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Hiii guys !! I am so so excited to be writing this write now. You have all been wanting waiting and asking about me being on a T-shirt and FINALLY the wait is over and its here :) . Good things come to those who wait and It is a complete honour to collaborate with and bring you a shirt that I am so so proud of. I had so so much fun during this shoot letting out my inner bad ass ;) .

Those of you who know me know all of my battles, the things I have overcame, the things I have went through the judgment I face and have faced as we all do in our lives and you know I kill them with kindness, fight strong, and keep my head high. My fans mean everything to me and I wanted to bring you guys something that youve wanted that you would love and love to wear ! This T-shirt collaboration is representative of those things in a modern, sexy, classy, creative way. Everyone knows I don’t do anything I don’t love and this I LOVE and so will you ! You guys do love to wear me out ;) hehehe now you can ! was the perfect outlet to express my creativity. A company that cared about expression, originality and really bringing what mattered to me to the table and putting it out there. A company that cares about quality not quantity and they absolutley deliver. The details are all listed on their site

This T-shirt is a LIMITED EDITION once in a life time shirt. There are only 169 that will ever be made and sold. Each shirt is numbered out of 169 and YOU choose your number! Its the highest quality shirt and it can never be replicated or duplicated because each embroidered patch has YOUR number of choice on it ! Pick your size Pick your number get your shirt !!

Those of you who are coming to AVN/AEE expo may pre-order their number NOW HERE and not worry about shipping because it will be ready for you at my booth at AVN/AEE just bring your receipt !

Im sooo excited to bring this to you, the demand has been pressing and in I found a company that takes risks, and delivers an amazing product that I know both you and I would be proud to wear. They truly are cut from a different fabric.

So CLICK HERE to order your individually numbered limited edition shirt NOW ! They are selling fast ! BE DIFFERENT !

So much more news to come stay tuned on my blog :) for tons of updates. Ty all so much for your support and your love. Ive been having a blast LIVE on cam with you guys and I cant wait to see you all this week !

Check out this video :)

Love always,






Appearances, Favs, Featured, Pictures, Polls

I KNOW im so behind lol :) But this years AEE and AVN was soo much fun. It felt so amazing to be there and to win !! I have so many pics to show you guys !! Make sure you join the free fanclub for EXCLUSIVE access to all the pics and vids. :) I was signing with pornstar tweet and it was sooo much fun. They are so down to earth, so goofy and loveable, it was the perfect fit. Me and Pete and Alyss had some fun molesting the tweetie stuffed bird lol.

I got to hang out with the beauty caramel dreams. I hate to say that she wasnt feeling that great because she was listening to some people comment on her being a bbw and it was getting her down. Coming from being a BBW I was really annoyed that people are so shallow. Shes a beauty inside and out and I got her attitude changed right quick. Love you girlie !   

Also got to hang with the gorgeous Jelena Jensen. Among all her talents shes still down to earth, pretty as fuck and shes the one who took the most gorgeous pictures of me for PinupFiles. :) Then I went to my most favourite Arabic restaurant in Vegas Ali baba and the singer sang to me. Such a great trip !

I got to meet so many of you I sold out of all my pictures and dvds that I brought. You know me I love having a goofy fun silly time and nothing in the world will ever change that.

Im uploading tons of stuff to the free fanclub that NOONE has ever seen before and since you guys were sooo amazing to me on V-day im extending my valentines day promo to last ALL week. So everyone that gets their free screenname and tells me what it is will get any pic of my blog signed and a free dvd. So now is the time. I will be live and naughty on cam with all of you so get online for free pvt time.. yup this week there is free pvt time to anyone who gets a free screenname here ! woot woot !

For all of you who have spoiled me (omg vday you guys killed me i love you so much) and for those of you who asked about my wishlist its here :) . Thank you all for everything and of course you all get thank you gifts back :) MUAH 

Ive been playing poker like crazy latley seems im good at reading people lol… except ex boyfriends lol actually thats why they are exes right ? LOL. Im having a great time getting ready for WSOP !  

I found out some cool shit im so happy that the ROCK made an appearance on WWE I think hes super talented ! Im looking forward to NFL combine. I am seriously like on the NFL network 24/7. Watching the top superbowls, soundfx everything. Its nuts. It just ended and I cant wait for it to start again lol.

Anyways baby cakes get your free screenname and come join me cause im in a bouncy fucking mood and when im in a bouncy fucking mood we all benefit lol :)

Love ya TONS and umm TONS