Hi guys !! Well time sure flies doesnt it !! I cannot believe that it gets dark at 4:30pm and Christmas is upon us !! I have been away the last few weeks.. things have been super hectic but im writing to say IM BACK :). Things have settled a LITTLE and although I am still super busy with so many things I am back LIVE on cam. Im doing a ton of Christmas specials for all my amazing fans. From Dec 1st Till after New years I am giving away goodies HOURLY live on cam. Make sure you use my FREE link to join me WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM . You could win tons of stuff more than once from my online store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM ! There is so much stuff on there my snapchat,kik,skype,custom videos, exclusive dvds and much more.

My schedule will be Tues-Saturday from 1pm est to 12am est.

Thanksgiving just passed and im Canadian born but I celebrate both the Canadian and American thanksgiving and i started doing daily tweets about things I was grateful for but I thought I would do a blog post with 30 things I am thankful/grateful for in my life. From the littlest things to the biggest things ! We have to remember that we are lucky to be alive and have to appreciate what we do have. This was such a good idea i got from my bestie @brianna_jordan because instead of complaining every single day about this or that and what we dont have it forces you to sit and remember all the things we take for granted. In no particular order.

1. I am grateful I am alive

2. I am grateful I survived cancer

3. I am grateful for my doggies and the unconditional love they provide me


4. I am grateful that I lost all my hair during chemo because it reminded me that beauty is from within

5. I am grateful for my amazing support system of friends and family who are there for me through each and every day

6. I am grateful that I get to enjoy my career and do what i love to do being live and bouncy on cam with you guys at WWW.CAMWITHTAY.COM

7. I am grateful that I have an amazing work ethic

8. I am grateful that I provided a life for myself that allows me to travel all over the world and see and experience different things.

9. I am grateful that I had the courage to put myself out there in a career where I am judged and still remain strong. And that I was able to be successful both as a BBW and now.

10. I am grateful that I had the will to lose the weight I did and the strength to continue going when times got tough

11. I am grateful that Vegas is a home for me

12. I am grateful that Bill Belichick is the most amazing coach of all time and that I have a great football team to root for

13. I am grateful for the people that picked me up when I was at my lowest and reminded me of who I am

14. I am grateful for all the nurses at East York General Hospital that were so sweet and kind to me during my Cancer Treatment

15. Im grateful that I have food on my table and can provide for my family

16. Im grateful for the recognition for what I do in my industry

17. Im grateful that I was able to make a successful career out of something I never thought possible

18. Im grateful for those that hurt me or lied to me or betrayed me they taught me valuable life lessons.

19. Im grateful that I have my fathers heart and even though I only had 6 years with him they were the best 6 years of my life

20. Im grateful that even though ive been hurt and even though I am single I still believe in love

21. I am grateful for my 3 older brothers and all the fights we had and everything they taught me about sports and sportsbetting.

22. I am grateful for laughter for it is the best medicine and it has gotten me through so much. Especially the ability to laugh at yourself

23. I am grateful for diversity.

24. I am grateful for music it has been my solace my go to during so many different times in my life.

25. I am grateful for the kindness of strangers sometimes a stranger is more kind to you then those closest to you. #payitforward

26. I am grateful for the internet and the ability to reach laugh and smile with so many people

27. I am grateful that I am Palestinian and for my middle eastern features and that I can speak 4 languages and that there are so many more to learn

28. I am grateful for all the opportunities that arose by accident during the LA kings playoff series and much more that came after.

29. I am grateful for all my nominations and wins this year and throughout the years ! (see below for more info)

30. Mostly I am grateful for all of you !! I would not be where i am in my life today if it were not for you I am blessed to have you all in my life. I am so lucky that I have the best fans and friends in the world !!

Speaking of the best fans in the world !!! I NEED YOU and want to THANK YOU I was nominated by @xbiz for BEST LIVE CAM MODEL ! I am so excited that @xbiz has dedicated a category for Cam girls !! Yaay. I really really need your help here guys so I want you to go to WWW.VOTE4TAY.COM daily as many times as you can and vote vote vote and tweet me that you voted I will be favouriting every tweet that shows a vote and will be giving out prizes for the person who votes the most. This is what the page looks like.

But wait thats not all guys I am so grateful that the live cam awards show has begun their nomination process please go HERE To nominate me. Voting for that will begin in Late January.

I realize that its tedious and takes time to vote but its you who have all helped me in the past and its you who drive me. A win for me is a win for all of us cause it allows me to continue to do what I love and focus on making more amazing videos, livecam shows, and much more for you guys.

I will be doing a TON of shooting over the next few months that I am super excited about. I cannot wait to bring you more of the best of me because you all bring out the best in me ! Ty for being amazing. I hope your all enjoying the holidays so far and I cant wait to celebrate many more with you.


And of course since its the season of spoiling all those who are asking to spoil me here is my wishlist WWW.SPOILTAY.COM. ty so much it means so much. I do spoil back which means you get goodies from me as well. Tis the season to give and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

THIS FRIDAY !! I will be live with @sportsrage @camstewartlive @FNTSYSportsNet on Fridays Morency Unfiltered !! I am super excited to chat live with these patriot haters !!

Here are some pics to show my appreciation hehe 🙂