Hey guys omg its been hectic since I got back from europe but I am still trying to recover 3 weeks later. Its gonna take me at least a month but I am LIVE every day on cam with you which is where I feel awesome and full of energry. Now to my post… No one is perfect I know I am not lol, i just wanted to make a lighthearted post since everyone always says why is she single? or how is this girl single ? In all honesty these are not the reasons that I am single. I’m single by choice, I travel far too much and I’m just focusing on myself right now and my career. When i’m ready i’ll leave it to fate :). In the meantime Ill be LIVE all week so make sure you get in on the bouncy fun with THIS FREE LINK. I just wanted to make a fun post about things that I notice i do and wonder if anyone else does the same thing. Things that can be considered annoying. So here goes…

1. Whenever I’m watching television or a movie and I recognize the face of someone familiar but not their name I always have to find out who it is regardless if it is in the middle of the movie or not I am always saying OUT LOUD: ” I have seen that girl or guy somewhere before” and I will ask the person with me who is trying to enjoy the show or movie if they know who it is lol. Its so bad cause I interrupt the show and then when I finally figure it out and I say something like “remember the guy from that show or movie we watched ?” & then when THEY dont remember I get super annoyed. LOL I am a virgo and it just eats at me when i cant remember something I have to find the answer right away.

2. I am the type of person who always thinks I have packing mastered lol and I usually do but I have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes and I’m so indecisive when packing you never know what your gonna need. So, even though I TRY for my suitcases to not be overweight they usually end up being that way lol. If i’m travelling with a guy who has to lug the suitcases he hates that lol. But usually ill be like ok this one is good and this one is good and then i say fuck it i’ll just pay the overweight fee. I know they charge up the ass but sometimes its more worth it for me to just pay the overweight fee and have all my shit where I want it lol. Although i have to admit i do sometimes keep a bit of my suitcase off the scale if they are not looking ;).

3. Speaking of packing… when I get to or from a place that I’m travelling to I absolutely have to unpack everything and put it in its proper place before I do anything else. I have to set up my makeup station put all the toiletries in the hotel shower and hang up all my clothes before I can actually do anything.That way everything’s ready when I start getting ready.

4. I’m also one of those annoying people who leaves the empty containers of my shampoo conditioner or body wash in the shower for far too long then one day when they finally become annoying I throw them all out in the recycling lol.

5. I have to have a window seat or I freak out. If I’m not sitting beside the person i am travelling with due to some error or lack of availability of seats i will ask someone if they don’t mind moving. Usually i get the seats together but when I don’t i get pissed and make it happen.

6. When i get angry I clean I am always cleaning when I’m in an argument with someone

7. I am an animal on football days… I dont want to be bothered I am all about the game there is nothing more important to me on football sundays so If your a guy or a friend thats not into football or sports then you might get annoyed, however it is likely you are annoying me more then i am annoying you.

8. Im very clear when i go to a restaurant and order my meals. I live a low carb lifestyle so when I go to a restaurant and I order “no croutons” and the salad comes back with croutons its annoying. Or if i order fajitas with lettuce cups instead dont forget the lettuce cups !! lol Also, I know bacardi its all I drink bacardi white superior and diet coke so please do NOT try to pass off another liquor like lambs or captain morgan,bacardi gold and in many cases something that is not even rum. I really hate when I get my drink and its the wrong drink. I always say to my date or friend “taste this does this taste like bacardi to you” it could get annoying as well lol

9. I always try to figure out the storyline of a tv show or a movie like in the very beginning I guess its the criminal justice and criminology major in me. But I always have to do that and if i’m right i’m always saying “see i was right, I knew it”.

