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Hi everyone !! I wanted to wish you all an amazing New Year !! I will be LIVE on cam till mid day New years eve then off for a day so make sure you get in now !! I want to start the new year off with a boobie bouncing bang !! If your going out be safe pop champagne and have lots of fun and get NAKED by the end of the night hehe :) . Kinda Like this photoset.

I cannot believe that this year has gone by so fast. Im excited to be moving on to a new year. Its been an amazing year but there has been good and bad I lost someone very close to me and it was very hard but i am tough and always resiliant.  Im excited to move on there will be tons of bigger and better things coming in the new year for all of YOU !! Im super excited and cannot wait to get started.

I have many new years resolutions, but the main one is always to do my best to be my best to myself and to others. That is what is really important. YOU have all made my year absolutley wonderful. You my fans and friends are amazing to me always supporting me always there for me. I want to continue making you guys Happy and always keep you smiling. So. I will be LIVE as you know every day all week Long and All month Long.

Theres a twitter hashtag #20thingsiwantfor2015 so i thought why not put them here In no particular order

1. HEALTH we are nothing without it

2. To Relax More…. ( i never relax its my virgo nature im #ocd and worry too much)

3. To Travel More ( I travel quite often but theres nothing more rewarding then travelling)

4. To Make my puppies happy and give them play time every day

5. To be LIVE and bouncy on cam with you every moment I can use this FREE LINK 

6. To have no drama, not be concerned with the drama and just focus on me

7. To always let the people I know that I love them every day every chance I get

8. To create amazing content for you ( big things coming ) for all my fans

9. To see my best friend @brianna_jordan much much more

10. To Volunteer more at the animal shelter ( I used to do it but its so so hard because i want to kill the people who hurt animals)

11. I want to always make sure to breathe and let go more meditation in my life

12. To not sweat the small stuff

13. To not think about the past and just think about the future and succeding in all aspects

14. Gym every day (i go about 4-5 days a week now but i think every day is what i want it just makes me happy)

15. To NEVER EVER forget what I have conquered, and survived and where I came from

16. To give back to the world, to be kind and generous

17. To get someone ( hint hint) to help me with my messed up Itunes library and get all my wicked ass songs in one amazing playlist (@crs_one) lol


19.  To go back home and visit Palestine like I did when i was 6 years old

20. To not buy my doggies toys with fluff in them cause i hate cleaning that shit up LOL

Since December madness was sooo much fun I am going to continue it till the end of January !! Which means more chances for you to win. !! One of my grand prizes is an Hour Long private one on one with  me FREE :) Make sure you all go to CAMWITHTAY.COM to join me FREE.Ill be LIVE on cam and every hour someone gets a prize from my store WWW.SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM ! Im so happy to be back and bouncy and playing with you guys every night !!

I am sooo glad to be back that I will be online DAILY. I am in the giving mood so anyone who uses THIS FREE JANUARY MADNESS NEW YEARS LINK will get a personal item from shoptaylorstevens.com just for you and some extra naughty goodies too. !

I will also be doing giveaways  live on cam every hour on the hour so make sure you use MY PERSONAL FREE LINK to get in on the Live bouncy fun. Im going to be doing tons of Oil and Button bursting shows I wanna do everything I can to make you all have a boobtastic NEW YEAR  !! My boobies are ready are you ? HeHe

Everyone who comes to see me at PLAYWITHTAY.COM and uses MY PERSONAL FREE LINK to join is eligible to win the grand prize raffle draw that I will give away just after Jan 14. Once you have joined with MY FREE LINK and email me your screenname to tay@taystevens.com your name will get put in a raffle that wins you a FREE skype session with me! I am also selling the tickets on my store shoptaylorstevens.com if you want extra chances !!

Im also giving away a FREE WEBCAM session  and then some to the TOP TIPPER in december  just come in to playwithtay.com when im online and tip me if you like and your tips will be recorded on record or go HERE to tip me.

Im feeling super giving and My fans as everyone knows are the world to me !! So get ready for JANUARY madness boys and girls its gonna be a crazy month.

For those of you wanting to spoil me this holiday and to those who have been asking me I appreciate it all in advance my wishlist is SPOILTAY.COM. As those of you who have purchased something for me or from me from SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM know I gift back. You will recieve a gift back from me for your thoughtfulness. The more generous you are the more generous I am. Its the season of giving !!! You guys deserve it.

Ty all soo much for trying to make a hard year better for me. It means so so much to know you care and I want you to know I care too. I cant wait to start the 2015 new year off with a boobie bouncing bang !!

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Its not only football time its HOCKEY season wooot !! I am a huge Maple Leaf fan and although they have dissapointed time and time again they are off to a great start this year. I thought I would help them out by showing my Blue and White Pride ! :) I love Hockey im Canadian so its in my blood.  Id love to walk on the ice in this bikini I wonder if I would make it melt lol.

