Hey everyone !! Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful summer we are having well i know i have waited for it long enough.

I wanted to do a quick update for all of you. I was really sick the last couple weeks and haven’t really been able to respond to all of your emails or be online much. I am however back now but gotta let you know its only for a short while. I will be online regularly for the next 2.5 weeks then I am heading off to Europe for some amazing shoots that I am so excited for ! I will try to do my best being online as much as I can possibly be in Europe because I do NOT want to miss having an amazing time with you guys !! Im sure all of you will love the amazing photoshoots I get to be a part of !!

So I will be on till the end of the month regularly which means NOW is the time to use this special FREE link and join me FREE. I will be online with you guys having a blast !! So for the next two weeks I will be doing a SUPERFAN SPECIAL !! Anyone who uses this FREE link and joins me online will get extra goodies. I will be doing special shows each week that cater to the bubbly bouncy fun that we all have know and love !!

I of course will not be off the grid when I’m gone. I will be connected to you every step of the way I just wanted to let you know that my schedule will be a bit different due to the time change and well enjoying europe 🙂 Life is so short I love that I get to work and play at the same time it makes for amazing experiences and i can bring you guys the best of me.

So don’t forget to join my Free Fanclub for all the new content and updates while I’m away and of course use this FREE link to join me wIth a clever screenname 😉  live even in EUROPE !!!

I can’t wait to play with you guys !! So you all know how bouncy and excited i get when i travel hehe Remember this FREE link and join me LIVE on cam every day !! I can’t wait to broadcast to you and of course blog about my travels 🙂

You guys asked me about my 5 favourite chocolate bars. I dont each much chocolate anymore but when i did here were my favourites. I still think white chocolate is my nemisis but we are talking chocolate bars !!

1. Twix

2. Oh Henry

3. Hershey’s cookies and cream

4. Bounty ( i never used to like coconut but then fell in love with it)

5. Crispy Crunch !!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the NEW PINUP !! content that is uploaded to my FREE FANCLUB.

Cant wait to play with you guys

Love you all tons




Hey guys !! HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN !! You know this is one of my favourite holidays because you get to dress up and be anything you want to be so i thought id start early I have a habit on doing this on days that still arent halloween but at least once a year I have an excuse LOL 🙂 I have been super busy on a lot of projects latley but i will be LIVE on cam every day for my favourite and best fans in the world !!

So as everyone knows I love to take this day seriously lol so If I have an outift its done up to the MAX LOL. This year its SNOW WHITE !! As you know I always wore wigs for fun but I figured since I lost my hair this year why not have even more fun with the wigs. 🙂 So, I hope you like snow white :). Want a bite of my apple ? lol. Im doing a super contest this halloween for all of you who grab your free screenname at playwithtay.com. I figure snow white had 7 dwarfs and it is the time for tricks and treats 🙂 so im giving away goodie bags to 7 lucky members that get their free screenname here and come by my live cam and say hi ! Make sure you make a clever screenname !

I have a new schedule starting this week I will be LIVE on cam for all of you daily !! Im back and I cant wait to bounce around for you ! We are gonna have a great time 🙂 I also am giving away a super goodie bag to the best costume submission so everyone send your pics of your costumes with a sign that says “hi tay”  to [email protected] and i will post the winner on my blog and I will be giving you the ultimate taylor goodie bag !!. I cant wait to see what you have in store for me !

So, what are your top ten scary movies new and old ? Here are my top ten movies !

1. Halloween

2. The exorcist

3. Saw

4. The shining

5. The Omen

6. Rosemary’s baby

7. Carrie

8. Cujo

9. The changeling

10. The texas chainsaw massacre

There are soooooooooo many more and I LOVE scary movies I love movies period lol but these are 10 ill never forget 🙂

Ok guys enjoy the pics hope you get lots of candy for halloween 🙂 I have a lot of treats stuffed in my bra for you 😉 hehehe so make sure you grab your free screenname and join my free fanclub @ playwithtay.com 🙂 you will find the full nude and naughty set inside my free fanclub 🙂 trust me you dont want to miss out on this hi res set and video !