10. Im only going to do ten today because there are many many more flaws lol i’d be here all day. If you were to live with me sometimes I take my shoes clothes jeans and underwear off a one time and leave it all in one spot. Im normally very organized and hate that but it depends on the night lol. My best friend used to call me a “trail maker” because I would always leave a trail where I go. ok one more

11. I leave the cap off the toothpaste So you see, this is just a start. I’m not perfect lol.

We all have our flaws but the most important thing is if we love who we are and are happy. I am very happy with who I am flawas and all. BUT I am most happy on CAM with you guys. This week is going to be extra special so make sure you use THIS FREE LINK to join me and have some boobie bouncing fun. I am giving away a ton of goodies for you !!

Also here is a sneak peek at the NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN pics and vids coming to myFREE FANCLUB to be a part of the Free fanclub use this SPECIAL LINK.. You will get all the UNCENSORED pics and bouncy vids of me !! So remember this week !! Super special week doing giveaways LIVE on cam so if you havent come in yet use THIS FREE LINK to do so !!


xoxo Tay


Hi Hi guys 🙂  FIRST I have to say thank you so so much for your uninterrupted constant support in this contest. Ty to all my fans my followers my friends everyone who takes the time to enter their vote for me @ www.votefortay.com every damn day. Its made me see so much. You guys have been there for me through so much and you never stop. This is why you mean so much to me. I can’t imagine a better group of people and I love each and every one of you. You got me through more then just contests you have been helping me with all my battles. Please keep your votes up every day Round 3 is in a few hours and I need you to login to freeones and vote. I really want to win Best cam girl I want to honour my title and make you all proud.

Some questions were asked over at freeones and people have asked me some form spring questions so i am going to answer them here.  Im always open honest and will take any questions. Here goes…

1. Have you been surprised by your performance in this years Miss freeones contest ?

Yes and No, its always anyones game to win. I know I have a fantastic fan base of loyal followers and fans. I also know they support me entirely. Its a tough question to answer because I am in competition with some amazing girls. Everyone is their own judge and they vote based on their thoughts and their hearts. I think I’ve definitely been doing well. Im always surprised at the enormity of support I get. I also do a ton of promotions to reward my fans not just on twitter. I work super hard to promote myself in this contest and I think I’m hanging in there thanks to everyone. 🙂

2. What inspires the ideas behind your video and photosets ?

Oh thats easy MY FANS ! I know what they love to see and I love giving it to them. I love giving the best of me all the time. Even on my worst days I will put 100% for my fans. Ive always been like bouncy and fun and I love to get creative. So sometimes I will do a hot sexy naughty video, sometimes a silly fun video. I always like to just be me and I always stay very true and genuine to myself i want that to show in my photo sets. My fans always inspire me 🙂

3. Why did you decide to compete in this years Miss Freeones contest ?

You mean besides the fact that my trophy broke 🙁 lol it did and I’m hoping I can have it fixed lol but thats not the reason. I always love a challenge but I feel that I definitely wanted to honour my title from last year and show my fans @ freeones and my followers and everyone that is behind me in this that it means the world to me and that i deserved it. I feel that they would be disappointed if I didn’t enter. I will also address this further in my final question.

4. Beyond the Miss freeones category what made you decide to enter the other categories you entered ?

As most of you know, all the girls are entered into the Miss Freeones category which is still great, as far as the other two categories I’m in Best cam girl and Best adult model, the answer is I believe that my years of dedication to camming and to my fans who love to see me bouncy and silly on cam places me in this category. Also, I won last year thanks to them and I put my heart and soul into my camming. I really love what I do and that category means so much to me. Its in my blood I love it its what I do best. Last year was the first ever cam girl category so I was super happy to have a place to compete.

As far as Best Adult model.. I feel I have made huge leaps to other ventures and areas of my life. The development of my personal website, my photoshoots, interviews, magazines etc. I feel like I have transitioned without doing boy girl which is a requirement for this category. I have made huge strides as a model behind many cameras not just the webcam. I put tons of effort into my shoots and giving my fans what they love to see. I like to represent the model community as best as I can. However, webcam is where my heart and home is and whether I do movies or magazines that will always be closest to my heart.

