Hey guys !! Wow its been a minute hasnt it.. Things have been so hectic with the back and forth travelling to Toronto and all over. Its a busy time for me im excited though I mean I am sick and super jet lagged but overall im just happy that things are doing great. I had a great great birthday here in vegas and I have to catch you guys up !!. First let me thank you all for a great weeklong birthday celebration at 🙂 that was awesome fun and I will be LIVE on cam alll week long 🙂 so make sure you grab your free screenname and lets have some awesome fun !! Im feeling especially bouncy LOL Secondly, I need to thank you all for the wonderful gifts you all got me !! its nuts you guys are the best spoilers ever !! I hope you all enjoyed your thank you packages back. So, my birthday here in vegas was very eventful. My friends threw me a huge surpise party it was super fun.

Everyone including sara jay sophie dee and her hubby and sooo many others. came over to my place it was full of balloons and roses and love from all my good friends. I even had a balloon stripper lol it was hilarious. I had the bestest birthday cake made into a louis vuitton pink purse !! I didnt even wanna eat it it was so great !! I also got the real thing for a gift !! Me and my balloon stripper lol Me and the girls !!     Me and some of the boys 🙂 Me and my gifts and my bday cake and me and my best friend were pretending to eat it i didnt wanna eat it at all ! Then we all went out to one of my favourite nightclubs Tryst and partied in our booth all night long. !! It was super fun. Then the next day we did a HUGE rehab bbq at my condo. It was pool and drinks and a HUGE bbq to recover and drink away our hangovers lol. It was honestly one of the best birthdays I ever had. I had a huge pink LIMO 🙂 yaay Me popping champagne in the limo lol   Club pics lol My best friend got a picture of me blown up of when i first shaved my head after my first round of chemo. I had no idea and it caught me off guard but it was the best gift of all because every day I remind myself to get up and fight because im reminded im human and im reminded of every hard time i went through. I havent shown anyone that pic because it was at one of the worst moments in my life and of course it was so nice to see that someone saw beauty in me during that time. So here it is for you to see 🙂 it ruined my makeup that night lol good thing i was wearing water proof mascara !

All the pictures are here I hope you all enjoy I will be doing a few more blog posts shortly. In the mean time you should all be happy becauseeeeeeeeeeee I am gonna be on cam way way more. I know im busy and back and forth but my heart is online with you guys. So im sending out a gift to everyone who grabs their free screenname here and joins me at and i will be doing a super thank you party ! You know i love to give back to the fans especially LIVE !!

love you guys




HIIII GUYS !! OK sooo my birthday is not till Sept 20th 🙂 but you know me I like to kick things off early 🙂 Soo starting tonight and alllllllllllll week long but especially till my birthday im doing a super naughty exclusive party for all of you who grab your free screenname here and join me at

You guys have been super generous spoiling me @ I want to spoil you back even more. I will be on all week long for you to party with me we are gonna have a PAR-TAY ! I will be doing hourly giveaways and giving away prizes for the most clever screeename that you can get FREE here. I want you guys to party with me ALL week long so we are gonna have a bouncy good time filled with lots of bouncing, lots of oil and lots of lotion hahahah.

IT all starts tonight so get your free screenname here and join me Live @ help me celebrate my birthday by letting me put a smile on your faces 🙂

Don’t forget the week long contest that will win you a naughty session with me 🙂 woot ! Try your luck HERE 🙂


Hiii guys im baaaaaaaack from LA what a busy busy trip. Its good to be home though I have so much going on. I was busy with photoshoot after photoshoot lol so make sure to stay tuned @ my free fanclub and sign up to my free newsletter for all the details. There are some KICK ASS things coming your way especially for free fanclub members !!

I will be uploading a TON of pics for you guys this week in the free fanclub so grab your free screename it only takes a minute. I will be online all weekend and all week long. My birthday is on Monday the 20th and I want to thank you all for all the nice gifts, gift cards and cards ive recieved so far its so so sweet of you. For those of you who have asked to spoil me here are my wishlists both amazon and boxed up 🙂 thank you so so much and i do spoil back 😉

Adultcon was soo much fun not only did I get to meet all the amaaazing fans and have a bouncy time with all of you. I got to hang with the baddest chicks EVER ! We were the big titty committee !I had MISS Brianna Jordan beside me (I never thought i would meet a girl as crazy and fun as me lol) and the curvy and sexy Maggie Green and of course the one and only Jelena Jensen. We rocked the show and had a blast bouncing our boobies everywhere. I love you GUYS !! F bombs everywhere… Brianna is so spunky i swear lol. Oh and I cant forget Sophie Dee who is soo sweet.

I also got to party and hang with good friends Kelly Divine, Sara Jay, and Jessica Bangkok who is just super sweet. I met the lovely Liz Tayler who was shaking when she met me did she forget shes super beautiful herself ? These girls are the best and they make me love what I do more and more.

I have a shit load of pics coming to the free fanclub so stay tuned ! Here are just a few pics from the convention. Im giving away free NEW dvd’s to the next 2o members who join the free fanclub.

Its my birthday on monday join me all for a special bday bash fanclub members get to eat cupcake of my boobies lol 🙂



Here are just a few of the HUNDREDS yes HUNDREDS taken 🙂 so free fanclub members hold on to your seats !!


Hey boys I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful gifts and bday wishes. You are all so sweet your cards were beautiful. My blog was down for a little while but its all fixed now so its good to be back. I missed you all so much. I had a great bday and wanted to thank you all :). My friends took me out and I had a great time one more year older lol. I was at this arabic restaurant for my bday with dinner and dancing and I dont know if you all know but its arabic tradition to smoke what we call “argyleh” but a lot of people know as hookah which is flavoured tabacoo that can be mixed with alcohol. I remember my dad and my brothers doing it a lot lets just say i got a little crazy after it LOL. And im crazy to begin with lol. Here are a couple pics from that night.

Ill be online this coming week @ and I look forward to having some hot fun with you guys. Hope you like the pics 🙂 See you all soon.