from avn last year and I cannot wait to try again this year. 

Its been hard for me to get to conventions this past year due to all the issues here with my family and  my health but I will be starting to come again in the upcoming year I miss hanging out with you meeting you guys and of course providing you with some amazing new content ! I have been shooting like crazy so always let me know your ideas for photoshoots i cant wait for you all to see what TAYSTEVENS.COM is going to become !!

I wanted to let you guys know my upcoming schedule since things have been super crazy latley… I will be online daily from 3pm-12est…I may come on earlier I may be online later however, that will be my regular schedule so that you guys can find me. I want you to be able to spend time with your award winning webstarlet :) !!

I know I have LOTS of catching up to do but today I felt like answering some of your questions :) . I LOVE LOVE  being on cam with you guys for those of you that missed my brithday we can celebrate it when im back online  :) Make sure you grab your free screenname and join me

Remember I will be back on cam everyday from 3pm-12am est so come join me LIVE @ because I am back and bouncing again BIG TIME :)

Follow me on instagram & twitter where you guys get a different side of me. AND NOW you get my FREE phone number and can text me and me and you can have personal selfies, sexy talk and we can enjoy sexting and getting to know each other personally ! Text me at

Dont forget to shop at my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM a lot of you are asking about my snapchat it is only available for purchase through my store above :)

Ok time for some of your fall comments, questions, and statements :)

20 Questions

1. What’s your favorite place to hang out?

Honestly, its at home with my doggies watching football I have a pretty sweet setup at home and there is NOTHING like football sunday with my tv’s my games and my puppies. Although I have already broken 2 remotes this year so far and we are only 6 weeks in.

2. When did you start developing Big Boobs?

Oh wow, I cannot remember a time when I havent had big boobs lol.. seriously I started developing at 9 years old I was a d cup when i first got into high school and my boobs just kept getting bigger and bigger its crazy.  But I love my boobies !!

3. Who do you think will win the US election?

Ugh… All I can say is I am so proud to be Canadian !! To me the election is a joke both these candidates are unfit to be president in my opinion. I know one way or another this is going to end up affecting us but I really just want to stay out of it I think its embarassing for America. I know many of you want to move here now I hear some parts of Canada have the doors wide open and ready for you. I cant tell you who will win but I think Hilary might just because Trump has continuously made an ass out of himself on a regular basis. Either way I feel America is losing here.

4. What are the names of your pet Pinky’s puppies and who is the lucky father?

Ha, well my friend is a breeder so her dog wyatt who is a purebred yorkie mated with pinky. Shaggy is not the father. I am only keeping one and I have named it sonny :) the other ones are not  named yet. They stay with pinky for 12 weeks I will let  their wonderful new owners name them.. its so hard to let go of them ive grown so attatched to all of them although i do have to wear earplugs to sleep at night since they cry soooo much lol.

5. How much of your hair has grown back since chemotherapy?

Thats such a cool question.. i have had soo many issues with  my hair. I am sooo thankful to say I am WIG FREE as much as my wig was gorgeous I love it and still have it and as much as I miss being able to drop off my hair to get done instead of having to sit at the salon lol i am SO GRATEFUL to have my real hair back. Its grown a lot its about shoulder length it still needs to thicken and i havent put extensions in right now because I want it to heal and grow. The crazy thing is is chemo totally changed my hair, like I had semi straight medium brown hair prior and now its dark brown and curly (obviously i colour it blonde) but its dark brown and curly and not perfect beach wave curls that every girl wants.. but spiral curly I hate it lol. But I am thankful I survived cancer and my hair is growing back and growing back well.

6. What is your favorite store to buy bras?

Omg… well now Victoria’s Secret is actually making some bigger bras so I am excited about that and of course I love so anyone who wants to spoil me with sexy bras to wear for you please do and check out my wishlist SPOILTAY.COM

This gorgeous teddy is from victorias secret

7. If you could be someone else, who would you be?

I wouldn’t be anyone but the woman I am now. Everything in my life has led me to be this person and with all my faults I wouldn’t dare change. Well maybe i’d be bill belichick i mean i would love to have his mind and have an amazing team to coach LOL .. in all seriousness though. I would be me ;) I like me you like me and if people dont like me tough for them LOL.

