Hey guys !! Happy new year !! I have missed you all so so much. I know its been a while since I updated you guys things have been crazy. A lot of stuff has been going on and its been really hectic for me to keep up. As some of you may know im currently staying in Toronto instead of Vegas and it is FREEZING !! I am here due to some very serious personal matters and this is just where I need to be right now. I did miss Toronto a lot but Vegas will be seeing me soon. I  definitely miss the Vegas weather, with temperatures in Toronto being -40*c and wind and snow and ice storms !!

As always, with a new year comes new resolutions, new hopes, new goals, new outlooks. For me, my goals are always to strive to be the best person I can be and be the happiest and most successful person I can be. I have however cut a lot of people out of my life that didnt deserve to be there. I had a great 2013 because I learned who my real friends are who was always there for me (insert brianna jordan name here) and i met some great new people who are real true good hearted people (insert nikki benz name here).

When things get rough in your life, you realize who is there for you and im just so thankful that i KNOW that. Life is so short guys, we only have one life to live so live it the way you want with the people that you want and DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.  Being Live on cam with you guys makes me happy 🙂

Ok so on to the new year 🙂 I am doing super duper fun shows for all my fans live at playwithtay.com make sure you all get your free screenname here and join me. Its a new year I have tons of new things coming for you. I have been working so much on this site behind the scenes that you can expect some amazing changes !! All my fans are finally going to get what they have been asking me for. I will be LIVE bouncy on cam here and its FREE for all of you to join me with this special link.

I want to say I am so thankful to AVN and to XBIZ for my nominations for best solo girl site and best webstarlet. Its always an honour to be recognized for your hard work. Win or Lose. Thank you all so much please keep your votes up for xbiz here !

Since its been a while since i checked in with you guys I have decided to answer some of your questions as usual its always fun, im always blunt honest and give you the REAL answer !  So here are some questions you have asked and some answers, no holds barred.

1. Where would you rather live Toronto or Vegas since you have been travelling so much ?

I got a second home in Vegas because I love it i love the city I love the weather and its always been a part of me. My parents were pregnant with me when they were in Vegas my dad loved to gamble and loved Vegas so its in my blood. Toronto will always be my choice my home, we have a great city we have great health care but as most of you know our winters are fucking FREEZING !!. For me, being a dual citizen would be the best of both worlds.

2. Are you still single ? When can I fuck you ? Do you escort ?

Lol, YOU are one of the reasons I am still single lol, how do you expect to get girls with that mouth ? To answer your question NO you cant fuck me lol. Yes I am single, by choice. I travel a lot and i am focused on my work and my business so im not really interested in maintaining a long term relationship. I date but ive been really hurt in my past and It wears on me i wont lie it definitely gets in the way. I just have a hard time trusting anyone and I dont think that will change anytime soon. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice well… so for me being single having fun making new friends and enjoying life is the most important things to me. If i find love in all that then that would just be the icing on the cake. I will say i have changed a bit I think im ready to open my heart just a tiny wee wee bit. No I do not have not and will not escort. 

3. How is your health ? Your Cancer ?

I am so happy to say I am doing extremely well. The effects of having cancer they never leave you. My REAL hair is still growing back its growing back all different its new for me I have a beautiful wig that I wear but i do miss having my real hair and Cancer changed me in so many ways im still trying to figure myself out. I recently had a lump in my breast that came back ok. I just have to always be 110% cautious because of having my cancer and the chemo and radiation I went through. But i feel great and i love life and celebrating it with you LIVE on cam with this special free link HERE 🙂

4. What is on your tv latley ? 

Oh well, I have a TON of shows I love to watch. It was sad to see dexter and breaking bad end but there are so many amazing shows on television. I think you all know i love American Horror Story, Homeland, SCANDAL OMG !! that show is amazing and many more. BUT, as you all know I am a sports and football fanatic and I have been catching up with  A Football life. I absolutley love it I love watching the history of football and how its evolved I love watching the player stories. Just amazing I love the Marty shottenhiemer story and Ted Landry I mean just all of them !! I watch it and i feel like im watching the superbowl lol. Ok enough about that lol.

5. We missed you at conventions this year what have you been up to ?

Well, as you know i have had many personal matters to deal with my health, and the health of my family are my first priority.  Health then wealth. And i know my fans are always there for me by my side supporting me through everything. It means so so much. I have however not been stuck to a hospital bed in the time that I dont spend dealing with personal matters I have been shooting TONS of content for taystevens.com and of course constantly being LIVE on my FREE WEBCAM with all of you !!!  Its been amazing and fun and I love my time with you guys I couldnt ask for anything better !

