Hey guys…well this is the first time im heading somewhere COLDER then Toronto lol. I havent been feeling great lately and have a lot going on but got these tickets a while ago and am super excited to go to the game on Sunday. I will be sure to try to catch the cameramens eyes like I did at the buffallo game I went to. I will be first row at the 50 yard line section 109 ! Keep your eyes out for me ! Maybe I can distract Brett lol 🙂

I have never been to Minny and actually am really looking forward to seeing the city itself.. of course the mall of america but I know minny has beautiful things 🙂 to see and do ! Im excited. I know that its going to be covered in snow but I have my fuzzy warm boots and tight fitting sweaters and I am ready !!

Please keep voting for me HERE in all categories there are 6 more days to advance to the third round and I have to be in top 25 for miss freeones and the top 15 in all other categories. SO please please www.vote4tay.com I need you guys !!

Make sure you all get your free screename cause I have a few suprises this weekend @ the free fanclub ! Who says I cant wear a bikini to the game ? LOL 🙂 Keep posted guys and I will be online this weekend as well. SO make sure you keep your eyes posted on the tv then on me on your computers.

Love you lots




Hey guys… Ive been dealing with so much latley that its been so hard to keep my blog posts updated but i think Ive just about caught up. Its about time I answered some formspring questions since its been so so long. Im dealing with a lot of health issues right now and its a fight right now but again thank you to everyone thats standing by me :).

Thank you for all the support and love 🙂 with all you guys by my side how can a girl go wrong 🙂 ! I wanted to thank you all for your freeones votes please register and vote for me at www.vote4tay.com every day from every computer. I really think with your help I might win, im honoured that im even on that list but I encourage you all to vote all you can and a free boobie oil video awaits if i win lol :).

As you know I will be in Minny this weekend. Im super excited wooot maybe I can hold a “brett makes me wet” sign lol.. that will never get on air hahah !

I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season its getting increasingly cold here. Very NIPPLY like you boys like it. Anyways lol, join my free fanclub right now for some goodies and full sets and videos. Its a free screenname away so join today ! hahaha 🙂  For those of you who want to spoil me this christmas thank you so much I do send thank you’s back to you 🙂 so here is my wishlist.

Now, time for the formspring questions.. I just checked my inbox and have over 2700 questions lol I should get the dust of that thing from time to time lol.

1.Something you will never forget …

Falling in love for the first time. Although single now. I wont forget falling in Love its a feeling that doesnt come around often. I also wont forget My first ever fan meeting in person where someone recognized me and asked for my autograph.

2. Are you happy to be considered a slut/whore ?

LOL this one is funny to me. First and foremost I dont consider myself a slut or a whore. If you consider me that that is your problem. I love who I am what I do I carry myself with class and enjoy my fans. Are you happy to be considered some troll on the internet hiding behind his words ? Just wondering ???

3. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

Still kicking ass, taking names doing what I do best. If i find a love of my life who knows what will happen. As for now…I am an entrepreneur and im doing what I need to do. I want to be enjoying life as I am now and continuing to bring the best of me to you 🙂

4. Favourite time to fuck ?

Mornings. Dirty Morning Sex is so fkn hot. The thought of it makes me wanna cream my pants lol. Its like that raw energy in the morning when you wake up beside someone and just feel their warm body beside you and get to fucking lol.  (im soo naughty) LOL 🙂 That question got me wet lol ! Make sure to come see me live on cam tonight and all week long at my free fanclub.

5. If you could have a threesome between you and two celbrities who would they be ?

Well if we are talking female scarlett johannson would definitely be on that list as well as kim kardashian and or angelina jolie I think they are just gorgeous. Curvy and gorgeous !

Ok boys thats all for today but no worries I got 2695 more to go through lol 🙂 hahah Here is one of the never before seen pics that I was selling at glamourcon it seems to be a favourite so make sure you join the free fanclub beacause im updating it with lots of never before seen footage !

