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Well this update is LONG overdue but as you all know ive been playing catch up I have a lot of stuff to catch up on right now. When I was in Vegas it was my very close friends birthday and I threw a bit of a surprise party :) The guest list was smoking hot we had the bootylicious sara jay and Brianna Jordan and some sexy bitches :) . It was a great time !! I love vegas.

I even had this cake made which was an exact replica of my close friends favourite pair of shoes :) . The cupcakery did an amazing job !! Pics below :)  We all had a big get together at the suite and then went out to 1oak at the mirage to Party it was a super fun super amazing time :) . We danced the night away all got tipsy and ended up coming back to my suite wreaking all kinds of havoc i think me and Sarajay went to town on the leftovers LOL…it was great. The next morning not so much but hey lol. Brianna came out and had a blast some wine some cake and a shit load of fun. Sara jay and I got a bit frisky with Brianna before we left lol.  We were having so much fun we didnt want to leave but we did and we had a huge pink hummer limo it was just so much fun :) My friend def had a great birthday :)

One fun point of the evening was these guys came up to me and asked me for my picture he told me he was at his bachelorette party and his wife was out with her girlfriends too and he said they were playing the outdo each other game so she would take a pic with a guy and he would take a pic with a girl lol so he asked if he could take a pic with me (only after realizing who i was) and i said well only if your ready to win and end the game here. as the song goes “game over bitch gatorade wet towel” lol i actually talked to his fiancee and shes like ok he wins lol. It was super fun :)

I love hanging out with my friends they are amazing and always have my back. I got back to the suite a little tipsy and Sarajay took care of me lol.

I have a next post coming about me and Sophie dee lol that girl is crazy and I love her we have such a great time together.

I wanted to let you all know that I am extending the MARCH MADNESS to all of  april ive been having the most amazing time with you guys LIVE on cam :) You guys are so awesome ! It feels so good to be back ! Make sure you all get your free screenname here then email it to me here so that I can give you the entry code to my exclusive bouncy cam shows :) You dont wanna miss out Ill be giving away HOURLY prizes its gonna be tons of fun :) Get your free screenname NOW ill be live from 3pm-3am :)

Ill be uploading all the UNCENSORED pics to the free fanclub so make sure you get in on the fun :) .

Here are SOME of the fun pics from that night :) see the rest once you get your free sceenname here :)



lol the flash was a little high on this one lol new term for white girls but hey lol we still look good lol.

and of course we cant forget the cake which im so proud i managed to get done in like 3 days lol i didnt do it but i found a place that would. They are amazing stephen at the cupcakery in vegas does an amazing job. Which one is the real shoe lol.




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Hiii guys im baaaaaaaack from LA what a busy busy trip. Its good to be home though I have so much going on. I was busy with photoshoot after photoshoot lol so make sure to stay tuned @ my free fanclub and sign up to my free newsletter for all the details. There are some KICK ASS things coming your way especially for free fanclub members !!

I will be uploading a TON of pics for you guys this week in the free fanclub so grab your free screename it only takes a minute. I will be online all weekend and all week long. My birthday is on Monday the 20th and I want to thank you all for all the nice gifts, gift cards and cards ive recieved so far its so so sweet of you. For those of you who have asked to spoil me here are my wishlists both amazon and boxed up  :) thank you so so much and i do spoil back ;)

Adultcon was soo much fun not only did I get to meet all the amaaazing fans and have a bouncy time with all of you. I got to hang with the baddest chicks EVER ! We were the big titty committee !I had MISS Brianna Jordan beside me (I never thought i would meet a girl as crazy and fun as me lol) and the curvy and sexy Maggie Green and of course the one and only Jelena Jensen. We rocked the show and had a blast bouncing our boobies everywhere. I love you GUYS !! F bombs everywhere… Brianna is so spunky i swear lol. Oh and I cant forget Sophie Dee who is soo sweet.

I also got to party and hang with good friends Kelly Divine, Sara Jay, and Jessica Bangkok who is just super sweet. I met the lovely Liz Tayler who was shaking when she met me did she forget shes super beautiful herself ? These girls are the best and they make me love what I do more and more.

I have a shit load of pics coming to the free fanclub so stay tuned ! Here are just a few pics from the convention. Im giving away free NEW dvd’s to the next 2o members who join the free fanclub.

Its my birthday on monday join me all for a special bday bash fanclub members get to eat cupcake of my boobies lol :)



Here are just a few of the HUNDREDS yes HUNDREDS taken :) so free fanclub members hold on to your seats !!