Hey everyone !! Hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving !!  I hope you all are enjoying getting ready for Christmas. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by, for many reasons this time of year isnt my favourite. My father passed away when I was six on november 26th, I got diagnosed with Non-hodgkins lymphoma on Xmas eve so its a little tough to enjoy this time of year but you know me I always make the most of it. I always smile and surround myself with amazing people and remember who and what matters most. Im able to have an amazing holiday surrounded by amazing people such as yourselves :).

Its been a hard year a busy year but always a good one. I stay positive Ive been travelling a lot meeting my fans at conventions, doing lots of photoshoots and interviews and some amazing new projects coming soon AND of course being LIVE on cam at playwithtay with all of you. Im back online daily so make sure you all get your free screenname HERE. 

It was my choice on xmas eve  to open up to my fans about my cancer. It took me a while to decide. There were a lot of people who suggested i didnt because it may not be appealing or becuase its not a positive thing. I told them that my fans are my friends and I have always been open with you guys about everything I go through. So i opened up to YOU  my amazing fans and you are what has helped me get this far what helped me on my low days what kept me smiling on cam on my ok days. I met so many amazing people through this journey and I have NO regrets. I was able to be inspired by and to inspire people that have been touched by cancer, who have fought it, who have beat it !! I will beat it completley one day !!

Back for National lymphoma awareness month I posted part one of a video which is here on my blog to the right it was a very hard video that got an amazing response it was the day I decided to shave my head because chemo was making my hair fall out every single day. It was the most defeating and heartbreaking experience to see my long hair fall out every single day. I decided to take control and shave my head before the cancer took all of my hair. I went to the salon that day and shaved my head. It was empowering.

Heres the hard part Part 2 to let the world see me LIVE with a shaved head was a tough nerve-racking decision. Im a model, for me to see myself like that was hard so I was worried that people may not want to see me like that. But soooo many of you insipired me to embrace it. I have beautiful wigs that i use and love but i also rocked it like this too. My dad who passed when I was 6 I have his will and his courage and his strength and most importantly his heart inspired me. The anniversary of his death was nov 26th i never forget becuase he is so much a part of me but im ok with it. He is with me. My point is this second half, was really hard for me maybe thats why it took so long. But I feel that im HUMAN. My fans love me for me sure I have big bouncy boobies (which i love btw lol) but I relate to so many of you on so many different levels. So thank you for giving me the courage to post myself at one of the most vulnerable and intimate moments of my life. I love you guys so so much.

My hair is growing back slowly since I stopped radiation. Hopefully i can have my own natural beautiful long hair again but im rocking it anyways 🙂 Im moving forward. Im fighting. One day there will be a yaaay im cancer free for good vid. I know this. I was going great for a while felt great felt like normal again, last month had a bit of a setback I need to not be so stressed out and to find time to relax. I dont know what relax means since i am so busy. But I am positive and  I am so blessed to have amazing and loving fans like you. TY for allowing me to feel beautiful. Ty to my close friends you know who you are who have made me feel nothing but amazing, who have supported me, seen my pain, seen my hapiness and lifted me up.

Now, this isnt a sad video this is a video of me just being real with my fans. In all honesty im really nervous about it but Im glad im putting it out there. If you find me unattractive as a result ( i look different now) but Im the same loving giving person with hair or without then that would be your choice. We are all beautiful.

Now lovebugs, IM LIVE on CAM use this special link HERE and get your free screenname and join me in video because NOTHING stops me from boobie bouncing and having a shit ton of fun. You all KNOW that lol :).

Love you guys soo much.

Here it is, say what you want, call me ugly, call me what you want. Im human Im real. This is me. I know there are a lot of people suffering an going through this or know someone who is and I hope to help in any way i know how.


Hey guys !! Its that time of year again for the reigning Miss freeones webcam/internet babe of the year- ME 🙂 woot woot. Im not running for president just yet lol.