Loove tons xoxox


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Hey boys.. we all love my big huge tits dont we hahahah LOL. As much as I love to talk about my tits im talking about TWO IN THE SHIRT..this kick ass site. I have to do this blog because I absolutley LOVE this site. Because you all know me I love t-shirts with sayings on them and I love that they work their ass off to promote an amazing brand of shirts that are great quality and have kick ass sayings on them. They recently did a blog post about me HERE check it out and let them know youd rock my shirt !

I have met them several times and we are working on some cool stuff together. I love this site soo much I buy tons of tshirts from there. They totally rock !! I did a photoshoot for them in their awesome wifey shirt among the many many they have. You must check them out they have great guys and girls shirts.

I love the wifey shirts cause they have the girl vacuming in her bikini with a 40 oz in her hand lol. Thats def me lol haha. I am also the definition of Sunday wifey with the football gear lol dont bother me on football sunday now lol. IM wifey material… that song is playing in my head now “would u be my wifey, yes ill be your wifey” LOL

This was one of my favourite and most amazing photoshoots ! And you get free acess to it when you join the free fanclub. So if I were you and u wanna make me your wifey id get your free screename and get in on the action. Cause I am giving away a free signed 8X10 of me in any of the poses that you like from the ones I upload to the free fanlcub.

If you wanna see me on a t-shirt you let the boys at twointheshirt.com know 🙂 by emailing them here !

They work super hard to provide awesome stuff, theres tons of celebs wearing their gear and they never let it get to their heads. They have always been amazing to me. One of my favourite sites EVER ! If you want to spoil me here is my wishlist and i would love more of their cool shirts too, if you spoil me as u well know i spoil back 🙂

So hurry u dont want to miss this full set and video being uploaded to the free fanclub….. ill be waiting T.I.T.S out !!




Little miss muffet (taylor) sat  on her tuffet eating her curds and whey…along came a spider and sat down beside her…and him and miss muffet decided to play 🙂 lol..thats my version

HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS !!  Hey guys I know halloween isnt until sunday but no reason not to start the Halloween Party early :). Im gonna be online at the free fanclub all weekend long and im doing trick or treat giveaways for you guys who grab your free screenname 🙂 and you dont wanna miss out on my treats !

This year i have a few costumes but this is my first 🙂 I hope you like my little miss muffet outfit lol 🙂 The spider in the scene got to have a great time with my boobies I was sooo scared lol. I love halloween its a time of year when you get to be goofy silly and be someething completley different. So for my first costume for you guys its Little miss muffet and of course its pink so 🙂 that takes the cake lol. And yes I had to look up what curds and whey meant lol and its cottage cheese…wtf lol. I hate spiders but this one got extra special treatment.

Join the free fanclub for HOURLY giveaways and if you have a costume and I get to see it get your free screenname and you could win instant pvt time right then and there !

This is just the first of my tirade of halloween costumes for you boys 🙂 You know I love you and I love to give you extra special treatment. The next one is coming sooon.

 Im leaving for NJ in two days and I get to meet all of you at Exxxotica. Im also doing some shoots while im there and one is in Atlantic City which ive never been to but my Dad used to go to a lot. Ill be live every day from the convention and you wont want to miss that action so get your free screename and be able to see me live and interactive with all of you.

Sooo Happy Halloween lets get all those ghouls and goblins out and lets play ! Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter 🙂




OKKKK… so i heard brandon lang got fired… do i get the job lol. VIKINGS WINNNN IT !! WOOOOT !  I love this time of year and of course i LOVE ESPN lol i have the moble app on my phone and everywhere lol. This is the best time of year football hockey baseball playoffs im loving it lol. I should be an ESPN reporter…. my picks rock lol:)

I hope you guys have been having as much fun as i have on cam this week. This week has been amazing the free fanclub has got you guys all in a bundle. Tons of pics, unseen vids and naughty never before seen stuff lol 🙂 you guys rock !