5. Speaking as a contestant, voter, participant have there been any other contestants (still competing or already eliminated) that have impressed you ?

ALL OF THEM ! It takes a lot to be in this contest, to be in this competition. All the girls are beautiful and have contributed to the freeones community in many ways. I am always impressed at the effort and work that people put into it because I respect a good work ethic. I have a very go hard attitude when it comes to working and delivering the best to my fans and followers and i see that in many contestants. Its hard to narrow down to a handful. I also interact with a lot of these girls personally in my life at conventions and as friends and I get to see sides of them that not everyone gets to see so I have many perspectives to look at. I will say this though i would love to see a fetish category next year because there are so many amazing fetish models out there that I think deserve their own category.

6. This question was really a tough one because it hurts to hear and hurt to write. But It was time to address it. This wasn’t asked on freeones but it was asked anonymously through formpsring a few times…

How do you feel about the fact that people have said that you only won last year because you have cancer ?

OUCH! Ohhh u meant behind my back cause noone has said it to my face. Firstly, whether they know that I know it or not I know people have said this about me including a  lot of girls have said this specifically (obviously not to my face because that would require balls which people who say shit like this don’t have) Its hurtful, its spiteful, its just wrong. I lost a lot of friends this year but gained a lot too and I saw a lot of peoples true colours through this battle and it hurt to find out that some of my friends weren’t being real friends at all.

Secondly, that is so insulting to me and so insulting to my fans and supporters and to the people at freeones who work hard daily to ensure a fair competition, as well as the forum community that always supports the girls. If this was the case why didn’t I win Miss Freeones or every category ? This question hurts to answer there is a lot in my heart to say but I needed to say it for everyone who has been telling me thats its being said and for everyone who has said it.

Yes I have cancer, but I AM NOT MY CANCER. This contest started last year way before I was diagnosed. I was leading my category before even making the HARD decision to open up to my fans and before I even knew!.  I was so excited that freeones had a category I could enter and was proud of so i was constantly everywhere radio, twitter, Facebook promoting the shit out of it  because it was so fucking awesome to finally have competition that was representative of what I loved to do every day. I was diagnosed on Xmas eve, the contest winner was announced in January. I had a legion of fans behind me way before this diagnosis. I had many people on the forums support me from DAY 1.

Lets also discuss whats really important here. To say I won because I had Cancer is saying that I have not worked my ass off as a cam girl, I have been the number one cam girl on my site constantly. I have one of the number one fanclubs year after year. I deliver tons of photos pictures and update my blog with free pics all the time. I put everything I have to giving amazing cam shows. I have the reviews to show it. I don’t get sponsored by anyone I pay my own way and go out and meet my fans at conventions and promote myself.  I want everyone to see that I am the same girl off cam as I am on cam. Silly, fun, nerdy, genuine etc. I work long webcam hours and try to be online for all different time zones because I have amazing fans all over the world. I have no complaints thats hard work and dedication to my webcam world. I pay attention to my fans many who have become friends and I give them what they deserve nothing but the best. So because I got a shitty diagnosis on xmas eve that negates all of that ?

Does having cancer play a part ? In my win NO in my life YES. It makes me stronger. It makes me want to show people that you can always fight you can always have that spirit in you its not the hand your dealt its how you play it. So yeah it made me want to fight harder. Its tough to get on cam and be there when ure undergoing chemo and radiation and dont feel beautiful but I did it because i wanted to and needed to for myself and my fans. I also went to Miami for the exxxotica convention just to support the community but was not well enough to be at my own booth last may. I still did cam shows when I felt like I could and I made sure you all knew my struggles my ups my down and I still do. I still did photoshoots i got myself a pretty wig and delivered what I could to my fans. Did I want to give up ? at first yeah but then what ? I had the support and encouragement of so many communities some of which are people that were going through the same battle.