8. Have you ever thought about having kids?

Yes.. when the time is right im sure that decision will be made. Im single right now so for me its not the top of my priority list. I have my two puppies they are my kids for now and now my 3 grandpuppies lol.

9. Are you going to see the Ouija-origin of evil movie and have you ever owned or played with a Ouija board?

Umm… probably not… and I was always too scared to use a Ouija board.. I love scary movies !! But i really dont have time to watch movies that much anymore I am way way too busy I barely have time for myself.

10. Have you ran into a killer clown?

If i did wouldn’t I be dead.. hence the killer clown part ?

11. Have you ever made a sex tape?

Thats for me to know :) and no one to find out well unless you are kim kardashian and everyone else who thinks making a sex tape is cool nowadays.

12) Do You believe in UFO’s and Aliens?

Ehhh.. im not big on it but i wont denounce it

13. Have you ever thought about being on a tv game show?

Of course do you know HOW MANY shows i would love to be on, wheel of fortune, big brother etc most of the times you have to be a US citizen and the Canadian ones don’t seem to want a girl who has been naked on the internet cause they are assholes :) . But yes I would go on a game show in a heartbeat

14. What or who are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Im really not sure this year, you all know Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. I wanted to do some amazing cosplay but with everything that has been going on its been so hard to find time to think about a costume. I guess ill just see what I have up my sleeve lol :)

15. On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the highest, how nice do you think other people see you as?

Ha !! Depends who you ask… I would say 90% of the time I am judged by people maybe even more, so they automatically assume im this or that which is SO annoying because i am such a non judge mental person I am totally loving caring loyal and giving. But the real people that know me know I am a 10. People are often intimidated by me so sometimes they might think im a bitch just because im a woman in this industry or based off of some bad experiences they have had with other models, Its a 7-10 range.

16. Do you think the world is about to end?

No… I want to live forever so No.

17. Do you enjoy bungee jumping?

I love it its amazing even though i havent done any severe bungee jumping like off a cliff, the thing is.. before cancer I would have been scared to do so many things but now I value my life I value my time I realize life is short and I am more willing to take risks and live life to the fullest and in the moment :)

18. Are you attending Exxxotica New Jersey?

Not this year.. it was almost a yes in fact im still debating it because Exxxotica New Jersey is by far my favourite convention but due to the status of my mom I just cant get away right now.

19. Have you ever been stung by a wasp or a bee?

Yes ouch !!

20. What is your favorite football stadium?

DUH… GILLETTE go PATRIOTS baby !! Gillette stadium is gorgeous and I have been to many football stadiums !! No i am not just being biased here lol. I love Patriot place :)

Here are a few sexy pics you guys can keep an eye on till you get to see me LIVE on cam @ CAMWITHTAY.COM the next few months straight dont miss out :)



Hi hi guys !! Im back !! Its been a while since Ive done a blog post.. I have been super busy both good and bad. I have been having some issues health wise and have been focusing on that and some personal family things so its been really difficult to find time to get on cam between all that and getting a ton of photoshoots done for you guys.  But I am coming back to try and get my mind off things and to smile laugh and have a ton of fun with you guys on cam ! Im doing a March madness promo and you all want to be a part of it.

So, before i get into the March Madness promo let me fill you in on some of the most awesome things that have taken place. As you know awards season has just passed and although I was unable to attend the AVN awards this year I was nominated and WON BIGGEST WEB CELEBRITY AWARD !!  Ty so much to all my fans that voted tirelessly to help me win. Its such an honor to receive an award for doing what I love and that shows that my hard work has paid off as one of the best internet and webcam models there is woot woot ! Party time !!