Oh..ps lol this site  has a funny maybe scary video lol of ruberdoll giving this guy a beating lol I love her shes awesome. And if you listen to that knock you up song at the bottom i am willing to bet you will all be singing the hook whether you like it or not lol. Let me know



Hey everyone 🙂 I know its been forever since the Exxxotica convention in Miami but I have been so swamped with so many things that I havent had time to play catch up :). Miami was super fun I was beside the beautiful Austin Taylor and in front of The sexy Cherokee d’ass it was super fun hanging out with you guys and seeing you all again. I always love to see you all take pics and have fun. I also always love my sweetheart Ms.Marshaexxx always being such an amazing friend. 🙂 I also met Kendra Lust for the first time, we went back and forth on twitter but she is a firecracker luv her 🙂 I always take some fun pics for you guys.

So here are a few from the Miami convention. I think I am a certified ass grabber LOL. You know me I just love to be silly and have as much fun with you guys as I can. Im a big goofy nerd and I love to just enjoy every day. Life is short as I know all too well.  As you know, things have been SUPER hectic for me latley but there is a TON of amazing stuff coming for you guys :). I loved being on cam with you guys and will be online every night so make sure you grab your free screenname and join me for some bouncy fun on play with tay 🙂 ! Big things are happening this year and im super excited about them 🙂 and im so glad that you will all be a part of it 🙂 !!

I know so many of you always wonder what im wearing every day to the convention and  I love that you love my style hehe its always something revealing thats for sure. So here are some fun pics at the convention 🙂 Enjoy sexies ~ ! FREE SCREENNAME HERE ! 



Hey guys !! I have so much still to update you all on but I did promise more Taylor Gang pics since they were a big HIT with you guys 🙂 and they are personally some of my favourite pics. As you all know I love Wiz Khalifa and Love his music. 🙂 And being my name is Taylor of course 🙂 lol.

As you all know the MISS FREEONES competition has begun and Im up in ALL three categories round one ends in about a week so everyone please keep your voting up at www.votefortay.com I need your support I really hope to win best cam girl and best adult model ! Im going for gold you all know im a fighter and i want to win all my battles.

In the mean time before the Taylor gang pics I decided to get a head start on formspring friday since my inbox has OVER 2000 questions in it lol.. thats a lot of catching up to do 🙂 hehe.

1. If you ran Formspring for a day what would you do?

Hmm go straight to accounting and give myself a nice big check lol. But truthfully id ask everyone some of the crazy silly ignorant questions they ask me and force them to answer before i shut down their accounts lol. I would definitely take away all the people who leave mean ass comments. Oh and I would put in a translator for all the people that leave questions in all different languages

2. What do you prefer bagels or biscuits ?

I dont really eat bread but I like a biscuit with a tea or soup when I used to

3. Name two things in your life you would change.

I would cure my cancer and bring my father back.


Ummm ok someone should have called 911 lol (yes this is what i get in my formspring box guys). Is that the sound we make while drowning ? lol Hope you survived. (he did because this guy innundated my formspring with a trillion ridiculous questions)

5. If you could tickle someone right now who would it be ?

ELMO- i mean he asks nicely

6. Dating tips ? How should I act on a date.

Be yourself, noone wants a guy that juts tells you everything you want to hear. I have a nose for bullshit and i sniff it right away so just be yourself if we click we click if not not. Theres plenty of fish in the sea for both of us. Dont brag about what you have, dont brag about who u are arrogance is such a turn off. Just be you laugh and smile 🙂

7. Will you go out with me ?

Hmmm im not used to dating guys with a grey outline and white background in the back with no name and no face. Thats probably a no. LOL

8. What were some of the most difficult moments in your life ?

Losing my father, losing 180lbs in one year, finding out i had cancer, and chemotherapy and radiation.

9. What 5 mafia movie would you love to be in ?

Any of them I love mob and mafia movies. If i was a mob wife id wanna be on mob wives lol. Lets see top 5 would be 1.Casino 2.A bronx tale 3. American gangster 4. Al capone 5.chinatown

10. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? 

Umm LOL wtf ? see I told you guys I get this. This guys not killing anyone nooone asks their mom permission first. Pussy. LOL  geesh

Ok well im glad we ended off on that note 🙂 Here are some new Taylor Gang shots for you guys 🙂 Everyone who has a blog or is in a forum or has an account on freeones please use this as your banner 🙂

                                                                                                                                                                            Here are some new pics which im uploading to the free fanclub right now along with the uncensored versions so everyone grab your free exclusive screenname because I am going to be LIVE all night long ! Ill be waiting for you once you get your exclusive screename FREE HERE you get a special code for entry.