My real battle is with Cancer, Its one I intend to win. Do i want to win best cam girl .. OF COURSE ! but not because I have cancer because you all think I deserve it. I am a born fighter. I will fight in all aspects of my life. I do things fair and square.  This contest meant the world to me last year and It means the world to me this year and it always will. I know i work hard I know that I can proudly say that I deserve to win. Its not about the money for me at all. Its about hard work paying off.  Yes I have cancer but I’m much much more then that.  So this year, I want to prove that hard work and loving what you do not people feeling sorry for me is what really pays off.

You all mean so so much. Ty for your daily votes Ty for your daily love and support and for the amazing times and memories we continuously make on cam and when I get the pleasure of meeting you all in person. Freeones is a community that embraced me and I love it there.

Remember everyone that votes please screen cap your votes and send them to me at [email protected] daily and if you’ve voted for me daily till the end of the contest you will get a ty package. I love giving back to all of you who have given to me.

Thanks for the questions they made me realize a lot 🙂 NOW GET YOUR ASSES VOTING LOL 🙂 WWW.VOTEFORTAY.COM and I will see you all live at Playwithtay.com so get your free screenname and lets have some bouncy time.




Hey guys !! Its been a minute since ive posted so I decided to give you all some more formspring fun since ive been getting a shitton of questions lol 🙂 I love it. I love when you guys get to know me much much better. I want to thank you all for your continuous voting in the missfreeones competition without you guys I would not be this far. I know its tedious but your voting at www.votefortay.com for me in all three categories means the world to me !!  I really really would love to win this year. In fact everyone who emails me HERE at [email protected] with a screen cap of their 3 votes for me in every category EVERY DAY will get a free package from me sent to them ! So tell me your name show me your 3 screencaps every day I know you will be working hard for me and then I will treat you !! so VOTE and send me the screencaps with the captcha that you voted and at the end of the competition I will be giving away free gifts to ALL my voters !! Plus there are more surprises up my sleeve :). SO vote vote vote !!

I also added a couple new buttons to my blog there is a Tip button for all of you who want to tip me and help me out  and there is a direct freeones banner and link to my free fanclub. I will be doing FREE shows for all my voters so grab your free screenname and sign up NOW !! 🙂 I love bouncing and can’t wait to see you all LIVE in action ! My boobies cant seem to contain themselves. 🙂

Ok sooo.. here are some formspring questions, comments etc for you guys. You all know NOTHING is off limits so ask away.

1. What turns you on ?

Strength, confidence not cockiness, a smile, but its the little things that turn me on.. waking up to soft kisses on my bare back or smiling when we kiss, holding me tight from behind. If you meant super sexuallly I would have to say hair pulling ass grabbing fun dirty rough sex 🙂 yes boys Im innocent but in the bedroom im a fucking tiger LOL.

2. Do you sleep with your wig on ?

Lol.. no I dont. I sleep with hardly anything on.

3. Did you ever have online sex ? 

Do you know me ? LOL i am always LIVE at my FREE FANCLUB www.playwithtay.com having bouncy fun with my fans. So umm I suppose the answer is yes. lol I do it all day every day thats why im the number one webcam girl 🙂

4. Would you ever do a video for worldstarhiphop.com

Absolutley id love to.

5. Just felt you should know, i jerk off to you most days and cum lots – like, LOTS. big thick rops of cum haha. i love you in pigtails, id love to use them like handle bars lol 😉

Umm thats great. Im glad I turn you on 🙂

6. What are you most proud of ?

Im proud of the person I am and the things I have achieved. I have been on my own for a long time and Ive done everything myself. Im proud that I can hold my head up high and say I worked hard for everything. Im proud that im fighting cancer with a smile im proud that even though i only knew him for 6 years before he passed away im my fathers daughter. Im proud that ive always stayed true to myself and given the best I can to the people around me at all times.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up ?

