Hi hi guys I just wanted to do a post to wish you all a very very merry christmas and I hope you all have an amazing time however you are spending it with family friends etc.. I hope you have lots of goodies lots of food and lots of fun. !! I hope youve all been good for santa well maybe a little naughty too hahaha . 🙂

Speaking of naughty !! I have been having an amazing time LIVE on cam with you guys every day. Because i am in such a great christmas mood I will be continuing my hourly giveaways on cam throughout the rest of december. Just head to CAMWITHTAY.COM thats my free personal link and join me 🙂 Heres a small clip to wish you all a Merry Christmas 🙂

[youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

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Im feeling super giving and My fans as everyone knows are the world to me !! So get ready for December madness boys and girls its gonna be a crazy month.

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Ty all soo much for trying to make a hard year better for me. It means so so much to know you care and I want you to know I care too.

Here are some silly christmas pics for you 🙂 Big hugs and kisses


Cannot wait to see you all LIVE




Hey everyone !! Oh boy have I missed you. Last I updated you guys I was headed to NJ for @exxxotica and then off to Vegas for some important meetings and shoots ! Its been a couple weeks and I havent updated because when I got back I got hit with a really mean flu that I still have as im writing this but I am feeling much better then I was the last couple of weeks! So time to catch you up and to let you know what is in store the next month ! I had an amazing time @exxxotica NJ.

As most of you know I havent been to an exxxotica convention in a while its was a very tough year and a half for me. I got very sick and then I also had a death in the family which hit me really really hard. I lost my father when I was 6 years old and have lost people as ive grown up but it really never does get easier. Dealing with that has been hard but as they say time heals all wounds. Ty all for your support during that time.

New Jersey was soo much fun its one of my favourite conventions to go to ! I love the vibe, I love the fans I love seeing people i have not seen in a long time and made new relationships both professional and personal. Its always great to be surrounded by awesome people. I was there with the @porncalendar booth with my amazing girls@msshylastylez @kellydivine and the gorgeous @richelleryan. I had not met richelle in person before the convention but she was so awesome. I had a great time sharing a booth with these girls. Shyla and I go way back and it was amazing to see her and be around her and of course you guys know that me and Kelly go way back too and have been side by side in many conventions. Was so great to have fun with her she always makes me laugh.

The most fun though was YOU all my fans. You guys are what keeps me going what keeps me smiling. I loved meeting a ton of new fans and seeing old familiar faces. I always remember a face 🙂  You guys had me laughing and Im so glad so many of you left with tons of my goodies and dvds that are ONLY available at The other amazing part was being able to FINALLY get my fanny award !! It was awesome they got it on video and they gave me my trophy for best cyba hustler (aka best webstar, best webcam) soo awesome !! Ty to all the fans that came out to see me it was great to be back and I cannot wait to see you all at the next one !!

This is day 1. I always love day 1 cause its opening day and Ladies night woot and everyone gets together and sees each other for the first time and there is just such positive energy and we are all meshing together having fun at the booth. Its my favourite ! I met soo many amazing ladies that weekend. I did many interviews and I was told I was one of the top ten hottest girls @exxxotica on twitter. As you all know I love dazzling you with my boobies and my outfits 🙂 I did lots of fun topless pics and Lots of pics with you guys. So here are some fun pics from that weekend. 🙂

These are some pics from day 1

Me in My gold dress

Me and Richelle being silly and crazy 🙂

Me @nikkidelano (who is sooo awesome sweet and sexy) and the always gorgeous@kendralust and @richelleryan 

Me@richelleryan and @briana_lee_xx all having super girl fun 🙂 

Me and the sweetie @brianalee and @kendralust

Me and the most awesome girly @sunnylane OMG i havent seen her in soo long and she has always been such an amazing person to me ! Im so glad i saw her LOVE HER !

Me and @therealpinkyxxx always having fun with each other 🙂 

Me and some of my awesome fans 🙂

So, now we are on to day 2…… Me in my hotel room getting prepped for the day 🙂 

Yaay super excited to get my fanny award for cyba hustla (aka best webcam girl, best webstarlet call it what you want )!

Me and my amazing canadian friend always there always supportive @msshylastylez 

Me and the beautiful @missbrookehaven we got to stare across from each other all weekend woot !