Just as amazing though is that I just won A HALL OF FAME AWARD !! Like fuck yes !!! @livecamawards graced me with the honor and I couldn’t be more excited and more proud. !! This award is unparalleled its the cream of the crop to win and I just am so happy that the industry felt I was worthy of this award. That they recognized the hard work and dedication that I put into what I do, that I love what I do and that is such an amazing feeling im so blessed.  Here was my thank you video :) !

I really do have the most amazing fans in the world. You guys have been with me from the beginning through everything tough everything good and bad and you have supported me in so many ways. I have made so many great friends and built so many amazing relationships. Everything I have accomplished has been with your help and you guys are the reason I get up everyday and continue to do what I do best. Ty all for that. So in honor of you all I am giving back !!

Im doing a March Madness Promotion for all my fans that visit me from March to end of April. Use my FREE LINK WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM to join me. I am going to be doing hourly giveaways from my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM so everyone that is with me LIVE on cam will be able to win something from my store !  I will also be doing 30 custom video giveaways (as most of you know my custom videos are rare and I only do them at a specific time and its usually only for regular clients) but I am doing 10 custom video giveaways, 20 custom photo sets, and 10 FREE skype shows to the highest tippers from march to april. Use this button to TIP ME when we are live or off cam. To the top 3 absolute HIGHEST Tippers the one that goes above and beyond all others Will get a HUGE super package from WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM which includes custom videos, photosets, future skype shows, dvds and much more. You will be full of taylor goodies !!

So guys, Lets get back to having amazing times on cam. Lets get back to bra bursting, boobie bouncing, dancing and having a blast on cam. Remember use my FREE LINK WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM and join me LIVE on cam EVERY SINGLE DAY from 1pm-12am Est. I may stay on longer but that is my schedule. I really want to go crazy this March and give so so much back to all of you so make sure you join me live HERE and use this TIP Button as often as possible. You guys have always been so supportive and helped me win awards and come so far. I want you to know that it means so so much to me and how amazing you guys are.

All tips will go to help me put more into this site and into some really kick ass photo shoots and to continue doing what I do best. So help me kick some ass and join me live on cam and TIP your hall of fame award winning #1 webcam girl HERE.

For those asking to spoil me you guys rock and you can spoil me at WWW.SPOILTAY.COM and of course for those wanting a piece of me get in on the highest tipper contest and win some awesome exclusive stuff from my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM and some never ever before seeen taylor video :)

YouTube Preview Image

Love you guys tons TY AGAIN for being so fkn awesome xoxox




Hey guys wow is all I can say to be nominated again its like the most amazing thing. Being recognized for doing what you love is so amazing and its all because of you guys. So here I am asking you all for you help !! There are so many different voting platforms I thought I would put them all in one place for you with a blog post. That way it makes it easier on you and still helps me !! I want to give you the best of me and the continued recognition and support in this industry is so important to me. You guys have no idea !! PLEASE if you have a blog or have a site please tweet,post and help me get votes it will be so awesome if I win and will allow me to bring so much more of myself to YOU !!  So lets start……

To vote for me for @avn BIGGEST WEB CELEBRTITY go HERE This is such a cool award I am soo excited that I am nominated !!!

Lastly, TO NOMINATE ME for BEST LIVE CAM MODEL AND BEST FETISH MODEL with the @livecamawards go HERE please put all your nominations in as voting for this doesnt start till late january but I need to be nominated.

To vote for me for @xbiz LIVE CAM MODEL OF THE YEAR go HERE please please tweet me your vote as those who tweet the most votes will win a prize from my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM


Ty again guys I figured its soo much easier to direct you all to one place.. Make sure you tweet me with a screencap of your vote to be eligible for a ton of prizes. Lastly use my
FREE link WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM to join me LIVE on cam all week long. Im doing a huge christmas month special where im doing hourly giveaways. Come see why im nominated for being the bestest !!!