I am grown up. LOL. Im doing exactly what I want im exactly where I want to be. But as I grow up more I guess I want to be HAPPY.

8. Do you prefer to be behind the wheel or let someone else drive ?

I love my cars so I LOVE to drive. I dont like being chauffered lol i can drive myself. Im a big girl lol. Sure its nice when im in heels and a dress going to an event or something but on an every day basis. I love driving.

9. What gives you the creeps ?

Creeps. LOL

10. We should fuck baby 😉

Really dude ? No actually we shouldnt fuck. First i have no idea who u are and i dont fuck random strange men that tell me what i should do. LOL *rolls eyes*

and one more for good measure

Do you fuck your fans for free ?

No not for free and not for pay.

allllllllllllrighty then thats that LOL so listen guys last time I was in vegas Sophie dee and I had a kick ass time with our friends. Vote for me at votefortay.com in my categories.

Now sophie is up for best eurobabe www.votesophiedee.com ( im not european so you can vote for her lol) So please cast your extra votes her way. We are reigning champs from last year and we really want to hold strong 🙂  Sophie is a kick ass friend. We got a LOT closer and its been super fun to know her. Shes a hard worker I admire that in people. We had a blast partying it up so here are some pics of us 🙂 Shes a good friend to me through thick or thin. I LOVE YOU GIRL ! It was so funny because we both had our guiseppe zanotti shoes on and we didnt even plan it LOL. She brings out a smile in me we both had a lot of drinks the girls were hating lol it was fun times 🙂 And great memories last forever. I motorboated her and lol we danced the night away 🙂

Here are the pics now get yourfree screenname and get your ass to playwithtay.com for your fun bouncy time with the number one webcam girl woot woot !





Hey guys !! I have so much still to update you all on but I did promise more Taylor Gang pics since they were a big HIT with you guys 🙂 and they are personally some of my favourite pics. As you all know I love Wiz Khalifa and Love his music. 🙂 And being my name is Taylor of course 🙂 lol.

As you all know the MISS FREEONES competition has begun and Im up in ALL three categories round one ends in about a week so everyone please keep your voting up at www.votefortay.com I need your support I really hope to win best cam girl and best adult model ! Im going for gold you all know im a fighter and i want to win all my battles.

In the mean time before the Taylor gang pics I decided to get a head start on formspring friday since my inbox has OVER 2000 questions in it lol.. thats a lot of catching up to do 🙂 hehe.

1. If you ran Formspring for a day what would you do?

Hmm go straight to accounting and give myself a nice big check lol. But truthfully id ask everyone some of the crazy silly ignorant questions they ask me and force them to answer before i shut down their accounts lol. I would definitely take away all the people who leave mean ass comments. Oh and I would put in a translator for all the people that leave questions in all different languages

2. What do you prefer bagels or biscuits ?

I dont really eat bread but I like a biscuit with a tea or soup when I used to

3. Name two things in your life you would change.

I would cure my cancer and bring my father back.


Ummm ok someone should have called 911 lol (yes this is what i get in my formspring box guys). Is that the sound we make while drowning ? lol Hope you survived. (he did because this guy innundated my formspring with a trillion ridiculous questions)

5. If you could tickle someone right now who would it be ?

ELMO- i mean he asks nicely

6. Dating tips ? How should I act on a date.

Be yourself, noone wants a guy that juts tells you everything you want to hear. I have a nose for bullshit and i sniff it right away so just be yourself if we click we click if not not. Theres plenty of fish in the sea for both of us. Dont brag about what you have, dont brag about who u are arrogance is such a turn off. Just be you laugh and smile 🙂

7. Will you go out with me ?

Hmmm im not used to dating guys with a grey outline and white background in the back with no name and no face. Thats probably a no. LOL

8. What were some of the most difficult moments in your life ?

Losing my father, losing 180lbs in one year, finding out i had cancer, and chemotherapy and radiation.

