Hey everyone !! Hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving !!  I hope you all are enjoying getting ready for Christmas. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by, for many reasons this time of year isnt my favourite. My father passed away when I was six on november 26th, I got diagnosed with Non-hodgkins lymphoma on Xmas eve so its a little tough to enjoy this time of year but you know me I always make the most of it. I always smile and surround myself with amazing people and remember who and what matters most. Im able to have an amazing holiday surrounded by amazing people such as yourselves :).

Its been a hard year a busy year but always a good one. I stay positive Ive been travelling a lot meeting my fans at conventions, doing lots of photoshoots and interviews and some amazing new projects coming soon AND of course being LIVE on cam at playwithtay with all of you. Im back online daily so make sure you all get your free screenname HERE. 

It was my choice on xmas eve  to open up to my fans about my cancer. It took me a while to decide. There were a lot of people who suggested i didnt because it may not be appealing or becuase its not a positive thing. I told them that my fans are my friends and I have always been open with you guys about everything I go through. So i opened up to YOU  my amazing fans and you are what has helped me get this far what helped me on my low days what kept me smiling on cam on my ok days. I met so many amazing people through this journey and I have NO regrets. I was able to be inspired by and to inspire people that have been touched by cancer, who have fought it, who have beat it !! I will beat it completley one day !!

Back for National lymphoma awareness month I posted part one of a video which is here on my blog to the right it was a very hard video that got an amazing response it was the day I decided to shave my head because chemo was making my hair fall out every single day. It was the most defeating and heartbreaking experience to see my long hair fall out every single day. I decided to take control and shave my head before the cancer took all of my hair. I went to the salon that day and shaved my head. It was empowering.

Heres the hard part Part 2 to let the world see me LIVE with a shaved head was a tough nerve-racking decision. Im a model, for me to see myself like that was hard so I was worried that people may not want to see me like that. But soooo many of you insipired me to embrace it. I have beautiful wigs that i use and love but i also rocked it like this too. My dad who passed when I was 6 I have his will and his courage and his strength and most importantly his heart inspired me. The anniversary of his death was nov 26th i never forget becuase he is so much a part of me but im ok with it. He is with me. My point is this second half, was really hard for me maybe thats why it took so long. But I feel that im HUMAN. My fans love me for me sure I have big bouncy boobies (which i love btw lol) but I relate to so many of you on so many different levels. So thank you for giving me the courage to post myself at one of the most vulnerable and intimate moments of my life. I love you guys so so much.

My hair is growing back slowly since I stopped radiation. Hopefully i can have my own natural beautiful long hair again but im rocking it anyways 🙂 Im moving forward. Im fighting. One day there will be a yaaay im cancer free for good vid. I know this. I was going great for a while felt great felt like normal again, last month had a bit of a setback I need to not be so stressed out and to find time to relax. I dont know what relax means since i am so busy. But I am positive and  I am so blessed to have amazing and loving fans like you. TY for allowing me to feel beautiful. Ty to my close friends you know who you are who have made me feel nothing but amazing, who have supported me, seen my pain, seen my hapiness and lifted me up.

Now, this isnt a sad video this is a video of me just being real with my fans. In all honesty im really nervous about it but Im glad im putting it out there. If you find me unattractive as a result ( i look different now) but Im the same loving giving person with hair or without then that would be your choice. We are all beautiful.

Now lovebugs, IM LIVE on CAM use this special link HERE and get your free screenname and join me in video because NOTHING stops me from boobie bouncing and having a shit ton of fun. You all KNOW that lol :).

Love you guys soo much.

Here it is, say what you want, call me ugly, call me what you want. Im human Im real. This is me. I know there are a lot of people suffering an going through this or know someone who is and I hope to help in any way i know how.


Hey everyone 🙂 I know its been forever since the Exxxotica convention in Miami but I have been so swamped with so many things that I havent had time to play catch up :). Miami was super fun I was beside the beautiful Austin Taylor and in front of The sexy Cherokee d’ass it was super fun hanging out with you guys and seeing you all again. I always love to see you all take pics and have fun. I also always love my sweetheart Ms.Marshaexxx always being such an amazing friend. 🙂 I also met Kendra Lust for the first time, we went back and forth on twitter but she is a firecracker luv her 🙂 I always take some fun pics for you guys.