Love you all so much remember VOTE VOTE VOTE !!




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Hi guys !! Well time sure flies doesnt it !! I cannot believe that it gets dark at 4:30pm and Christmas is upon us !! I have been away the last few weeks.. things have been super hectic but im writing to say IM BACK :) . Things have settled a LITTLE and although I am still super busy with so many things I am back LIVE on cam. Im doing a ton of Christmas specials for all my amazing fans. From Dec 1st Till after New years I am giving away goodies HOURLY live on cam. Make sure you use my FREE link to join me WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM . You could win tons of stuff more than once from my online store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM ! There is so much stuff on there my snapchat,kik,skype,custom videos, exclusive dvds and much more.

My schedule will be Tues-Saturday from 1pm est to 12am est.

Thanksgiving just passed and im Canadian born but I celebrate both the Canadian and American thanksgiving and i started doing daily tweets about things I was grateful for but I thought I would do a blog post with 30 things I am thankful/grateful for in my life. From the littlest things to the biggest things ! We have to remember that we are lucky to be alive and have to appreciate what we do have. This was such a good idea i got from my bestie @brianna_jordan because instead of complaining every single day about this or that and what we dont have it forces you to sit and remember all the things we take for granted. In no particular order.

1. I am grateful I am alive

2. I am grateful I survived cancer

3. I am grateful for my doggies and the unconditional love they provide me


4. I am grateful that I lost all my hair during chemo because it reminded me that beauty is from within

5. I am grateful for my amazing support system of friends and family who are there for me through each and every day

6. I am grateful that I get to enjoy my career and do what i love to do being live and bouncy on cam with you guys at WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM

7. I am grateful that I have an amazing work ethic

8. I am grateful that I provided a life for myself that allows me to travel all over the world and see and experience different things.

9. I am grateful that I had the courage to put myself out there in a career where I am judged and still remain strong. And that I was able to be successful both as a BBW and now.

10. I am grateful that I had the will to lose the weight I did and the strength to continue going when times got tough

11. I am grateful that Vegas is a home for me

12. I am grateful that Bill Belichick is the most amazing coach of all time and that I have a great football team to root for

13. I am grateful for the people that picked me up when I was at my lowest and reminded me of who I am

14. I am grateful for all the nurses at East York General Hospital that were so sweet and kind to me during my Cancer Treatment

15. Im grateful that I have food on my table and can provide for my family

16. Im grateful for the recognition for what I do in my industry

17. Im grateful that I was able to make a successful career out of something I never thought possible

18. Im grateful for those that hurt me or lied to me or betrayed me they taught me valuable life lessons.

19. Im grateful that I have my fathers heart and even though I only had 6 years with him they were the best 6 years of my life

20. Im grateful that even though ive been hurt and even though I am single I still believe in love

21. I am grateful for my 3 older brothers and all the fights we had and everything they taught me about sports and sportsbetting.

22. I am grateful for laughter for it is the best medicine and it has gotten me through so much. Especially the ability to laugh at yourself

23. I am grateful for diversity.

24. I am grateful for music it has been my solace my go to during so many different times in my life.

25. I am grateful for the kindness of strangers sometimes a stranger is more kind to you then those closest to you. #payitforward

26. I am grateful for the internet and the ability to reach laugh and smile with so many people

27. I am grateful that I am Palestinian and for my middle eastern features and that I can speak 4 languages and that there are so many more to learn

28. I am grateful for all the opportunities that arose by accident during the LA kings playoff series and much more that came after.

29. I am grateful for all my nominations and wins this year and throughout the years ! (see below for more info)

30. Mostly I am grateful for all of you !! I would not be where i am in my life today if it were not for you I am blessed to have you all in my life. I am so lucky that I have the best fans and friends in the world !!