6. What was the most fun thing you did this year ?

Can someone say ROAD TRIP !! Although the reasons for travelling back to Toronto Temporarily were not great the DRIVE back  was awesome. I drove from Vegas to Toronto stopping in all the different states. I passed through utah, colorado (been here before but drove through the rockies was gorgeous) driving through colorado was crazy lots of ups and downs literally lol, the weather changed every 5 minutes the hills were crazy and i was in a truck it was just so different and so fun, then I moved into Nebraska which was soooo fun I spent one night in kearny, and one in Omaha, Omaha was so much fun I went to a diners drive in and dive restaurant which is one of my favourite shows, I watched Boston win the world series !! And then I partied at a country bar and had an amazing time getting country drunk !! LOL. Then It was all flatland pretty much, but the drive was never boring 🙂 Then I landed on Canadian soil and the first thing i did was have to wait for the geese to cross the road lol thats Canada !!  I have fun everywhere I go and this was honestly THE most fun thing I got to do !!

Ok guys its been great catching up but I have a FUN night on WEBCAM planned for you guys so I better go get ready ? In this cold weather how bout a hot oil show ? 🙂 I will see you all LIVE get your free screenname with this special link and let me know your screenname and you will get tons of goodies from me 🙂 I am doing a new year special for January 🙂 Its so cold outside I want all of you to warm up with me at playwithtay.com so everyone who joins with this link in january gets a taylor package full of goodies.

Ill give you a sample of what is inside my FREE FANCLUB 🙂 here are a few pictures for the full uncensored set and video use THIS link and join me FREE 🙂




Hey guys.. well as you all know its been a hectic couple of weeks for me lol. I was in La for a party and a generous fan bought me tickets to the LA kings game 4 and from that day forward it was all history LOL. La was so much fun. I couldnt believe everything that transpired. It was all from going to a hockey game.

So for those of you that might be under a rock lol I was behind the new jersey devils bench in game 4 and it turns out Peter deboer (amongst other players lol) gave me a bit of a look. Or so they say well they said and they got it on video lol. Here it is …


My boobies made headlines 🙂 But Peter was a really great sport about it and said some really funny things which you can see in the articles lol like buying me a ticket to the nj game since my efforts at distracting them didnt work for that game. I thought its all just been super fun.

From that point forward it was nuts !! I didnt realize that I was trending on twitter or that anything had happend till I got out of the Staples centre because I didnt have wifi. But apparently I was the talk of the town from bloggers, worldwide news, tmz, i went from getting ready to see the kings win the cup to interviews and appearances lol and it was just crazy. It was world wide news i was in the home paper and my mom called to say hey your in the toronto sun lol. Despite some negative attention it was all super positive and i have been having so much fun with it. People were suprised to know I know my shit when it comes to sports. I was lucky enough to have that same fan get me the seats to game 6 where the Kings took the cup. Being a part of that moment and that history was amazing.

I had to laugh at myself and the situation people actually thought I was a plant for the LA kings. Lets give those boys a bit more credit guys lol. I decided to do a fun video for funny or die just to have fun with the whole situation. It was a lot of work but it was great. Here is the video i uploaded to you tube and the link to the actual funny or die vid.

Theres tons of links and tons of articles so If i keep writing I could write forever lol. But I figure ill put up some of the stuff for you all to read. Even Ocho Cinco wrote a blog lol.

Tmz managed to find me at the Vitamin water event in LA lol the link


Me in one of the local papers 🙂



more fun behind the bench game 6



boobs were definitely behind deboer


The trending #boobsbehinddeboer that night inspired me to do something great with all this newfound publicity. I decided to start bidding the outfits i wore. So i have the domain boobsbehinddeboer.com of which i have already sold the infamous shirt I wore to game 4 and still 2 days left for the remainging shirt from game 6. Proceeds from both shirts are going to 2 organizations very close to my heart. One is lls.org and the other obesity.org I have battled obesity and am currently battling Cancer with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I wanted to do something to make this feel worth it. If your intrested go bid :).

Special thanks to @crs_one for all his help 🙂 You guys are amazing now lets get have even more fun with this. 🙂 Get your #free screenname and lets play at www.playwithtay.com 🙂 

Im still doing tons of interviews and apperances but always put you guys first 🙂 Love you !!