So here are a few from the Miami convention. I think I am a certified ass grabber LOL. You know me I just love to be silly and have as much fun with you guys as I can. Im a big goofy nerd and I love to just enjoy every day. Life is short as I know all too well.  As you know, things have been SUPER hectic for me latley but there is a TON of amazing stuff coming for you guys :). I loved being on cam with you guys and will be online every night so make sure you grab your free screenname and join me for some bouncy fun on play with tay 🙂 ! Big things are happening this year and im super excited about them 🙂 and im so glad that you will all be a part of it 🙂 !!

I know so many of you always wonder what im wearing every day to the convention and  I love that you love my style hehe its always something revealing thats for sure. So here are some fun pics at the convention 🙂 Enjoy sexies ~ ! FREE SCREENNAME HERE ! 



Hey guys I always have tons of blog posts ready for you guys and this time I forgot all about these pics from my halloween contest win and night out !! These are just some of me and the people at the party and me and my best friend were having a blast ! I even spent some time with a zombie LOL it was a great time. I loved being little bo peep my staff did a lot of spanking people that night LOL. 🙂 I swore that zombie waiter was real but he wasnt lol he freaked me out.

I found a ton of pics im uploading to the free fanclub so make sure you get your free screenname tonight as im being naughty santas helper and giving out packages early to all of you who join for free. I will be online bouncing all week long and even though holidays are busy I always make time for you guys ! I will also be live streaming from all the events I will be attending in vegas and LIVE from my suite so make sure you are all free fanclub members and get in on the action 😉 !



Hey guys !! DO YOU LOVE IT !! My new blog look 🙂 wooot !! More on that in a next post 

How appropriate that my NEW photo set comes out today !! ITs all about big boobs going to war :). Me and my big guns went to war today when I went in for my treatment 🙂 Thank you all for being there for me. This was such a fun shoot its like i was an assassin looking for the perpetrator i love shooting these type of shoots its so fun :). I told you some big things were coming 🙂 lets start with guns lol ! And me giving the finger to cancer and anyone else thats fucks with me 🙂

So ALL FREE FANCLUB members and anyone who gets a FREE SCREENNAME gets to get full acess to the full uncensored set and can pick any pic from this set and have it autographed and sent with the ty package 🙂

I always bring out the BIG GUNS 🙂 Me and guns equals a good time lol 🙂 hehehe I have been having a blast online with you guys and will be online every day after the hospital 🙂 love you guys tons 🙂

Remember the hot video and full uncensored set is available free when u get your freescreenname 🙂


This girl can party she is so much fun it should be her birthday every single day because shes so fun to be around and she lives life according to her rules and lets nothing get in her way. She hosted the party for all of us and it was great hanging out and unwinding with everyone after the convention. We has a fun limo ride to NYC and we danced all night long.  Everyone was there, kelly divine, flower tucci, everyone u can think of that loves sara tons of fans too and we had wild and crazy adventures. Stay tuned theres much to come. Join the free fanclub for all the juicy details.

Sara is up for best pornstar website at the AVN’s as she should be :). Anyways u know I love my downtime becuase we arent always models we like to hang out have fun let loose and relax. Here are a few pics from that night.

Make sure you check out the full naughty set inside my free fanclub and video:) Speaking of video lol.. here is a video of me and sara jay that was tons of fun we were trying to pop balloons with our boobies 🙂 it was def fun !. Keep your votes up for me boys please for miss freeones go to 🙂

I will see you all live this week every day so get your free screenname now !!

and the video youve all been waiting for sorry guys had a hard time reformatting it but found a place with plenty more in the free fanclub.


Hi guys… I have some fantastic news and IM sooooo excited ! the most kick ass site with tons of content is having their annual contest only this time there is a BEST CAM GIRL category !! I have been waiting for this :). I have been the number one webcam girl thanks to all of you for 9 years and I really want to win this contest and really want your vote !.

