Hiiii everyone !! How are you? I hope your all doing fantastic. I thought I would do a quick blog update since I have some new stuff to tell you guys about that I am very excited about. First and foremost … Its been a very tough year with the passing of my uncle.. most of you dont know but I packed a lot of my stuff in a uhaul about a year ago and drove from Vegas to Toronto to be with my uncle who was very ill. He sadly passed in march :(. I am glad I was able to rush home and spend the time with him that I did.

Its been a very long rough year and I have been busy with a lot of things but still live and bouncy on my LIVE CAM for you. I have not been able to get to any conventions since I have been here dealing with family and personal stuff. But i am so so excited to tell you all that I will be in NEW JERSEY for @EXXXOTICA Nov7-9 @ the @porncalendar booth with the girls i love and adore @kellydivine @msshylastylez and @richelleryan !! I cannot wait to see all my fans again its been too long and I have missed you all so so much. I will have tons of merchandise for you as well as pictures together etc !! Yaaay Jersey is my favourite exxxotica place and not just because of the “boobs behind deboer” lol .

Speaking of merchandise I now have what many of you have been asking for a STORE !! Im still uploading a ton of items for you to choose from but finally you can get bras, panties, dvds, magazines that have never been seen before and autographed items and much much more just click HERE! Everything you order comes personalized for you the way you like it 🙂 So make sure you check out my new STORE im looking forward to you guys having a piece of me. If there is something that you want that is not listed on there let me know !! I have many many items !!

Just so you all know I am going to be LIVE every day until I leave for jersey on the 6th and im doing special shows for this sexy halloween month !! Make sure guys you use THIS FREE LINK to join me :). Im doing hourly giveaways. Im feeling very generous and playful !! So use this FREE LINK get your clever screenname and lets get to know each other better and have some bouncy fun !! Remember guys head to my NEW STORE and get a piece of me :). If you are coming to see me @exxxotica New Jersey you can purchase any item and I will bring it there for you and you can have it personally autographed while im right there with you :). So  make sure you come see me LIVE on my naughty playful bouncy webcam and get any merchandise you would like :). Ill be adding more items daily !! I did a poll recently and these seemed to be your favourite of my HALLOWEEN photos :). I still havent decided on what im going to be this year but heres a few of your favourites !! Remember if you want to purchase them from my STORE and bring them to exxxotica for me to sign ill be looking forward to it !! Ok boys and girls i almost forgot Im in a contest that runs for another week for best halloween photo I would love your vote !! Just go to to vote as much as you can. Also if you use this FREE LINK to get a free membership your votes mean more !! So help me win !!


Hey guys omg its been hectic since I got back from europe but I am still trying to recover 3 weeks later. Its gonna take me at least a month but I am LIVE every day on cam with you which is where I feel awesome and full of energry. Now to my post… No one is perfect I know I am not lol, i just wanted to make a lighthearted post since everyone always says why is she single? or how is this girl single ? In all honesty these are not the reasons that I am single. I’m single by choice, I travel far too much and I’m just focusing on myself right now and my career. When i’m ready i’ll leave it to fate :). In the meantime Ill be LIVE all week so make sure you get in on the bouncy fun with THIS FREE LINK. I just wanted to make a fun post about things that I notice i do and wonder if anyone else does the same thing. Things that can be considered annoying. So here goes…

1. Whenever I’m watching television or a movie and I recognize the face of someone familiar but not their name I always have to find out who it is regardless if it is in the middle of the movie or not I am always saying OUT LOUD: ” I have seen that girl or guy somewhere before” and I will ask the person with me who is trying to enjoy the show or movie if they know who it is lol. Its so bad cause I interrupt the show and then when I finally figure it out and I say something like “remember the guy from that show or movie we watched ?” & then when THEY dont remember I get super annoyed. LOL I am a virgo and it just eats at me when i cant remember something I have to find the answer right away.

