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Hey boys !! Wow I am having such a great time here in Chicago. Ive met soo many amazing friends. Glamourcon is a great venue and has great girls and great fans, photographers and just fun people all together. It was a long day for me yesterday on 3 hours sleep after my drive in to Chicago but I didnt even feel tired you guys leave me invigorated. :) It started to rain as I was coming in to Chicago but I still made it in safe. I hope you all enjoyed my tweets along the way It was a nice road trip there were like 3 TAYLOR RD. signs i saw in different places lol.

Me and Maggie green were having soo much fun booobies bouncing side by side not to mention meeting the lovely Wendy Fiore. These are girls you can spend hours just talking to, laughing with. So down to earth and you dont always get that in this industry and its just nice to be surrounded by good people. We were taking pictures with fans, signing autographs, doing interviews, bouncing around everywhere. I cant tell you how much of a fantastic impression Chicago has left on me. The people here are just sooooooo amazing.

Last night my head was saying get to bed Taylor but you know me lol I just tough it out and go and party a little bit. Yesterday was great I went to a friend of mines bbq here in Chicago and hung out with them and their family.. the hospitality here is UNREAL It felt like family. Then I came back to the hotel where there was a glamourcon party and hung out all night with Maggie and my friends and some fans from glamourcon. It was a totally amazing evening i was a little tipsy but just enough cause I know i needed to sleep my body was saying taylor go to bed so went upstairs had some cinnamon toast crunch lol and went to bed.

So, sunday was awesome I went out partied had a great time did a photoshoot which went amazing ! There is sooo much to tell you about this trip that I wont be able to fit it all in one post so there will be many posts to come. Remember to join the free fanclub for ALL EXCLUSIVE pics. I met carlos zambrano at the club and we danced a bit he wasnt psycho lol. Had a blast partying at the club and then finally got to see some of the awesome down town Chicago.

Dont forget Maggie Green and I will be @ Adultcon together in sept in LA so get your butts down there. We had a blast together. I met soo many amazing people this past weekend and had such great memories. I <3 you chicago !!

I will be LIVE on cam later so get your free screen name here  for all the juicyyyyyyyyyy details :)


Go cubbies !