I have held the number one free fanclub and number one webcam spot for 9 years. I am the bounciest busty girl next door you’ll find and as you all know im genuine inside and out. I give you the best of me day after day month after month and show after show :). I love being naughty bouncy and crazy for you guys on cam and off cam :).

I always give you guys HD videos, pics, behind the scenes fun and definitely a deeper look as to who I am. I know im in the category with a lot of other girls and its an honour just to be amongst them :). Im nominated as some of the other girls are in more then one category but BEST CAM GIRL means the most to me. You guys have seen me on cam when i was 300lbs, when i lost the weight, and throughout all the ups and downs. I love giving you all naughty boobie fun day in and day out at my free fanclub. And of course my blog running for years and years now.

If your a fan of mine  I would absolutley love love your vote !!  I think being the best cam girl means giving 100% of you to your fans all the time. Thats why I go to conventions to meet all my fans in person and let u know that im not just a girl behind a camera. I think it means putting effort into all your cam shows, pics, and giving back to the fans that give back to you. You all know I love leaving you with a smile and it doesnt matter why, either we had great conversation, a great load all over my chest, great bouncing and bra busting, or all of the above i aim to please :).

I would love your vote 🙂 Voting starts NOVEMBER 15TH at midnight. I really want to win !! You can vote for me every single day from different computers :). Im super active on my twitter/facebook/myspace/youtube and of course right here !! The more votes I get the more free stuff you guys get !!

It is also FREEONES 12.5 year anniversary! Visit the site and sign up for chances for YOU to win great prizes starting September 27th. Here is the contest thread. They are one of the awesomest sites around and I love to interact with you on there :). Lets do this vote vote vote !!

Remember to vote for me each and every day so I can continue to give you the best bounciest boobie filled experience each and every day ! Its about time theres a best cam girl award lol. 🙂 Im also up for other awards but BEST CAM GIRL is my baby 🙂

Ill be online daily and can’t wait to bounce around for you 🙂 lets have some fun. Get your free screenname and lets Par-TAY !

Here are some hot pics to get you started the rest can be found at my number one free fanclub 🙂 naughty and uncensored 🙂



Hiii guys !! I had a great weekend with you guys it was soo much fun partying online at my free fanclub, this was such a great weekend full of football, baseball, hockey…and I got time to enjoy myself.. played some warcraft and finally got to play some madden !! Im a big nerd lol and I love it. I love all my nerds out there too 🙂 lol.

I know you guys love to know all kinds of useless but fun information about me and you know we all have our nerdy little quirks lol. So i thought I would let you know more about me no holds barred… stuff I just do thats very random lol. I love you guys and I love getting to know you all and so I of course love to share with you too its only fair right ? lol

Ive been celebrating so much, my 9 years bouncing on webcam with you guys.. the fact that I broke 4 yes 4 tight button up shirts in like an hour lol and of course my good football day. Ill be online all week long so get your free screenname and make your way over to the number one free fanclub around :). Im doing hourly giveaways and I wanna see if I can break a bra busting shirt busting record.  I just got back from the post office sending out all the stuff I gave away to playwithtay members soo make sure you get your free registration so I can send you goodies too !

Ok…so lets pick 10 random things I do that most people dont know about embarassing or not lol maybe i have ocd 

1. I reorganize my coffee table and make all the remotes symettrical in the middle of watching tv just because I like things to look straight lol (nerd)

2. I have to wash my dishes right after I use them I dont even use my dishwasher I just want everything clean and put away

3. I sing in the shower

4. I clean the condo naked

5. I pace back and forth when watching football on sundays im barely sitting on the couch I stand and wave my hips back and forth lol

6. I have ESPN moblile and am always on it

7. I watch porn in the mornings and masturbate (im usually horniest in the mornings dont always need porn but its fun )

8. I take off my shoes and pants at the same time and usually leave them in a pile till i have to pick them up lol

9. I collect poker chips from every casino, and I collect hard rock tshirts from every hard rock i visit buy the tshirt and have it framed. So far I have new york, chicago,cancun,and vegas

10. I tend to move my lips when I type or text

and one more for fun

11. I cut the top of my toothpaste tube when its getting low to make sure I get everything in there lool

So, as you can tell im a normal girl maybe not so normal lol.. im a nerdy girl but Im me and im genuine and thats what matters the most. I love you guys tons and I cant wait to see you all online at my free club. Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter for tons of new stuff coming.