2. I am the type of person who always thinks I have packing mastered lol and I usually do but I have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes and I’m so indecisive when packing you never know what your gonna need. So, even though I TRY for my suitcases to not be overweight they usually end up being that way lol. If i’m travelling with a guy who has to lug the suitcases he hates that lol. But usually ill be like ok this one is good and this one is good and then i say fuck it i’ll just pay the overweight fee. I know they charge up the ass but sometimes its more worth it for me to just pay the overweight fee and have all my shit where I want it lol. Although i have to admit i do sometimes keep a bit of my suitcase off the scale if they are not looking ;).

3. Speaking of packing… when I get to or from a place that I’m travelling to I absolutely have to unpack everything and put it in its proper place before I do anything else. I have to set up my makeup station put all the toiletries in the hotel shower and hang up all my clothes before I can actually do anything.That way everything’s ready when I start getting ready.

4. I’m also one of those annoying people who leaves the empty containers of my shampoo conditioner or body wash in the shower for far too long then one day when they finally become annoying I throw them all out in the recycling lol.

5. I have to have a window seat or I freak out. If I’m not sitting beside the person i am travelling with due to some error or lack of availability of seats i will ask someone if they don’t mind moving. Usually i get the seats together but when I don’t i get pissed and make it happen.

6. When i get angry I clean I am always cleaning when I’m in an argument with someone

7. I am an animal on football days… I dont want to be bothered I am all about the game there is nothing more important to me on football sundays so If your a guy or a friend thats not into football or sports then you might get annoyed, however it is likely you are annoying me more then i am annoying you.

8. Im very clear when i go to a restaurant and order my meals. I live a low carb lifestyle so when I go to a restaurant and I order “no croutons” and the salad comes back with croutons its annoying. Or if i order fajitas with lettuce cups instead dont forget the lettuce cups !! lol Also, I know bacardi its all I drink bacardi white superior and diet coke so please do NOT try to pass off another liquor like lambs or captain morgan,bacardi gold and in many cases something that is not even rum. I really hate when I get my drink and its the wrong drink. I always say to my date or friend “taste this does this taste like bacardi to you” it could get annoying as well lol

9. I always try to figure out the storyline of a tv show or a movie like in the very beginning I guess its the criminal justice and criminology major in me. But I always have to do that and if i’m right i’m always saying “see i was right, I knew it”.

10. Im only going to do ten today because there are many many more flaws lol i’d be here all day. If you were to live with me sometimes I take my shoes clothes jeans and underwear off a one time and leave it all in one spot. Im normally very organized and hate that but it depends on the night lol. My best friend used to call me a “trail maker” because I would always leave a trail where I go. ok one more

11. I leave the cap off the toothpaste So you see, this is just a start. I’m not perfect lol.

We all have our flaws but the most important thing is if we love who we are and are happy. I am very happy with who I am flawas and all. BUT I am most happy on CAM with you guys. This week is going to be extra special so make sure you use THIS FREE LINK to join me and have some boobie bouncing fun. I am giving away a ton of goodies for you !!

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xoxo Tay


Hiya guys 🙂 Happy friday !! I mentioned I had some catching up to do 🙂 im super glad you guys enjoyed my last blog post :). Im known to get a little naughty right 😉 heheh. I had to travel to Toronto for family and to see the doctors so I wasnt at playwithtay a lot this week but wooot woot ! I am back ! And bouncier then ever of course 🙂 I will be LIVE all week long so get your free screenname now and join me :). Make it clever I always love to see the screennames you guys come up with lol.