Hey guys !! I had  a BLAST with you guys LIVE at my FREE FANCLUB. Im also so excited about how the EXXXOTICA convention went I had a blast with all of you. WOOT ! Im also streaming LIVE for you guys ! You know I love being bouncy silly me :). I have been breaking so many bras and bursting so many buttons this week its nuts.

I love causing a scene everywhere, speaking of which… here I am lol out to a very important dinner meeting. Im in a very sexy, classy buisness suit but my buttons on my tight white button up top are on their last strings. It took me forever to get that one button buttoned that didnt show too much cleavage yet just enough lol. I finally got it shut barely able to breathe lol. So here we are at the meeting and im talking and we order drinks and as im drinking im feeling my shirt tighten lol and im trying to stay in one position so as not to make any sudden moves lol. They insisted on another round and as I reached to grab the drink my button burst and of course landed in one of the partners glass of wine. LOL it was straight out of a movie ! I was so embarrased but they were so cool he just said “i believe this is yours” LOL and I said “ah who needs it”. This stuff happens to me on a regular LOL.  So if you wanna see it live and of course up close and personal then grab ure free screenname and meet me at the free fanclub where Im live all day and night. You dont wanna miss a thing :).

Now it is friday and that means its formspring day woot woot ! Thats where I answer your questions or post your comments and its no holds barred. Ask me anything and ill answer but I cant promise ill always be nice ;). I will however always be brutally honest :). I love answering your questions because it lets you get to know me better and thats the most important thing to me. You guys are the most important thing to me. 🙂

Here we go..

1. Your Favorite Sport ???

FOOTBALL !! I grew up with three brothers so sports are in my blood. I am such a girly girl but I love being a tomboy. Everyone knows not to mess with me and my football. Being from Canada most would think Hockey is my sport.. I do love hockey but Football is in my heart. Woot go patriots !

2. What kind of men do you like to fuck ?

The kind that dont ask me what kind of men I like to fuck.

3. Do you have a boyfriend or are you married ?

No and No. I am single by choice. A lot of you ask how can a girl like you be single. Its such a misconception that I shouldnt be single because im this or that. Im human, Im guarded. I was in a long relationship it broke my heart. I am just focusing on me right now and getting better health wise and im happy being single and enjoying my life. I do miss having someone at times but right now my heart is still very closed, although i do see some light making its way in. If it happens it happens and ill embrace it but right now I also dont want to involve anyone in my life when im battling this illness I just dont think its fair.

4. Can you send me some pics of you naked ?

Nope.. but in my free fanclub after you get ure free screenname you have full access to all my videos,pictures everything. 🙂 I fill that fanclub up nice for you boys 🙂

5. What Was The Worst/Difficult Moment In Your Life ???

Thats a hard one cause most of my life has been filled with difficult moments. Id have to say losing my father at 6 years old. That was the worst. Finding out I have cancer second worst.

6. I love masturbating to your videos! its amazing how sexy you are, keep up the good work tay, your titties are making me cum daily!

Well, thank you thank you thats a great compliment 🙂 Im glad you love my work 🙂 Ill be sure to keep going strong and naughty for you 🙂 Woot woot keep it cumming mmmm 🙂

7. Am I handsome ?

LOL considering your question is anonymous and there is a picture of a shadow that is grey. Yes of course your handsome, no facial features just a picture of a grey head. Yup the epitome of handsomeness. LOL …seriously dude do u not think before you write ure question lol.

8. What are you notoriously known for ?

For being the number one webcam and internet babe on the net. Being that bouncy bubbly girl next door with the huge rack and the iconic glasses. Thats me 🙂 The nerdy, naughty, next door girly with a rack that will blow your mind. LOL. Im known for being super fun and super silly. I love what I do I wouldnt do it if I didnt love it.

9. I think you should be a fleshlight girl. 😉

Me too 😉 wink wink

10. What are you most proud of ?

Being my fathers daughter. Being strong and staying true to myself no matter what the consequence. Never giving up. EVER.

Some random pics 🙂




Hiii guys !! I had a great weekend with you guys it was soo much fun partying online at my free fanclub, this was such a great weekend full of football, baseball, hockey…and I got time to enjoy myself.. played some warcraft and finally got to play some madden !! Im a big nerd lol and I love it. I love all my nerds out there too 🙂 lol.