Me and @richelleryan getting frisky on day 2 I dont think we ever stopped feeling each other up lol

Me and my pretty friend who was working @ the sapphire booth across from me

Me and some fans gosh I love my fans so much ty all for the pics !!  The first pic is of my most awesome friend @crs_one love him I put him to work that day lol. Big help in the booth. Then he got spanked by a dominatrix but hey thats @exxxotica life lol.

Just a couple more of me @ the booth having fun !! Remember all these items are available only at conventions like this or on my store so grab something you like 🙂

And on to day 3 #sundayfunday #footballsunday. I love the pretty dresses and dressing up but on sunday its football day and everyone that knows me knows when its football season Im always repping my team @ the convention.

Sunday is a bitter sweet day cause its ending and the hours are shorter and you have to say goodbye to everyone. But I had a blast and of course I had my ipad with my football scores and games with me @ the booth. And you know of course I was repping my patriots !! Here are just some of me goofing around at the booth… 

Me and the beautiful @nikkibenz its always a highlight of my trip when I see her !!

Me and my amazing friend @sarajayxxx I need to spend more time with her at these !!

Me @richelleryan @sarajayxxx all wearing our teams jerseys 

Me and one of my favourite security guards and guys @wbprotection he wasnt too happy about my shirt lol well the team on it more specifically lol

Me and @briana_lee_xx I think i made her into a patriots fan even though she lives in denver lol woot ! I love converting !! LOL

And of course@kellydivine @richelleryan and me all decided sunday was rep your team day so we had a LOT of fun doing a silly little twerking video for you. Its silly but hey gotta have fun in life. They got the perfect asses for it but I got the titties !!! LOL here it is

[youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

The fun little video clip LOL… [youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Since it was hot in there I was giving away my little water bottles lol. As you all know I drink a shit ton of water lol. So i was educating everyone on the importance of it lol !

So guys now that I have updated you with that fun time !! I have news for you for the Holiday Season !!

I am going into DECEMBER MADNESS. I am sooo glad to be back that I will be online DAILY. I am in the giving mood so anyone who uses THIS FREE DECEMBER MADNESS CHRISTMAS LINK will get a personal item from just for you and some extra naughty goodies too. !

I will also be doing giveaways live on cam every hour on the hour so make sure you use MY PERSONAL FREE LINK to get in on the Live bouncy fun. Im going to be doing tons of Oil and Button bursting shows I wanna do everything I can to make you all have a boobtastic christmas !! My boobies are ready are you ? HeHe

Everyone who comes to see me at PLAYWITHTAY.COM and uses MY PERSONAL FREE LINK to join is eligible to win the grand prize raffle draw that I will give away just after New Years Eve. Once you have joined with MY FREE LINK and email me your screenname to [email protected] your name will get put in a raffle that wins you a FREE skype session with me ! I am also selling the tickets on my store if you want extra chances !!

Im also giving away a FREE WEBCAM session  and then some to the TOP TIPPER in december  just come in to when im online and tip me if you like and your tips will be recorded on record or go HERE to tip me.

Im feeling super giving and My fans as everyone knows are the world to me !! So get ready for December madness boys and girls its gonna be a crazy month.

For those of you wanting to spoil me this christmas and to those who have been asking me I appreciate it all in advance my wishlist is SPOILTAY.COM. As those of you who have purchased something for me or from me from SHOPTAYLORSTEVENS.COM know I gift back. You will recieve a gift back from me for your thoughtfulness. The more generous you are the more generous I am. Its the season of giving !!! You guys deserve it.

Ty all soo much for trying to make a hard year better for me. It means so so much to know you care and I want you to know I care too.

Cannot wait to see you all LIVE




Hiiii everyone !! How are you? I hope your all doing fantastic. I thought I would do a quick blog update since I have some new stuff to tell you guys about that I am very excited about. First and foremost … Its been a very tough year with the passing of my uncle.. most of you dont know but I packed a lot of my stuff in a uhaul about a year ago and drove from Vegas to Toronto to be with my uncle who was very ill. He sadly passed in march :(. I am glad I was able to rush home and spend the time with him that I did.

Its been a very long rough year and I have been busy with a lot of things but still live and bouncy on my LIVE CAM for you. I have not been able to get to any conventions since I have been here dealing with family and personal stuff. But i am so so excited to tell you all that I will be in NEW JERSEY for @EXXXOTICA Nov7-9 @ the @porncalendar booth with the girls i love and adore @kellydivine @msshylastylez and @richelleryan !! I cannot wait to see all my fans again its been too long and I have missed you all so so much. I will have tons of merchandise for you as well as pictures together etc !! Yaaay Jersey is my favourite exxxotica place and not just because of the “boobs behind deboer” lol .