Thank you all so much for all your votes last year as you can tell I honoured my title well by making sure I was interactive with my fans and LIVE on cam with you guys all the time,shooting like crazyyyyyyy for some amazing stuff coming up. It was such a blessing to be voted in by you it meant the world to me it still does. Its been a rough year.. Ive been battling this cancer all the while trying to keep a smile on my face and live life to the fullest. I needed you guys and still do and you were right there by my side. Thank you all for being supportive and helpful without you I wouldnt have made it this far.

Winning last year was so important and such an honour. Winning this year would mean everything to me. I went through some fo the worst points in my life this year and im still here fighting and smiling thats just my spirit 🙂

Its that time again where voting starts APRIL 9th mark your calanders. I am up for three categories best webcam girl, best adult model and miss freeones ! They say I cant do it two years in a row but I never let someone tell me I cant, I still try and fight and either way its worth the effort. But I need you guys. I need you all to get your free account @freeones if you dont already have one because your votes count more that way and vote every single day for me. This is MY OFFICIAL VOTING PAGE  I would love to win Miss freeones i dont know that a webcam model has ever won that one 🙂 hehe.

If i win amongst other things I will be giving away a sexy oil show LIVE on PLAYWITHTAY to all my voters 🙂 woot woot slip and slide 🙂 heheh. Its been hard to try to be myself when being sick took so much away from me but it seems my personality always wants to come through and kick ass lol :). I love you guys tons. Ty for allowing me the freedom to be me and put smiles on your faces.

Whats good about the contest is its only ONE month where as last year it took a LOT longer so for ONE month I need you all to Buckle down and vote every day every day every day lol from every ip and every computer and help me win !! Id love to win my title two years in a row woot  !! Or even a new category like best adult model or the biggie MISS FREEONES :).


I will be LIVE every day all day for A super spring marathon so everyone get your free screenname here and lets get busy bouncing shall we 🙂




Hey guys.. I wanted to do a special post for Raven Alexis who is also fighting Cancer. As you all know Xmas eve last year I was diagnosed with Cancer and am fighting each and every single day. Each day is a struggle but we push through it as best we can.

Raven is battling a very rough type of Cancer and she is enduring a lot. Her and I have a lot in common ( besides cancer) she loves football, she swears like a sailor lol, we both lost our hair, she has a fighting spirit but most importantly she has people around her that LOVE her and need her. Recently, naughty swag came out with a Raven Alexis t-shirt that says fuck cancer. I fucking loved it and bought it to support her (in pink of course). In all her troubles, she still gives to others organizing an amazing toy drive this christmas. I think you should all join team RAVEN  buy her t-shirt and support her. Right now she needs our love BAD.

Raven is always there to pick me up and always wishes me well, she knows all about the drs visits and the chemo and the crap. I know its not much but I got my tshirt and im so happy to sport it. I did a tiny shoot just for her. Shes beautiful inside and out a true beauty.

I love you Raven, my life is better having you in it. Im blessed and lucky to have got to meet you this year. Big huge kisses to you and Dirt for always being by your side.






This post.. its a toughie… How quickly a year goes by. Im not a big fan of november…Its always been a hard month for me. Its the month I lost my father, its the month this whole cancer ordeal started. But I thought I would take a moment to reflect on this year because at around this time last year I was long beach bound on my way to the GLAMOURCON convention in Chicago, and this was shortly after the EXXXTACY convention that I had attended.

I was on a flight headed to long beach when I suddenly started having severe chest pains..I was also freezing. I am tiny and and I am always cold so I didnt think anything of it but the shivers and the cold got so bad I was stiffened up and the flight attendants had to grab two big 1 litre bottles filled with boiling hot water and blankets to try and warm me up. I had no idea what was going on but was very scared. After landing in Long Beach, I headed to my hotel still in pain but it had gone down a bit I just chalked it up to muscle pain bought some a535 rub and started unpacking because nothing gets in the way of me my work and my fans. As the pain started to increase I realized I had to lay down and thought that maybe if I slept it off I would be ok but it turns out I wasnt. I had woken up out of sheer pain. I still went downstairs to the Glamourcon convention and I had to get rushed out of there to go to emergency.