Speaking of the best fans in the world !!! I NEED YOU and want to THANK YOU I was nominated by @xbiz for BEST LIVE CAM MODEL ! I am so excited that @xbiz has dedicated a category for Cam girls !! Yaay. I really really need your help here guys so I want you to go to WWW.VOTE4TAY.COM daily as many times as you can and vote vote vote and tweet me that you voted I will be favouriting every tweet that shows a vote and will be giving out prizes for the person who votes the most. This is what the page looks like.

But wait thats not all guys I am so grateful that the live cam awards show has begun their nomination process please go HERE To nominate me. Voting for that will begin in Late January.

I realize that its tedious and takes time to vote but its you who have all helped me in the past and its you who drive me. A win for me is a win for all of us cause it allows me to continue to do what I love and focus on making more amazing videos, livecam shows, and much more for you guys.

I will be doing a TON of shooting over the next few months that I am super excited about. I cannot wait to bring you more of the best of me because you all bring out the best in me ! Ty for being amazing. I hope your all enjoying the holidays so far and I cant wait to celebrate many more with you.


And of course since its the season of spoiling all those who are asking to spoil me here is my wishlist WWW.SPOILTAY.COM. ty so much it means so much. I do spoil back which means you get goodies from me as well. Tis the season to give and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

THIS FRIDAY !! I will be live with @sportsrage @camstewartlive @FNTSYSportsNet on Fridays Morency Unfiltered !! I am super excited to chat live with these patriot haters !!

Here are some pics to show my appreciation hehe :)



I know you mis me:) My twitter account is finally back online after being suspended for 8 days without violation or any fault on my behalf. Well it’s so fun to be back to the place I love with all the wonderful support of my real fans! My birthday is this Sunday on September 20th. I love gift cards and You can even get me something from my Wishlist. Also come and visit me live on cam. Tell all your friends come see the world’s number one boobies!



Twitter has suspended my account for some unknown reason they believe it was a hacking issue. I am currently working with them daily to get this problem fixed. My birthday is right around the corner on September 20th. I love gift cards and You can even get me something from my Wishlist. You can still visit me live on cam.

For now guys its fucking football season woot !! I was just in Boston for the Patriots home opener I had a blast !! I was also there for the Jays Red sox game some of you may have seen me on tv I was first row behind home plate sadly we lost but what a game !! For now i will be tweeting from the account and so @chiksnpiks and @thesonnyvega who is my best friend. I ask that everyone follow me on @chiksnpiks for now. I really appreciate your guys support till I get this sorted out but remember to use my #FREE link WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM and join me live all week ill be back online.

And you can also shop at my store :) and of course treat me for my birthday at I will spoil back :)

Times like this suck when things like this happen but i just have to trust and have faith that things will work out :) Love you guys nothing will get me down :) Muah



Hey everyone I just wanted to write a quick note wishing you all a Happy and SAFE 4th of july weekend. Even though I am born and raised in Canada living in the us has made me part American :) . I hope everyone enjoys their bbq and family and fun this weekend and stays safe. Lets not forget the real reason for the 4th of july and honour the men and women who fought and continue to fight for freedom and independence.

To celebrate :) I am going to be LIVE on cam all weekend doing hourly giveaways for everyone and extra specials for my military men :) . Use MY PERSONAL FREE link and join me LIVE on cam.

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy but to see the full uncensored set and VIDEO use this FREE link and see them all inside my FREE FANCLUB.

So come and enjoy the 4th of July with me and lets make some fireworks :) of our own use my FREE link only !

Heres a video just for all my military boys :)






Hiya guys !! Happy Canada day to all my canadian fans out there :) woot. This is a super quick fun post to let you know that I am going to be live all month long doing super giveaways ! Use my FREE personal linkWWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM and join me Live every single day all day for some boobie bouncing fun. Its been so hard not being back but im so glad to be back.

You know how much I love being on cam I had such a blast with you guys last night !! It feels great to be back. You guys always give me so much energy lol I love being silly and fun with you guys. So every day im giving away dvds, autographs, custom vids every hour on the hour in my LIVE CHATROOM so get ready for an awesome summer ! Remember use MY PERSONAL FREE LINK HERE and you will get an extra bonus.