9. What 5 mafia movie would you love to be in ?

Any of them I love mob and mafia movies. If i was a mob wife id wanna be on mob wives lol. Lets see top 5 would be 1.Casino 2.A bronx tale 3. American gangster 4. Al capone 5.chinatown

10. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? 

Umm LOL wtf ? see I told you guys I get this. This guys not killing anyone nooone asks their mom permission first. Pussy. LOL  geesh

Ok well im glad we ended off on that note 🙂 Here are some new Taylor Gang shots for you guys 🙂 Everyone who has a blog or is in a forum or has an account on freeones please use this as your banner 🙂

                                                                                                                                                                            Here are some new pics which im uploading to the free fanclub right now along with the uncensored versions so everyone grab your free exclusive screenname because I am going to be LIVE all night long ! Ill be waiting for you once you get your exclusive screename FREE HERE you get a special code for entry.

Ironically in these pics camo shorts go with anything i wanna wear too lol 🙂 Love you Wiz. And I love my Chuck Taylors 🙂







Hey guys !! Its that time of year again for the reigning Miss freeones webcam/internet babe of the year- ME 🙂 woot woot. Im not running for president just yet lol.

Thank you all so much for all your votes last year as you can tell I honoured my title well by making sure I was interactive with my fans and LIVE on cam with you guys all the time,shooting like crazyyyyyyy for some amazing stuff coming up. It was such a blessing to be voted in by you it meant the world to me it still does. Its been a rough year.. Ive been battling this cancer all the while trying to keep a smile on my face and live life to the fullest. I needed you guys and still do and you were right there by my side. Thank you all for being supportive and helpful without you I wouldnt have made it this far.

Winning last year was so important and such an honour. Winning this year would mean everything to me. I went through some fo the worst points in my life this year and im still here fighting and smiling thats just my spirit 🙂

Its that time again where voting starts APRIL 9th mark your calanders. I am up for three categories best webcam girl, best adult model and miss freeones ! They say I cant do it two years in a row but I never let someone tell me I cant, I still try and fight and either way its worth the effort. But I need you guys. I need you all to get your free account @freeones if you dont already have one because your votes count more that way and vote every single day for me. This is MY OFFICIAL VOTING PAGE  I would love to win Miss freeones i dont know that a webcam model has ever won that one 🙂 hehe.

If i win amongst other things I will be giving away a sexy oil show LIVE on PLAYWITHTAY to all my voters 🙂 woot woot slip and slide 🙂 heheh. Its been hard to try to be myself when being sick took so much away from me but it seems my personality always wants to come through and kick ass lol :). I love you guys tons. Ty for allowing me the freedom to be me and put smiles on your faces.

Whats good about the contest is its only ONE month where as last year it took a LOT longer so for ONE month I need you all to Buckle down and vote every day every day every day lol from every ip and every computer and help me win !! Id love to win my title two years in a row woot  !! Or even a new category like best adult model or the biggie MISS FREEONES :).

Remember votefortay.com votefortay.com votefortay.com 

I will be LIVE every day all day for A super spring marathon so everyone get your free screenname here and lets get busy bouncing shall we 🙂




Hey guys !! Happy Easter weekend to all of you who are celebrating it right now 🙂 Spring has sprung the butterflies are out 🙂 and its looking to be an amazing summer. I love easter weekend good food, good times and white chocolate easter bunnies LOL my mom always used to hide those as part of the easter egg hunt when I was a kid. She always got my brothers the regular chocolate and got me the white ones lol. It was so much fun. I got a bunch of easter eggs and coloured them.

Im middle eastern and im sure a lot of peoples cultures do this but we have egg competitions where I pick an egg and you pick an egg and we go to a duel while saying a good wish to each other and whoevers egg cracks first loses and the person with the non cracked egg goes to the next person till someone is a winner. Its fun :). I always seem to win lol I know how to pick the hard ones 😉 hahaha.

