Hiiii everyone !! How are you? I hope your all doing fantastic. I thought I would do a quick blog update since I have some new stuff to tell you guys about that I am very excited about. First and foremost … Its been a very tough year with the passing of my uncle.. most of you dont know but I packed a lot of my stuff in a uhaul about a year ago and drove from Vegas to Toronto to be with my uncle who was very ill. He sadly passed in march :(. I am glad I was able to rush home and spend the time with him that I did.

Its been a very long rough year and I have been busy with a lot of things but still live and bouncy on my LIVE CAM for you. I have not been able to get to any conventions since I have been here dealing with family and personal stuff. But i am so so excited to tell you all that I will be in NEW JERSEY for @EXXXOTICA Nov7-9 @ the @porncalendar booth with the girls i love and adore @kellydivine @msshylastylez and @richelleryan !! I cannot wait to see all my fans again its been too long and I have missed you all so so much. I will have tons of merchandise for you as well as pictures together etc !! Yaaay Jersey is my favourite exxxotica place and not just because of the “boobs behind deboer” lol .

Speaking of merchandise I now have what many of you have been asking for a STORE !! Im still uploading a ton of items for you to choose from but finally you can get bras, panties, dvds, magazines that have never been seen before and autographed items and much much more just click HERE! Everything you order comes personalized for you the way you like it 🙂 So make sure you check out my new STORE im looking forward to you guys having a piece of me. If there is something that you want that is not listed on there let me know !! I have many many items !!

Just so you all know I am going to be LIVE every day until I leave for jersey on the 6th and im doing special shows for this sexy halloween month !! Make sure guys you use THIS FREE LINK to join me :). Im doing hourly giveaways. Im feeling very generous and playful !! So use this FREE LINK get your clever screenname and lets get to know each other better and have some bouncy fun !! Remember guys head to my NEW STORE and get a piece of me :). If you are coming to see me @exxxotica New Jersey you can purchase any item and I will bring it there for you and you can have it personally autographed while im right there with you :). So  make sure you come see me LIVE on my naughty playful bouncy webcam and get any merchandise you would like :). Ill be adding more items daily !! I did a poll recently and these seemed to be your favourite of my HALLOWEEN photos :). I still havent decided on what im going to be this year but heres a few of your favourites !! Remember if you want to purchase them from my STORE and bring them to exxxotica for me to sign ill be looking forward to it !! Ok boys and girls i almost forgot Im in a contest that runs for another week for best halloween photo I would love your vote !! Just go to to vote as much as you can. Also if you use this FREE LINK to get a free membership your votes mean more !! So help me win !!


Hey guys !! HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN !! You know this is one of my favourite holidays because you get to dress up and be anything you want to be so i thought id start early I have a habit on doing this on days that still arent halloween but at least once a year I have an excuse LOL 🙂 I have been super busy on a lot of projects latley but i will be LIVE on cam every day for my favourite and best fans in the world !!

So as everyone knows I love to take this day seriously lol so If I have an outift its done up to the MAX LOL. This year its SNOW WHITE !! As you know I always wore wigs for fun but I figured since I lost my hair this year why not have even more fun with the wigs. 🙂 So, I hope you like snow white :). Want a bite of my apple ? lol. Im doing a super contest this halloween for all of you who grab your free screenname at I figure snow white had 7 dwarfs and it is the time for tricks and treats 🙂 so im giving away goodie bags to 7 lucky members that get their free screenname here and come by my live cam and say hi ! Make sure you make a clever screenname !

I have a new schedule starting this week I will be LIVE on cam for all of you daily !! Im back and I cant wait to bounce around for you ! We are gonna have a great time 🙂 I also am giving away a super goodie bag to the best costume submission so everyone send your pics of your costumes with a sign that says “hi tay”  to [email protected] and i will post the winner on my blog and I will be giving you the ultimate taylor goodie bag !!. I cant wait to see what you have in store for me !

So, what are your top ten scary movies new and old ? Here are my top ten movies !

1. Halloween

2. The exorcist

3. Saw

4. The shining

5. The Omen

6. Rosemary’s baby

7. Carrie

8. Cujo

9. The changeling

10. The texas chainsaw massacre

There are soooooooooo many more and I LOVE scary movies I love movies period lol but these are 10 ill never forget 🙂

Ok guys enjoy the pics hope you get lots of candy for halloween 🙂 I have a lot of treats stuffed in my bra for you 😉 hehehe so make sure you grab your free screenname and join my free fanclub @ 🙂 you will find the full nude and naughty set inside my free fanclub 🙂 trust me you dont want to miss out on this hi res set and video !


Tay lol this site  has a funny maybe scary video lol of ruberdoll giving this guy a beating lol I love her shes awesome. And if you listen to that knock you up song at the bottom i am willing to bet you will all be singing the hook whether you like it or not lol. Let me know



HIIII GUYS !! OK sooo my birthday is not till Sept 20th 🙂 but you know me I like to kick things off early 🙂 Soo starting tonight and alllllllllllll week long but especially till my birthday im doing a super naughty exclusive party for all of you who grab your free screenname here and join me at

You guys have been super generous spoiling me @ I want to spoil you back even more. I will be on all week long for you to party with me we are gonna have a PAR-TAY ! I will be doing hourly giveaways and giving away prizes for the most clever screeename that you can get FREE here. I want you guys to party with me ALL week long so we are gonna have a bouncy good time filled with lots of bouncing, lots of oil and lots of lotion hahahah.