Speaking of merchandise I now have what many of you have been asking for a STORE !! Im still uploading a ton of items for you to choose from but finally you can get bras, panties, dvds, magazines that have never been seen before and autographed items and much much more just click HERE! Everything you order comes personalized for you the way you like it 🙂 So make sure you check out my new STORE im looking forward to you guys having a piece of me. If there is something that you want that is not listed on there let me know !! I have many many items !!

Just so you all know I am going to be LIVE every day until I leave for jersey on the 6th and im doing special shows for this sexy halloween month !! Make sure guys you use THIS FREE LINK to join me :). Im doing hourly giveaways. Im feeling very generous and playful !! So use this FREE LINK get your clever screenname and lets get to know each other better and have some bouncy fun !! Remember guys head to my NEW STORE and get a piece of me :). If you are coming to see me @exxxotica New Jersey you can purchase any item and I will bring it there for you and you can have it personally autographed while im right there with you :). So  make sure you come see me LIVE on my naughty playful bouncy webcam and get any merchandise you would like :). Ill be adding more items daily !! I did a poll recently and these seemed to be your favourite of my HALLOWEEN photos :). I still havent decided on what im going to be this year but heres a few of your favourites !! Remember if you want to purchase them from my STORE and bring them to exxxotica for me to sign ill be looking forward to it !! Ok boys and girls i almost forgot Im in a contest that runs for another week for best halloween photo I would love your vote !! Just go to to vote as much as you can. Also if you use this FREE LINK to get a free membership your votes mean more !! So help me win !!


HIIII GUYS !! OK sooo my birthday is not till Sept 20th 🙂 but you know me I like to kick things off early 🙂 Soo starting tonight and alllllllllllll week long but especially till my birthday im doing a super naughty exclusive party for all of you who grab your free screenname here and join me at

You guys have been super generous spoiling me @ I want to spoil you back even more. I will be on all week long for you to party with me we are gonna have a PAR-TAY ! I will be doing hourly giveaways and giving away prizes for the most clever screeename that you can get FREE here. I want you guys to party with me ALL week long so we are gonna have a bouncy good time filled with lots of bouncing, lots of oil and lots of lotion hahahah.

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Hiya guys 🙂 Happy friday !! I mentioned I had some catching up to do 🙂 im super glad you guys enjoyed my last blog post :). Im known to get a little naughty right 😉 heheh. I had to travel to Toronto for family and to see the doctors so I wasnt at playwithtay a lot this week but wooot woot ! I am back ! And bouncier then ever of course 🙂 I will be LIVE all week long so get your free screenname now and join me :). Make it clever I always love to see the screennames you guys come up with lol.

I wanted to post about the AMAZING time I had at chicago exxxotica it was great I absolutely love chicago and the people in it they are amazing :). The convention was super fun and I loved hanging out with you guys. Im always gonna be there for you just how you are with me. There was so much fun going on it was hard to stop smiling lol, chicago fans were hassling me because last year I had cubs posters and I had so many people come up to me and be like “awww man you look hot but im a sox fan” lmao. So this year #smh this year, i decided to do a sox set just for them and then I got MORE fans mad lol because they are like take the sox picture down lmao. There were a bunch of sox fans though lol but they asked me which one I really liked and I said the cubs because everyone knows last year I started with the cubs picture for a reason 🙂

Lets start a poll 🙂 you choose 🙂


or white sox ? 🙂


Hehe so you have those which btw are available to purchase in 13X19 autographed by sending 30 $ to [email protected] via paypal 🙂

So, back to the convention 🙂 Super fun hanging out with the confident strong beautiful cherokee d’ass we were beside each other and she was super cool to talk to. I of course loved hanging out with my awesome girls Sophie dee and Gianna Micheals 🙂 they are so much fun ALWAYS. And then I got a visit from the ever so sexy Caramel Vixen, that girl has a heart of pure gold and we always always have a BLAST 🙂

Here are the pics for you guys 🙂 Its gonna be a great week I will be online all week long so make sure you grab your free screenname and get to asap 🙂 for boobies fun and much more :). I have a ton of surprises in store for you 🙂



And I know you all love my outfits for the conventions so here are some of me posing for the cameras 🙂 step and repeat hahah 🙂 I was posing since the day i was born lol 🙂





Hi Hi guys 🙂  FIRST I have to say thank you so so much for your uninterrupted constant support in this contest. Ty to all my fans my followers my friends everyone who takes the time to enter their vote for me @ every damn day. Its made me see so much. You guys have been there for me through so much and you never stop. This is why you mean so much to me. I can’t imagine a better group of people and I love each and every one of you. You got me through more then just contests you have been helping me with all my battles. Please keep your votes up every day Round 3 is in a few hours and I need you to login to freeones and vote. I really want to win Best cam girl I want to honour my title and make you all proud.