I know you guys love to know all kinds of useless but fun information about me and you know we all have our nerdy little quirks lol. So i thought I would let you know more about me no holds barred… stuff I just do thats very random lol. I love you guys and I love getting to know you all and so I of course love to share with you too its only fair right ? lol

Ive been celebrating so much, my 9 years bouncing on webcam with you guys.. the fact that I broke 4 yes 4 tight button up shirts in like an hour lol and of course my good football day. Ill be online all week long so get your free screenname and make your way over to the number one free fanclub around :). Im doing hourly giveaways and I wanna see if I can break a bra busting shirt busting record.  I just got back from the post office sending out all the stuff I gave away to playwithtay members soo make sure you get your free registration so I can send you goodies too !

Ok…so lets pick 10 random things I do that most people dont know about embarassing or not lol maybe i have ocd 

1. I reorganize my coffee table and make all the remotes symettrical in the middle of watching tv just because I like things to look straight lol (nerd)

2. I have to wash my dishes right after I use them I dont even use my dishwasher I just want everything clean and put away

3. I sing in the shower

4. I clean the condo naked

5. I pace back and forth when watching football on sundays im barely sitting on the couch I stand and wave my hips back and forth lol

6. I have ESPN moblile and am always on it

7. I watch porn in the mornings and masturbate (im usually horniest in the mornings dont always need porn but its fun )

8. I take off my shoes and pants at the same time and usually leave them in a pile till i have to pick them up lol

9. I collect poker chips from every casino, and I collect hard rock tshirts from every hard rock i visit buy the tshirt and have it framed. So far I have new york, chicago,cancun,and vegas

10. I tend to move my lips when I type or text

and one more for fun

11. I cut the top of my toothpaste tube when its getting low to make sure I get everything in there lool

So, as you can tell im a normal girl maybe not so normal lol.. im a nerdy girl but Im me and im genuine and thats what matters the most. I love you guys tons and I cant wait to see you all online at my free club. Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter for tons of new stuff coming.

Heres some pics to show how much I love my Geeks out there 🙂 Its bouncy time get in on it im online  now. Theres some more football tonight so lets get rowdy and have some fun get your free screenname here.



Heres the pics for all my nerdies 🙂 love you guys !


Hi Hi boys … WOW .. this week has been sooo busy and soo much fun. I just finished a long shoot today and am soo excited to be on cam with you guys at the free fanclub. I have given away soo many goodies to all the free fanclub members so get your free screenname cause its the giving time of year.

I have gotten a lot of feedback from you guys as to what to be for halloween and I cant wait to surprise you 🙂 You know im full of them

So I will be headed to EXXXOTICA at the beginning of November make sure you all come out and see me I wanna hug you all. I love that ill be in New Jersey and In NYC maybe I should go to Atlantic city ive actually never been, i much prefer Vegas, for its nipper juice @ hooters (that shit kills you lol) and of course the heat !  I have some shoots scheduled while im there so ill be busy but I would love to meet all my NYC fans.. wish there was a game that weekend in NJ but there isnt booo 🙁 lol.

This week is great for free fanclub members because at the end of the week im giving away a special prize to a randomly picked free fanclub member so get your free screenname here and email me when you get it 🙂 We have had some hot and steamy pvt sessions on my webcam.  

It seems you are all loving the formspring questions/comments/tirades so heres some more for you 🙂

1.Would you marry me for a “Green Card”? If not, how about for love and a beautiful lilttle boy package deal? 😉

Lol as much as id love to move to the US i wont marry for a “greencard” lol but for love sure :). Your so cute mister. If i ever even consider marriage IF big IF lol it would have to be for love which im not certain exists. But you do have a beautiful little boy 🙂

2.List you 5 favorite movie directors?

In no particular order…

1. Quentin Tarantino

2. Steven Speilberg

3. Martin Scorsese

4. Clint Eastwood

5. Ron Howard

There are so many its hard to narrow it down

3. In porn world, what are the things that make you afraid the most?

I dont know what you mean by “pornworld” exactly, but I guess im not really afraid just dislike disengenous people that are only after you for one thing. Or being judged soley on what you do for a living and not who u are as a person.

4.Have you ever or would you ever date a guy who weighs more than you?

I hope so lol I weigh 130lbs lol I love big bear type guys.. I feel safe and warm and cuddly with them. But yes anyone that weighs more then me is just fine :).

5.Your husband wanna be should be………?

Loyal,loving,strong, honest. He should be my shoulder, and always have my back. He should be everything that he would expect me to be. 🙂

So I have been having a kick ass time on webcam with you guys.. There has never been a better time to join the free fanclub im doing soo many give aways its crazy !!  And you know you are getting HD video and HD pics that are crystal clear :).