Heres some pics to show how much I love my Geeks out there 🙂 Its bouncy time get in on it im online  now. Theres some more football tonight so lets get rowdy and have some fun get your free screenname here.



Heres the pics for all my nerdies 🙂 love you guys !


These girls are my girls !!!!!!!! lol I love them so much. I found some awesome pics of me and maggie green after glamourcon unwinding and having some fun. She is so amazing, its amazing the good quality people ive met and i never would have if I didnt make choices from my heart. Im so so glad and lucky to met the people that I have met.

Ive had a hard time finding REAL friends, or people that are after another thing or pretending they are not. Its sad actually. Often imitated never duplicated i say :). Right now I just want to thank you all for being soo soo amazing. You are the best fans ever and I cant wait to meet you all at all the conventions. You all need to get your free screenname and come see me live on webcam. Ill be bouncing around like crazy as usual lol.

Yaaaay brett killed it yesterday… finally a Vikings win we needed that we have a tough schedule ahead of us. I have some fun stuff coming in that regard you guys will love it. I decided I havent answered some of your questions latley so I will be answering some formspring ones on here now. But you can ask me anything every monday night on my tell all night live @ the free fanclub. But lets start with these questions…..

1.You’ve said countless times you’re a girl who likes to eat – So say make a trip to Toronto, Where’s some of the best places to grab a bite?

MMM… love food.. depends what kind of food your looking for…

Real Sports Bar for sure because their food is great and if your looking to watch sports that is defintiely the place.

Harbour 60 omg yummm and its right by yup the hockey hall of fame.. definitely check that out.

Jack Astors, The keg.. these are all more reasonable priced and fun places with great food.

2. We have bellied up to a bar, what kind of drink can i get you ?

“Dark liquor, nothing soothes the heart quicker” 🙂 actually a bacardi and diet coke make it a double woot !

3. Would you give up sex + masturbation for one year in exchange for $50,000?

No amount of money could make me give up sex and masturbation im too horny lol 🙂

4.What’s your ideal dream home?

One that has lots and lots of closets in fact one where an entire room is a walk in closet.

5. Whats the most recent shoot you did ?

Well ill tell you ONE of the many that I did was for actiongirls

In fact here is another pic from that kick ass fun with guns shoot !

Love you guys make sure you join the free fanclub for full access to all my pics and vids ! And new members that get their free screename  here get free pvt one on one time 🙂 woot

Here are some fun behind the scenes shots of me and maggie 🙂 My boobies make a good drink holder and she can handle a bottle thats for sure. We had a friendly girl kiss 🙂 Love my mags. Get my free newsletter for updates !


Goood evening BOYS !! Happy Saturday.

I have some big news !! Guess who is offically an ACTION GIRL. Yup Yup thats me 🙂 I told you big things were coming and this is Just the beginning. I hope you like it. He is amazing and his work is fantastic :). Not to mention I just had a blast. It was one big fun party. I got to do all the things I love and in a photoset none the less guns, videogames cum push my buttons on cam 🙂 @the free fanclub , woot. I look good holding a gun hahaha.  This was one of the best times ever !  Expect much more to come. Make sure you sign up to my free newsletter 🙂 for upcoming news and join the free fanclub now cause im doing a ton of free giveaways !

I had an amazing time last night hearing unique talent at the manifesto festival here in toronto. There was some great music and some amazing times had. 🙂 I had a blast. Our friend Mr.Mecc was performing you def have to check out his music on youtube hes great.

So come check out the full set of much to come from your #1 BUSTY BOUNCY ACTION GIRL NEXT DOOR 🙂 @ the free fanclub and of course see me play with my big guns live one on one on webcam.