I wanted to post about the AMAZING time I had at chicago exxxotica it was great I absolutely love chicago and the people in it they are amazing :). The convention was super fun and I loved hanging out with you guys. Im always gonna be there for you just how you are with me. There was so much fun going on it was hard to stop smiling lol, chicago fans were hassling me because last year I had cubs posters and I had so many people come up to me and be like “awww man you look hot but im a sox fan” lmao. So this year #smh this year, i decided to do a sox set just for them and then I got MORE fans mad lol because they are like take the sox picture down lmao. There were a bunch of sox fans though lol but they asked me which one I really liked and I said the cubs because everyone knows last year I started with the cubs picture for a reason 🙂

Lets start a poll 🙂 you choose 🙂


or white sox ? 🙂


Hehe so you have those which btw are available to purchase in 13X19 autographed by sending 30 $ to [email protected] via paypal 🙂

So, back to the convention 🙂 Super fun hanging out with the confident strong beautiful cherokee d’ass we were beside each other and she was super cool to talk to. I of course loved hanging out with my awesome girls Sophie dee and Gianna Micheals 🙂 they are so much fun ALWAYS. And then I got a visit from the ever so sexy Caramel Vixen, that girl has a heart of pure gold and we always always have a BLAST 🙂

Here are the pics for you guys 🙂 Its gonna be a great week I will be online all week long so make sure you grab your free screenname and get to asap 🙂 for boobies fun and much more :). I have a ton of surprises in store for you 🙂



And I know you all love my outfits for the conventions so here are some of me posing for the cameras 🙂 step and repeat hahah 🙂 I was posing since the day i was born lol 🙂





Hey guys !! Its been a minute since ive posted so I decided to give you all some more formspring fun since ive been getting a shitton of questions lol 🙂 I love it. I love when you guys get to know me much much better. I want to thank you all for your continuous voting in the missfreeones competition without you guys I would not be this far. I know its tedious but your voting at for me in all three categories means the world to me !!  I really really would love to win this year. In fact everyone who emails me HERE at [email protected] with a screen cap of their 3 votes for me in every category EVERY DAY will get a free package from me sent to them ! So tell me your name show me your 3 screencaps every day I know you will be working hard for me and then I will treat you !! so VOTE and send me the screencaps with the captcha that you voted and at the end of the competition I will be giving away free gifts to ALL my voters !! Plus there are more surprises up my sleeve :). SO vote vote vote !!

I also added a couple new buttons to my blog there is a Tip button for all of you who want to tip me and help me out  and there is a direct freeones banner and link to my free fanclub. I will be doing FREE shows for all my voters so grab your free screenname and sign up NOW !! 🙂 I love bouncing and can’t wait to see you all LIVE in action ! My boobies cant seem to contain themselves. 🙂

Ok sooo.. here are some formspring questions, comments etc for you guys. You all know NOTHING is off limits so ask away.

1. What turns you on ?

Strength, confidence not cockiness, a smile, but its the little things that turn me on.. waking up to soft kisses on my bare back or smiling when we kiss, holding me tight from behind. If you meant super sexuallly I would have to say hair pulling ass grabbing fun dirty rough sex 🙂 yes boys Im innocent but in the bedroom im a fucking tiger LOL.

2. Do you sleep with your wig on ?

Lol.. no I dont. I sleep with hardly anything on.

3. Did you ever have online sex ? 

Do you know me ? LOL i am always LIVE at my FREE FANCLUB having bouncy fun with my fans. So umm I suppose the answer is yes. lol I do it all day every day thats why im the number one webcam girl 🙂

4. Would you ever do a video for

Absolutley id love to.

5. Just felt you should know, i jerk off to you most days and cum lots – like, LOTS. big thick rops of cum haha. i love you in pigtails, id love to use them like handle bars lol 😉

Umm thats great. Im glad I turn you on 🙂

6. What are you most proud of ?

Im proud of the person I am and the things I have achieved. I have been on my own for a long time and Ive done everything myself. Im proud that I can hold my head up high and say I worked hard for everything. Im proud that im fighting cancer with a smile im proud that even though i only knew him for 6 years before he passed away im my fathers daughter. Im proud that ive always stayed true to myself and given the best I can to the people around me at all times.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up ?

I am grown up. LOL. Im doing exactly what I want im exactly where I want to be. But as I grow up more I guess I want to be HAPPY.

8. Do you prefer to be behind the wheel or let someone else drive ?

I love my cars so I LOVE to drive. I dont like being chauffered lol i can drive myself. Im a big girl lol. Sure its nice when im in heels and a dress going to an event or something but on an every day basis. I love driving.