After getting to emergency, I was rushed in they subsided my pain and proceeded to do a number of tests on me. After the tests came back they told me I had a tumour in my chest between my heart and lungs and that I had to get it biopsied immediately. I did a biopsy stayed overnight ( still thinking that id be able to attend the next day of glamourcon, thats just how my mind works). I hated leaving my fans and Wendy Fiore who I was next to and Jordan Carver too, they made the short few hours that I was able to attend worth it. 🙂

The biopsy was painful, but the news after a few days of waiting was that it was benign and that when I got back home to Canada I would have to see the thorasic surgeon and have the tumour removed. I felt relief yet was still nervous. Where did this come from ? What did I do wrong ?

I made my way back home to Toronto and saw the thorasic surgeon who ordered more tests and another Biopsy because there was some abnormalities. Thats when the news came, like being hit by a truck Xmas Eve he called me to tell me that in fact I have Cancer and I was misdiagnosed. The ground fell from under me and my whole world changed.

Its been a year since that painful trip in Long Beach, I know its silly but I just cant go back to that glamourcon, its too much of a painful memory. Maybe one day. Its been a year full of hospitals, pain, chemotherapy, radiation but also a year of strength, faith and hope. You guys have been there for me and I know you will continue to be there for me through this ordeal. You all know me, I dont quit, its not in my blood. I was born a fighter and will continue to fight.

You all know ive still been online rocking it and shooting and still going to conventions to meet my fans. You are all very very important to me and I wouldnt have it any other way. Speaking of which 🙂 Ill be LIVE at the FREE FANCLUB all week long so get your FREE SCREENNAME now and join me !

Thanks for taking this moment to reflect with me. I learned a lot this year. I wouldnt change it. Its bitter sweet but this has made me see things so differently. Hugs and Kisses


Here are some pics from the convention last year




Hey guys !! Hope your all doing well. Its been a while since Ive updated, Its been a super busy time. Ive been having a great time on cam with you guys every day and been soo busy with all kinds of surprises which ill post about in my next blog post. I want to take a moment to post about something clearly important to me and my heart.

September 20th is my birthday, ironically it is also National Lymphoma Awareness month. As most of you know December 24th, 2010 I was diagnosed with Cancer. Lymphoma. Yes xmas eve.. its not a fun time for me. Its been hell, I have good days and bad days but I am very thankful for all of you. You have been amazing in your support and Love for me and I appreciate every single one of you.

I went back and forth about whether or not I was going to post this video because it was very personal and very hard for me. But as you all know, I am always very open to you about what is going on with me good and bad. I love you to see the me I am which is the same off cam and on cam. My best and worst times have always been shared with you. A lot of people said not to a lot of people said to but for me I wanted to I want to inspire and help anyone who is going through this. I want them to know that they arent they only ones and that everything they are feeling is normal. When I first got diagnosed I didnt want to burden anyone I just kinda hid myself from the world but you need to surround yourself with positve people and just talking about it helps.

An update on me, I have started radiation treatment this week. I went this week and have hated every moment of it. But we have to do things we hate sometimes in order to get better. So im gonna do it with a smile and then come and relax with you guys online where I feel the most happy. I know what im about to face again sucks terribly and its gonna be tough on me but hey im a fighter my entire life and I will continue to fight 🙂 till i WIN !! Yall know i dont give up on shit lol 🙂

Ill explain the video in a moment but first  I want to give you some facts about lymphoma and I hope that if your going through this or if someone you love is you will help or donate to the cause.