Its football sunday boys.. and yes my vikings lost last week (although i called the over) and they were pretty close to winning so friken interceptions lol. Anyways ive given away soo many wet soaked panties and broken bras and dvds this week I LOVE IT.  Get your free screen name right now and have a chance to win lots of me lol theres lots of boobies to go around.

I love sundays in fact it really is my favourite day of the week. I am sooo happy and lucky to announce that thanks to Todd and Mark from Minny I will be going to the GIANTS VS VIKINGS game in MINNY. I really wanted to see favre play live in minnesota. I saw him when i was a jet and it wasnt the same. He was never meant to be a  JET. So ill be in minnesota for this game decked out in vikings gear thanks to my awesome friend Viggo. Thank you viggo !!

I cant wait to play with all of you today…as you know lots of good big things are coming to taystevens.com and I know you are all loving the pictures but there is plenty of suprises up my sleeve or in between my clevage lol.

Im sipping on bacardi right now and enjoying football day… I had some great parlay action today woot ! hahah. I wish i was at the Bellagio sportsbook right now…thats the best place to watch sports mmm strawberry julius yum 🙂 .

Ok seriously though… its football day so I know i dont want to waste any time. I will be online at the free fanclub tonight doing free giveaways..who wants free pvt time with me ? Get in on that shit lol. Im being persuaded to go to Vegas before I go to New Jersey and that just might happen since i miss vegas so much.

Here are some formspring questions for you guys :).. make sure you join the free fanclub cause im giving away hourly prizes yup yup 🙂 you guys deserve the best and your certainly gonna get it :).

1.Would you rather spend life in prison or be executed?

That is a GREAT question. I figure if ive done something really terrible I should pay for it. Life in prison seems like a waste and being executed seems like the easy way out. Id rather die quickly if i did anything to hurt anyone i dont deserve to stick around.

2.do you know that PUNCI in Hungarian means PUSSY

I suppose i do now lol.. i didnt know that thanks for the translation…id like to know pussy in all languages. Mind you im a bit drunky answering these questions lol.

3.Do you like rough or sensual sex ?

I like both. But if I absolutley had to choose I like it rough.. pull my hair spank my ass. The more passionate the better. I love sensual too though because there is this connection between lovers and its beautiful. I think id take both. Im soo sexual by nature I love to fuck i love to make love. I love to connect with my lover

4. Who killed lago ?

Who ?  

5. Will you ever fall in love ?

Been there done that. Probably never again. I realized this last few years I gave my heart to people that didnt deserve it so from now on I give my heart to my fans :). I love you guys. I dont know if I will ever fall in LOVE LOVE because i dont know if theres a such thing. Theres too much that can go wrong. Maybe one day someone will come along to change my mind for now im good with me 🙂  

Now, back to buisness I think you all should call ESPN tell them I should be their new sports reporter and tell them the shir they sent me is wayyyyyy to small but im sure you alll like that. Get the full naughty uncensored set in my free fanclub where naughty meets extra naughty.




Hiiiii Boys !! Im so excited to hear that Moss has now returned home and become a Viking… im super excited and can’t wait to see them in action ! This is great for Minny… I love my Brett Favre and I know this is a good mix for him. I wanna wish all my canadian fans a happy thanksgiving… its important to remember what to be thankful for things we often take for granted.

I have been really sick latley and then my doggie shaggy is sick.. He got neutered the other day and now he has either a tumour or an infection and ive been worried sick with that, ill know more later today. Hes in good hands thanks for all your warm thoughts.

Theres some great stuff coming for all the free fanclub members so make sure you join and get your free screenname and see me on cam. I had a great time online with all of you last week I know it was super crowded but its always a party lol :).

Im uploading a TON of new hawwwwwwwwt pics to the free fanclub so make sure you join and I have a brand new never before seen 8×10 that i am giving away to all NEW free fanclub members. And dont forget to get your free pvt time with me. I will be online all week long and I look forward to catching up.