Some questions were asked over at freeones and people have asked me some form spring questions so i am going to answer them here.  Im always open honest and will take any questions. Here goes…

1. Have you been surprised by your performance in this years Miss freeones contest ?

Yes and No, its always anyones game to win. I know I have a fantastic fan base of loyal followers and fans. I also know they support me entirely. Its a tough question to answer because I am in competition with some amazing girls. Everyone is their own judge and they vote based on their thoughts and their hearts. I think I’ve definitely been doing well. Im always surprised at the enormity of support I get. I also do a ton of promotions to reward my fans not just on twitter. I work super hard to promote myself in this contest and I think I’m hanging in there thanks to everyone. 🙂

2. What inspires the ideas behind your video and photosets ?

Oh thats easy MY FANS ! I know what they love to see and I love giving it to them. I love giving the best of me all the time. Even on my worst days I will put 100% for my fans. Ive always been like bouncy and fun and I love to get creative. So sometimes I will do a hot sexy naughty video, sometimes a silly fun video. I always like to just be me and I always stay very true and genuine to myself i want that to show in my photo sets. My fans always inspire me 🙂

3. Why did you decide to compete in this years Miss Freeones contest ?

You mean besides the fact that my trophy broke 🙁 lol it did and I’m hoping I can have it fixed lol but thats not the reason. I always love a challenge but I feel that I definitely wanted to honour my title from last year and show my fans @ freeones and my followers and everyone that is behind me in this that it means the world to me and that i deserved it. I feel that they would be disappointed if I didn’t enter. I will also address this further in my final question.

4. Beyond the Miss freeones category what made you decide to enter the other categories you entered ?

As most of you know, all the girls are entered into the Miss Freeones category which is still great, as far as the other two categories I’m in Best cam girl and Best adult model, the answer is I believe that my years of dedication to camming and to my fans who love to see me bouncy and silly on cam places me in this category. Also, I won last year thanks to them and I put my heart and soul into my camming. I really love what I do and that category means so much to me. Its in my blood I love it its what I do best. Last year was the first ever cam girl category so I was super happy to have a place to compete.

As far as Best Adult model.. I feel I have made huge leaps to other ventures and areas of my life. The development of my personal website, my photoshoots, interviews, magazines etc. I feel like I have transitioned without doing boy girl which is a requirement for this category. I have made huge strides as a model behind many cameras not just the webcam. I put tons of effort into my shoots and giving my fans what they love to see. I like to represent the model community as best as I can. However, webcam is where my heart and home is and whether I do movies or magazines that will always be closest to my heart.

5. Speaking as a contestant, voter, participant have there been any other contestants (still competing or already eliminated) that have impressed you ?

ALL OF THEM ! It takes a lot to be in this contest, to be in this competition. All the girls are beautiful and have contributed to the freeones community in many ways. I am always impressed at the effort and work that people put into it because I respect a good work ethic. I have a very go hard attitude when it comes to working and delivering the best to my fans and followers and i see that in many contestants. Its hard to narrow down to a handful. I also interact with a lot of these girls personally in my life at conventions and as friends and I get to see sides of them that not everyone gets to see so I have many perspectives to look at. I will say this though i would love to see a fetish category next year because there are so many amazing fetish models out there that I think deserve their own category.

6. This question was really a tough one because it hurts to hear and hurt to write. But It was time to address it. This wasn’t asked on freeones but it was asked anonymously through formpsring a few times…

How do you feel about the fact that people have said that you only won last year because you have cancer ?

OUCH! Ohhh u meant behind my back cause noone has said it to my face. Firstly, whether they know that I know it or not I know people have said this about me including a  lot of girls have said this specifically (obviously not to my face because that would require balls which people who say shit like this don’t have) Its hurtful, its spiteful, its just wrong. I lost a lot of friends this year but gained a lot too and I saw a lot of peoples true colours through this battle and it hurt to find out that some of my friends weren’t being real friends at all.