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Hey guys I always have tons of blog posts ready for you guys and this time I forgot all about these pics from my halloween contest win and night out !! These are just some of me and the people at the party and me and my best friend were having a blast ! I even spent some time with a zombie LOL it was a great time. I loved being little bo peep my staff did a lot of spanking people that night LOL. 🙂 I swore that zombie waiter was real but he wasnt lol he freaked me out.

I found a ton of pics im uploading to the free fanclub so make sure you get your free screenname tonight as im being naughty santas helper and giving out packages early to all of you who join for free. I will be online bouncing all week long and even though holidays are busy I always make time for you guys ! I will also be live streaming from all the events I will be attending in vegas and LIVE from my suite so make sure you are all free fanclub members and get in on the action 😉 !



Well guys ill keep this short and sweet this is part two of our fun night out. I cant tell you how it felt to laugh and be silly and not care for a night. And Kelly Divine is the best person to do it with. We knew all eyes were on us at the bar, we knew the ladies were jealous the guys were all over us but we cared about having fun with each other and making amazing memories cause thats what friends do.

Shes just a normal girl to me even though shes now the offical BUTTWOMAN which btw is huge ! Im so proud of her she so deserves it. But shes just my friend the end. Anyways, shes down to earth and has been there for me at my lowest moments. I love you girly.

If you guys wanna see more of this video and more uncensored video then make sure you get your free screenname here and see me live in video and at the free fanclub and check out Kelly at her awesome site here.

Here is part two 🙂



Hey guys LOL.. well here is part two I decided to do because I constantly get the reference that I look like Lady Gaga.. sometimes I see it sometimes I dont LOL but I definitely know that other people see it that way.. and keeping with the poker face theme lol I thought why not go as crazy gaga :). So I decided to put on some Poker Face and have fun with this shooot 🙂 LOL.. The funniest thing happend I went out in my hallway and totally forgot I was in costume cause I was chasing Pinky down the hall LOL 🙂 too funny and my neighbor came out and was like WOW his mouth dropped and was like awesome costume I was so embarrased cause its very revealing LOL 🙂 !!  Something else funny with this costume is when I was out with Kelly Divine one night we were at a bar and the host guy called me LADY TATA hahaha so now she always grabs my boobs and calls me Lady Tata LOL. I wasnt about to put on a dress full of meat so I decided to do this instead lol :).

I hope you all had a great halloween im just getting ready and packing for NYC I will be online all night long till I leave and then all week long streaming LIVE on webcam from NJ :). Make sure you all get your free screenname cause im giving away tons of goodies :). Every one that gets a free screenname get submitted into my draw to win a FULL FUN PACKAGE 🙂 that includes everything you ever wanted TAYLOR 🙂 woot !

Here’s some Gaga fun for  you 🙂 You mite love her You mite hate her but Its Taylor Gaga this halloween heheh 🙂 Remember the full naked naughty uncensored set and vid will be available in my free fanclub tonight for all free fanclub members !



HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE !! You didnt think I was gonna let halloween go by without me and my kick ass costume 🙂 did you ? Its been a very rough couple of weeks for me and its been hard to pick myself up but things like halloween excite me and make me happy because you just get to relax and have fun and forget about things for a while ! I hope you all partied it up this past weekend I went out with my gf to a halloween party..there will be a post all about that dont u worry 🙂 I WON BEST COSTUME ! … People loved me spanking them with my long staff… dont you guys go getting any ideas about where to stuff your staff cause im way way ahead of you. I had a herd of sheep around me all night LOL 🙂 I hope your all envisioning some naughty ideas of me and my staff 😉 hehe. It came in handy helping me lift my boobies when they felt so heavy lol they just keep growing ! The full set is available in my free fanclub 🙂 all uncensored naughty pics 🙂 just for you :).

I loved this costume I totally felt the part… It was amazing !. I remember how much I loved halloween as a kid it just brings out the kid in you. What were your favourite candies as a kid omg Im gonna list the top ten candies I loved getting in my trick or treat bag.

Speaking of treats.. im gonna be live ONLINE at my FREE FANCLUB and I have tons of halloween treats for you so make sure you get your free screenname here and get in on the fun you dont wanna miss out ! Im celebrating halloween all week 🙂 like only I can 🙂 woot woot !  Im live and free in vid right now so come join me 🙂


#1. Snickers 
#2. Nerds 
#3. Tootsie Rolls 
#4. Life Savers 
#5. M&Ms 
#6. Reese’s 
#7. Twizzlers 
#8. Butterfinger 
#9. Skittles 
#10. Candy corn 

Yumm im craving sweets right now.. come get some of my treats guys 🙂 now ! muah 🙂



Hey guys by now you’ve probably had your bbqs yummmmm and are relaxing and enjoying your holiday in the sun with a nice cold drink 🙂 Its gorgeous out here today and theres a little wind and my dress keeps floating lol the guys love it !! Ive also been having soo much fun on my live webcam and giving away goodies to all those who get their free screenname here. ! Yup giveaways. I know your going to have some amazing fireworks tonight so make sure you enjoy them ! I am gonna cause some more fireworks for you tonight at the free fanclub lol.