Ironically in these pics camo shorts go with anything i wanna wear too lol 🙂 Love you Wiz. And I love my Chuck Taylors 🙂







Well guys ill keep this short and sweet this is part two of our fun night out. I cant tell you how it felt to laugh and be silly and not care for a night. And Kelly Divine is the best person to do it with. We knew all eyes were on us at the bar, we knew the ladies were jealous the guys were all over us but we cared about having fun with each other and making amazing memories cause thats what friends do.

Shes just a normal girl to me even though shes now the offical BUTTWOMAN which btw is huge ! Im so proud of her she so deserves it. But shes just my friend the end. Anyways, shes down to earth and has been there for me at my lowest moments. I love you girly.

If you guys wanna see more of this video and more uncensored video then make sure you get your free screenname here and see me live in video and at the free fanclub and check out Kelly at her awesome site here.

Here is part two 🙂



Hey guys 🙂 So I dont know if you all remember a couple weeks back I decided to try skating again. I havent skated since I was a little kid so I was nervous to say the least and there were skaters right behind me doing double axles lol. But we have a great place to skate called Nathan Phillips Square and I thought ok.. while i still have my energy lets give this a shot.

So I dressed up like a warm snow bunny.. got my Tim Hortons tea (i know i know us canadians) and decided Im gonna put the skates on lol. So I went and I must say I didnt fall although finding the balance was hard a bit and then I skated pretty good. Every boy there was offering to help me lol.. I wonder why haha. So all in all I had fun.

Heres a couple pics from that day and the rest will be uploaded to the free fanclub. Ill be online on my free webcam tonight live so get your free screenname cause I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Remember its march madness soooooooo Anyone that gets a free screenname gets a free pic and dvd and gets to play with me on xbox if they have one :).

Love you guys tons




Theres few people that cross your path in life that become true true friends and are such great people well Kelly Divine is one of them to me. That girl and I are like two peas in a pod. When I was in La she showed me the utmost hospitality and we had so much fun. If your not following her on twitter do so now @kellydivine and check our her site kellydivine.com

Shes not only super sweet and fkn super hot (did you see her ass ?) You cant miss it its phenomenal. Shes gorgeous and fun to be around. Totally down to earth. I love that girl. I wanted to post some pics from the fun times her and I had at the conventions and just hanging out with miss beautiful. You all know I love Karaoke and I forced her to come to pornstar Karaoke @ sardos in LA and we ended up having a blast. LOL 🙂 In one pic we were fooling around with the football and in another I was using the awesome kellydivine.com lighter to do something to her pussy lol although I cant quite remember but we were laughing our asses off.

You guys all know that ill be uploading all pics and vids to the free fanclub so get in on that now.. ITs a free screen name and full acess to all my pics and vids !

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Kelly is in the running for miss freeones as well so keep a vote for her too ! Shes not in the best adult model category so vote me up in that one !




Yup three whole days of fun times with hot women fun guys and loads of boobies and booty everywhere. I dont think I have signed so many pics in my life. You all know that the vikings are sadly my team this year but I was in NJ and it was football sunday so I decided I needed to give respect to the giants. SO lol I was a football cheerleader that day and I wore a giants jersey and they KICKED ASS that day it was soo good. So this is probably your only chance to see me in a giants jersey lol. Tegan was there in her patriots jersey and she still looked hot so hey rivalries aside lol. 🙂 That girl cant not look hot. 

Also Sara Jay and I were having a blast with the football that ball has all kinds of juices on it lol. I even attempted the heisman pose for everyone. I even did a punt pose lol. You know how much fun I have when it comes to football lol 🙂 It was the best most relaxed fun day. Things got really crazy but you know me. Crazy is a good thing. I must say you giants fans are awesome !! I will be uploading naughty uncensored pics and videos to the free fanclub so make sure you join up quick ! I have a lot to upload since ive been so behind from being sick.

Here are some fun pics for you dont forget to join the free fanclub and to vote for me HERE for miss freeones in all categories every day !


Hey guys !! The last update I updated you with was NJ part one.. well a LOT has happend since then but I had an amazing time that Saturday meeting all of you in NJ. The best part was being able to bounce around and have some super fun with my girlies Sara Jay and Kelly Divine.