9. What gives you the creeps ?

Creeps. LOL

10. We should fuck baby 😉

Really dude ? No actually we shouldnt fuck. First i have no idea who u are and i dont fuck random strange men that tell me what i should do. LOL *rolls eyes*

and one more for good measure

Do you fuck your fans for free ?

No not for free and not for pay.

allllllllllllrighty then thats that LOL so listen guys last time I was in vegas Sophie dee and I had a kick ass time with our friends. Vote for me at in my categories.

Now sophie is up for best eurobabe ( im not european so you can vote for her lol) So please cast your extra votes her way. We are reigning champs from last year and we really want to hold strong 🙂  Sophie is a kick ass friend. We got a LOT closer and its been super fun to know her. Shes a hard worker I admire that in people. We had a blast partying it up so here are some pics of us 🙂 Shes a good friend to me through thick or thin. I LOVE YOU GIRL ! It was so funny because we both had our guiseppe zanotti shoes on and we didnt even plan it LOL. She brings out a smile in me we both had a lot of drinks the girls were hating lol it was fun times 🙂 And great memories last forever. I motorboated her and lol we danced the night away 🙂

Here are the pics now get yourfree screenname and get your ass to for your fun bouncy time with the number one webcam girl woot woot !





Heyy guys 🙂 so many updates to come…I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday and loved my tweets lol 🙂 and watching football of course.

I wanted to update you on my fun times in NJ at the latest exxxotica convention. It was so so great meeting all of you having fun with you all. NJ is the best crowd ever. I got to be with some really great company and have a blast. Its not always easy for me to go to conventions being sick but its like when im there with you guys I just get in this zone like im not even sick at all. You guys are the fuel that keeps me going which is why I love you so much. Ty all for everything.

These are some pics from day 1. It was soo much fun a big friday night party. Ty to all my fans for coming out and supporting me and being there for me. I had a few surprise fans come by which was totally awesome. I was right beside the lovely Kelly Divine and across from my cutie Sophie dee. We all had a great time bouncing around and being silly and fun as usual :). I did a ton of interviews and had so many great opportunities its gonna be a good year, there is always plenty in store.

I was streaming live to my free fanclub and I will be online all week. Its so much fun being LIVE on cam at the convention cause you all get to see me in action hehe. We had a great time 🙂 Ill be live every day this week so make sure you all grab your free screenname cause there are super treats in store for you.

Remember this is just part one 🙂 There were three days after all 🙂 In this post its just all tay 🙂 woot woot ! I will be doing a black friday special on my free webcam tonight so come get some here by getting your free screenname before midnight

And its technically formspring friday but since its black friday today ill save it for the next one 😉




Hey guys !! I have been having sooo much fun with you guys @ my free fanclub I havent had a chance to do blog updates. So im catching up while im not in free pvt sessions with you guys. Make sure you get your free screename so you can join in on the funnn.

Now lets talk about my Chicago adventures … SOOOOO much fun. I fucking LOVE chicago 🙂 I was at EXXXOTICA and it was soo fun meeting my fans and friends and seeing sooo many familair faces from last year and of course being next to the gorgeous Kelly Divine and hanging out with all my friends. I went to six flags with Sarajayxxx shes awesome it was the first time I have been to an amusmement park in forever our boobies were bouncing everywhere. It was nice to have some fun and forget about the negative stuff for a while.

The Chicago convention was amazing.. everyone was so friendly. I ate at some amazing restaurants in downtown chi town. I went to carmines, gibsons mmmm i love it. I went to millenium park and I loved it. I was just upset that the day after I left they revealed this huge marilyn monroe statue which i would have LOVED to see and there was a ribfest i missed lol. But hey thats ok. Ill be back I have good friends in chicago it was amazing. I even met my twin lol kinda i put my glasses on her cause people said she looked like me.  I had so much fun with my fans 🙂 They were all so fun we just have a big party !  Here are some pics from the convention I loved that all the women that came with their husbands were so fkn cool with me. People said such amazing things and their support was unreal. One of my fans was wearing a kick ass johnny cash shirt i love if anyone knows where to get it please get it for me in xtra small 🙂 i fkn love it 🙂 !!