Speaking of hard ons oops i mean ones hahaha…I will be LIVE this weekend for an official exclusive for all of you. The Taylor Stevens bunny hunt…Come find my hidden eggs ;). I will be live for all of you and once you get your free screenname here and email me HERE with it I will give you an entry code so you can all join my EXCLUSIVE live bunny show 🙂 woot woot ! I will also be giving away free prizes every hour. I wonder how many eggs I can balance in my boobies LOL. Make sure you come and find out. I will also be uploading a TON of pics to the free fanclub!

So come see me LIVE for a bouncing good time and enjoy the awesome easter weekend :).




Theres few people that cross your path in life that become true true friends and are such great people well Kelly Divine is one of them to me. That girl and I are like two peas in a pod. When I was in La she showed me the utmost hospitality and we had so much fun. If your not following her on twitter do so now @kellydivine and check our her site kellydivine.com

Shes not only super sweet and fkn super hot (did you see her ass ?) You cant miss it its phenomenal. Shes gorgeous and fun to be around. Totally down to earth. I love that girl. I wanted to post some pics from the fun times her and I had at the conventions and just hanging out with miss beautiful. You all know I love Karaoke and I forced her to come to pornstar Karaoke @ sardos in LA and we ended up having a blast. LOL 🙂 In one pic we were fooling around with the football and in another I was using the awesome kellydivine.com lighter to do something to her pussy lol although I cant quite remember but we were laughing our asses off.

You guys all know that ill be uploading all pics and vids to the free fanclub so get in on that now.. ITs a free screen name and full acess to all my pics and vids !

IMPORTANT………. KEEP VOTING !! I NEED YOUR VOTES WWW.VOTE4TAY.COM best adult model and best cam girl !! I need to make the top 15 in each category to move on to round 3. Keep it coming !! I need you now more then ever boys and girls 🙂

Kelly is in the running for miss freeones as well so keep a vote for her too ! Shes not in the best adult model category so vote me up in that one !




Hi guys… I have some fantastic news and IM sooooo excited ! Freeones.com the most kick ass site with tons of content is having their annual contest only this time there is a BEST CAM GIRL category !! I have been waiting for this :). I have been the number one webcam girl thanks to all of you for 9 years and I really want to win this contest and really want your vote !.

I have held the number one free fanclub and number one webcam spot for 9 years. I am the bounciest busty girl next door you’ll find and as you all know im genuine inside and out. I give you the best of me day after day month after month and show after show :). I love being naughty bouncy and crazy for you guys on cam and off cam :).

I always give you guys HD videos, pics, behind the scenes fun and definitely a deeper look as to who I am. I know im in the category with a lot of other girls and its an honour just to be amongst them :). Im nominated as some of the other girls are in more then one category but BEST CAM GIRL means the most to me. You guys have seen me on cam when i was 300lbs, when i lost the weight, and throughout all the ups and downs. I love giving you all naughty boobie fun day in and day out at my free fanclub. And of course my blog running for years and years now.

If your a fan of mine  I would absolutley love love your vote !!  I think being the best cam girl means giving 100% of you to your fans all the time. Thats why I go to conventions to meet all my fans in person and let u know that im not just a girl behind a camera. I think it means putting effort into all your cam shows, pics, and giving back to the fans that give back to you. You all know I love leaving you with a smile and it doesnt matter why, either we had great conversation, a great load all over my chest, great bouncing and bra busting, or all of the above i aim to please :).

I would love your vote 🙂 Voting starts NOVEMBER 15TH at midnight. I really want to win !! You can vote for me every single day from different computers :). Im super active on my twitter/facebook/myspace/youtube and of course right here !! The more votes I get the more free stuff you guys get !!

It is also FREEONES 12.5 year anniversary! Visit the site and sign up for chances for YOU to win great prizes starting September 27th. Here is the contest thread. They are one of the awesomest sites around and I love to interact with you on there :). Lets do this vote vote vote !!

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