* ITS GREEEN .. the ribbon that is I love green so everyone get your green out and wear green and tweet me pics of you wearing green to support this month @taystevens is my twitter id love to see you all show your support. A lime green ribbon represents awareness and unity in the fight against all Lymphomas

*In the United States each year, some 54,000 people are diagnosed with NHL and 7,000 are diagnosed HL. It is the most common type of blood cancer in the US. The European Union sees over 50,000 cases of NHL every year

*Lymphoma can occur at any age, including childhood. Hodgkin’s disease is most common in two age groups: young adults 16-34 years of age and in older people 55 years of age and older. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is more likely to occur in older people.

*Lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins in immune system cells called lymphocytes. Like other cancers, lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes are in a state of uncontrolled cell growth and multiplication.

*Cancer symptoms are quite varied and depend on where the cancer is located, where it has spread, and how big the tumor is. Lymphoma usually first presents with swelling in the neck, underarm, or groin. Additional swelling may occur where other lymph nodes are located such as in the spleen. In general, enlarged lymph nodes can encroach on the space of blood vessels, nerves, or the stomach, leading to swollen arms and legs, to tingling and numbness, or to feelings of being full, respectively.

*Lymphoma symptoms also include nonspecific symptoms such as fever, chills, unexplained weight loss, night sweats, lethargy, and itching

*The treatment of lymphoma depends on the type of lymphoma diagnosed and also on the stage of the cancer, its location, the extent of symptoms and the physical condition and health of the patients. Radiotherapy is a preferred treatment for patients with both types of lymphoma. The other treatment options include chemotherapy, bone marrow or stem cell transplants, radio immunotherapy or biologic therapy


You know there are some really catty and evil people out there that either didnt believe I was sick or have come into my chatroom and wished me the worse said mean things but those people dont mean anything to me.

I surround myself and am blessed to have great people in my life. Thank you all so much for your never ending love. This has truly opened my eyes to the value of life and who really deserves to be in it. To the amazing friends and to everyone who I reached out to me, shared their stories with me, its my turn to share it with you.

The video which is part one of two is pretty self explanitory but was really tough. I have many more to come. I wasnt alone on this journey you guys were always with me. I love you all so much.

See you all ONLINE 🙂 lets remember what makes me me 🙂

BOUNCY FUN HAPPY TIMES . Be THERE or be square :).



I picked the songs in this vid for a reason… you all know music is important to me and i love nicki minaj these lyrics were of particular importance to me…

It’s a joke, it’s a game,
Why am I still keeping score?
I’m in pain, I’m ashamed
I’m a woman, hear me roar

and of course….

This time won’t you save me
This time won’t you save me
Baby I can feel myself givin up
Givin up
This time won’t you save me
This time won’t you save me
Baby I can feel myself givin up
Givin up





Hey everyone.. You see it everywhere the pink ribbon, you see the football players wearing pink because its such an important month. I wanted to do a post about a cause that is very dear and near to me. This month is Breast Cancer awareness month and as you all know I love my boobies and everyone else’s. I have lost a few people to this number one killer and have many people close to me lose loved ones.

So, im doing a tribute to all those who are and or have or know somoeone who has been hit with breast cancer, as well as those who just support the cause. I love pink so it made it even more amazing to support the search for a cure. So get your dukes up and fight for a cure !

Here are some breast cancer facts :

An estimated 182,800 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2000.

Approximately 42,200 deaths will occur in women from breast cancer in 2000.

One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.

Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.

Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.

Seventy-seven percent of women with breast cancer are over 50.

Approximately 1400 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in men in 2000 and 400 of those men will die.

More than 1.7 million women who have had breast cancer are still alive in the United States.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.

To help the cause  every member that joins the free fanclub from now till the end of the month will recieve two pics from this set free signed and delivered and i will donate 5 dollars for every free fanclub member that joins to the breast cancer society of canada and post a reciept at the end of the month. This is their site I encourage everyone to donate to help find a cure.

Save Tatas as the campagin had it be… Lets cheer for boobies.

Sign up for the free fanclub here and lets donate and help fight this !