I did some awesome shooting while I was in chicago too 🙂 There is lots to come so make sure you get your butts in live chat with me just grab a free screenname make it clever lol and cum see some boobie bouncing funn !!  I will be uploading alll my pics to the free fanclub so see all the uncensored fun you dont get to see.



I love you chicago 🙂

Heres the pics 🙂 fun times

I loved this guys shirt 🙂 I love johnny cash

me having fun in my booth 🙂

me doing the red carpet pose 🙂

Blurry but me and @kellydivine having a blast we are right in the middle of action (arent we always)

me and @sarajayxxx what a hottie 🙂 love her !

me and my supposed twin lol i lent her my glasses 🙂 she was super sweet

boobie time they were falling out what else is new lol

Big booty fun 🙂


Hey guys…just a quick post for you. Last night I really needed to get out and have some fun so my best friend and I decided to go out to a bar that was doing a theme night teacher student. She really wanted to be a school girl so I decided to be a teacher it was funnnn as hec. I snapped some really cool shots everyone loved it. Ill be uploading the pics to the free fanclub so make sure you get your free screenname asap !

I was walking around balancing and apple in my boobies and I was using a ruler to spank everyone that was being bad lol. Too funny ! Needless to say we rocked it in there. We always do silly crazy poses. So here are a few candid shots of us having fun ! I just recently saw the movie bad teacher lol and I totally played the part…it was such a funny movie so I was def in bad teacher mode 🙂 Come to my naughty webcam classroom and im gonna make you stay after class for detention ;). I can think of a few ways you can earn extra credit heheh 🙂

Get in on the fun and join the free fanclub for free ty packages and free pvt 1 on 1 time 🙂 with me and my bouncy boobies :). Get your free screenname here !




Hey guys !! Its been a while ! Happy Friday ! Its Canada day here on my side of town woot !  Theres lots of amazing things about Canada 🙂 the chicks are hot for one lol 🙂 hahahah something in the water. 🙂 But because its a celebration weekend and now that the postal strike is over im celebrating life and this trek to kick cancers butt and am giving away new ty packages to everyone who gets their free screenname here and bet your asses you’ll be joining me on cam later cause I am doing a sticky icky CANADIAN maple syrup webcam show 🙂 mmm sticky yummy boobies ! Want a lick ?  Make sure you get to the free fanclub and see me live by getting your free screenname !!

You all know I love Vegas and North America but I love being a Bouncy Busty Canadian Blondie :). There are some awesome thing about Canada. Here are the things I love the most !

1. POUTINE 🙂 hahah of course I put food first LOL hahahah you know me I love to eat !

2. THE USE OF THE WORD EH ? 🙂 Im Canadian and I always say eh and people know im Canadian right away when i say that lol its so funny when I go visit a different country

3. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE – This for obvious reasons is one thing I love about Canada. Especially considering my condition I totally need it. Im very lucky to be in this Country right now

4. HOCKEY– ok sooo I know our hockey team sucks but I am Canadian and we love our even though they constantly dissapoint…. Go leafs go !

5.REDROSE TEA– Its only in Canada and I love it soooo much. Its the best tea ever !

6. TIM HORTONS– I know its branched out into the Us market a bit but its HUGE here people are addicted to the coffee.. I dont drink coffee but its like fun to hang out there lol 🙂

7. MOLSON CANADIAN– As Homer would say “MMMM BEER” Yumsies 🙂 hahah. We love our beer and a nice cold Canadian on a patio on a hot day is heaven.