Have a great thursday and hurry and get your free screenname i cant wait to see some of the names u guys come up with 🙂

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Here are some fun pics from me out and aboot lol hahah i only said aboot cause you guys think all canadians say that. Some candid shots where im not posing im just out having fun. See all the uncensored pics in the free fanclub


Its not only football time its HOCKEY season wooot !! I am a huge Maple Leaf fan and although they have dissapointed time and time again they are off to a great start this year. I thought I would help them out by showing my Blue and White Pride ! 🙂 I love Hockey im Canadian so its in my blood.  Id love to walk on the ice in this bikini I wonder if I would make it melt lol.

Ive been having a blast with all of you at the free fanclub ive been bouncier then ever lately and I think football and hockey has something to do with it lol. But I also think its cause its always just one big hot naughty party. Get your free screenname and join now and get a free signed never before seen 8 x10 and free pvt one on one time.

Lets wish the boys in blue luck tonight. Ive got my bikini on and its ready to come off 🙂 Join in on the fun NOW !

I havent answered any formspring questions in a while so im gonna answer some for you now…remember to catch the full bikini set in the free fanclub all the naughty uncensored pics.

1. I love it when you blog about showing your boobs in public 😉 have you ever gotten fully naked in public before?

Absolutley…I have always loved my body I get naked all the time. We have a few nude beaches here but I dont always wait for that… ive been streaking and always make a good fun time out of it lol.

2. Do you like to eat most of your meals sitting at the table, or do you tend to eat on the run?

I am soo busy I am always on the run I almost never sit at the table and eat. I ususally have stuff prepared so that I can eat quick standing up or on my way out the door. When I get to sit down for a nice meal I relish it. I don’t have a lot of time for that.

3. I just want to say thanks, when you go dancing you give new meaning to bust a move.

Lol your welcome 🙂 I love to dance. I am always busting a move on my free webcam, busting out, busting bras, busting shirts lol. Its what I do. I do love to dance though. I love moving my hips to the beat of the music. 🙂 Your welcome hehe I will continue to do it in fact im doing it now live so come join me here for free.

4. Are you afraid of being fat ?

Absolutley not. I was a bigger girl i used to weigh 300 lbs and I lost 170lbs. I am not afraid of gaining the weight back because I eat healthy and I exercise. When I first lost the weight I was wayyy to skinny under 120lbs and factor in the weight of my boobs thats way too skinny for me. I weigh 130 right now and Im really happy and comfortable with my weight. I would never be afraid of being fat, id be afraid of being unhealthy. I loved being a bigger girl too.. and a lot of you did too. Btw there are still TONS of  pics of me when I was bigger for all my fans who loved me bigger in the free fanclub.

5. Taylor, I have met you at three conventions now and seen you on webcam many times. I can honestly say you are the most fun, silly and entertaining woman I have met. I was in LA recently when I met you and I walked around the entire convention and you were one of the few girls who a. looked exactly like she looked in her pictures b.was absolutley genuine and c. looked absolutley beautiful. You are full of class, so genuine, and really a pleasure just to be around.. your smile is contagious and your always doing it. I just wanted to say thank you.

Wow, this is an amazing compliment thank you so much Craig. I remember you from the conventions and I think your a wonderful person. Its fans like you that remind me how much I love what I do. Your wonderful.

Ok guys I have like over 500 questions in formspring..so I will be answering more soon. But for now go leafs go !!! I will see you all online get to it you wont wanna miss it 🙂  Get your free newsletter 🙂




I’m super excited !! Its official Maggie Green and I both pinup glam girlies are gonna be at GLAMOURCON in Chicago wooot congrats to all Blackhawks fan on their stanley cup win woooot !! I know the leafs and it will be a long time coming for that one lol. But I for one have never been to Chicago and cannot wait to visit your awesome city. So me and the ever so gorgeous and busty Maggie Green will be there bouncing playing and who knows what other trouble we will get into…lol you put two busty blondes together and well….theres always gonna be naughty trouble but thats the good kind LOL.

So Get your asses to Glamourcon July 31st-August 1st we will be there taking pics signing etc… I will also be in Chicago for EXXXTACY which I am totally looking forward to 🙂

Here are some pics of me and Mags from EXXXOTICA, tons more in the free fanclub. We are gonna have a blast..you cant miss us lol

See you all there and check out Maggies Kick ass site here. Ill be online at my free fanclub all week long be there or be full of undisposed sexual energy lol. 🙂

Love ya tons