Since I did two Canada day posts I thought it only fair to do two Fourth of July posts so here it is 🙂 And for all of you. ill be answering some more formspring questions since you guys have been dying for some of those 🙂

1. What is your favourite kind of  Cake ?

MMMM I love cake… I would have to say anything with white chocolate in it really but i also love this double fudge chocolate cake mmmm…I LOVE FOOD !

2.If there were one dream you’ve had that you could have come true, which would that be?

I would have my father back from heaven in a heartbeat.

3.Of all the talents you’ve developed over the years, which is most valuable to you?

I have to say My ability to continually be genuine even in the face of disengenuous people. I know how to read people very well and stay true to myself.

4. Condoms use them or screw them ?

I use Condoms when necessary but I prefer sex without them when im in a loving commited relationship. Its always better to be safe then sorry.

5.Over the summer what is the one thing you are going to work to improve?

Im gonna try and beat this Cancer and come back healthy and strong ! Kick it right in the ass

6. What are your major pet peeves ?

Ignorance, Judgmental People, Bad drivers, Poor Hygeine, and Pretentious People.

7. Dane cook..funny or not.

NOT I used to like him but his stuff is so repetitive theres nothing great about him I love Daniel Tosh he is amazingly funny 🙂

8. What is your favourite way to make a room smell fresh ?

Walk in it.. lol my perfume always leaves a pretty scent 😉

9. Do you have a favourite board game ?

Yes Risk…you always have to be taking risks in life. I also loved Pay Day and Scrabble

10. What if your kid watched your porn movie !!!

Lol thanks for the exclamation points. First and foremost I have not yet decided on children. Secondly, I have not done a PORN movie. Thirdly, there would be no secrets between me and my child. I am very proud of who I am what I do and I would be open about it. You cannot shield a child from everything. Its better if it comes from you first. But im not having any kids any time soon anyways 🙂

Ok guys thats enough for now now get your free screenname right now for the full naughty set and vid and get LIVE with me and ill shoot fireworks from my boobies LOL 🙂 xoxox



Hey guys just a quick post… I had Chemo yesterday and its the 5th round and they informed me that depending on the next ct scan I may have to have 2 more. Im really feeling sick right now but wanted to say hey and wanted to tell you I will be online doing pvt shows later so make sure you get your free screenname and join me and get your package sent out to you this weekend.

I know its Friday the 13th and thats Jasons day but In my version of Freddy Vs Jason Freddy has huge tits so he wins lol 🙂

I love you guys…

Enjoy these and im also adding tons of new pics and NEW vids to the free fanclub so you dont want to miss it and those who do get their free screenname get a never before seen DVD 🙂 yup new goodies for my sexy boys.

I love you all tons !

Ty for your support.


Hi Hi guys… I want to thank you all for all your support and love and concern. Its been a tough couple months and its gonna get a bit tougher but I will always be strong and bounce back :). Nothing stops me im too driven and too supported by such awesome people to ever give up. 🙂 Its good to have some real good people in your corner. Its always funny cause when times get tough thats when you see whos really there for you.

Anyways, Ive been having such a great time on cam getting to know all of you and meeting all of you theres tons of great things that have happend this year and people that I have met that are just kick ass ! I dont know what it is lately but ive been super horny. Im single and just havent had too much time to date and been so preoccupied that my horny time took a back seat lol. But latley all i’ve wanted to do is rub one out lol (hahah im like a girl in a boys locker room). Little things have been making me sooo horny. LOL so im gonna be a little naughty here ! Its almost xmas so why not its ok if im naughty. The other day I was driving in my car and the revving of the engine was actually making my pussy wet. Im thinking wow Tay its time to get laid lol hahah. So here are a few things that make me hot and bothered in the bedroom.

1.  I love when a guy talks dirty to me.. in the bedroom its the biggest turn on ever. In the bedroom I’m very spontaneous and open minded

2. Dirty Morning Sex.. its yummy, its dirty, its raw. I love that I can just wake up in the morning turn over and get fucked !

3. I love my hair pulled and my ass spanked. Its great… doing it doggy with my hair pulled its the ultimate turn on !

4. Oily fun !!.. Bring it on .. I love slipping and slidng in the bedroom bodies oiled up boobies sliding every where.. that gives the ultimate titty fuck !

5. Last but certainly not least… BLOW JOBS.. I love to recieve (what girl doesnt) But moreso I love to give head ! I love looking up in a guys eyes when I know hes about to explode alll over my face tits and mouth. CUM I LOVE IT !

I dont know why im being so naughty but I know you boys love love love it. So come join me at my free fanclub and lets get naughty !! I will be uploading some extremely naughty never before seen pics and vids so get your free screenname and get in on it right now !!

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See you all soon