Now a funny little tid bit about canadians lol….


We are not Americans.

Not everyone lives in an igloo.

We do not bathe in maple syrup, but if we could we would.

Its not winter 12 months a year. We have a goose named after us.

Its ok to say “EH”! Not everyone has a pet polar bear.

We think the mounties’ uniform is stylish.

The beaver is a cherished animal.

The best country in the world since 1867.

We love our Tim Hortons

We love our Free Healthcare

Oh and we are fucking awesome LOL :)

So thats it guys… use THIS FREE LINK and lets have an amazing time on CAM together. Lets make this the summer of boobie bouncing Taylor love LOL !


Tay !


To see the FULL uncensored set use my FREE link and see them all and a video in my FREE FANCLUB HERE



Hi hi guys !! I have missed you all so so much. I was off to vegas in early january and then when i got back there was so many meetings, opportunities and family matters to attend to and now its fkn almost MAY !! Crazy. But I have been busy shooting new content for some really great things to come. I have missed being live on cam with you guys so much.

I have recieved top honors in the adult webcam awards and been nominated. I need your support. Everyone please go to and vote for me! Every vote counts and it means so much.

Since instagram decided to be assholes my old instagram got deleted and I have a new instagram so please follow me there. I have always been super careful about what i post but they changed their rules and picked on me lol but its ok everytime i get knocked down i get back up even harder :) and better ! Lets see i have so much to fill you in on well the nba playoffs are on and of course im rooting for GSW but as you all know i sportsbet so im more concerned about my odds and my ticket lol. Im saddened that nor the toronto maple leafs or the la kings are in the stanley cup playoffs but hockey is hockey and I love to watch it and bet it regardless. :)

I have been so busy packing the last few months i moved into a new house in toronto and although moving is a pain in the ass and so much fucking work.. its all worth it :) . Maybe i should have called upon a few of you to help me move lol.

I recently announced briefly that im so sick of my friends setting me up on blind dates because i have been single by choice for so so long and im good that way but I thought maybe ill THINK about MAYBE opening my heart a bit. There was a bit of a twitter earthquake when i mentioned that lol but hey theres nothing wrong with dating im not looking for anything too serious and im married to my career right now. It takes a really strong person to be with me. back to me doing what I do best :) being live on cam with you guys !! Make sure you all use my FREE link WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COMand join me live all week long. I am moving out of this place in a couple of months but in the meantime im going to be enjoying every moment with you live and bouncy on cam. Since summer is approaching ill be of course doing bikini shows, oil shows, and well any show LMAO since we always have fun anytime of year.

I know its tough when my schedule gets a little irregular and i have been getting all your notifications dont worry :) . But i will be online non-stop the next couple of months and am looking forward to enjoying every minute of it with you. In fact im going to get you all sprung with my spring special. Everyone use this free link and join me WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM im going to be doing hourly giveaways and offering FREE private sessions every hour !! I missed you guys soo much.

Clearly, while ive been away you guys have filled up my ask me questions mailbox lol :) so its time for another q & a with tay. And when you use this FREE link to join me @ CAMWITHTAY.COM you will have access to tons of uncensored videos and pics of me. Ive done some special new vids for members and of course I offer custom videos as well just email me HERE. Im so looking forward to summer !! I have so many concerts (drake) (nicki) to attend to. I also just saw the NFL schedule and i am so ready for the Patriots to fkn kick ass and defend their title as superbowl champs.

Time for some REAL answers to REAL questions as stupid, sweet, offensive, or nice as they can be :) Im always me, like me love me hate me this is who i am this is why you love me and I will never change. Its tough sometimes to forget about the evil, disgusting mean spirited people in this world that attack you or try to hurt you, but i just have to constantly remind myself that they have issues within themselves. They dont affect my life they dont matter to me period. What matters to me is YOU and my happiness. You are the most amazing fans in the world you have made me what I am today and I love you dearly for it.