Secondly, that is so insulting to me and so insulting to my fans and supporters and to the people at freeones who work hard daily to ensure a fair competition, as well as the forum community that always supports the girls. If this was the case why didn’t I win Miss Freeones or every category ? This question hurts to answer there is a lot in my heart to say but I needed to say it for everyone who has been telling me thats its being said and for everyone who has said it.

Yes I have cancer, but I AM NOT MY CANCER. This contest started last year way before I was diagnosed. I was leading my category before even making the HARD decision to open up to my fans and before I even knew!.  I was so excited that freeones had a category I could enter and was proud of so i was constantly everywhere radio, twitter, Facebook promoting the shit out of it  because it was so fucking awesome to finally have competition that was representative of what I loved to do every day. I was diagnosed on Xmas eve, the contest winner was announced in January. I had a legion of fans behind me way before this diagnosis. I had many people on the forums support me from DAY 1.

Lets also discuss whats really important here. To say I won because I had Cancer is saying that I have not worked my ass off as a cam girl, I have been the number one cam girl on my site constantly. I have one of the number one fanclubs year after year. I deliver tons of photos pictures and update my blog with free pics all the time. I put everything I have to giving amazing cam shows. I have the reviews to show it. I don’t get sponsored by anyone I pay my own way and go out and meet my fans at conventions and promote myself.  I want everyone to see that I am the same girl off cam as I am on cam. Silly, fun, nerdy, genuine etc. I work long webcam hours and try to be online for all different time zones because I have amazing fans all over the world. I have no complaints thats hard work and dedication to my webcam world. I pay attention to my fans many who have become friends and I give them what they deserve nothing but the best. So because I got a shitty diagnosis on xmas eve that negates all of that ?

Does having cancer play a part ? In my win NO in my life YES. It makes me stronger. It makes me want to show people that you can always fight you can always have that spirit in you its not the hand your dealt its how you play it. So yeah it made me want to fight harder. Its tough to get on cam and be there when ure undergoing chemo and radiation and dont feel beautiful but I did it because i wanted to and needed to for myself and my fans. I also went to Miami for the exxxotica convention just to support the community but was not well enough to be at my own booth last may. I still did cam shows when I felt like I could and I made sure you all knew my struggles my ups my down and I still do. I still did photoshoots i got myself a pretty wig and delivered what I could to my fans. Did I want to give up ? at first yeah but then what ? I had the support and encouragement of so many communities some of which are people that were going through the same battle.

My real battle is with Cancer, Its one I intend to win. Do i want to win best cam girl .. OF COURSE ! but not because I have cancer because you all think I deserve it. I am a born fighter. I will fight in all aspects of my life. I do things fair and square.  This contest meant the world to me last year and It means the world to me this year and it always will. I know i work hard I know that I can proudly say that I deserve to win. Its not about the money for me at all. Its about hard work paying off.  Yes I have cancer but I’m much much more then that.  So this year, I want to prove that hard work and loving what you do not people feeling sorry for me is what really pays off.

You all mean so so much. Ty for your daily votes Ty for your daily love and support and for the amazing times and memories we continuously make on cam and when I get the pleasure of meeting you all in person. Freeones is a community that embraced me and I love it there.

Remember everyone that votes please screen cap your votes and send them to me at [email protected] daily and if you’ve voted for me daily till the end of the contest you will get a ty package. I love giving back to all of you who have given to me.

Thanks for the questions they made me realize a lot 🙂 NOW GET YOUR ASSES VOTING LOL 🙂 WWW.VOTEFORTAY.COM and I will see you all live at so get your free screenname and lets have some bouncy time.




Hey guys !! Its been a minute since ive posted so I decided to give you all some more formspring fun since ive been getting a shitton of questions lol 🙂 I love it. I love when you guys get to know me much much better. I want to thank you all for your continuous voting in the missfreeones competition without you guys I would not be this far. I know its tedious but your voting at for me in all three categories means the world to me !!  I really really would love to win this year. In fact everyone who emails me HERE at [email protected] with a screen cap of their 3 votes for me in every category EVERY DAY will get a free package from me sent to them ! So tell me your name show me your 3 screencaps every day I know you will be working hard for me and then I will treat you !! so VOTE and send me the screencaps with the captcha that you voted and at the end of the competition I will be giving away free gifts to ALL my voters !! Plus there are more surprises up my sleeve :). SO vote vote vote !!