8.BEAVER– Get your dirty minds out of the gutter Im talking about the animal LOL… Dont you just love a good beaver 😉 Wanna see mine ? Join me on Cam later but get your free screenname first and come in and have free time with me 🙂

9. DRAKE– You all knew I was gonna put this one on here ! I love my Drake so woooot…….Now playing Drake “Im on one”

10. MAPLE SYRUP– Which I will be pouring all over my huge breasts later on my free webcam ! Im celebrating so all of you new free fanclub members get free time with me yup ! Free 🙂

Ok guys so of course Canada day wouldnt be right without Canada day pics right lol right ! So voila lol 🙂 The free full set is in my fanclub and a naughty vid…Where I get totally Canadian on your asses lol. Im one crazy bouncy Canuck 🙂 and you get to see all that live on my webcam !! Lets make our own fireworks 🙂

Get your free screenname and if your Canadian I wanna see something canadian in there 🙂 hehe




Hey guys…boy have I missed you.

I hope you all had a great easter and have been doing well. I hate that I havent been around latley but this 4th round of chemo has been the hardest on me and I have hardly been able to function. I miss you all so much though and it feels good to even be back with enough energy to do a blog post.

I do feel good enough to be on cam with you guys tonight though so make sure you get your free screenname and come play with me cause I need you guys. I gotta lift my spirits. Being on cam with you guys makes my night… and im feeling like my boobies need playing with what do you think ? LOL.

In all honesty, this has hit me really hard and I dont know where I would be without you guys. You have made things so amazing. The out pouring of support and love is unreal. I feel so blessed I do. Lets hope I will be cancer free soon. I miss you guys a lot and am ready to play.. and am stillt he same me 🙂 so lets get on cam and have some fun…get your free screenname now.

Also, I will be answering some formspring questions since its been so long and my formspring box is overloading itself lol. I also wanted to let you all know how much it means to me all the gifts the love and the support you guys have given me. I cant thank you enough, because I have a bit of neuropathy the massages help so much. You guys spoil me so much and I dont care what you say im spoiling back… so for all of you that purchase anything off my wish list I will spoil you back got it !!! good.

I woke up today with a few things I wanted to say to cancer…

Dear Cancer, I dont think we’ve met im Taylor Fucking Stevens you cant beat me.

Sincerely, Taylor Fucking Stevens

Dear Cancer, I wont let you take my heart and soul and what I love away from me…just letting ya know.

Sincerely, Taylor

Dear Cancer, You might knock me down but I think you forget that I keep getting back up.

Sincerely, Taylor

Dear Cancer, I will not let you beat me.

Love ya, Tay

Ok… a little venting done. I must say im so fucking greatful for all the great people close to me this has truly truly showed me a different outlook on life and its showed me whos really there for you and who isnt and who just pretended to be your friend, and who hoped they could benefit from this. My eyes are wide open and my heart is so thankful to the TRUE friends i have TY TY TY i love you all.

So for those who were hoping id crawl into a shell and hide from the world… you must have forgotten who I was just for kicks ill remind you lol OFFICIAL  internet babe of the year 🙂 and the last 9 years running tyvm 🙂 … 🙂 IM back and I may have some bad days but im gonna have some great ones too :). I will be on cam daily and of course rocking your world and I cant wait 🙂

Because im so fucking greatful to all of you 🙂 Im doing a sampler dvd that NOONE has seen before and NEW FREE FANCLUB MEMBERS from now till may 17th will get it…Yup you didnt think I wasnt doing vids and pics for you guys did you ???? come on now and in the free fanclub are brand new pics and vids being uploaded just for you sexy folks 🙂 woooot !!

Ok….formspring time….

1. Will you or did you watch the Royal Wedding ?

Ok…look I know that this was like the superbowl for some people but No i didnt watch it I dont care. I had much better and more productive things to do. I also knew that the very next day the tv would be full of reports on it and my ears would have to suffer hearing about it.

2. Whats the best and worst thing you have found under the sofa ?

Hahaha, I like this question.. the absolute worst was one of my dogs dirty stinky chew sticks from like months prior… I usually clean enuf that I dont let things get dirty but it was one of those off months. The best thing I found was I was like searching for this earring for a couple weeks and I was so mad cause it was one of my favourite pairs but I looked under the couch too and didnt see it but it had attatched itself to the couch and fell when i moved it so that was pretty kick ass woot !.

