Hey guys !! Mary Xmas– I hope youve all opened your gifts and Santa was good to all of you. You are all so wonderful you deserve it !! I hope your all in your pj’s lounging around relaxing with family and friends and playing with all your presents but most importantly being with the ones you love. I hope you had endless hours of seeing them smile and you are smiling too. Laughter is the best medicine.

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Here are the top ten things I love about xmas ( in no particular order) things that I love

1. Friends and family and seeing the smile on their faces Food yummm (gingerbread cookies)

2. Food yummm (gingerbread cookies)

3. Santa Claus.. always did like sitting on his lap lol

4. Dressing my doggies in Cute Santa outfits

5. Christmas parties they fucking rock !! wooot everyone makes a fool of themselves at some point

6. Mistletoe getting to kiss someone special under the mistletoe ( i usually get doggie kisses)

7. Presents I mean hey.. it could be a physical gift or it could be a gift of a different fashion but we all love them in one way or another.

8. Getting that kick ass parking spot in a PACKED busy mall because you beat the other guy to it.

9. Christmas trees they are super pretty 🙂

10. The anticipation of a new year beginning… a new start a fresh look

oh and

11. Me giving away free holiday packages to my fans and all those who get a free screenname here and of course me being LIVE and bouncy in my cute santa outfit on cam!

love you all xoxo





Hi guys… Merry xmas eve to everyone !! Its a hard day for me today because Last year I got the news that I had Cancer on xmas eve and its been a long long year but I learned a lot this year, went through a lot this year and learned who and what is valuable in my life. It was almost a blessing in disguise. I will continue to fight for all of you for my doggies and most importantly for myself.

I hope you all have an amazing xmas eve waiting for Santa to come down MOST of your chimneys. Lol im sure even the naughty ones have santa coming down their chimneys lol.. he better be on my balcony. I think i have a secret santa somewhere lol. In our tradition we always are allowed to open one gift on xmas eve so I hope you all have fun with your families tonight and eat drink and be merry. 🙂 I will be spending my xmas eve with my doggies and a few close friends and reflecting on the past year.

I love you guys im wishing you all the best ! Merry xmas !

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Hey guys how are you !! I am getting ready for the Rick Ross concert here in Toronto. Ive been really sick the last week and a bit but I wouldnt miss him for the world. I hope your all finishing up all your xmas shopping and stuff. The malls are a mess. Its crazy how crazy we get at xmas ! For all of those who asked me where they can get me something my wishlist is here and everything is appreciated and i spoil back !

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Hey guys !! Well its getting around that time again. The snow has fallen lol esp in Minnesota so has the roof lol… Im actually on the airplane right now on my way to detroit to see the vikings play in the lions stadium since the metrodome collapsed when starting to write this blog bug the last couple days in detroit i havent been able to use the internet to finish it so im finishing it on this lovely tuesday !. But the snow just reminded me that its Xmas time and I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and enjoying the fun stuff to do in the snow. I cant believe how crazy this trip was the snow was unreal ! But it was beautiful its so pretty when it falls and with my fuzzy boots I just feel like a snow bunny lol. So i say let it snow let it snow let it snow. Im from Toronto Canada so I know all about snow and crazy snow storms but to see the metrodome roof collapse like that wow.

So I came to Minny in the middle of a snow storm and then left to see the game in detroit. Hopefully this plane lands safe (it did)  and hopefully I make it to the game (i did) and you see me bouncing around on Tv for the vikings ( i was lol). Me and Allen exchanged a few looks and me and favre waved and henderson had a crush on me i think. Now you know im driven lol ! Im a true vikings fan to endure everything I just endured lol.

Now, I know santa has me on his naughty list but him and I have an agreement lol. Ive been very naughty but he likes it. I love sitting on his lap lol that dirty old man lol. Have you all been naughty or nice ? Whats the naughtiest thing youve done this year and the nicest ? Id love to hear that lol. Ive been very naughty so I’ll pick one of the naughty things ive done for instance, masturbating on a plane under the blanket and having one of the best mile high orgasms ever !  As for being nice, I feel like I do something nice every day. I just wanna put smiles on peoples faces. I pay it forward and I do everything I can for family,friends, strangers. I just want to make everyone happy sometimes I try super hard I know I cant save the world in a day but I sure can try right ? Boobies for world peace lol.

I hope you all have an amazing xmas but this is just one post before xmas..when they called me in for the job of santas little helper I had no idea what was in store for me lol I was santas big busted helper. I had a great time doing these pics and remember free fanclub members get acess to alllll my pics and vids and im uploading this very very naughty set to the free fanclub so grab ure free screenname and lets spread (literally) the holiday cheer ! You will love this stuff. I sure know how to hold a big ..ummm.. candy cane lol. 🙂 Hope you like more to come.

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For those of you who love to spoil me and who asked for my wishlist its HERE… theres a lot of shoes on there because I love them and I love showing off in my sexy heels. I also am sending out xmas gifts to anyone who sends me something from my wish list because you def all deserve a huge big boobied thank you !  I will be online all week long so get your free screenname and bounce with me ! I will also be live streaming from the game for free fanclub members so grab your screenname and get in on the fun !!

Love you tons,


Tay aka santas little (big boobied) helper