I also added a couple new buttons to my blog there is a Tip button for all of you who want to tip me and help me out  and there is a direct freeones banner and link to my free fanclub. I will be doing FREE shows for all my voters so grab your free screenname and sign up NOW !! 🙂 I love bouncing and can’t wait to see you all LIVE in action ! My boobies cant seem to contain themselves. 🙂

Ok sooo.. here are some formspring questions, comments etc for you guys. You all know NOTHING is off limits so ask away.

1. What turns you on ?

Strength, confidence not cockiness, a smile, but its the little things that turn me on.. waking up to soft kisses on my bare back or smiling when we kiss, holding me tight from behind. If you meant super sexuallly I would have to say hair pulling ass grabbing fun dirty rough sex 🙂 yes boys Im innocent but in the bedroom im a fucking tiger LOL.

2. Do you sleep with your wig on ?

Lol.. no I dont. I sleep with hardly anything on.

3. Did you ever have online sex ? 

Do you know me ? LOL i am always LIVE at my FREE FANCLUB having bouncy fun with my fans. So umm I suppose the answer is yes. lol I do it all day every day thats why im the number one webcam girl 🙂

4. Would you ever do a video for

Absolutley id love to.

5. Just felt you should know, i jerk off to you most days and cum lots – like, LOTS. big thick rops of cum haha. i love you in pigtails, id love to use them like handle bars lol 😉

Umm thats great. Im glad I turn you on 🙂

6. What are you most proud of ?

Im proud of the person I am and the things I have achieved. I have been on my own for a long time and Ive done everything myself. Im proud that I can hold my head up high and say I worked hard for everything. Im proud that im fighting cancer with a smile im proud that even though i only knew him for 6 years before he passed away im my fathers daughter. Im proud that ive always stayed true to myself and given the best I can to the people around me at all times.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up ?

I am grown up. LOL. Im doing exactly what I want im exactly where I want to be. But as I grow up more I guess I want to be HAPPY.

8. Do you prefer to be behind the wheel or let someone else drive ?

I love my cars so I LOVE to drive. I dont like being chauffered lol i can drive myself. Im a big girl lol. Sure its nice when im in heels and a dress going to an event or something but on an every day basis. I love driving.

9. What gives you the creeps ?

Creeps. LOL

10. We should fuck baby 😉

Really dude ? No actually we shouldnt fuck. First i have no idea who u are and i dont fuck random strange men that tell me what i should do. LOL *rolls eyes*

and one more for good measure

Do you fuck your fans for free ?

No not for free and not for pay.

allllllllllllrighty then thats that LOL so listen guys last time I was in vegas Sophie dee and I had a kick ass time with our friends. Vote for me at in my categories.

Now sophie is up for best eurobabe ( im not european so you can vote for her lol) So please cast your extra votes her way. We are reigning champs from last year and we really want to hold strong 🙂  Sophie is a kick ass friend. We got a LOT closer and its been super fun to know her. Shes a hard worker I admire that in people. We had a blast partying it up so here are some pics of us 🙂 Shes a good friend to me through thick or thin. I LOVE YOU GIRL ! It was so funny because we both had our guiseppe zanotti shoes on and we didnt even plan it LOL. She brings out a smile in me we both had a lot of drinks the girls were hating lol it was fun times 🙂 And great memories last forever. I motorboated her and lol we danced the night away 🙂

Here are the pics now get yourfree screenname and get your ass to for your fun bouncy time with the number one webcam girl woot woot !





Well this update is LONG overdue but as you all know ive been playing catch up I have a lot of stuff to catch up on right now. When I was in Vegas it was my very close friends birthday and I threw a bit of a surprise party 🙂 The guest list was smoking hot we had the bootylicious sara jay and Brianna Jordan and some sexy bitches :). It was a great time !! I love vegas.