3. Jaccuzi or Sauna ?

While I love the idea of a hot tub cause its so nice and soooo good on my back I prefer steam rooms I love to sweat and my body get moist and fucking in a steam room theres just nothing like it…your slippery your soaked LOVE IT ! …im getting wet just thinking about it lol haha

4. Do you have a motto in which you live by ?

Oh yes, I have many but right now its the lyrics to the NICKI MINAJ song FLY esp the chorus.

“I came to win, to fight, to conquer,to thrive…. I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise.. to fly…to fly”

but I do believe in “live each day like its your last” we never know when we are gonna leave this world. Make sure that every single moment counts.

5. You and I wake up in a psychiatric ward together what would u say to me ?

LOL,…Im changing it to seven words ill do a funny answer and a serious one. First one… “what kind of jello do you think they have ?’ LOL and second.. “its gonna be ok”

6.  If you could go back in time and tell your younger self something what would it be ?

Ahhh if only we could go back in time… Theres a lot Id say but ill keep it short, I would tell myself.. follow your heart no matter what, love all, trust few, do wrong to noone.. shakespear said it and I agree

7. What do you think is your best and worst personality traits ?

Well, im definitely a perfectionist, so I do get a little anal about stuff and I also have a bit of a temper I blame that on the middle eastern in me lol.

On the good side, im AMAZINGLY loyal, I am genuine, and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I will always be there for the people I love. Always.

8. What do u need to have a 100% perfect life ?

Nothing.. I dont want a “perfect life” its great the way it is… I want my life it was given to me for a reason and I know that everything happens for a reason and I will take things as they come. Happiness comes from within. Perfection is a myth.

9. What was your favourite subject in school ?

I loved school so I would have to say Law and Psychology.

10.  How do you deal with a spouse or boyfriend that is too clingy someone that has to be updated on you every single hour upon hour ?

I dont.

Ok boys thats enough for now it was a long post but granted it has been a long while lol… GET YOUR FREE NEW sampler dvd and TY package by getting your free screenname I wanna know the screenname so send it to me via the get in touch button and your packages as the other ones have gone out will go out next week !  I will be on cam every day so make sure your asses are visiting me for some free pvt time !




Happy Sunday Sexy Boys !! This week the guy at the post office I think had a super crush on me lol everytime there was a lineup he had a little section set aside just for me and all my mailing gear ready lol. Thats because of all you kick ass guys who joined the free fanclub ! For every member till the very end of march that joins my free fanclub you get a FULL ON ty package :). Yaaay !! Those of you that joined this week should be getting your stuff this week just make sure you sign up free directly here then email me via the get in touch button HERE with your screenname :).

For those of you that purchased a gift for me off my wishlist 🙂 thank you sooo much.  Those of you that do that get a free custom video made just FOR YOU 🙂 woot. So go to i spoil back hard but you guys know that lol.

Speaking of custom videos I offer them you can email me for more information they start at half hour increments and go up :). I love doing stuff thats personal to YOU :).

My schedule has been a bit up and down latley due to my health. The third round of chemo has been really hard. Trying to push through as usual. I will however, be online all week long from around 4pm-onward. I really need to get my energy from you guys. When im online with you its like im not sick and nothing else in the world matters. I love you guys very much.

I hated that I had to miss this Adultcon but I will def be at the other events.
I will be in LA at the end of the month cause @sophiedee and I are going to see @NickiMinaj in concert woot woot ! I already saw her once and met her and she was so shocked by my boobies LOL. But im going to see her again because I love that girl her words are inspiration to me. Can’t wait to see kelly divine and sophie dee too I miss LA. Its funny cause when I first went to LA I hated it I loved shooting there and everything but I just hated it and now I miss it to death lol. For those of you that want to book me while im in LA please email me at [email protected]

Im holding a contest for all you free fanclub members this week. You get free time with me in pvt all by our naughty selves lol. I have been super frisky latley lol. I went to see Marey Carey yesterday at a strip club in Toronto I love supporting the girls in the industry. It was fun 🙂 She came out to welcome to the jungle in a jungle outfit and thats awesome you know I love my rock :).