Ive been having a blast with all of you at the free fanclub ive been bouncier then ever lately and I think football and hockey has something to do with it lol. But I also think its cause its always just one big hot naughty party. Get your free screenname and join now and get a free signed never before seen 8 x10 and free pvt one on one time.

Lets wish the boys in blue luck tonight. Ive got my bikini on and its ready to come off :) Join in on the fun NOW !

I havent answered any formspring questions in a while so im gonna answer some for you now…remember to catch the full bikini set in the free fanclub all the naughty uncensored pics.

1. I love it when you blog about showing your boobs in public ;) have you ever gotten fully naked in public before?

Absolutley…I have always loved my body I get naked all the time. We have a few nude beaches here but I dont always wait for that… ive been streaking and always make a good fun time out of it lol.

2. Do you like to eat most of your meals sitting at the table, or do you tend to eat on the run?

I am soo busy I am always on the run I almost never sit at the table and eat. I ususally have stuff prepared so that I can eat quick standing up or on my way out the door. When I get to sit down for a nice meal I relish it. I don’t have a lot of time for that.

3. I just want to say thanks, when you go dancing you give new meaning to bust a move.

Lol your welcome :) I love to dance. I am always busting a move on my free webcam, busting out, busting bras, busting shirts lol. Its what I do. I do love to dance though. I love moving my hips to the beat of the music. :) Your welcome hehe I will continue to do it in fact im doing it now live so come join me here for free.

4. Are you afraid of being fat ?

Absolutley not. I was a bigger girl i used to weigh 300 lbs and I lost 170lbs. I am not afraid of gaining the weight back because I eat healthy and I exercise. When I first lost the weight I was wayyy to skinny under 120lbs and factor in the weight of my boobs thats way too skinny for me. I weigh 130 right now and Im really happy and comfortable with my weight. I would never be afraid of being fat, id be afraid of being unhealthy. I loved being a bigger girl too.. and a lot of you did too. Btw there are still TONS of  pics of me when I was bigger for all my fans who loved me bigger in the free fanclub.

5. Taylor, I have met you at three conventions now and seen you on webcam many times. I can honestly say you are the most fun, silly and entertaining woman I have met. I was in LA recently when I met you and I walked around the entire convention and you were one of the few girls who a. looked exactly like she looked in her pictures b.was absolutley genuine and c. looked absolutley beautiful. You are full of class, so genuine, and really a pleasure just to be around.. your smile is contagious and your always doing it. I just wanted to say thank you.

Wow, this is an amazing compliment thank you so much Craig. I remember you from the conventions and I think your a wonderful person. Its fans like you that remind me how much I love what I do. Your wonderful.

Ok guys I have like over 500 questions in formspring..so I will be answering more soon. But for now go leafs go !!! I will see you all online get to it you wont wanna miss it :)   Get your free newsletter :)




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Hey guys, nothing compares to L.A or Vegas but it was nice to have a convention in Toronto. I met some great People and had a blast. I think over time Toronto will become great for this sort of thing but it just takes time. It still rocked and I had so much fun. I did get to hang with the UFC girls which was awesome :) .

Its football sunday and im loving it as usual but wanted to update you guys with a post because it is thanksgiving in Canada and I want to show you guys that a lot of great things come from Canada lol. I spent all day shooting yesterday then I went bowling lol. I havent bowled since i was a little girl and I kicked some serious ass. I so needed that just to be free and not focus on anything but having fun. I got like 4 strikes woot ! I kicked ass my friends were like what ? LOL  Ill be uploading a TON of pics to the free fanclub so get your free screen name  right now and im giving away never before seen 8X10′s from the latest shoots :) . Once you join send me your free screen name and your addy and ill send away.

Heres a fun vid of me @ the expo dancing to hustlin lol you know me and my crazy vids :) . Check my TWITTER and my YOUTUBE for all kinds of neat stuff and make sure you sign up for my free newsletter !

Im gonna be online all week long so I can’t wait to see you all there ! I will be bouncing away on cam so join here for free  for one one one free pvt time.

Ive had a rough week my shaggy has been really sick and hes still under the weather. I love my dogs I dont know what I would do without them. Its been tough but thank you all for all the love and support as always.

So here are some awesome pics with my Toronto Fans and girlies from the Imodelexpo. My best friend I suffocated her in my boobies lol her facial expression was priceless. She has been non stop there for me always and I love her. I was being goofy and silly but I want to thank the Dj for playing my request. For me music means so much. :) Theres a song for every mood :) .

Here are a few pics from the expo and of course me getting my strike in bowling woot woot ! To see all the uncensored pics join the free fanclub tons of stuff you missed.

oh and my happy bowling face STRIKE !!