I even had this cake made which was an exact replica of my close friends favourite pair of shoes :). The cupcakery did an amazing job !! Pics below 🙂  We all had a big get together at the suite and then went out to 1oak at the mirage to Party it was a super fun super amazing time :). We danced the night away all got tipsy and ended up coming back to my suite wreaking all kinds of havoc i think me and Sarajay went to town on the leftovers LOL…it was great. The next morning not so much but hey lol. Brianna came out and had a blast some wine some cake and a shit load of fun. Sara jay and I got a bit frisky with Brianna before we left lol.  We were having so much fun we didnt want to leave but we did and we had a huge pink hummer limo it was just so much fun 🙂 My friend def had a great birthday 🙂

One fun point of the evening was these guys came up to me and asked me for my picture he told me he was at his bachelorette party and his wife was out with her girlfriends too and he said they were playing the outdo each other game so she would take a pic with a guy and he would take a pic with a girl lol so he asked if he could take a pic with me (only after realizing who i was) and i said well only if your ready to win and end the game here. as the song goes “game over bitch gatorade wet towel” lol i actually talked to his fiancee and shes like ok he wins lol. It was super fun 🙂

I love hanging out with my friends they are amazing and always have my back. I got back to the suite a little tipsy and Sarajay took care of me lol.

I have a next post coming about me and Sophie dee lol that girl is crazy and I love her we have such a great time together.

I wanted to let you all know that I am extending the MARCH MADNESS to all of  april ive been having the most amazing time with you guys LIVE on cam 🙂 You guys are so awesome ! It feels so good to be back ! Make sure you all get your free screenname here then email it to me here so that I can give you the entry code 🙂 to my exclusive bouncy cam shows 🙂 You dont wanna miss out Ill be giving away HOURLY prizes its gonna be tons of fun 🙂 Get your free screenname NOW ill be live from 3pm-3am 🙂

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Here are SOME of the fun pics from that night 🙂 see the rest once you get your free sceenname here 🙂



lol the flash was a little high on this one lol new term for white girls but hey lol we still look good lol.

and of course we cant forget the cake which im so proud i managed to get done in like 3 days lol i didnt do it but i found a place that would. They are amazing stephen at the cupcakery in vegas does an amazing job. Which one is the real shoe lol.




Hey guys well you know im a football girl so YOU KNOW that I was representing football on Sunday at the convention in NJ. I had soo much fun with you guys. I hated that it was the last day cause I loved bouncing and talking and meeting so many old and new fans. Its so nice to have great conversations. You were all so awesome. Thats what keeps me going I love it and love you guys.

So of course I was sporting the Giants jersey being in NJ (although im a true patriots fan) and Kelly was of course my nemisis in the Jets jersey lol we had fun with my football we were tossing it around playing catch with the fans it was a great time 🙂 as usual. With her amazing ass and my boobs there was a lot of hut hut hut going on lol.  I of course did the heisman pose lol.  I had a blast with rubberdoll who is so sweet and puts on an amazing amazing show !

I had to leave that sunday because I was headed to the monday nighter (philly vs bears) in philly. I still enjoyed every single moment of being with you guys and I look soo forward to the next convention ! WOOT ! I just love to laugh esp through all these hard times and you guys keep me laughing smiling and having fun thats WHY I do what I do because I LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU !

I will be LIVE and on cam alllllll week long we are gonna have some kick ass fun dont forget to get your free screenname for the free secret santa holiday giveaways im sending out to all of you who grab your free screenname. Ill be live and bouncy all week long so lets play !



Heyy guys 🙂 so many updates to come…I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday and loved my tweets lol 🙂 and watching football of course.

I wanted to update you on my fun times in NJ at the latest exxxotica convention. It was so so great meeting all of you having fun with you all. NJ is the best crowd ever. I got to be with some really great company and have a blast. Its not always easy for me to go to conventions being sick but its like when im there with you guys I just get in this zone like im not even sick at all. You guys are the fuel that keeps me going which is why I love you so much. Ty all for everything.

These are some pics from day 1. It was soo much fun a big friday night party. Ty to all my fans for coming out and supporting me and being there for me. I had a few surprise fans come by which was totally awesome. I was right beside the lovely Kelly Divine and across from my cutie Sophie dee. We all had a great time bouncing around and being silly and fun as usual :). I did a ton of interviews and had so many great opportunities its gonna be a good year, there is always plenty in store.

I was streaming live to my free fanclub and I will be online all week. Its so much fun being LIVE on cam at the convention cause you all get to see me in action hehe. We had a great time 🙂 Ill be live every day this week so make sure you all grab your free screenname cause there are super treats in store for you.

Remember this is just part one 🙂 There were three days after all 🙂 In this post its just all tay 🙂 woot woot ! I will be doing a black friday special on my free webcam tonight so come get some here by getting your free screenname before midnight

And its technically formspring friday but since its black friday today ill save it for the next one 😉