I want you all to stay on your toes cause there is a lot coming and I mean a LOT. most importantly get your asses in my free fanclub and ON #webcam with me cause I may have cancer but cancer doesnt have me. I am still gonna kick some serious ass :).

I love you all so much for your unconditional,undying, amazing love and support. Most importantly that you share your stories with me and that you open your hearts to me. Thats what ive done since I started webcamming 9 years ago I opened my hearts and myself to you and you’ve all filled my life with amazing things. Ty so much.

I know you all loved the 100 facts about me and I got a request for a few more formspring questions so Ill do a quick few since it is Sunday (#rebeccablack) helped me realize what day it was and there is basketball on lol :). Anyways here are a few questions and I will see you all ONLINE in my free fanclub. Get in on it 🙂

Remember guys my facebook account got deleted so this is the actual fan page HERE so like me lol 🙂

Question time…

1. If you could live in any house you wanted to, what would it look like?

Honestly, it would have to be huge. I love my space I love to be organized. Now remember this was a dream house kinda question so I would have to say HUGE gorgeous kitchen. A room for my shoes. A room built into a closet for all my clothes. A kick ass boys room type basement rec room with a jersey from every football team and all kinds of sports memorabilia. A poker table section oh it would just be every man’s man cave dream but for me lol. A huge back yard for bbqs and a pool for naked sunbathing lol. Oh and a kick ass jacuzzi bathroom :). hehe. Ahhh to dream lol.

2. What is the first thing you look at in a man or woman? What attracts you ?

Smile, Eyes, honestly I am really about whats on the inside being what counts.  I will stare at a womans gorgeous face and features or a mans smile and eyes before I will stare at anything else. Eyes are the window to the soul and a beautiful smile means so much. So for me the rest comes after if at all. Im super down to earth im not vain so I just want a good guy with a good heart that takes care of himself.

3. What are you notoriously known for?

Well for being the offical number ONE webcam girl for 9 years running but I get the omg its Taylor Stevens the bouncy busty always happy girl next door with the huge boobs and the glasses lol. My glasses have become iconic to who I am. For me I used to wear contacts all the time and I just got tired of the fake blue eyes and all that bullshit. I wanted to be real so here I am glasses and all. I wont lie i wear CLEAR contacts here and there but I love my glasses they are a part of me and I think they are cute lol 🙂

4. What Item on your wish list do u want most right now ?

Well its a wish list lol so its hard..but on my WISHLIST there is a lot of stuff i love to death but im very practical too I like gifts that I can use for important stuff like travelling to conventions etc… gift cards to airlines like delta or westjet…ummm shoes I LOVE lol for outfits and photoshoots but anything really. And I think anyone that does buy me anything deserves to get soemthing back from me. Thank you for asking but yes gift certificates and anything camera related cause I can make kick ass hd professional vids 🙂

5. I think you should be a fleshlight girl :).

Awww thank you well hey you guys you know what to do if you want me to be somewhere or be on a product or have a tshirt etc. Just contact those people and let them know. Contact fleshlight contact Twointheshirt tell them you want to see me on a shirt. The more that do the better it is :). WOOOT 🙂

Ok thats all for now but I have to say whats sooo funny this week out of all the thank you packages im sending out more then HALF the names started with a J isnt that so funny lol im like wow. And I had double names lol 🙂 Theres a lot of people with names that start with the letter J lol.

Anyways get your free screennames guys and get your fun asses on cam and lets get this week started right. I love you always



Me and Nicki Minaj she was shocked by my boobies lol 🙂

me and Mary Carey she was really sweet and I thought she put on an amazing show.

and just little old me for you guys..a full naughty set of course being uploaded to the free fanclub 🙂 wooot woot !