Its been a tough week a rough week but you guys are amazing, your support and your ability to make me smile is awesome. I want to thank you all for the gifts and cards im still getting. I want to thank a super special fan and friend viggo for the amazing white gold heart necklace I LOVE IT 🙂

So here is a preview of whats coming to the free fanclub. Get ready boys cause the VIKINGS are gonna KICK some ass.

Stay tuned for  special announcements and get my free newsletter.





These girls are my girls !!!!!!!! lol I love them so much. I found some awesome pics of me and maggie green after glamourcon unwinding and having some fun. She is so amazing, its amazing the good quality people ive met and i never would have if I didnt make choices from my heart. Im so so glad and lucky to met the people that I have met.

Ive had a hard time finding REAL friends, or people that are after another thing or pretending they are not. Its sad actually. Often imitated never duplicated i say :). Right now I just want to thank you all for being soo soo amazing. You are the best fans ever and I cant wait to meet you all at all the conventions. You all need to get your free screenname and come see me live on webcam. Ill be bouncing around like crazy as usual lol.

Yaaaay brett killed it yesterday… finally a Vikings win we needed that we have a tough schedule ahead of us. I have some fun stuff coming in that regard you guys will love it. I decided I havent answered some of your questions latley so I will be answering some formspring ones on here now. But you can ask me anything every monday night on my tell all night live @ the free fanclub. But lets start with these questions…..

1.You’ve said countless times you’re a girl who likes to eat – So say make a trip to Toronto, Where’s some of the best places to grab a bite?

MMM… love food.. depends what kind of food your looking for…

Real Sports Bar for sure because their food is great and if your looking to watch sports that is defintiely the place.

Harbour 60 omg yummm and its right by yup the hockey hall of fame.. definitely check that out.

Jack Astors, The keg.. these are all more reasonable priced and fun places with great food.

2. We have bellied up to a bar, what kind of drink can i get you ?

“Dark liquor, nothing soothes the heart quicker” 🙂 actually a bacardi and diet coke make it a double woot !

3. Would you give up sex + masturbation for one year in exchange for $50,000?

No amount of money could make me give up sex and masturbation im too horny lol 🙂

4.What’s your ideal dream home?

One that has lots and lots of closets in fact one where an entire room is a walk in closet.

5. Whats the most recent shoot you did ?

Well ill tell you ONE of the many that I did was for actiongirls

In fact here is another pic from that kick ass fun with guns shoot !

Love you guys make sure you join the free fanclub for full access to all my pics and vids ! And new members that get their free screename  here get free pvt one on one time 🙂 woot

Here are some fun behind the scenes shots of me and maggie 🙂 My boobies make a good drink holder and she can handle a bottle thats for sure. We had a friendly girl kiss 🙂 Love my mags. Get my free newsletter for updates !


Goood evening BOYS !! Happy Saturday.

I have some big news !! Guess who is offically an ACTION GIRL. Yup Yup thats me 🙂 I told you big things were coming and this is Just the beginning. I hope you like it. He is amazing and his work is fantastic :). Not to mention I just had a blast. It was one big fun party. I got to do all the things I love and in a photoset none the less guns, videogames cum push my buttons on cam 🙂 @the free fanclub , woot. I look good holding a gun hahaha.  This was one of the best times ever !  Expect much more to come. Make sure you sign up to my free newsletter 🙂 for upcoming news and join the free fanclub now cause im doing a ton of free giveaways !

I had an amazing time last night hearing unique talent at the manifesto festival here in toronto. There was some great music and some amazing times had. 🙂 I had a blast. Our friend Mr.Mecc was performing you def have to check out his music on youtube hes great.

So come check out the full set of much to come from your #1 BUSTY BOUNCY ACTION GIRL NEXT DOOR 🙂 @ the free fanclub and of course see me play with my big guns live one on one on webcam.