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Hey guys… theres so much Chicago fun I couldn’t put it all into one post besides this post is full of hotties. I had such a wonderful time meeting the hottie wendy fiore. She is a bundle of fun and energy and just so genuine and down to earth it was such a pleasure meeting her. Theres much more to cummm.. so make sure you join the free fanclub for a ton of details,pics and vids on whats coming next.

I had a great time on cam with you guys and love bouncing around with all of you.

This was my first glamourcon and I just loved it because it was a smaller venue and it allowed everyone to spend a lot of time with each other and get to know each other. Im so so glad I got to spend time with maggie green and wendy.  I love you glamourcon ill be back :) woot ! I also met Akira Lane who is like the asian version of me she is just soooooooooooo fun !! I cant wait to hang with her again.

I met the lovely aria giovanni shes so gorgeous and of course Taylor Wayne who btw is a bundle of fun and energy in this tiny tiny package. She is so gorgeous.

Here are some more pics for you guys the rest of the uncensored naughty pics can be found in my free fanclub as well as behind the scenes photoshoot vid !!

Wendy when you read this I want you to know your sooo amazing and I cant wait to party again in Chicago or La. Glamourcon ill be back.

See you all online DAILY i get some rest before the next convention so Ill be online much more which means much more bouncy time. So see u boys soon.