I met soo many good people. Day 2 was super busy and thats when I met the best of New Jersey 🙂 You guys rocked my world :). I will be uploading all the uncensored pics and vid yes vid lol of that crazy day to my free fanclub so join up guys its free ! I loved hanging with Kelly Divine, Sara Jay we had so much fun, there was yoga going on and all kinds of fun stuff lol. Day two was fun I had caution pasties on lol it was hilarious I was knocking everyone out with my boobies lol.

Its honestly such a good time, this really was one of my favourite conventions to date.  It was awesome being with Rachel Havana too shes so sweet and full of positve energy. It was a motorboating sob kinda day lol. hahaha. I was having soo much fun all the booty surrounding me you have no idea lol. You need to follow these beauties on twitter we were having fun trying to pop balloons between our boobies and booty. Sara Jay even got a bruise but i kissed it better lol :).Follow @MsMarshaeXXX and @Caramel_Dreams

Here are some awesome pics from day 2 and there is a balloon popping video coming to the free fanclub so get in on it lol :). Also I want to thank you all again for your support and love through all the tough times Im going through right now. You mean the world to me.

Please keep voting for me at missfreeones.com for every category im nominated in. Remember you can vote once a day from any and every computer !! 🙂 Please do I really need your support.

Im behind on updates so Ill be posting a lot this week stay tuned at the free fanclub and ill be online @ the free fanclub all week long :). I miss bouncing with you guys !! Love you tons



Here are a few pics for now …


Hey guys I never thought I would say it feels so good to be home but it really does.. even though I was coming from vegas. As most of you know I have had a hell of a past two weeks. I was in LA for glamourcon but got extremely sick and couldnt even make it to finish glamourcon the second day because i was hospitalized. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldnt miss a chance to meet my fans at the convention for the world and im sorry to all the fans that were hoping to see me on day two. It was really freezing in there as well and it didnt help at all to the pain I was in. I @ first thought it was just muscle pain from the plane ride to long beach because I was really sick on the plane and cold but it turns out that after a few days of trying to feel better in the hot tub, using icyhot for muscle pain that nothing was working. The saturday night am I had an extreme attack and had to go to the hospital. I was really scared because I have never been to a U.S hospital and im a Canadian citizen but I was in so much pain that I had to go. I was so pleased with the staff at St. Mary’s in long beach. They took me in right away and I had every test imaginable done and they were very sweet and caring.

I hate hospitals, but was treated really good. After a lot of testing and pain which im still in and several extra unplanned days in long beach and a biopsy later, I found out i have a mass in my chest and fluid between my lungs and my heart. The mass is really big and it was tested for cancer. Luckily, the results showed that the mass is begnin, however, if i dont have surgery to have it removed soon it could become cancerous again. So im back on canadian soil and in extreme pain but doing my best to get through it and make it manageable with the meds till I can have the surgery. This is the worst pain ive ever been in but im a fighter and will fight through it. Thank you all for being concerned and for caring so so much. It means the world to me all the love the cards the flowers and the outpouring of support. Its been a really scary point in my life and to have all of your support throughout it all means so much.  I had some great people take care of me and be there for me through all of this and Im very very lucky and blessed to have you all in my life. Its not Canadian thanksgiving but I wish you all a great thanks giving and thank you all so so much for being in my life. Im thankful for every true friend I have. I went to Vegas after long beach Brianna Jordan took amazing care of me and I was really happy to be in great hands. In long beach Shyla Stylez, Kelly Divine, they were all right by my side. Ty girls for everything !

This was just an update to let you all know how Ive been since ive been in a lot of pain and havent had time to post. Tomorrow as  you all know is the day my father passed away when I was 6 and I just want to spend it reflecting on how precious this life is. Here is just a quick pic from the convention. I will be updating you guys like crazy in the next few days so make sure you are all free fanclub members.

I also want to say thank you to all of you who are helping me in the missfreeones competition. I really  need your votes so please register @ freeones and vote for me for every category im nominated in. I really want to win best adult model and best cam girl. I feel that I love what I do and you love what I do and I want to just continue to do that. It would mean the absolute world to me. Its still an honour being nominated and in the same category as such wonderful people.

I will be updating later, this medication has me  sleepy but I am so behind in my updates for you guys. Please go HERE and vote for your favourite girl ME :). You guys all kept me laughing and smiling even overnight at the hospital. You guys rock. Viggo you are the bestest. !

Love you tons



Here is a pic of me on the first day of glamourcon i was in a lot of pain but hope you couldnt tell

and some more freeones pics for you guys ! please keep voting I really want to win this ! vote HERE daily from every computer