I want you all to know how much you mean to me. Your constant support, your company your love it means more to me than any of you can ever know. I love you guys and thats why im going to be giving away hourly giveaways from my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM and ill be online DAILY !! Its time to get sprung and have some fun LIVE on my FREE webcam.

Now some q&a…….

1. What are 5 things you cant live without ?

1. My dogs

2. My best friend @brianna_jordan

3. Quest Bars..and Protein chips @richelleryan lol

4. Porn

5. Football and Sportsbetting (thats 2 but they go hand in hand)

2. How can you speak arabic? say a word in arabic please

Well, first off I can speak arabic because I am arabic lol. I was born in Canada but I am Palestinian. I speak four languages arabic, english, french and macedonian. I can tell you a word I love in arabic Habibi which means sweetheart. Its a term of endearment.

3. Whats the key to your heart ?

LOL, well I don’t think there is one… Look Im always honest. Ive been through a lot in my life. Ive been in a lot of bad relationships…since my ex I never really bothered to entertain the idea of a relationship, and i am too career focused for many men. I will always put my family my dogs and my career first its non negotiable. The key to my heart though is honesty, loyalty, and laughter. Laughter is the best medicine and if you cant make me laugh there is no way you are getting into my heart. I am always going to be myself I will never compromise who I am to appease anyone. So there is def no key to my heart but there is a path that might get you close. I ask that you just be yourself and dont be fake cause I can smell it a mile away.

4. What song would you pick to be your wedding song if you met your perfect match ?

Jeez ya’ll want me married or something lol. Well I know this for sure Ed Sheeran thinking out loud is one of my FAVOURITE romantic songs. If I ever feel that way about someone then I just might think they are the one. But again ive never been for marriage lol but you never know life is short and things come for a reason.

5. Do you go to church on Sundays ?

Sometimes. Im not a every sunday kinda girl. Maybe before football but def not during. It depends how I feel. God is always there when I need him.

6. Have you ever had sex with anyone whos dick was smaller than your designer #fuckmeheels taylor ? (these are actual word for word questions)

No. I havent my heels and my standards are high. Im not interested in a man that doesnt know how to please a woman.

7. Do pedicures tickle your feet ?

Ha ! At first they did now im used to it lol. I love my pedicures. Im very very ticklish usually lol

8. Would you do porn ?

Ummmmm…I do do porn its called solo porn. Everyone can have an opinion about this but I like the solo porn I do. Its not a need or want to do “porn” per say. Im happy exactly where im at. Im successful where I am and I wouldnt change a thing. You never know what the future might hold but Im not interested in any hardcore porn other than watching the people i love to see on film and the people I call friends do it. Im super involved in the industry and support everyone who decides its the path for them.

9. What do you like pussy or anal ?


10. What do you often think about ?

I think too much… about everything.. Im a virgo thats what I do lol

and one more for good measure

11. How does your family feel about what you do ?

They are good. Its not easy to say to a parent that you are a nude model on the internet but we are all good. Im happy and so fkn proud of who I am and what I do and they are totally accepting of that. Frankly, I really dont need anyones approval I love who I am I love what I do and I really dont care what people think. Its judgemental assholes who think that they have an affect on my life and they dont. They dont know what ive been through my story and my struggle. I chose this path in life and I love it and If i could go back there is NOTHING i would change. My father may he rest in peace would be super proud. I know this. Things are good, just because something puts you out of your comfort zone that doesnt mean that its wrong. Im so happy in my place in life where i am the people I am surrounded by and theres really nothing that can change that :)


So….. guys now that we have done that… lets get to the real shit. Ill be live on cam every day use my FREE link HERE and join me every day. Its time to get back and bouncy with you again. !! I have missed you all soo much. Here are a few pics from my FREE fanclub to hold you over till you see me live :)